High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • High School Musical The Musical The Series
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    Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
    My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
    Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
    Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
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Comments • 5 432

  • ElliePlayz :3
    ElliePlayz :3 9 hours ago

    ....v hudge? Do we really talk like that cause last time I checked we didn't

  • Captain YumYum
    Captain YumYum Day ago

    I actually kinda like the show. Which is something I never thought would come out of my 19yo male mouth

  • sksk sksk
    sksk sksk Day ago

    I hate how they’re pushing Nini and Ricky so much. It’s so hard to like them together knowing how Ricky acted before they broke up

  • Dead Theories
    Dead Theories Day ago

    Wait how old is this guy 😓

  • Shalaina Valera
    Shalaina Valera Day ago

    Me: I don't hate it (high school musical, the musical, the series)
    Also me: but... I don't love it and I don't like it.
    Me: Am I the only one who had this opinion?
    Also me: yes your the only one who had that opinion

  • gobriggsy
    gobriggsy Day ago

    It's adorable that Disney is pretending Utah is as woke as it is in the show.

  • AshLeigh McNeil
    AshLeigh McNeil Day ago

    I hate how much I love this show.

  • Nova M.
    Nova M. 2 days ago

    The female antagonist reminds me of Nia Rivera so much.

  • TheSeanDon _
    TheSeanDon _ 2 days ago

    Well, I’m a teenager a sophomore in highschool and I can totally relate to this show and I enjoy it

  • Damaged Tuber637
    Damaged Tuber637 2 days ago

    Did you know that the teacher who's in charge of the play was actually a background answer in a high school musical movie It was amazing when I learned that

  • Andrew Larkins
    Andrew Larkins 2 days ago +1

    Complains about the characters talking weirds*
    Says “upsetty spaghetti”
    I still love your vids

  • Merryn Christian
    Merryn Christian 2 days ago

    Okay, but it's also actually kinda great. :P

  • Tropical pineapple
    Tropical pineapple 2 days ago

    please make a part two!

  • Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër

    Fuck Zac Efron! Fuck High Skool Musical! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Syumaki
    Syumaki 2 days ago

    Please do the office

  • Arjay Gopez
    Arjay Gopez 2 days ago +4

    Im kinda really obsessed with this show

  • Emotochan3
    Emotochan3 2 days ago

    Funny video! Nice job on the editing, animation, and voiceover!

  • Erin S.k
    Erin S.k 2 days ago

    The camera tho...it’s like they’re trying to be the office. But like fail. Epically
    Okay. I didn’t know he mentioned the whole glee office thing. I wrote this in the beginning of the video 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 3 days ago +4

    I lowkey really like the show

  • Anna
    Anna 3 days ago

    alex: explain the plot of cats
    me: uuh well you see,
    alex: hA trick question nobody can

  • Molly Binford
    Molly Binford 3 days ago

    you mention victorious and i just realized, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU REVIEW THAT!!!!! also thanks for all your content bc you rock

  • Emma Heart
    Emma Heart 3 days ago

    Why does this dude criticize EVERY good show or movie out there!? That gets rlly annoying! Like what does this guy watch?

  • Yung Kudda
    Yung Kudda 3 days ago

    this show is hellllaaaaa cringeyyy whoooo in the fuuuuucccckckkkk would watch this undisturbed

  • Just for Fun
    Just for Fun 3 days ago

    i was born in 2006... freaking wrong generation 🤦‍♀️

  • MegaVikingen
    MegaVikingen 3 days ago

    3:33 "I've seen the original 37 times... And the first 15 minutes of both sequels."
    Why do I get the feeling that Carlos here is actually a somewhat clever parody of fans who say things like "Oh, I just love that show! But everything after season X is plain garbage."

  • Jesus Garcia Villa
    Jesus Garcia Villa 3 days ago

    His aduio was off at

  • Isaiah Sotelo
    Isaiah Sotelo 3 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Isabella
    Isabella 3 days ago

    i wish that writers of a teen show would hire an actual teenager to look at the dialogue. they don’t need to seriously write anything they just need to make sure it doesn’t sound like it was written by a group of 50 year olds

  • madu maia
    madu maia 3 days ago


  • Sophia Eli 21
    Sophia Eli 21 3 days ago


  • Los Romos
    Los Romos 3 days ago

    3:53 I felt like that was a little rude he could of said her sassy friend

    • Joshua Tutanes
      Joshua Tutanes Day ago

      He's just implying how the sassy friend is always portrayed by a black girl.

  • Kerrianne Awayes
    Kerrianne Awayes 3 days ago

    plz do one for every episode

  • Jay Wolf
    Jay Wolf 3 days ago

    When you watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1...
    If Bella has a boy she was gonna name him EJ.... Edward Jacob..
    God help me

  • Logan Baldwin
    Logan Baldwin 3 days ago

    Says an odd1sout clone who does nothing but make obnoxious annoying faces at shows for children

  • aysha idryss
    aysha idryss 3 days ago +1

    Can Alex make a video on the new Nancy Drew show?

  • Magda
    Magda 3 days ago

    I can’t help but dislike everything they try to bring back from the good old days, this show is not that bad though, I guess 🤔

  • Cartier xzッ
    Cartier xzッ 4 days ago

    Not even kinda
    Lotta cringe

  • Beatrix Lozach
    Beatrix Lozach 4 days ago

    No one, not a single soul:
    Everyone in the universe: I want to be you.
    Theater kids: (smile and keep singing.)

  • Beatrix Lozach
    Beatrix Lozach 4 days ago

    sharpay is the best person and most interesting character, and gabriella and troy are the equivalent of cardboard to me.

  • Beatrix Lozach
    Beatrix Lozach 4 days ago

    Ricky= "musicals are awesome.”
    Nini= "hahaha you’re so funny... NOT! Bye boi!"

  • Gigi Stgo
    Gigi Stgo 4 days ago +2

    The hilarious part is...

    'Nini' is one of the Spanish ways to say pee

  • xoxChloe
    xoxChloe 4 days ago

    Alright Alex, now you have to do a follow up because that show has gotten GOOD

  • Secretly a celebrity

    Wait... They're making a musical about a bunch of people that went their school AND APPEARED IN MUSICALS???

  • Samantha Hernandez
    Samantha Hernandez 4 days ago

    You are also dumb

  • Jovana Avalos
    Jovana Avalos 4 days ago

    It’s not bad but it’s got some flaws. The mockumentary style I think detracts from the show I think I has some moments of laughter that don’t need the format. Also the camera is basically always moving and it really grates on me. The dialogue at time where the writers like to believe that teen wagers talks in very awkward stilted ways with what the writers may be very aware lingo does not work. The characters have some very awkward actions and interactions as well. But in general enjoyable maybe the awkwardness is what they’re going for it’s just personally not my taste

  • sarah doesn’t know how to do things

    ewww remake of hsm. sorry i love olivia but when she sings, she’s super quiet. i just don’t like the idea of a “new” hsm

  • Sophie Sanders
    Sophie Sanders 4 days ago +6

    I actually really enjoy the series. For once it are actually teenagers playing teenagers. Disney didn't disappoint me this time

  • Anders Hoffman
    Anders Hoffman 4 days ago

    Her name is Ninny holy shit I'm dead

  • Anaiah Charles
    Anaiah Charles 4 days ago

    Do greenhouse academy plzzzzz

  • Joshua Tutanes
    Joshua Tutanes 4 days ago +2

    The girl: _I'm DyInG i'M dEcEaSeD_

  • Tinei Taliulu
    Tinei Taliulu 4 days ago

    Am i the only one who fucking hatessssss Nini and Ricky?? They're so insufferable i literally can't. I was a teenager when HSM came out and i was all the fuck about it, buuuht being a little older and having a different perspective on romance , Nini and Ricky's relationship isn't cute, its just selfish and annoying.

  • haiden cortez
    haiden cortez 5 days ago +2

    But like, this show is really good

  • Ani Searle
    Ani Searle 5 days ago

    I was never a theatre kid but my best friend was; so much so that I instantly knew that Catz is based on the collection of poems by ts eliot. It's been 4 years- how do I even still know this?

  • Suga Kookie
    Suga Kookie 5 days ago

    can you please react to the netflix series the greenhouse academy

  • Houdnzik Sekačke
    Houdnzik Sekačke 5 days ago

    High school musical the musical the series the video game the ride the gummy vitamins... on ice

  • Estephany De Luna
    Estephany De Luna 5 days ago

    Boomers writing teen scrips is so cringe..

  • nophunsarah
    nophunsarah 6 days ago


  • DomTheBomb2807
    DomTheBomb2807 6 days ago +2

    Can we address that the new high school musical has the most awkward title I’ve ever said

  • Josie Bruntzel
    Josie Bruntzel 6 days ago

    where tf is the sharpay representation?? i need to see a bitch that wears pink

  • Alpana Kallianpur
    Alpana Kallianpur 6 days ago +3

    ok but actually the show is kind of good. it really got emotional