Rural Albertan crime rises and one town is calling it war | Sheila Gunn Reid

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • Sheila Gunn Reid of reports: Living in rural Canada is getting deadlier as residents of the Northern Alberta town of Conklin describe themselves as being in a war.
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Comments • 1 238

  • VERTICAL Wisdom
    VERTICAL Wisdom Month ago

    Great idea take guns away from good citizens and IF they protect their family put them in jail. Wonderful.

  • Antonia Nikolaj
    Antonia Nikolaj Month ago

    A woman in her late 50's was in her yard in a rural area near a reserve and a woman from the reserve, came in the farm yard and beat the crap out of her, unprovoked. There was no fair application of the law in her case. They fortified their house and are trying to sell now. It serves somebodies interest to encourage tension between non-First Nations people and first nations people. Maybe I am just ignorant, but I don't recall tensions being that violent 20 or 30 years ago.

  • Goatboy9099
    Goatboy9099 Month ago

    BIG rebel fan but...... YOU DON'T know any good cops

  • Patrick LaBelle
    Patrick LaBelle Month ago

    Trudope must go!

  • Patrick LaBelle
    Patrick LaBelle Month ago +1

    As far as I am concerned, Trudeau started showing that he cares far more about criminals than about honest people when he decriminalized pot. Pot drug dealers have made tens of billions of dollars the last 10 years, and by decriminalizing, Trudeau told them: enjoy your illegal money, you will never have to worry about it getting seize now. And they still make billions because most potheads keep getting their dope from dealers (only the liberals were stupid enough to believe that with decriminalization drug dealers will give up an easy way to make tax free money to go get honest jobs, lol!). So when you signal to the country that drug dealers deserve to be protected rather than put in prison, and that their assets must be protected instead of seized, you are making it clear that criminals are considered above honest people in this shithole country.

  • ian ball
    ian ball Month ago

    If your life is in danger a human has a right to defende . And no law can over rule that. Its your life not there's. The criminal will then think twice.

    CHILLIN DILLAN Month ago

    I live in rural Alberta & as you should know RCMP & PEACE OFFICERS are our local terrorists.
    They now have the right +- to trespass on our property & us without a warrant & their traffic tickets are out of control as they are in cahoots with the courts & judges to steal from anybody with bogus tickets.

  • Blue Lick
    Blue Lick Month ago

    I know that I am only on this youtube comment section and barely anyone sane would take political opinions from a comment section... but I distinctly remember stating when they said they would seperate if they did not get a pipeline by the end of 2019, that they would get a massive immigration to dilute their vote. And where there is mass third world immigrations, there is a massive incline in crime. We lived that in Quebec. You might have something in common with french canadians soon. Being diluted into near exstinction and losing all of your political autonomy. This will happen. See it unfold.

  • Lee Harding TV PPC
    Lee Harding TV PPC Month ago

    Straight outta Conklin! 🎶

  • dodgersfn Shepard
    dodgersfn Shepard Month ago

    Not to be harsh but this is what they get. If your don't stand for something.. they brought this up on themselves. Canadian need to stand up, get rid of trudipshet and demand better then not stop until you get it. It's called a fight eh, budday.
    Seriously, I'm sad for you all and hope you get it worked out for the better

  • Dale Allen
    Dale Allen Month ago

    Crazy Canadian laws.

  • Les Krapps
    Les Krapps Month ago

    Why the rise in crime? That's the real story

  • telemetryz
    telemetryz Month ago +2

    To be honest, Trudeau makes me feel a deep amount of shame to be Canadian.

  • Jim Man
    Jim Man Month ago

    “When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you, you know your nation is doomed.” - Ayn Rand

  • Wladyslaw Hardek
    Wladyslaw Hardek Month ago

    It's.... Paranoia????

  • Ron Vrooman
    Ron Vrooman Month ago

    not good girl.

  • lullabyemoon
    lullabyemoon Month ago

    Where are your guns Canada?????

  • Kill Everyone
    Kill Everyone Month ago

    I feel bad for y'all. Trudeau sold you all out to Somalia and the Middle-East. Nothing will change about migrant crime until Trudeau and his family are violently attacked by them. Then it'll become a nationwide emergency overnight.

  • Steve Yeo
    Steve Yeo Month ago

    In canada criminals have more rights than citizens.....

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason Month ago

    Forget your Pigs and Politicos

  • Gibson J50
    Gibson J50 Month ago

    If good people want to take back their communities, get rid of the leftists in charge. Do it by whatever means it takes. Leftists goals is to crush the good in society. The police should refuse to follow the directives of the leftists when they know what they are doing is damn wrong.

  • Lisa Lynn
    Lisa Lynn Month ago

    Now go ask Westlock AB what the corrupt cops did to all of them.

  • Joe Bush
    Joe Bush Month ago

    I live in a town in Alberta and I'm curious why I never see police presence in the streets. I went to the local police station and counted roughly 13 police vehicles in the parking lot.

  • Geoff Falcon
    Geoff Falcon Month ago

    This lady is so far right and racist.

  • Kelly Kubik
    Kelly Kubik 2 months ago

    Angry guy with a gun shooting a kid who’s steeling gas, it’s a fine line

  • Mike Holzenbein
    Mike Holzenbein 2 months ago

    Wimpy country full of wimpy people. Get a set sissy country. Why is trudeau even walking around. Not one man in the entire sissy country that will do what needs to be done

  • Max Foam
    Max Foam 2 months ago

    People aren’t working, we have no right to defend ourselves this is bs cops are just as bad thanks justin

  • Robert crowdiver Burns
    Robert crowdiver Burns 2 months ago

    Judged by 12 or buried by 6 ?

  • Chris Gove
    Chris Gove 2 months ago

    Nice work Trudeau! Thankfully it will never happen here!

  • GunDrone
    GunDrone 2 months ago +1

    It sounds like Canada needs to change their gun laws and don't take NO for an answer!

  • bobby fraser
    bobby fraser 2 months ago

    Lazy Indians

  • Timbo fuckyerlastname
    Timbo fuckyerlastname 2 months ago

    You have the legal right to walk up to anyone and ask what they are doing without the expectation of violence. You have the legal obligation to walk up to anyone, on your property, and confront them, as the property owner is legally responsible for all occupants on the property. Should violence ensue, don't use an automatic. Brass control.

  • Thanks Obama
    Thanks Obama 2 months ago

    First they disarm you..Then they ignore crime and make excuses for the criminals...Anarchy is the goal...A National Socialist Dictatorship will soon follow..

  • Michael B Perry
    Michael B Perry 2 months ago

    When your government won't protect you and the government makes law where you can't protect yourself, what do you do? Get sneaky!

  • pervysage
    pervysage 2 months ago

    Time to change the law!

  • Julian Cate
    Julian Cate 2 months ago

    My question: When are you going to secede from the Confederacy and apply for Statehood? Seriously, what's keeping you in the Canadian Union?

  • NPC #1409345
    NPC #1409345 2 months ago

    Let's change the laws

  • theklrdude oo
    theklrdude oo 2 months ago

    liberalism is a mental disease !

  • theclassytroglodyte clssyt22

    Thought it was a coyote sir

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom 2 months ago

    Militias are the answer to our panty wearing government yeah that's you Trudeau

  • Rod Palm
    Rod Palm 2 months ago

    Hmm yeah well inviting in the entire third world will cause these type of problems every single time. If only Trudeau was smart enough to figure this out.

  • Robert Desrocher
    Robert Desrocher 2 months ago

    You'd think a camera would fix the situation

  • Sluice on Mining
    Sluice on Mining 2 months ago

    Thanks Sheila.. your doing a awesome job keeping the you tubers informed.. someone has too.. right? YFI... The so call GOV wants everyone in the centers so they can control everyone with the new G5 bullshit.. anyway don't let this happen and PPL don't be come sheeple.... rural is where its at.. and they better not try to steal from me...cuz there's other ways to take care of business.. believe me... but keep up the good job and thanks for sharing!

  • Corey Falls
    Corey Falls 2 months ago

    same thing is happening in Ontario Rural areas, my place has been robbed so many times I lost count, but there is not a dollars worth of value left if you heap everything in a pile, and no metal at all, I am afraid the next thing they will target is the copper water pipes in the house. Is this a coincident? no, nothing ever gets stolen from me in the City, I literally have 10's of thousands of dollars worth of stuff sitting in the city and even my 4 legal pot plants, yet I cannot grow a single plant on my 55 acre forested property, they find and steal them every time, so now I am reduced to growing in the city where there are so many shadows from houses and trees. This is being done on purpose, there is no way it is this bad, in a town of 200, you are telling me they cannot catch the thieves, BS, the cops are in on it, they want rural folk in cities, bottom line.

  • karan suneja
    karan suneja 2 months ago

    You are right about this fact canadian laws are there to protect criminals and terrorists but not its citizens.

  • YNVNEone
    YNVNEone 2 months ago

    Don't you dare infringe the rights of that criminal. Especially as he's shitting all over you and yours.

  • Markus Dmitri
    Markus Dmitri 2 months ago

    Yep...worked for StatOil and stayed at the Leismier Lodge for 6 years on a rotation. Conklin Pub is the best LOL

  • niftertube
    niftertube 2 months ago

    Anybody think about calling the Angels? Everything calms down when they move in.

  • Ken Letkeman
    Ken Letkeman 2 months ago

    Caught thieves stealing in Balzac ab. Call rcmp is the biggest waste of time. All they can do is refer us to victim services since we are all such snow flakes. Our business has had a thieving crime wave once a year since the crash of 2015. Airdrie rcmp couldn’t care less. Wouldn’t even bother coming out. I am planning renting billboards to voice my frustrations. Nobody else can be bothered.

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith 2 months ago

    It's not much different in Oregon. If you defend yourself from a white meth-head, you're fine. But if it's a criminal from a protected class, you're probably going to prison regardless of the circumstances.

  • Danny Walker
    Danny Walker 2 months ago

    The whites are their only threat to total goverment . All others call for it as their rights . Weak little fools are begging to be enslaved.

  • Dallas Segno
    Dallas Segno 2 months ago

    country is too big

  • Don't Trip
    Don't Trip 2 months ago

    Why is crime higher in Rural areas? Two words: Guerilla Warfare

  • Daniel Lowen
    Daniel Lowen 2 months ago

    I live in red deer and crime is rising fast I stopped at the fast gas this morning at 530 when I parked I noticed a young man running out of the store with the store clerk running behind him I guess the kid stole some stuff I talked to the clerk about phoning the cops he told me there is no use they don’t do anything anyway it’s sad

  • Catholic Defender
    Catholic Defender 2 months ago

    Honestly it's still the same in the U.S. at least in the Northeast. Might as well hire some criminals to beat the criminals, as if though you could trust them. Any law against self-defense is an unjust law.

  • Chris chris
    Chris chris 2 months ago

    Wild west

  • Nicholas A
    Nicholas A 2 months ago

    Criminals have more rights than the victims in this country. When these thieves are caught they get a slap on the wrist and a short time later they're back out robbing again. There's no deterrent for the criminals because this country is too soft on crime and there's very little justice for victims of these crimes. Sad when the cops are more concerned about the criminal getting hurt than the victims.

  • Nana Brown
    Nana Brown 2 months ago

    Your government want law & order to breakdown so they can introduce martial law , also all over the western world.

  • Maddock fitzsimmins
    Maddock fitzsimmins 2 months ago

    Canadians must now become criminals in order to protect themselves from criminals, so be it. go buy yourself a throw away gun, one that may well have been used in some heinous crime and keep it tucked away for the next guy that shows up without one. "Well yes officer, i did cave his head in with my tractor but as you can see, he was armed." May as well take advantage of the availability of illegal guns just like the criminals do.

  • Freddy Marcel-Marcum
    Freddy Marcel-Marcum 2 months ago

    Damn, when I think of Native Canadians, First Nations, Indians, whatever they call themselves this week, I think of Tyler and Utek rollin' together in Never Cry Wolf, not wannabe Negros from Chicago.