The Try Guys Coffee Art Competition • Try Australia

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • Some of the most beautiful latte art you'll ever see, enjoy our caffeine craziness! ☕
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys  2 months ago +1910

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    • Carol Zaf
      Carol Zaf 24 days ago +1

      The Try Guys welp im a month late

    • Harel Zohar
      Harel Zohar Month ago

      Ned, cheer up! At least you didn't get 3rd place again!

    • KIRI
      KIRI Month ago

      KID its almost summer

    • Arix BANGSTER
      Arix BANGSTER 2 months ago

      lol in Australia it is summer... so bad idea to put that advertisement when in 'straya

    • hypnotherapy69
      hypnotherapy69 2 months ago

      my dad has had at least 5 cups of coffe before brekfast XD unlike that weak american shit it has the viscousity of tar XD.

  • maplemarcher
    maplemarcher Hour ago

    The manager is so uppity. Like you pour coffee all day how hard can it be

  • Imafruitloop
    Imafruitloop 8 hours ago

    I like how Ned says Melbourne he says it like melburnn

  • BeachGnome
    BeachGnome 16 hours ago

    Sometimes I wonder how cool Eugene could be such good friends with such goobers and then they do Gregorian chants and I'm like yup there it is.

  • Luna Wolfheart
    Luna Wolfheart Day ago

    I like to think that the only reason they left buzzfeed was so Keith could make boner puns without getting in trouble.

  • Joanna Yee
    Joanna Yee Day ago

    is it just me? or zach made a dent on the table after all that stamping..

  • April
    April Day ago

    I wonder where the manager is from? I didn't expect her not to have an accent.

  • Elijah Ealy
    Elijah Ealy 2 days ago

    Yo, I’ve watched this video literally so many times and just noticed Ned’s AMAZING whistling ability😱 he did that without even thinking about it... a GOD‼️

  • Madison Burton
    Madison Burton 2 days ago

    I love Nadia and Ben. They look like proud parents every time one of the guys get something right 😂

  • Sarah Frick
    Sarah Frick 2 days ago

    the coffee shop owner girl is _magical_

  • Jade Ratliff
    Jade Ratliff 3 days ago

    She kinda sounds like Miley Cyrus

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl 3 days ago

    When Eugene and Keith are paired together and they start singing.......I cant handle it 🤣😂😂

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl 3 days ago

    I like her Instagram hair!

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 3 days ago

    I can't even finish this video. The manager judging the coffee is killing me. Her attitude is so unlikable lol

  • Mr.AJWorks
    Mr.AJWorks 3 days ago


  • Ali Khadem
    Ali Khadem 4 days ago

    The more I watch these the more I see Keith is more fucked

  • Roy Flores
    Roy Flores 4 days ago

    Me walking into the exam room, "11:02".

  • Eliza XOX
    Eliza XOX 4 days ago

    The manager hair look like Instagram colour

  • Sunflower
    Sunflower 4 days ago

    Rip Australia

  • Blue_Moon_Wolf79
    Blue_Moon_Wolf79 5 days ago

    my dad drank 2 12 cup pots of coffee every day + some/ Redbull (or it was 3 redbulls and a pot of coffee)

  • Priz The Wizard
    Priz The Wizard 6 days ago +3

    9:38 "Sounds like a demon dying."

  • Priz The Wizard
    Priz The Wizard 6 days ago +1

    The "Black Baguette" Keth is eating looks like black bees wax.

  • Klah Ledbetter
    Klah Ledbetter 7 days ago

    Watching/listening to Eugene and Keith's melody of weird noises gave me so much joy!

  • Jane Gel
    Jane Gel 7 days ago

    Zach poured too fast and too much.

  • Darren Yap
    Darren Yap 7 days ago

    Let's face it, this was the beginning of the loss of food competitions for Keith.

  • I_luv_stranger Things
    I_luv_stranger Things 7 days ago +1

    Little did they know a few months later Australia will be on fire
    Who else is watching this in 2020

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon 7 days ago

    Not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t like how the manager talks.

  • Zarah_Miller9360
    Zarah_Miller9360 8 days ago +1

    Where my Australians at?

  • disha desai
    disha desai 8 days ago

    I loved the barista owner

  • Scylar Grey
    Scylar Grey 8 days ago

    Nadia is *GORGEOUS* holy shit

  • yamile I
    yamile I 8 days ago +1

    Zack looked so pretty in this episode

  • Faith Dorey
    Faith Dorey 8 days ago +2

    The subtle wft/ oh no that changes in coffee guys eyes when zach says hes started farting

  • uwu . . .
    uwu . . . 8 days ago

    Samantha's hoops are h u g e

  • sunshineblue06
    sunshineblue06 9 days ago

    americans are weird sometimes...g'day guys!

  • Lauryn Brynjulson
    Lauryn Brynjulson 9 days ago +1

    The Four Personalities
    Ned- The Rage
    Keith- The Clown
    Eugene- The Depression
    Zach- The Giggle
    Who are you?
    This is how many people agree

  • Jyle Jknes
    Jyle Jknes 9 days ago +1

    Who’s here when Australia is on fire.

  • Daniel LaTorre
    Daniel LaTorre 9 days ago

    I should have know Zach would be a weeb

  • Daniel LaTorre
    Daniel LaTorre 9 days ago

    8:55 - 9:00 I was shaking uncontrollably trying to keep my laughter at a minimum cuz I'm supposed to be doing school

  • Kiley Lowery
    Kiley Lowery 10 days ago

    "And I have begun farting" - Zach

  • Poke Tuber
    Poke Tuber 11 days ago

    Just saying, I’m a dbz artist and I loved the piccolo joke Zach made

  • Shilo Mclain
    Shilo Mclain 11 days ago

    With how many time Keith has ended up in 4th place, shall we start calling him...

    Keith the IV😏

  • rowan is awsome
    rowan is awsome 11 days ago

    why is the girl with muticorld hair sound so sad? : (

  • Aaryan Kumar
    Aaryan Kumar 13 days ago +1

    4:56 She laughs and the boys find it weird but end up having fun
    6:05 Boys do this and the girl says nothing

  • Modern Person
    Modern Person 13 days ago

    I drink coffee for as long as I can remember

  • Andrew Wayand
    Andrew Wayand 13 days ago

    i feel like rainbow hair enjoys telling people what their opinions are as a past time

  • Mathias Boye Rasmuseen

    When did starbucks get so fancy?

  • Zzz 23
    Zzz 23 14 days ago

    Emma Chamberlain should try this

  • maria riznic
    maria riznic 14 days ago +3

    it's sad that now Australia is burning in agony

  • P R
    P R 14 days ago +1

    4:27 Eugene started that wOw👏🏼 TikTok trend

  • Elena Parisi
    Elena Parisi 14 days ago +2

    My favorite part is when it shows the violins while Eugene is making his coffee art, and the music in the background is nowhere near a violin.

  • Renelle Chartier
    Renelle Chartier 14 days ago

    Imagine if they had told them about shots dying. That would have been absolutely chaotic 😂

  • CQ -Crew
    CQ -Crew 15 days ago

    To all the tea drinkers: tea makes me gag. Coffee might be the number one anxiety juice; however, lots of coffee drinkers are addicted to the coffee and it is the only way we feel energized.

  • Gia D
    Gia D 15 days ago

    There was actually a study done recently that said Aussies have the best coffee ☕️

  • basicwhitewashedasian
    basicwhitewashedasian 15 days ago +1


  • Nutella Latte
    Nutella Latte 15 days ago

    9:20 That is the most precious yes ever!

  • H B
    H B 16 days ago

    The manager's voice is soothing

  • yunotastic
    yunotastic 16 days ago +1

    So my mom studied culinary arts and got into a school about barista (like 2018)
    And she had a hard time doing latte art i remember asking her and she told me its very very hard i also remember my mom had so many many tries and buyed many milk for this cause she always practiced especially for a competition and yes she got first place cause its very pretty coffee art
    She also practiced latte art but with foam

  • Gabe Morgan
    Gabe Morgan 16 days ago

    as a barista this is painful to watch XD

  • NarutoBaby94
    NarutoBaby94 16 days ago

    As a former barista I’d have no prob with steaming the milk but the art would throw me

  • Kit Geeky
    Kit Geeky 16 days ago

    Yeahhh so I'm an American Barista, we make most of those drinks, but we get a 5 min lesson and put it in a to-go cup. Nice to see that some people actually care more than "ESPRESSO-GO-GO"

    But! One time when I worked Christmas Evening and we had no customers I did the art stuff that their doing and we had a mini competition. It was a lot of fun.