Is Apple Even TRYING?? - Airpods 2 Review

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
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    Apple released the second-gen Airpods with little fanfare - so are the new Airpods secretly great, or just another overpriced gadget for Apple fanboys?
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Comments • 6 194

  • ScaryClowns41
    ScaryClowns41 56 minutes ago

    one of my pods never fall out while the other has a very hard time staying in, but i still love them

  • Iven Sloobi
    Iven Sloobi 7 hours ago

    Lol my cousin bought the new ones and he lost one

  • TKG_Enforcer
    TKG_Enforcer 13 days ago

    listening to this with galaxy buds

  • Frenchiest Cuisine
    Frenchiest Cuisine 15 days ago

    I’m thinking bout returning my airpods they kinda suck

  • Rocket Moose
    Rocket Moose 23 days ago

    Linus if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  • Galactic Galaxy
    Galactic Galaxy 29 days ago +1

    People with AirPods are too poor to afford the wires

  • Jason Bush
    Jason Bush Month ago

    You can change the volume without touching your phone by buying an an apple watch!

  • Faze Dequavis
    Faze Dequavis Month ago

    Anyone else watching with airpods

  • Jon Bryant
    Jon Bryant Month ago

    People buy worthless overpriced stuff like this and then when they want useful stuff like food they don’t have any money. I tried Airpods and they aren’t even as good as my $40 headphones, except Airpods are more convenient which i don’t care about

  • MSRFgames 24
    MSRFgames 24 Month ago

    When he said hey Siri it activated my Siri and it scared the hell outta me

  • Ricky Changir
    Ricky Changir Month ago

    0:50 savage😂😂

  • Ainschunt Ayleuhn
    Ainschunt Ayleuhn Month ago

    Stupid looking things!

  • h
    h Month ago

    look, if you can't get those shits to fit in your ears, buy powerbeats. i have very small ears and airpods fit amazing in my ears

  • Teagan Fitzgerald
    Teagan Fitzgerald Month ago

    Honestly apple really just has a lot of ppl with great marketing and fond memories of their former glory

  • Em Fernandez
    Em Fernandez Month ago

    one of the many reasons why I like watching anything LTT videos makes. no matter how easy you can grab and use the most expensive gadgets out there, you guys still have your feet on the ground and dont forget the guys that likes gadgets on a budget and not drifting along whats hyped. function first. price second. coolness third.

  • Galaxial Pharmaceutical

    Didn't know the sham wow guy had a youtube channel

  • Tiny Pony -
    Tiny Pony - Month ago

    i dont understand. does being the most popular product means highest sales?

  • Çınar İnceoğlu
    Çınar İnceoğlu Month ago

    Pods are must be bit bigger

  • insite gaming
    insite gaming Month ago

    The rubber ear tips don’t work for me they fall out apple tho they stay in

  • Raj Baniwal
    Raj Baniwal Month ago

    5:38 *didn’t have.

  • jscob garza
    jscob garza Month ago

    Ya need to review the pros

  • Vinh Dao
    Vinh Dao Month ago

    ew you have to charge using a wire i use air cords

  • Jiffle
    Jiffle Month ago

    Anyone here after the airpods pro were announced?

  • Maximus Asauluk
    Maximus Asauluk Month ago

    Why does Apple sucks this much 😂

  • Athallah Hadi
    Athallah Hadi Month ago

    I got my galaxy buds for only $20 LOL. I bought it from a friend

  • Swymco
    Swymco Month ago

    It seems like this review is advertising for the new AirPods Pro.

  • Mohamed Bachar
    Mohamed Bachar Month ago

    to all who wants to help me making my dream my god give you the best life you deserve and give you all that you want
    please follow me in instagram :

    DARKSEIDUS Month ago +6

    **laughs in AirPods Pro**

  • A L
    A L Month ago

    Apple sucks ass

  • Sleepy Taylor
    Sleepy Taylor Month ago

    To be fair I despise almost all non apple style headphones period. I’m by no means an apple fanboy, all the headphones with the rubber piece never fail to hurt my ears. They make them itch or just straight out hurt.
    I wish more people still made these style headphones in general. Your choices are normally apple, or the cheap ass headphones. The latter normally come broken.
    The only wireless ones I’ve found in this style is apples and two super cheap brands with 1-2 seconds of audio/video delay.
    It’s really disappointing.

  • iHX
    iHX Month ago

    the airpods fit my ears perfectly so thats great

  • Ret Zy
    Ret Zy Month ago

    4:31 yes only one works in my ear

  • Dicky Liu
    Dicky Liu Month ago

    Why would an Androiduser buy the Airpod if they they are really that bad? The only reason you will buy the airpod is because it works with Apple devices.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    Dude you are a trip. Thought I was high while watching this.

  • as seen on YT
    as seen on YT Month ago

    The more you talk about air pods the more they sound like they suck

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce Month ago

    They aren’t “AirPods 2” they are just a mid cycle tweak with QI charging, the tech community is trying hard as hell to make these something they aren’t. I realize you addressed this, but I just think it’s funny people are getting so bent out of shape that these aren’t different when there is no reason to expect the same product to be different when they are still AirPods gen 1, we will eventually get AirPods 2, then everyone can freak out if they haven’t changed things...

  • Chris Hunter
    Chris Hunter Month ago

    I just wanna say I'm downvoting this based solely on the thumbnail and title, as advertised elsewhere on youtube. I mean it accidentally played for 2 seconds when I came here, and I've definitely seen enough now to justify my original decision.

  • Marquis Kish
    Marquis Kish Month ago +1

    Show me on the doll where Apple touched you.

  • j x
    j x Month ago

    Linus just doesn’t get it b

  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry Hernandez Month ago

    This isn’t accurate and wrong in so many ways

  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry Hernandez Month ago +1

    This guy is exceptionally gay and retarded that he has no character but a life that is miserable and stupid...

    And Cringey AF

    • TheRealEggplant 127
      TheRealEggplant 127 Month ago

      Larry Hernandez calling him gay and retarded shows me that you have no maturity in the slightest, my name is TheRealEggplant and I feel more mature than you.

  • BreadxD
    BreadxD Month ago

    if u call airpods bad u just poor lol

    • Bunsen Burner 3.0
      Bunsen Burner 3.0 21 day ago

      Assuming he has millions of subscribers he must have more money than you

  • ClankyRochet
    ClankyRochet Month ago

    I like the air pod because it’s so light and sometimes I even forgot that it’s in my ears. Although, I wish it would come in different colours.

  • TheMatias
    TheMatias Month ago

    Apple is a steal

  • Fridde von Frankenstein

    People who stick toothbrush heads in their ears are (at least based on personal observations) almost always subintelligent lifeforms who can't keep their mouth shut, while keeping up their blank stare...besides, they fit worse than cheap ass $2 headphones. Who spends almost $200 on subpar tech? ridiculous...

    SHONEN FDL Month ago

    I absolute hate the in ear rubber tipped headphones. Still rocking my sony mx365 until I find a decent (and affordable) wireless alternative.

  • Anime AMV
    Anime AMV Month ago

    Another apple disaster

  • squxre
    squxre Month ago

    People who buy AirPods are poor because they can’t afford the wire

  • IScream
    IScream Month ago

    I dont know why everybody is buying those headphones..They sound like normal 10 Euro in ears but cost 150+

  • YoshiTimePuppets
    YoshiTimePuppets Month ago

    it was funny as heckkk when he jumped

  • Iván Ávalos
    Iván Ávalos Month ago

    I dropped my Pods and I was left only with my Air.

  • Iván Ávalos
    Iván Ávalos Month ago

    I dropped my Pods and I was left only with my Air.

  • Zorox Scoff
    Zorox Scoff 2 months ago

    Nah.. I'll just hold my phone up me ear

  • Fat Yoshi
    Fat Yoshi 2 months ago +1

    Stop the discussion what is better.
    In 2010 Iphone > Samsung
    In 2019 Samsung > Iphone

  • Darren Newton
    Darren Newton 2 months ago

    Yeah that’s my problem is that AirPods don’t fit me right

  • Theo
    Theo 2 months ago

    8:41 Soon they're gunna get rid of the charging port on their phones and tell people to use wireless charging like they did with the headphone jack.

  • Retr0fade
    Retr0fade 2 months ago

    How did you apply the dbrand skin so perfectly? I am still struggling

  • Mason White Vlogs
    Mason White Vlogs 2 months ago

    You realize airpods 2 is just a nickname, its because they have a charging case

  • a regular person
    a regular person 2 months ago +1

    One word. galaxy buds.

  • Mxntej
    Mxntej 2 months ago +157

    Child: Mommy, why do those people have wires on their airpods?
    Mom: Let's go son, this town isn't safe for us

    • hithereitsleaa
      hithereitsleaa Month ago

      Omg this comment reminds me of the rich family skit from the Catherine Tate show

    • WhosSam
      WhosSam Month ago +1