What "GSync Compatible" Actually Means | NVIDIA at CES 2019

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • NVIDIA's "GSync Compatible" displays use adaptive sync (_VBLANK attribute) and will work with FreeSync displays to smooth-out frame presents.
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    In this video, we talk about what NVIDIA actually means when it says a display is "GSync Compatible," as opposed to "GSync" or "FreeSync." Terminologically, it's just a means to differentiate displays that have gone through validation for brightness consistency, VRR ratio compliance, and flicker-free output.
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    Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
    Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick
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Comments • 793

  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  5 months ago +40

    Watch our Vega VII and Ryzen 3000 coverage here! ru-clip.com/video/IcL4XFwptHo/video.html

    • MaZEEZaM
      MaZEEZaM 4 months ago

      What has just occurred to me is that the benefit for me as I already have a G-sync monitor is that it will be compatible with those TV's that are being released this year that included Free-sync enabling. It may only be Samsung that included Free-sync in their tv's but I can't remember as I didn't pay it much mind given I use NVIDIA.

    • MaZEEZaM
      MaZEEZaM 4 months ago

      Your ad has REALLY horrible sound. Otherwise, great video :)

    • Fake Heaven
      Fake Heaven 5 months ago

      Will HDMI freesync monitors work?

    • thor odin
      thor odin 5 months ago +1

      what gsync compatible means, is they can take the best of the best of free sync monitors, slap a gsync compatible label on it, and get some extra cash from monitor makers to get a gsync compatible label put on their monitors. in other words, nvidia is doing another power grab and forcing their will on monitor makers.
      top of the line freesync monitors are already within the extreme margins of gsync. yet...i kinda doubt reviewers will call them out on their bs. some of the issues of freesync monitor are low hz range monitors which are cheap crap. so...in top of the line freesync monitors, there is no issues, hence why nvidia wants to put a gsync label on it, so they can do yet another power grab and claim their "tech and standards are better than amd" which simply isn't the case. the top of the line freesync monitors already are quality controlled by the manufacturers themselves. simply put, ngreedia, wants to try to take even freesync from amd and they are going to get away with it cause no one is going to call them out for it.

  • shreyas acf
    shreyas acf Month ago

    how to check the vrr range of the monitors

  • Mr.N
    Mr.N 2 months ago

    So i recently got ACER Nitro VG271U 2k monitor @144hz .. freesync1 and paired it with my already 1080ti ... Holyshite, its Gsync compatible, i played euro truck 2 on 2k - 144 fps, mafia3 ultra setting on 2k - 110fps ... m yet to test many games. besides there is no ghosting or flickering, being a IPS screen colors are awesome. This monitor is worth every penny, just go for it.

  • Brandan Burke
    Brandan Burke 2 months ago

    Does it work with laptops?

  • Rné S.
    Rné S. 2 months ago

    So.. do you feel the difference between GSync compatible and the real GSync?

  • robert h
    robert h 3 months ago

    new to pc. Had my rig a year.. my monitor (acerXG270HU) is g sync compatible.. Ive never had tearing or any problem in the past. I updated my drive and cant tell a difference.. What should I be looking for to understand what im getting with the update?

  • MegaMagma
    MegaMagma 3 months ago

    Say what....

  • Malicious Destruction
    Malicious Destruction 3 months ago

    thst first monitor on the left side had far better color than any of the other monitors. i want to know what that was.

  • Sanjay Damodaran
    Sanjay Damodaran 3 months ago

    Does this mean Gsync was a rip off ? How better is Gsync compared to Gsync compatible ?

  • RetroManchop
    RetroManchop 3 months ago

    I have an AOC 24" 144hz and can confirm it works with G-Sync compatibility, no issues in games I can see except in Benchmark software where the screen went black for a scene but not sure if that was just a Jo-incidence with a C?

  • Misanthropist
    Misanthropist 3 months ago

    too expenssive for what it does.

  • Greg Lindstrom
    Greg Lindstrom 4 months ago

    if you had a gsync monitor would u upgrade to a better monitor without gsync for superior resolution / refresh rate?, or would the lack of a gsync module make it a downgrade

  • GearCheck 101
    GearCheck 101 4 months ago

    It means they paid a tithing to Nvidia.

  • Midgardian
    Midgardian 4 months ago

    I hope that we get an affordable IPS panel on this list eventually. Way too many TN panels.

    • Laidbackgamerzz One
      Laidbackgamerzz One Month ago

      Here's a VA panel. It's 4ms though. Aopen 27hc1r pbidpx: amzn.to/2DFv1nI

  • ash0787
    ash0787 4 months ago

    most of the games I play didn't really go below 60fps on a gtx 1070, so although I have gsync I never used it much before, but I just fully maxed out skyrims graphics
    and now getting about 45 fps at 1440p, sub 30 at 4K DSR, GSYNC is VERY good at around 40 to 50 fps !

  • Toaster Bath Challenge
    Toaster Bath Challenge 4 months ago

    The gsync certification is just a smoke screen from nvidia to avoid admitting that they are unable to implement adaptive sync properly.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 4 months ago

    I had not heard of g-sync ultimate, checking it out now :) I can't find anything on it :(

  • wildosvt
    wildosvt 4 months ago

    So if your FreeSync monitor has a refresh range of 48-144Hz such as a XG27VQ or a XG32VQ , This would put you to a ratio of 3. Would being at a ratio of 3 be better overall, Or is 2.5 the target?

  • Peter Wild
    Peter Wild 4 months ago

    Is it correct that Nvidia only supports Freesync on display port and not HDMI, and why is this?

  • JrBoi
    JrBoi 4 months ago

    I have the XFA240 and I just bought a KG271U and Freesync works flawlessly on there and it isnt labeled as "Compatible". Works in every game. I now set a limit on all my games for 141 so I can use the Syncing capability. I feel like out of the 400 they tested. My new monitor wasnt in there. They should update again and all all the monitors that people report working perfect, like myself, as G-Sync Compatible". My VRR is 40 - 144Hz. Rare when i actually dip down to 40 FPS on a 1070 at 1440p

  • Darren Childs
    Darren Childs 5 months ago

    I have a freesync monitor and gtx1050ti with the latest drivers and i dont get the option in control panel?

  • Protein Egg Fart
    Protein Egg Fart 5 months ago

    4:09 first monitor has the best colors

  • Joey Crysel
    Joey Crysel 5 months ago

    My Acer XF270HU isn't compatible and I tried this. Couldn't tell a difference.

  • Frederik K.
    Frederik K. 5 months ago

    @Gamer Nexus
    Congrats on crossing the 500k subs mark. You guys are by far the best tech outlet on any platform with the highest integrity of all.
    All the best in the future

  • Дмитрий Череповский

    They have just proven that gsync on laptops is indeed freesync. They may have the same flicker problems as shown in the video.

  • michaelrw10
    michaelrw10 5 months ago

    there are no ultrawide curved panels on the compatible list. i dont even think there are any curved panels at all

  • Duffimus Prime
    Duffimus Prime 5 months ago

    2:00 I think that's my screen on the left, 34" LG 34UC79G-B. and I do get the random occasional what seems to be a single black frame. but that doesn't seam to happen until my EVGA SC 1070 gets up to 85c in Destiny 2 frames capped at 100fps. I also capped my refresh rate at 100hz in windows/nvidia control panel, since most of my games don't realistically play at a constant 144fps.

  • Krs
    Krs 5 months ago

    Hi i need some help my monitor broke week ago and i need to buy new, and I can not decide you can advise me something . 27 inches IPS gsync or freesync 300-650$ it would be great.
    My english is not perfect so I hope you understand everything.

  • Make_it _Nashty
    Make_it _Nashty 5 months ago

    Steve do you think they'll extend this "G-Sync compatible" support to Maxwell cards? I have the AOC G2590FX monitor with my 980ti, so no adaptive sync for me :(

  • John Kominar
    John Kominar 5 months ago

    Has anyone seen these flaws on Freesync monitors before? or is this just a flaw with Nvidia?
    I would think if you had the flickering like the one monitor is showing one of the hundreds of RU-clip tech sites would have raged about it over the passed two years.
    Any links?
    Any videos?

  • Tim V
    Tim V 5 months ago

    So my freesync monitor with HDMI but no display port will not work? What about display port to HDMI cable?

  • Namemjs
    Namemjs 5 months ago

    Do you get more quality if you use a monitor with actual g sync built in as to one that is free sync with g sync enabled, like a asus Swift pg258q vs asus strix xg258q

  • Grzegorz Mróz
    Grzegorz Mróz 5 months ago

    It means freesync monitors will be more expensive.....

  • Pratham Dave
    Pratham Dave 5 months ago

    Someone help me please!
    1)Can I use it with a 750ti?
    2)If not,are there any chances in the future?
    3)Does it work with only HDMI?

  • Vertical
    Vertical 5 months ago

    turned it on today, flickering like sht... any fix?

  • jflaliberte
    jflaliberte 5 months ago

    I can confirm that the AOC G2590FX DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY with G-SYNC as of 1/15/19. Blurry Image...

  • razorseal
    razorseal 5 months ago

    so how/where do I enable this for my CHG90 monitor to see if it works, or is acceptable for me?

  • 1MerryMonKey
    1MerryMonKey 5 months ago

    My viewsonic has a freesync range of 48 to 144hz. Is that a good vr range? Using your equation it comes out at 3. Really hope it works. Will be great to just not be locked into either ecosystem

  • ToriKooo
    ToriKooo 5 months ago +1

    how u activate it? i have a monitor thats supported

  • Overclock Brazil
    Overclock Brazil 5 months ago

    LG 34UC79G, no go. Flickering all over. Shame...i think nvidia will not support all FS monitors because of the stupid GSYNC. The tech is there, but i think they will not fully develop it for all FS displays...


    Question. I have a Samsung u28d590d 60hz 4k freesync monitor,it looks amazing but being I have a1080 ti ftw3 I upgraded to an alienware 240hz 1080p gsync display. I miss the 4k and really notice the lower resolution. Being that now possibly I could use gsync on the 4k display... Would you? Could you go from 240hz to 60hz for the resolution upgrade if both had gsync? Thanks cause I was about to sell the 4k monitor for $200 not sure if I should now


      @Martin Frantzen i am going to hook up my 4k and see if gsync works on it now.. if so at the very least I could sell it much easier.. cause I would like to sell both of mine and get 1440/144 as well.. perfect balance.. i paid a premium just to get gsync and honestly i cant tell a difference lol

    • Martin Frantzen
      Martin Frantzen 5 months ago +1

      I personally prefer a higher resolution over higher frames in most of my games. I have a 4k screen and absolutely cannot go back to 1080 no matter the frame rate, it's just too jarring after using a higher resolution. I've regretted my upgrade to 4k60 ever since testing 1440/144, that seems to be the sweet spot as the difference between 1440 and 4k is practically unnoticeable in the games I play (arena shooters, FPS and city builders (the last one may be the exception)

  • Bratislav Metulski
    Bratislav Metulski 5 months ago

    sadly completely marketing bullshit - it is "g-sync compatible" and ONLY works with monitors with variable picture-frequency. NOT ONE MONITOR WITH 60hz will work with it - and THATS whats freesync is known for! ... ANOTHER NVIDIA MARKETING CUSTOMER TROLL MOVE !!!

  • Ratus
    Ratus 5 months ago

    It's time for me to retire the 970, there is no use for it anymore...I am going AMD....The adaptive sync only works for 1000 series and above.

  • WoLF KaNe
    WoLF KaNe 5 months ago

    is driver out?

  • bocty1
    bocty1 5 months ago

    how come only TN panels were passed and not IPS ones?

  • Florian vd Burg
    Florian vd Burg 5 months ago

    Will this work with every geforce videocard (for example my msi gtx 1070ti)? or only with the rtx card? Or only with nvidia's founders edition?

  • superguy
    superguy 5 months ago

    I just bought the Asus VG279Q the range on this monitor is 40-144hz it's a 1080p IPS panel has freesync too

  • Bors Mistral
    Bors Mistral 5 months ago +1

    One of the important things to keep an eye out for is that this does not somehow turn into a GeForce Partner Program 2.0...

  • Shinji D
    Shinji D 5 months ago

    i hope they test all dell monitors and make them compatible as well. I just bought 2 2k monitors from dell with 155hz

  • Kevin Dantes
    Kevin Dantes 5 months ago

    does this mean that we can now use the sync feature from nvidia graphics card on a certain freesync monitor?

  • Centurion
    Centurion 5 months ago

    Congrats on your subs! 😂

  • Nick Sparrow Studios
    Nick Sparrow Studios 5 months ago

    So it will support Freesync 2 as well?

  • Pvt. Duckling
    Pvt. Duckling 5 months ago

    Those "non/validated" displays have DEFINITELY been tampered with, or Nvidia intentionally wanted RMA'd displays, either way it's incredibly misleading.
    9/10 FreeSync problems lay in the drivers of the GPU, so I guess that's also an option (since I doubt nvidia used Radeon cards).
    Worst thing you're gonna see on a FreeSync monitor is ghosting, which to be fair is a common thing on the cheaper models (below 350€), but if you're on a budget would you rather NOT have ASync than have a slightly ghosted ASync?...

  • paul g
    paul g 5 months ago

    Nvidia hate that people buy AMD because a free sync 32inch wide screen 1440p monitor is £250 to £400 cheaper.

  • Dean Carlo
    Dean Carlo 5 months ago

    Two of monitors that they mentioned were the Asus : XG248 and XG258. I googled both of these but for some reason i only see XG248Q & XG258Q (Rog Strix versions). Are these the monitors they are referring to?

  • Jeanne Zara
    Jeanne Zara 5 months ago

    GSYNC is an overpriced chip module. Nvidia happily charged consumer sheepies with this unnecessary POS chip module for years. Way to go NVIDIA!

  • chill_doctor
    chill_doctor 5 months ago

    This might sound like a pretty silly question so apologies in advance - Is this whole concept the same as saying Nvidia have developed software to enable their GPUs to work with AMD FreeSync now, and instead of calling it that, they're calling it as AMD FreeSync monitors being G-Sync compatible ?
    I hope I"m making sense. Is another way to look at it just to say that AMD FreeSync being open technology, has enabled Nvidia to make their GPUs compatible with FreeSync ?

  • Wolfenstrike
    Wolfenstrike 5 months ago

    Will it work through HDMI, or just with Display Port? Plenty of Freesync 2 monitors only work through HDMI.

  • Adrian A
    Adrian A 5 months ago

    Cool story bro. But... nVidia if you expect me to pay 350+ $ for a mid range card ... You must be friking insane, or maybe you fell and hit your head. So at least for me... what monitor is cool enough for people that fell and hit their heads, is not really relevant . Wont even talk about prices on the high end GPUs , you dont even have a die shrink, just strapped on new shinny memory from third party , oh and the RTX that somewhat simulates natural light, maybe a good enough emulation , but not worth the prince on same process GPU.

  • Jazzy Penguin
    Jazzy Penguin 5 months ago

    Anyone using the Samsung UJ59?
    It's a VA 4K monitor with Fresync. I hope it may work.

  • marc marc
    marc marc 5 months ago

    Jensen is just acting like a little baby crying right now... Bitching and saying stupid things. As the CEO of a company like Nvidia he should be ashamed.
    He wants to make us trust that all thousands of customers who have been using Free synch for the last 3/4 years never noticed that their screens are not working... and of course, for those who may have notice the problem none of them reported the problem neither any reviewer on internet (web site, youtubers etc.).
    But thanks God and Jensen, Nvidia managed to find the problem that nobody saw for 4 years, yeah no PC hardware reviewers nor customers managed to see the problem that Nvidia identified in less than 5 minutes (so to speak).
    Sorry Jensen we're so dumb and we're really thank Gods that you and your company are there.
    Thanks again for your great RTX and DLSS things which allowed you to justify to raise the price of your cards by +60%...
    RTX really only work on 1 game et DLSS on another one.. so that's 2 so far... yeah really thank you !
    Thanks you also for all the trust we put on you which reflect the value of your company stock price for the last 4 months. Don't pay attention to the minus 50%.. they're all haters.
    I really do hope that the coming Radeon VII test will make people buy more AMD graphic cards.
    That people will understand that RTX and DLSS are not worth the hundreds of Dollars or Euros you're requesting for the time being. In 2/3 years maybe but right now... no way.
    Buying an Nvidia graphic card means +300$€ minimum compare to their Pascal counterpart and if you want a new monitor, just add another 200/300$€ for the G Synch... so that around +500$€ at best.
    With AMD coming with Radeon VII + Free Synch + 7nm, I'm somehow understand why you're bitching... but don't worry there will be always plenty of people who like to be ripped off and want to have +10 fps even if it cost then +800$.
    PS : sorry for my English.. not my mother language

  • Thibault Deneve
    Thibault Deneve 5 months ago

    would it be possible to have a list of the monitors that were already tested and failed to be compatible?

  • Addy Chikky
    Addy Chikky 5 months ago

    Is it only for the 20 series GPU?

  • danbernardi1
    danbernardi1 5 months ago

    "...and offer the gamer a seamless experience by enabling VRR by default." So a monitor that otherwise checks all the boxes would fail if it didn't automatically engage freesync?

  • 3rd Gen Guy
    3rd Gen Guy 5 months ago

    is there a list of the failed monitors?
    and when can we test our current monitors?

  • Forkez
    Forkez 5 months ago

    AdoredTV explained Nvidia's move to make up a validation system pretty good as well. Thank you for the more technical update though :D

  • NorthDakotaBeast
    NorthDakotaBeast 5 months ago

    Someone got a “layman” terms like, ELI5?

  • Derek Fagan
    Derek Fagan 5 months ago

    DAGNABBIT nVidia! I just bought an Asus PG27UQ about 3 months ago (4K/HDR/G-Snyc/144Hz) for the low low price of just a few hundred dollars less than my 65inch LG 4K OLED TV. I really hope they expand into HDMI as well for everyone who like to game on their couch.

  • rager1969
    rager1969 5 months ago

    Thanks for explaining this. I'm glad nVidia is doing this, as it's good for the consumer (something rare for them). Because nVidia has such a large percentage of the GPU market, I suspect we will start to see more compatible monitors, or at least monitors that would pass if tested by nVidia. FreeSync/AdaptiveSync up to now was a bit niche so it didn't get a lot of love.

  • Hung Le
    Hung Le 5 months ago

    Now, we should have “Everything Sync Fking Compatible” new standard: ESFC 👌😤

  • Devilion901
    Devilion901 5 months ago

    you do realize all selected "GSync compatible" monitors are of high panel quality. because if its low tier monitors there wouldn't be any difference between freesync and Gsync. and AMD has Freesync 2 certification program (for high end monitors) lul.

  • willem hollgleider
    willem hollgleider 5 months ago

    What a Nvidia bullshit. It can work on any FS monitor just fine.

  • jootai
    jootai 5 months ago

    Why haven't we seen any 8k monitors?? Plenty of 8k tv's.. No monitors why?

    • zanna rere
      zanna rere 5 months ago

      human eyes have limits, even 4k its stupid on monitor under 27"(for me its stupid even at 27"), so for see any difference between 4k and 8k u must have an 55"++ monitor because 8k have 4x pixels then 4k ...... for tv its the same, for see any difference from 3mt between 4k and 8k tv you will need an 230"++ tv (for apple retina screen standard even more, 300"++ ...) ...... wherever for justify the nosense grow of screen's ppi in latest 10 years the human retina resolution went up by 3x .... but just for tv's .......

  • Nesta Ash
    Nesta Ash 5 months ago

    Will this work with hdmi 2.1?

  • John Robert
    John Robert 5 months ago

    will this support older nvidia gpus or just the 10 series and the upcoming 20 series?

  • ZirJohn
    ZirJohn 5 months ago

    hope it works well with my G2460PF since its pretty similar to the AOC monitor that's validated

  • Darren Rushworth-Moore
    Darren Rushworth-Moore 5 months ago

    Sorry Mawell users, you have been screwed over yet again by Nvidia. If Pascal is supported then there is no reason for Maxwell not to be supported unless you are wanting to force customers to upgrade.... yeah that's the nVidia's business model right there.

    • Krogoth512
      Krogoth512 5 months ago

      Maxwell will work fine, but it may require a driver hack. Maxwell/Pascal have the same TMDS circuitry and Maxwell-based mobile GPUs have been supporting VESA's adaptive sync since the platform's introduction.

  • Jai
    Jai 5 months ago

    My monitor has a blur and muddy feeling to the games I play, I quit gaming because of it. Can this be the source for the problem?

  • Mopantsu
    Mopantsu 5 months ago

    Nvidia is trying to hijack the adaptive sync monitors to have G-Sync compatible slapped on the higher end Freesync displays.

  • 7rich79
    7rich79 5 months ago

    What would be an interesting test is LG 34GK950 (Gsync) vs LG 34GK950F (Freesync). The two monitors use the same panel, and the Gsync version is actually held a bit back due to the use of the version 1 Gsync module to keep costs down. If flickering etc is not present on the Freesync version this could be a good option.

  • VargVikernes1488
    VargVikernes1488 5 months ago

    🦀IS GONE🦀

  • HSC Clan Pro - Clash of Clans

    The big question is why do so many monitors have problems? I mean this is a VESA standard so if it does not work either Nvidia or the monitor vendor has violated the spec.
    If Nvidia has violated the spec why even bother all this testing instead of just fixing it (at least for new products)
    If so many monitor vendors have violated the spec then shame on them because they are charging extra money for advertising their monitor as compatible.
    Or are all the monitors that partially work not even officially suppirting adaptive sync but somehow still work to some extend?

  • Kepe
    Kepe 5 months ago

    Adaptive Sync is the name of the VESA standard that AMD calls FreeSync. FreeSync 2 = VESA Adaptive Sync with more strict requirements. What Nvidia is doing, is enabling Adaptive Sync support for their GPUs.
    Saying that G-Sync is a subset of Adaptive Sync is factually incorrect. Adaptive Sync and G-Sync are different technologies that allow monitors to run at a variable refresh rate.

  • The_Dude
    The_Dude 5 months ago

    are older cards like the 900 and 700 series going to be compatible with gsync compatibles? they do support normal gsync, though I can only find the 10 and 20 series cards in nvidias info

  • Unedited Gamer
    Unedited Gamer 5 months ago

    I bought a 144hz monitor last month and I was happy when I heard this but sadly Nvidia hates me and my 980ti

  • Bernard
    Bernard 5 months ago

    Wondering how the Dell S2719DGF is gonna do with my GTX 1060 :)

  • Victor Tang
    Victor Tang 5 months ago

    Most of those issues on display there can be fixed by changing the Hz range. What a BS booth.

  • ZiGa:S
    ZiGa:S 5 months ago

    Thumbs up to Nvidia.
    And Steeve for explanation.

  • Natty Fatty Powerlifting

    Can we get past the vendor specific features? Neither company is doing anything the other can't. You're paying extra for entirely arbitrary restrictions.

  • Kenneth Ng
    Kenneth Ng 5 months ago

    I have a Acer KG271U and it is actually a newer version of Acer XG270HU. I don't know why my monitor is not verified by Nvidia.

  • megapro125
    megapro125 5 months ago

    How to find out the freesync (or now gsync) range of a monitor if it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere on the manufacturer website or the printed manual? I have a Samsung C34H890WJU monitor. I would assume the range is 48-100 since that's what most Samsung 100Hz monitors use but is there a test to find out for sure?

  • Kiko Ruckus
    Kiko Ruckus 5 months ago

    This guy looks like Jay AND Silent Bob

  • Mundie Afterlife
    Mundie Afterlife 5 months ago

    WTF i have 2 freesync monitors with no DP only HDMI, They won't work!!?

  • Hjembrent Kent
    Hjembrent Kent 5 months ago

    Stutter is NOT better than tearing. What? You would rather have a static image than tearing ? What?

  • MrLandster
    MrLandster 5 months ago

    what about stuff like the CHG70 that are freesync2 and HDR?

  • Popojijo's paintball
    Popojijo's paintball 5 months ago

    The graphics on these rigs are so beautiul -.- so much want ... it be nice to win the lottery and buy one lmao

  • ascendence
    ascendence 5 months ago

    the question is, is the compatible display just as good as a display with a gsync module

  • Orvtrebor
    Orvtrebor 5 months ago

    XG258 owner here, this is awesome news :)

  • Robert Snyder
    Robert Snyder 5 months ago

    So my question is (probably a dumb question but) will Nvidia support adaptive sync on their current GSync monitors as well? Doubt it, since that would mean making the modules play nice with AMD (and Intel, in the future), but one can hope...