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    • Jordyn Lindsay
      Jordyn Lindsay Год назад

      REACT “to be honest who wouldn’t wanna live in Chipotle?” Lmao why is that meeee (Shane Dawson moment)

    • bluerosepetal24
      bluerosepetal24 Год назад

      REACT LMAO! 😂😂 Will's joke is funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Wonho's Ramyun
      Wonho's Ramyun Год назад

      REACT React to Holland „Neverland“! Please!

    • zexal_1
      zexal_1 Год назад

      REACT is Troy and Jaxon brothers they look like brothers

    • Abril
      Abril Год назад

      REACT i

  • Minunplu Velocity
    Minunplu Velocity Год назад +1

    The backpack was a troll like that one Star Wars shirt that said star trek

  • Sakshi Arya
    Sakshi Arya Год назад

    I think the one with do not stack was not wrong it just seemed to be. Maybe the instruction was meant to be for the contents inside the box? Because you surely can't transport that item if you can't even stack a box on top of another.

  • Papaya_ DaFruit
    Papaya_ DaFruit Год назад +1

    For the bike sale photo, I think it's just stating that there's a bike sale.

  • Nicholas Alvanos
    Nicholas Alvanos Год назад

    My ocd

    • clash gaming
      clash gaming Год назад

      Nicholas Alvanos I know right

  • JacksSlayer499 Cresencio
    JacksSlayer499 Cresencio Год назад +2

    Wow!Jaxon is a teen now.

    • xGolden xDragon
      xGolden xDragon Год назад

      JacksSlayer499 Cresencio yeah I know, I knew the same thing as you, and I thought he was about 12 years old😅😅😅😂😂

  • Rae Smith
    Rae Smith Год назад

    I love Jaxon lol

  • Sara Key
    Sara Key Год назад

    D¥&* Smith

  • Jany Bo
    Jany Bo Год назад +1

    i would like to visit chipotle

  • Kadyn Smith
    Kadyn Smith Год назад +6

    Elders react to adults react to teens react to kids react to cats react

  • Anna Bustos
    Anna Bustos Год назад

    Hmm, it says DO NOT STACK, I guess that doesn’t matter, I should just stack them! LIKE WTH! Haha

  • TheAbsolute00
    TheAbsolute00 Год назад +1

    "Ya stacked it johnny!"

  • The Sweet Life/ Ryleigh Behl
    The Sweet Life/ Ryleigh Behl Год назад +2

    For the secondone it reminded me of my Walmart that has the baby sign then underneath it was tampons and condoms😂

  • Draco Arcane
    Draco Arcane Год назад +4

    3st has more depth since they are on SILVER medals 🥇 silver is 2nd place. Totally screwed it up.

  • Shawna Jackson
    Shawna Jackson Год назад +5

    i once got a book mark with my birthday on it and it said 24rd. it's a lot more common than you'd think

  • Gibster FGC
    Gibster FGC Год назад +2

    React to So Hyang !!!!! Fate, I have nothing and Dream (Fate is a most)

  • FluffyBoo
    FluffyBoo Год назад +6

    Zaria is so damn cuteeeeeeee 😍

  • F0RA lol
    F0RA lol Год назад +16

    Jaxon is on teen react? 😮

    • Clxpツ
      Clxpツ Год назад

      hes like 14-15

  • Slenderfoxx37
    Slenderfoxx37 Год назад +2

    3:58 hmmm did they predict Batman vs superman

  • Slasher GD
    Slasher GD Год назад +1

    1:43 LOL that face is dah best and jaxon is my favorite cause he's just like me! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Slasher GD
      Slasher GD Год назад

      the voice crack toooo!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cris Ramirez
    Cris Ramirez Год назад

    That face boii 2:23

  • Oreo Oreooreo
    Oreo Oreooreo Год назад +12

    I feel like a proud parent watching them all grow up and now Jaxon is in teen react .
    Im a proud mama .

  • Alem Boooiii
    Alem Boooiii Год назад +2

    4:45 RIP YOU F&@9;2 IT UP

  • Pearl The Ferret
    Pearl The Ferret Год назад

    Pls fire will, he is really anoying

    TheDJBADASS Год назад +2

    3:22 The 3st is real!!! 💦💦😂😂😂😂

  • Eliana Kassab
    Eliana Kassab Год назад

    Troy grew up soooo fast holy crap and Jacon and will and troy are the best reactors 😭😂😂😂

  • Joshua Ray Mangaring
    Joshua Ray Mangaring Год назад +3

    gonna miss jaxon in kids react
    ughhh aging
    the burden of life

  • Kirsti Johnson
    Kirsti Johnson Год назад +2

    2:54 they all float down there. Sorry i was watching the new IT last night

  • JustMe YT
    JustMe YT Год назад

    tell him i laughed 3st thirsty for more puns

  • angel milton
    angel milton Год назад +3

    Wow Jaxon is on teens react now?

  • stefani kazakov
    stefani kazakov Год назад

    do adults or teens react to iskra lawerence or ashley graham!!

  • Nikol Gindin
    Nikol Gindin Год назад +2

    React to billie eilish

  • Kilani Family
    Kilani Family Год назад +1

    what Jaxon is in teens react now?

  • Quadro Warstar
    Quadro Warstar Год назад +39

    Best reactors : Will and Jaxon. 😂😂

    • AuraLaura
      AuraLaura Год назад +3


    • Slasher GD
      Slasher GD Год назад +2

      BHASKAR S. yes indeed!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Isabella vomits
    Isabella vomits Год назад +2

    Troy and Jordan look like brother and sister tbh..

  • Jaysus
    Jaysus Год назад +2

    Oh there’s Jaxon...

  • Pancake The Dog
    Pancake The Dog Год назад +1

    Once I found a minecraft wolf plush and it said on the box ocelot. You had one job

  • Maryam Ashmawy
    Maryam Ashmawy Год назад +4

    am I the only one who hates chipotle.... only me? oke

  • CroVarka     l
    CroVarka l Год назад +1

    1:14 that face

  • Nina Brandt
    Nina Brandt Год назад +3

    My drink went out my nose when I heard him say that.

  • Hannah Ward
    Hannah Ward Год назад +6

    Jaxon is my spirit animal! 😂

  • BostonBruin WarriorCat
    BostonBruin WarriorCat Год назад +4

    YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!!!

    URUSOIMI Год назад +5

    "DO NOT STACK" clearly this pic was taken at UPS.

  • #Gambiasfinest Diary
    #Gambiasfinest Diary Год назад +1

    React to Gambian food or culture please..

  • Paulo Ricardo
    Paulo Ricardo Год назад +3

    Jaxon is so cute!!

  • Darius Did Animations
    Darius Did Animations Год назад +7

    Whatdoyoumean? I live in chipotle! It’s a very tasty country

  • SkullButt
    SkullButt Год назад +4

    0:40 when you are alone in your house and have Wifi

  • lukas holze4
    lukas holze4 Год назад +1

    jordan = love

  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim Год назад

    Maybe chickfila. Yes!

  • Mini Min76
    Mini Min76 Год назад

    I would buy that backpack

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah Год назад +2

    LOL ha they didnt see that those where empty pallets for stuff that is not supposed to be stacked. YES folks pallets can be stacked if nothing is on them

  • Addi Sullivan
    Addi Sullivan Год назад

    I didn’t realize school was spelled wrong😂

  • Victoria Yan
    Victoria Yan Год назад

    React to Kris Wu yoo

  • Shakila Khan
    Shakila Khan Год назад +4

    Do a try to finish the lyrics

  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes Год назад +1

    I have that same shirt as Reina :D

    • Piece of cake
      Piece of cake Год назад

      Benjamin Hughes why do you buy it?

  • YEEmo TM
    YEEmo TM Год назад +5

    *this video isn't for people with OCD xD*

  • Himawan Sandhi
    Himawan Sandhi Год назад +1

    Who came here just to see JORDAN

  • GBookworm0809 101
    GBookworm0809 101 Год назад +5

    Chipotle is a country

  • The Lonely Dragon
    The Lonely Dragon Год назад +6


  • Candy Floss
    Candy Floss Год назад +2

    1:59 - 2:08

  • Kendall kljkkljk
    Kendall kljkkljk Год назад +4

    united kingdom isnt country as well

  • Jetina Wilson
    Jetina Wilson Год назад +5

    Can you react to Amy whine house plz

  • Bmac
    Bmac Год назад +11


  • Abbie Elizabeth
    Abbie Elizabeth Год назад +15

    “that’s probably how they got that baby” .......welp

  • mohammad umar
    mohammad umar Год назад +1

    React to NF plsssss!!!

  • GameDjeenie
    GameDjeenie Год назад +2

    Jesus Chris, How old is Jaxon ? 5 ? He looks so young lol

    • Joshua Ray Mangaring
      Joshua Ray Mangaring Год назад

      he's 14
      the youngest age of teens

    • Devin
      Devin Год назад

      GameDjeenie you had one job

  • Jason Rey Araña
    Jason Rey Araña Год назад +4


  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay Год назад +2

    Will I am laughing

  • Iron-Bran
    Iron-Bran Год назад +1

    *Chipotle's not a country* lol

  • Iron-Bran
    Iron-Bran Год назад +1

    Jaxon is literally the coolest name ever

  • Snow Falls
    Snow Falls Год назад

    I want a shout put

  • Ghost_X040
    Ghost_X040 Год назад

    I'm suprised I didn't see Ebola anywhere on that list

  • greatedcorn
    greatedcorn Год назад +1

    is the dog from tim's toy channel?

  • Galactic Pig
    Galactic Pig Год назад +1

    2:21 in Europe that's like a bike.

  • Jam Kibao
    Jam Kibao Год назад

    Im 3sty

  • Lindy Xiao
    Lindy Xiao Год назад +3

    We all know damn well that fortune cookie was outside of the bag.

  • Ocelote King
    Ocelote King Год назад +1

    You should do teens react avengers infinity war

  • Stefan DiCorrado
    Stefan DiCorrado Год назад

    was will wearing a run the jewels shirt?

  • Lolthisgame
    Lolthisgame Год назад

    Kids react to Ceek VR.

  • Patricia Levesque
    Patricia Levesque Год назад +1

    Jaxson is literally me though.

  • TheGreatCheeto
    TheGreatCheeto Год назад +1

    Anyone else craving fast food?

  • President Snow
    President Snow Год назад +2

    Most fortune cookies are actually proverb cookies.

  • President Snow
    President Snow Год назад

    LOL I would move to the nation of Chick-Fil-A.

  • Blizzard Wolf
    Blizzard Wolf Год назад

    college kids/adults react to Jonathan Young (disney covers)

  • Inaphire Animations
    Inaphire Animations Год назад +2

    Teens React to TheOdd1sOut Reacts to Teens React to TheOdd1sOut

  • vanessa paigee
    vanessa paigee Год назад +6

    1:45 cipOtle’s not a CoUnTrY

  • Zoe Cordova
    Zoe Cordova Год назад +1


  • craig virus
    craig virus Год назад

    does he wish chickfila is a country because hes bla.......

  • Josh Pocket
    Josh Pocket Год назад +1

    Jaxon looks like he's 11

  • 106 MORTA_KING
    106 MORTA_KING Год назад +3

    Jaxon is a teen now😃

  • My name is not Gabrielle
    My name is not Gabrielle Год назад +6

    England is my City but Chipotle is my country

  • Gdfserdy Fgregnm
    Gdfserdy Fgregnm Год назад

    This "3st" medal, I think that it belongs in the "hunger games"...

  • Shaman Naik
    Shaman Naik Год назад +6

    why is there a kid in teens react O_o

  • Gerardo Barajas
    Gerardo Barajas Год назад +9

    Jaxon looks so out of place.

    • TheGreatCheeto
      TheGreatCheeto Год назад

      He is young, her only 14. Freshman year of highschool or in the 8th grade

    • Luna
      Luna Год назад

      He looks so young.

  • Brandon DPersonal
    Brandon DPersonal Год назад

    Sorry but the first 2 were just photoshopped.

  • KC1039
    KC1039 Год назад +1

    The First one is pretty ironic

  • Justin Rojas
    Justin Rojas Год назад +1

    I loved this video you guys are awesome 😜😊😄😀📽📽📽📽📽📽📽📽📽📽🎥🎥🎥🎥💻⌨️

  • fun family
    fun family Год назад +3


  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer Год назад +2

    "Common sense just ain't that common anymore." - Eustace Conway.

  • Jazmyn Franklin
    Jazmyn Franklin Год назад +2

    For some reason, Jordan reminds me of Betty from Riverdale. I look at Jordan and I see Betty for a sec