Ingenious Furniture Ideas & Awesome Techniques Of Carpenter // Amazing Woodworking Project

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • How to Build A Unique wooden TV Shelf, Decor ideas for living room... Amazing Woodworking Project, Ingenious Furniture Ideas &
    Awesome Techniques Of Carpenter.
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  • furniture viet nam
    furniture viet nam 5 days ago

  • Wes Baumguardner
    Wes Baumguardner 11 days ago

    I'd hate to know how much all that equipment cost.

    • Luis Stanker
      Luis Stanker 9 days ago +1

      VERY old engines , not expensive.

  • Hoà Tấn
    Hoà Tấn 18 days ago

    Có nhận thợ không bạn

  • Chandra Prm
    Chandra Prm 21 day ago +1

    Saya suka,cara kerja yang bagus

  • goosecouple
    goosecouple 29 days ago

    In Asia, carpentry is lowly job. But in USA, people treat you like genius.

    • Wes Baumguardner
      Wes Baumguardner 11 days ago

      That is because here in America, most jobs do not require any knowledge or skills. That is why we export currency and violence and import products that require knowledge and skill to create. We are very immoral here, yet most people are completely oblivious to it.

  • damodar jangid
    damodar jangid Month ago +1

    Please share your contact number

  • 1294698
    1294698 Month ago

    What kind of wood is that?

  • Sean Tran
    Sean Tran Month ago +1

    Rất đẹp. Chắc mình phải đặc một cái để trưng hồ cá 👍

  • minh nguyen
    minh nguyen Month ago +2

    việt nam

  • Kumar Inamulhq
    Kumar Inamulhq Month ago


  • koram gg
    koram gg Month ago


  • François Badoux
    François Badoux 2 months ago

    I like wonderful work

  • Ashcraft Framing
    Ashcraft Framing 2 months ago

    Amazingly they all seem to have a full compliment of fingers and toes...

  • Ashok Roy
    Ashok Roy 2 months ago

    Super awesome 👌👌👍👍👍

  • uhhhhNick
    uhhhhNick 2 months ago +1

    This furniture is then shipped to America where it is sold for thousands of $$$ and the craftsman don’t see a dime of it.

  • Phanindra Gandepalli
    Phanindra Gandepalli 2 months ago

    I want helper work

  • pirate jack
    pirate jack 2 months ago

    put on some boots man nails and tools dropping on you hurt like a motha

      DEAN HARPER 2 months ago

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  • Aratana 0923
    Aratana 0923 2 months ago

    And i have this 😊

  • Aratana 0923
    Aratana 0923 2 months ago

    Nice and good work, i love it

  • George Jacobs
    George Jacobs 2 months ago

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  • Paulo Henrique S
    Paulo Henrique S 2 months ago +1

    Perfect job... Congratulations

  • thien pham thanh
    thien pham thanh 2 months ago

    Pu xấu quá

  • Mihail Polyanski
    Mihail Polyanski 2 months ago

    Вот это п******

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell 2 months ago

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  • Minh Nguyễn
    Minh Nguyễn 3 months ago

    Mộc là ổn nhưng phun màu này xấu mất giá trị cái kệ tivi

  • ganesh bahadur
    ganesh bahadur 3 months ago


  • Evobrubaker
    Evobrubaker 3 months ago

    I’d drop somethin on my lil pinky toe the very first day If I tried that!!! These boys do know what they are doin though so I’d say they don’t worry much about it!

  • E book
    E book 3 months ago

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  • Jean Potter
    Jean Potter 3 months ago

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  • Jboat571 X
    Jboat571 X 3 months ago +1

    All that fine joint work and throw your parts in piles so you can sit on the piles and beat the @#$&* out of it with hammers & clubs.

    DDI DDI 3 months ago

    stop using wood ..Greta Thunberg save the trees.....

  • 383 Stroker
    383 Stroker 3 months ago

    Men at work no little boys wearing safety glasses 🥽 ...weak minded boys in the comment section!

  • 383 Stroker
    383 Stroker 3 months ago

    What kind of wood are they using?

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    Good head furniture

  • Thủ Thiết
    Thủ Thiết 4 months ago

    Đúng bài của mấy thầy VN😯😯👍👍

  • mogeroithe
    mogeroithe 4 months ago

    I would be remiss if I did not point out that that dado blade is getting pretty dull. Or am I the only one who noticed?

  • đồ gỗ mỹ nghệ
    đồ gỗ mỹ nghệ 4 months ago

    Quay rat chi tiet

  • đỗ hoàn
    đỗ hoàn 4 months ago

    Cho mình xin địa chỉ xưởng của bạn

  • cherry wu
    cherry wu 4 months ago

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  • dung lequangdung
    dung lequangdung 4 months ago +1

    Xin hỏi còi chỉ mua ở đâu vậy

    YASSER AL KRIEMLIE 4 months ago


  • יוסף ישראלי
    יוסף ישראלי 4 months ago

    ניקיון סדר בלי נעלים לכלוך זה מה שמקרין הסרטון . טוב שזה לא בישראל עולם שלישי

  • sek sekforidsrkforid
    sek sekforidsrkforid 5 months ago

    Good wark

  • Sangku Jati
    Sangku Jati 5 months ago +1

    Karya-karyanya selalu di tunggu oleh penggemar termasuk saya.

    Kalau teman-teman gimana?

  • Ahmad Akram
    Ahmad Akram 5 months ago


  • Cory Quinn
    Cory Quinn 5 months ago +1

    Looks great, awesome craftsmanship ship but the cabinet builder in me thinking that is way too much work. Just build a box and throw a face frame, doors and end panels on it and call it good

  • Ed Crego
    Ed Crego 5 months ago +1

    Wow you do amazing work I don't know how you can work barefoot I'm dropping stuff on my feet all the time ,

  • owoh george
    owoh george 5 months ago

    Rare skill at work.congratulations.

  • Damion Brown
    Damion Brown 5 months ago

    These guys are professionals look at their joints they don't use pocket screws like some other guys or spend an entire year to build one piece of furniture

  • syabab DIY
    syabab DIY 5 months ago

    no safety boots!!! safety work

  • trieu quoc
    trieu quoc 5 months ago

    Ke xấu gặp may thág ja lam môc nhìn vua lau vua ngu ghet

  • M S Islam
    M S Islam 5 months ago +2

    Without any kind of glue..??
    I Don't think that will be long lasting.!!

  • Darren Jinks
    Darren Jinks 5 months ago +1

    I loved the care n passion they put into this piece that I had to watch this for the 2nd time! Definitely liked and Subscribed

  • LCort101
    LCort101 5 months ago

    OSHA who? Amazing results though. Very nice work.

  • Les copeaux du goupil
    Les copeaux du goupil 5 months ago

    Ca serait bien de nettoyer un peu l' atelier, juste par mesure de sécurité ;)

  • Darren Jinks
    Darren Jinks 6 months ago +2

    Wow, what a magnificent piece of art! Well done sir well done! Cheers from Canada

  • Сергей Кринец

    вообще техника безопасности пиздец)))) а руками все трудом молодец, кроме нет клей пва и саморезы, гвоздь!!!

  • Getoffofmycloud
    Getoffofmycloud 6 months ago

    should've left it natural...

  • Geron Dysruptor Sevla
    Geron Dysruptor Sevla 6 months ago +2

    Good work, but the employees work in precarious conditions and without the use of PPE with the risk of serious accidents.