James Bond - No Time To Die: Bike jump onto square, Matera, Italy (new version)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • Raw footage. The man behind the bike stunt: Paul "Fast Eddy" Edmondson, british former pro-motorcycle enduro racer, four-time World Enduro Champion. Bike: A special version of Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC (by Triumph team)
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  • Springhouse
    Springhouse  Month ago +231

    Hey guys, and thanks for watching this cool bike stunt, performed by a young british rallycross driver. But, we have many more behind-the-scenes videos shot in Matera, Italy, this past September. See all uploads here:

    • Integrity Coop
      Integrity Coop Month ago

      @Springhouse my cousin bought a bike from his shop and his mum n dad were running it whilst he was doing this stunt although I'm pretty sure they weren't supposed to let people know like me but if you sons in a James bond movie..

    • Rosida Andriyana
      Rosida Andriyana Month ago +1

      puchoo agreed

    • puchoo
      puchoo Month ago +1

      Springhouse would be really cool, cause those guys need more credit for their work.

  • Asad Iqbal
    Asad Iqbal 15 days ago

    Matera Italy 😘

  • deliciano
    deliciano 29 days ago +1

    The stunt man is the real James Bond

  • Qadir Khan
    Qadir Khan Month ago

    What bike is it?
    I guess its BMW

  • Wildlife Moto
    Wildlife Moto Month ago

    Reality: Paul “Fast Eddie” Edmondson riding a KTM. In the movie: James Bond on a Triumph.

    • Springhouse
      Springhouse  Month ago

      I only know what Triumph wrote in a press release/on their site plus interview with the stunt coordinator. And again, Triumph has a exclusive deal with EON production. No other motorcycle brands allowed in the movie

    • Wildlife Moto
      Wildlife Moto Month ago

      @Springhouse KTM with a Triumph badge.

    • Springhouse
      Springhouse  Month ago

      Nope. Triumph has a exclusive deal with EON production, and the bike, based on Triumph Scrambler 1200, has been built especially by Triumph team in coordination with the stunt team for this stunt and other scenes shot on location in Matera. Triumph also supplied one other new bike (2020 release) for some other scenes, also filmed in Matera


    *The Biker is Roaring like **#Lion*

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Month ago +1

    No disrespect, but that guy has got some cojones...

  • Ropeacola
    Ropeacola Month ago

    ru-clip.com/video/MZv18fH66h4/video.html - New Bond Song

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    Can't wait to see the film!!!!!

  • Marcel Wildeboer
    Marcel Wildeboer Month ago

    The last one for Daniel Graig as 007 in No Time To Die .........
    dam sorry to see him go simply the best bond ever. Out on 2 April 2020

  • Endurorodzndubz
    Endurorodzndubz Month ago

    Looks like they have copied Robbie Madison's Arc de triomphe jump.

  • amilcare posti
    amilcare posti Month ago


  • seravenerdi
    seravenerdi Month ago

    They should have done this stunt with a cento venti sette or una vespa !!!
    What happened to all the stray dogs in Matera ?

  • Chef Secret Service

    Bud Ekins (Steve McQueen stunt double) "The Great Escape" would have loved this stunt, well done!!

  • Nigel Buckham
    Nigel Buckham Month ago

    Bond Bourne on a Mission Impossible to save a franchise. I'd rather watch a movie about stunt people.

  • James Madison
    James Madison Month ago

    Thanks because I'm not going to Woke movie.

  • Soumya Pareek
    Soumya Pareek Month ago

    Why Every clip frighten me
    Use Headphone

  • S Bains
    S Bains Month ago


  • Pooja Chandan
    Pooja Chandan Month ago

    Real James bond

  • Hypnotherapy conversations with Paul Garth, C.Ht.

    0:32 It's OK. We put down a gym mat from one of the local schools...

    • Springhouse
      Springhouse  Month ago

      Actually they filled part of the square with cardboard boxes...

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak Month ago

    I like how they use very little cgi

  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla Month ago +1

    Wow when I saw the trailer I wondered if that was an actual stunt.. respect and hats off for doing it to the stunt guy!

  • John Eshleman
    John Eshleman Month ago

    Whats the bike hes using anybody no.Spanish mountain bike?

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Month ago

    Its his last Bond movie its kinda sad

  • Ferruccio Guicciardi
    Ferruccio Guicciardi Month ago +1

    Da morire ! Veramente bravo !

  • madhusudan sharma
    madhusudan sharma Month ago


  • Ams Super
    Ams Super Month ago

    That's awesome.. Speechless

  • sunil
    sunil Month ago

    made me watch the trailer again, Awesome Job

  • Vikingchild
    Vikingchild Month ago

    I can see why Tom Cruise isn't bond. He wouldn't fit the suit, with those gigantic balls.

  • Saurav Sharma
    Saurav Sharma Month ago

    I could do better than this.
    I mean how hard it could be to hold a camera horizontally?

    • Springhouse
      Springhouse  Month ago

      We could'nt agree more. All clips are filmed by tourists and locals at the time.

  • Dustin Reid
    Dustin Reid Month ago

    The cgi from the trailer was so bad.

  • EverlastGX
    EverlastGX Month ago

    Crazy Tom Cruise would have done it, or gave it a try

  • jockejocke1
    jockejocke1 Month ago

    I hope he had the MotoGP airbag suit which protects the entire body if something should go wrong. It should be the standard in bike stunts by now one would think. If it already is or not I do not know.

  • Casanova Frankenstein

    Whatever they paid this guy is not enough

  • Prasenjit Debroy
    Prasenjit Debroy Month ago

    The Real Action Guys!
    They need to be given their due.
    Real Action trumps CGI everytime!
    #Stuntmen #Action #Cinema #Hollywood

  • Saurav Verma
    Saurav Verma Month ago

    Iconic sequence!

  • Chris Leon
    Chris Leon Month ago

    That is insane!

  • kch
    kch Month ago


  • Raj n Cor Vlogs
    Raj n Cor Vlogs Month ago +4

    Thats stunt looks like straight out of a James Bond movie.

  • Emre Karaman
    Emre Karaman Month ago

    im so glad it isnt a cgi shot

  • Harman Bhatia
    Harman Bhatia Month ago

    CGI left the chat.

  • Rakesh Mehta
    Rakesh Mehta Month ago


  • Goh Goh
    Goh Goh Month ago

    Super 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👌👌👌what a great work !!! Hollywood only can do that !!!

    • Springhouse
      Springhouse  Month ago

      British filmcrew. Bond is a british brand.

  • Hi11Zones
    Hi11Zones Month ago

    Looked cg why not just make it cg...

  • Nguyen Van Kiet
    Nguyen Van Kiet Month ago

    0:54 health and safetly carry on

  • john6582 john6582
    john6582 john6582 Month ago

    James Bond movies...where real stunts still occur vs CGI....

  • charles s. sturdivant


  • Sweeptheleg !
    Sweeptheleg ! Month ago

    Stuntman after the jump, "That'll be 50,000 quid please." 😂😂

  • Mike H
    Mike H Month ago

    Old school movie making! 👏🏼

  • Oscar DC
    Oscar DC Month ago

    90% real 10%cgi

  • A Wamala
    A Wamala Month ago

    Tom Cruise would actually do this for real - thats why I dont have time for Bond anymore...just saying

    • A Wamala
      A Wamala Month ago

      mrebholz Having the desire for practical effects is just my thing - I would wait 6mths for someone to get back from injury if it met surpassing the limits within oneself.Jackie Chan in the eighties was king - Armour of God and Police Story are masterpieces of stunt work, and Jackie still holds the world record for most number of takes.These films are etched in history.I cannot remember a single practical stunt scene with reverence (bar the Helicopter scene in Spectre) in the current bond films.They bore me, guess that’s just me.You are right, injury does risk production and profits, and it seems the industry just wants box office profits.I just wish they did something different and out there with Bond- the fact that they kick out Danny Boyle for having radical ideas (eg Bond dying in the end etc).I really hope this Bond delivers for all our sakes....

    • mrebholz
      mrebholz Month ago

      A Wamala
      Yes, and this crazy narcissistic Cruise type of injury did almost cost them the entire production last time, because they had to wait for Cruise to heal for about 6 months to continue shootings and lost a valuable slot at theatres.
      There is a legit reason for stuntmen. And it has nothing to do with wimpy actors. Cruise is going against industry standards for sake of his own adrenaline addiction - we all love him for that - but it will terribly backfire one day, it will, just a matter of time. He wants to die as a hero, so we all know what’s coming our way.
      Just as I knew that the next Bond might be black and female before anyone even saw the new Ms. Moneypenny.

  • الجوكر الثالث

    the real hero

  • Rahul Dangi
    Rahul Dangi Month ago

    Hats off to this chap for having a heart to do this stunt and to the crew for standing so close to a possible mishappening.

    THE LAST JEDI Month ago

    Now this!
    This is the kind of stuff I'd do for my films, ALL PRACTICAL with some small amounts of CG.

  • carlos tp
    carlos tp Month ago

    hoaaaaaaaa !!,la mejor parte de la película .hahah.



  • Kristine Willems
    Kristine Willems Month ago

    While watching I have no time to die 😉.

  • Antza T
    Antza T Month ago

    After mission impossible movies they have to do these kind of stunts for real. It would be embarrassing or lazy to "cgi" these... Thank you Cruise for raising the bar...

  • Darcy Jones
    Darcy Jones Month ago

    Don’t care won’t watch

  • karma shift
    karma shift Month ago