The MOST Disrespectful Dunks in the Modern Era! (Part 1)

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
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Comments • 2 114

  • CoshReport
    CoshReport  8 months ago +52

    If you are wondering where some dunks are, check part two:

    • Joann Soaz
      Joann Soaz 2 months ago

      check erd aaagran

    • Fabrice Guera
      Fabrice Guera 3 months ago

      Nice dunk of black mamba on superman Howard...

    • Pinaibig Cruz
      Pinaibig Cruz 3 months ago


    • cray cray
      cray cray 4 months ago

      No amare stoudemire trash man

    • AcClay44
      AcClay44 4 months ago

      All the while I thinking you forgot about Baron Davis. and you saved him for last😁

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 2 days ago

    Paul George crossing up Lebron and dunking on Birdman will always be underrated. Especially as a huge playoff moment

  • Marcus Xavier
    Marcus Xavier 2 days ago +1

    It still amaze me how Ginobili dunked on the whole Goddamn Miami Heat team

  • Allen Sims
    Allen Sims 2 days ago

    Cleveland native here. To this day I still believe Wade's dunk over Varejo was the moment Lebron decided he was leaving. He was cheering more than anyone.

  • kingbands65 22
    kingbands65 22 4 days ago +3

    Why aren't these people in jail all these bodies they caught 😂😂😂

  • Jonny Slyde
    Jonny Slyde 4 days ago

    Modern era? I dont think so 😂

  • V. Scott
    V. Scott 5 days ago

    Now, Shaq had a mean one and almost all of Vince dunks are disrespectful. But from this list and you might can say of all time the Scottie on Ewing dunk is the most disrespectful dunk of all time. What's worst is it seems Ewing's own teammates is setting him up to get dunked on. It's a conspiracy to dunk on Patrick Ewing. Several Knick player should have stolen the pass. Someone just let Scottie get a clear lane to the basket. To top it off that push off and stand over with a clear view of the nut sack is disrespectful and will start a fight on any playground pick up game in America . 😡. You can do that ish in china but you shouldn't be able to pull that off on any American court.

    • Jarekx2007
      Jarekx2007 3 days ago

      Him telling Spike Lee to sit his ass down is what elevates it over the rest. Can you imagine if someone savagely dunked on Kobe or Shaq then told Jack Nicholson to sit his ass down? Cause that's what he did to New York.

  • Play_Sharp C0m3up
    Play_Sharp C0m3up 6 days ago

    1:23 is when the bullies team up to fight the weird kid

  • Prod. By SELF
    Prod. By SELF 6 days ago

    Ginobli with the finish though lolol

  • brandon sanders
    brandon sanders 6 days ago

    what this video reminded me of...when LeBron first came into the league, watching all his games, I remembered how many times varajao got dunked on lol

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 8 days ago

    Basketball has become stupid because of the announcers. What ashame, ( sham )

  • Nkama Geraldo Lumeka

    2:10 Michael Jackson ou Michael Jordan?


    Coshreport Achei bem interessante seu perfil, parabéns ! inscreva-se no meu canal que me inscrevo no seu! vamos crescer juntos. Obrigado

  • MrMrmrjayjay
    MrMrmrjayjay 11 days ago

    i don't know the meaning of modern era now. I'm confused

  • Drake roberson
    Drake roberson 11 days ago

  • SMKTZent marc
    SMKTZent marc 11 days ago

    shawn kemp !!!!

  • I know About drugs
    I know About drugs 11 days ago +3

    That part when John stark caught the bulls slipping was a big win for us nicks fans

  • Sirr Jazz
    Sirr Jazz 11 days ago

    The game is moving back to the Centers. Now, if this guy dominates will future fans say this guy was playing against 6'11" Whyte guys???
    Most of you never saw WILT PLAY, but you see Taco Fall play. There is no difference, but you all accept Taco Fall!!!!

  • Jelo Sarmiento
    Jelo Sarmiento 12 days ago

    When KOBE wearing Jordan sneakers

  • Matthew Arsenault
    Matthew Arsenault 12 days ago +2

    omg I scared the shit out of my cat on that 1st dunk, i forgot about that dunk, that time D Jordan got away with murdering a man in LA

  • shinrips
    shinrips 12 days ago

    Baron Davis on the break, Mitch Richmond on the break, Stacy Augmon on the break

  • Jonathan Body
    Jonathan Body 13 days ago

    #1 Baron Davis on Andre Kiralenko, #2 Shaq on Dudley, #3 John Starks on the entirety of the Bulls squad

  • Two Cents
    Two Cents 13 days ago +1

    Shaq dunking on David Robinson in an all star game in San disrespectful lol

  • JustJosPEH :D
    JustJosPEH :D 13 days ago

    These are all crimes.... arrest these men

  • Hendri Turaswa
    Hendri Turaswa 13 days ago

    Can someone tell me, who is the player in thumbnail?

  • 890flyer
    890flyer 13 days ago

    10:24 defies gravity

  • GreezyFromDaHike #
    GreezyFromDaHike # 14 days ago

    That pippin on Ewing was extreme thou

  • NBELITE Bonsu
    NBELITE Bonsu 14 days ago

    THAT GUY GOT FOLDED FAM!!!😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆
    1 like = one prayer I bet every time he sees LeBron he thinks of that dunk

  • Lucas Kim
    Lucas Kim 14 days ago

    Double ad should not be legal

  • nomortalplayz '
    nomortalplayz ' 14 days ago +1

    😂 i dont think that's what MJ yelled, but ok 😂 12:20

  • J CS
    J CS 14 days ago

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto outta da boi.

  • jon crall
    jon crall 14 days ago

    pippen over ewing is my absolute favorite!! The look afterward....

  • eduar ed
    eduar ed 14 days ago

    Modern era but we back to doctor J?..ohh boy! Hate those bad ass title

  • kwami shorter
    kwami shorter 15 days ago

    Jordan caught Zo but the Vince cock back was sick

  • Pepper Revolver
    Pepper Revolver 15 days ago

    Kobe made the best dunk

  • doccandie
    doccandie 15 days ago +7

    Shawn Kemp and Dominique Wilkins are the most beautiful and electrifying dunkers of all time!

  • PFlaw317
    PFlaw317 15 days ago +3

    Always fun to see the opposing teams reactions to a great dunk - it's the ultimate sign of respect - The Gerald Green windmill alley wasn't disrespectful it was glorious .. look at the Houston bench!

  • PFlaw317
    PFlaw317 15 days ago +1

    Always fun to see the opposing teams reactions to a great dunk - it's the ultimate sign of respect - The Gerald Green windmill alley wasn't disrespectful it was glorious .. look at the Houston bench!

  • Sean L
    Sean L 15 days ago

    Dunking on shorter guys or someone that wasn't ready to defend then flexing is only making you look like a douche. Now Jordan waving his finger after dunking on Mutombo that saw Jordan approaching.. That's just NASTY. I mean that in a good way.

  • common man!
    common man! 16 days ago +1

    and john starks dunk on MJ plus a Center. sooooo cool!!!

  • common man!
    common man! 16 days ago +1

    MJs dunk is overated lolss like i said overhyped. motumbo was on the other side. it was so easy my 4 yr old bro can do that. soooooooo overated guy!

  • Shadowstorm YT
    Shadowstorm YT 17 days ago

    lebron dunk on terry wasn’t disrespectful

  • jreidtastic
    jreidtastic 18 days ago

    False. This video is false.

  • DeVstatrOmga
    DeVstatrOmga 18 days ago

    6:26 was insane

  • bronxbombers 2211
    bronxbombers 2211 19 days ago

    Hypocritical mother fuckers keep hating

  • bronxbombers 2211
    bronxbombers 2211 19 days ago

    I think we should talk about how absurdley dangerous these soccer fans act and how immature. Yes I said soccer. People trying to kill a dude over SOCCER. Ya us Americans are so immature

  • Nyan Prater Jr
    Nyan Prater Jr 19 days ago

    In my mind, sportsmanship is not lost if no one is hurt (physically), people get emotionally hurt all the time - usually it's me.

    TAMEKA ISBELL 19 days ago

    1:04 😂😂 he mad he got dunked on

  • NoJokesyi 84
    NoJokesyi 84 19 days ago

    2:39 a nigga just smacked Paul's ass

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 20 days ago


  • Kwame Martin
    Kwame Martin 20 days ago +1

    Vince Carter and his cousin tracy mcgrady were some disrespectful mfs dunking

  • gcjbhar
    gcjbhar 20 days ago +2

    That's called being POSTERIZED!!!!

  • Rafael Chang
    Rafael Chang 20 days ago

    Why were they acting like in college basketball... i hate this in moderm bball

    MAA MU HETEP 21 day ago

    Isma'il Muhammad had some pretty disrespectful dunks in college.

  • WMJ
    WMJ 21 day ago

    so far there is 3 eras in have 50-70, 70-90, seems like every 20 years starts a new era

  • Eric Abbott
    Eric Abbott 22 days ago

    *Blake Griffin: Dunks

    *Reporter: "Oh me oh my"

  • Oaklab Sound System
    Oaklab Sound System 22 days ago

    Overall good video. But the ender was blocked by the window for your next video. The ender is what you send people away feeling good about
    and you pooped on it.

    • Oaklab Sound System
      Oaklab Sound System 11 days ago

      @CoshReport You pooped on the ender. Take a little constructive criticism.

    • CoshReport
      CoshReport  22 days ago

      I showed every clip at least twice, instead of cutting off the video early, I put the next video.

  • Basten de Jongh
    Basten de Jongh 23 days ago

    don't know why this video is titled "modern era" though

    • Hot Chocolate
      Hot Chocolate 21 day ago

      Basten de Jongh ... 80s to now is considered the modern era because of 3 point line addition

  • BFB-DanceySteve
    BFB-DanceySteve 24 days ago +2

    1:29 that 'Woaho' gets me everytime...

  • phantasyryder
    phantasyryder 24 days ago

    Great vid but D Howard get no respect.

  • phantasyryder
    phantasyryder 24 days ago

    What is the name of the intro song, please?

  • ryan rocha
    ryan rocha 24 days ago

    I'm not sure if any one has heard the name Vincent Lamar Carter? The best in game dunker of all time and the the savior of the Raptors. Whatch him please. Learn!!!

  • hoos3014
    hoos3014 25 days ago

    Really could have stopped at 0:17

  • KazeNino
    KazeNino 25 days ago

    Wheres Ariza over Ben Wallace? Or Vince jumping over that center in the olympics?

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 25 days ago

    Was Ray Allen really trying to play defense?

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 25 days ago

    I think Ewing knows what Scotties nut juice taste like

  • jbugg
    jbugg 26 days ago

    10:55 most disrespectful dunk of all time lol

  • Playoff P
    Playoff P 26 days ago

    That deandre Jordan dunk goodness

  • Freshgresh
    Freshgresh 26 days ago

    VC on Mourning was just disgusting, had the contact as well! 👌👀🔥

  • Kevin Angel
    Kevin Angel 26 days ago

    vince carter best dunker of all time. hands down. idc bout jordans or whoever else on this video. LeBron dunkn over terry or Jordan ova dat point guard is not all that. who cant dunk over a defender whos 1foot and half shorter than you. wat up vince still windmilling in 2019.