Overwatch Animated Short | "The Last Bastion"

  • Published on Aug 18, 2016
  • Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s inquisitive transforming robot in our fifth animated short: The Last Bastion! Watch it now and then begin your watch: www.buyoverwatch.com
    "The Last Bastion" follows the forgotten battle automaton, Bastion, as it unexpectedly reactivates after laying dormant in the wilderness for over a decade. Fascinated by its unfamiliar surroundings, the curious omnic begins to investigate, but quickly discovers its core combat programming may have a different directive...
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Comments • 58 791

    WILLIAM BOQUIN 3 hours ago

    Lemme SMASH

  • mario
    mario Day ago +1

    Bastion inventors be like

    *Look how they massacred my boy*

  • Arlo Folkers
    Arlo Folkers Day ago

    Can we please have a tv show for bastion

  • Frostbyte
    Frostbyte Day ago

    Does that big green field exist outside Stuttgart? I wanna go there

  • xacobe playz
    xacobe playz 2 days ago

    3:20 nonono! Bastion you're not a killing machine ur gentile unless you're playing him in the game

  • Ivn Rgn
    Ivn Rgn 2 days ago

    Me after watching this video: ":) nice"

  • Maziar Bahador
    Maziar Bahador 2 days ago

    When bastion destroyed the bird's nest I was about to cry 😣😣😱😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Noobmaster 420
    Noobmaster 420 2 days ago +1

    Is he really the last bastion? I’m expecting old ones to be in museums and private collections. And some people to reprogram them as private body guards. I would if I knew how.

  • Twospoopy4Gabite
    Twospoopy4Gabite 2 days ago

    This is the Keanu Reeves of RU-clip videos.

  • Vatan Yoldas
    Vatan Yoldas 3 days ago

    Bastion lived something that no one could ever forget.

  • Tong Enlet
    Tong Enlet 3 days ago


  • Артур Коптев

    Blood? In Overwatch series, pfffff, come on, Blizzard have no balls to add it.

  • Captain Bacon
    Captain Bacon 4 days ago

    Germany wont fall my brothers!!!

  • crazy _boi124
    crazy _boi124 4 days ago

    Last bastion? Theres another one in another place called apex

  • The Moist Pancake
    The Moist Pancake 5 days ago

    ILL KILL ALL OF YOU B*******
    Come with me my feathered friend
    We'll stick together until the end
    We'll live out each of our dreams

    How I love to hear their screams"
    JT Music

    TALK TORCH 5 days ago

    3:22 when the school shooter here’s the alarm

  • Potato Bob
    Potato Bob 5 days ago +1

    robots can have ptsd confirmed

  • phoenixmar1
    phoenixmar1 5 days ago +2

    This short speaks to me as a survivor of abuse and still living with PTSD

    OXYGEN EQ 6 days ago +3

    Lol I'm still rewatching it😂

  • um hello
    um hello 6 days ago

    Plz do Bastion justice Blizz. Rework him.

  • Logan Calvaresi
    Logan Calvaresi 7 days ago +1

    When robots get ptsd

  • Silent Immortal
    Silent Immortal 7 days ago

    3:20 Why everyone hates Bastion. As a character and how he is played.

    • um hello
      um hello 6 days ago

      He is stationary and has to be enabled or he is useless.

  • Xvind DK
    Xvind DK 8 days ago

    Awwww! i love Bastion :D

  • Eric Porter
    Eric Porter 8 days ago +2

    3:20 when you hear a Sombra say hey.

  • GOD
    GOD 9 days ago +1

    If they would had made a movie on this theme, I am sure they would have won an oscar

  • Orlando Castillo
    Orlando Castillo 9 days ago +1

    5:20 the guy from Reinhardt's short

  • MR WHO
    MR WHO 10 days ago

    Nerf bastion

  • KevinGame3
    KevinGame3 10 days ago +1

    2:05 Bambi cameo

  • A. B
    A. B 10 days ago

    Should of went to town in the town on them all 😂

  • connor lemont
    connor lemont 10 days ago +3


  • Salvo Titus
    Salvo Titus 11 days ago +3

    School *exist*
    American student: 5:41

    • Eagle E
      Eagle E 9 days ago

      Salvo Titus very true

  • FloppePlaysGames
    FloppePlaysGames 11 days ago

    I always use bastion in recon form for some reason....

  • FuegosTheKid
    FuegosTheKid 11 days ago

    Vietnam flashbacks 3:04

  • Splashyatom431 Nd
    Splashyatom431 Nd 11 days ago

    Who else would like a full on omnic crisis campaign

  • That Guy
    That Guy 12 days ago

    And then we never heard anything more about the present day lore

  • Miguel Mialichi
    Miguel Mialichi 12 days ago

    bastion by far the one of the strongest characters of all overwatch
    he alone with just a ``short´´ stream of bullets destroyed half a forest

    • um hello
      um hello 6 days ago

      In lore or in game?

  • Ugis Zvejnieks
    Ugis Zvejnieks 12 days ago

    I didnt know they released a new forest camo skin for bastion

  • Bryan Ruminski
    Bryan Ruminski 12 days ago

    This has some serious iron giant vibes to it

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced 13 days ago

    6:09 Neo: The problem is choice.

  • Noruzenchi86
    Noruzenchi86 13 days ago

    2:44 bastion discovers vore

  • Crescent_Foxx101
    Crescent_Foxx101 13 days ago

    I want to hug Bastion and give his little bird friend millets and head scritches

  • Assassin Squad
    Assassin Squad 14 days ago

    This one made me cry btw

  • Despair TheWumbo
    Despair TheWumbo 14 days ago

    It’s tough having PTSD, when you’re reminded of a thing or smell of that traumatic event, you just go into fight or flight, but luckily, he was able to be grounded once again by something that makes it happy .

  • KryptonPrimus
    KryptonPrimus 14 days ago

    0:54 this reminds me of when that Rat saved Ant-Man XD

  • fnaf STUDIOS
    fnaf STUDIOS 15 days ago

    Bastion is like the combo of niko and trevor
    1. He has ptsd niko also has that
    2. They both worked in a war
    3. They both are cursed by the past
    1. Bastion cannot control his rage

  • pro tv
    pro tv 15 days ago

    5:10 when the teacher walks out of class

  • hoody down
    hoody down 15 days ago +2

    Huh, maybe you Overwatch fans aren't so bad...
    This is super good.

  • Ethan Lommerse
    Ethan Lommerse 15 days ago +2

    My boy bastion having Nam flashbacks

  • Future Potato
    Future Potato 15 days ago

    Heavy + Wall E = Bastion

  • reks334
    reks334 16 days ago +2

    blizzard: I gave this robot PTSD
    everyone: why?
    blizzard: ....

  • Fascinating turtle
    Fascinating turtle 16 days ago

    When I 1st saw this I tried not 2 cry but I cried on the inside and the outside and put this in try not 2 cry challenge

  • 5dmc1
    5dmc1 16 days ago

    I love bastion cuz of this video.

  • 9485881
    9485881 16 days ago

    Imagine fighting on the frontlines of a war with hundreds of bastions turning into turrets firing at you from all angles. Everyone on the other side would get wrecked lol

  • Jeshua Michel
    Jeshua Michel 16 days ago


  • Evan Alexander
    Evan Alexander 16 days ago +7

    *hears woodpecker*
    *Vietnam war flashbacks intensifies*

  • Emerson Futral
    Emerson Futral 17 days ago +3

    The past is painful, but the way i see it... You can either run from it, or learn from it.

  • Mo
    Mo 17 days ago +4

    Wow Bastion Fighting Reinhardt,What about competitive.

    • ajm0208
      ajm0208 14 days ago +1

      Not necessarily Reinhardt, just the crusaders he was part of. If you look at one point in the video, there is Eichenwald which is where his short took place in Germany, its a nice detail I think.

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming 18 days ago +6

    We can appreciate this animation because It is really cute

  • shanisingh0001
    shanisingh0001 18 days ago

    even 🤖 has more intelligence than 👨....😿

  • Aiman Harits
    Aiman Harits 18 days ago

    Wow the graphic so amazing

  • Itca boi
    Itca boi 18 days ago

    Robo ptsd

  • Yamgi
    Yamgi 19 days ago

    is it just me or is bastion alot like the irongiant from that old kids movie?

  • Sapphire Mew
    Sapphire Mew 19 days ago

    I wish he hadn't woken up

  • Jedd Tyler
    Jedd Tyler 19 days ago +1

    1:04 bastion just finished updating

    GANDHI DHUTA NIRVANA 19 days ago

    Nerf Bastion

  • Mauro Pastorcic
    Mauro Pastorcic 19 days ago

    3:19 every scene of american soldiers in Vietnam

  • Nitro Rider6
    Nitro Rider6 20 days ago

    I really want a short of zenyatta when idk someone tries killing him and they think if they do they have the power of the iris but turns out idk maybe it’s cause his father gave him circular thing that holds the iris just please make one about him

  • nitrobass
    nitrobass 20 days ago

    I think the last Bation is proof that omnics have souls. Bation was able to find a moral compass and do good over evil.

  • Edward richtofen 1st

    Reminds me of the iron giant

  • Rui Lopes
    Rui Lopes 21 day ago +1

    The pyro, wants to know your location

  • just a ordinary pyro

    bastion is pure boi, and he will always be a pure boi

  • Matthias Jr. Schallwig
    Matthias Jr. Schallwig 21 day ago +1

    last bastion i give you my heart

  • The Pink Slime
    The Pink Slime 21 day ago

    how do you manage to give a sentient walking rotary cannon PTSD?

  • Art doggo
    Art doggo 22 days ago

    I love how his story isn't just that dark and edgy

  • Cory Elliott
    Cory Elliott 22 days ago +1

    3:47 for some strange feeling isn't this song from hunger games or something at the end of one of the films

  • ZombiePlant 1408
    ZombiePlant 1408 22 days ago

    I have this skin for bastion (overgrown)

  • ender hogo the savore
    ender hogo the savore 22 days ago

    That nature's robot

  • Raven_Boii
    Raven_Boii 22 days ago +1

    Girls: omg Tom Holland is so cute
    Boys locker room: 5:10

  • Cory Elliott
    Cory Elliott 22 days ago +5

    Bastion is amazing best character ever got lego bastion today and here I am I'll never play another character always stick with him big fan

  • BearMaster4.0
    BearMaster4.0 23 days ago

    So the army just left army's worth of bastion's to rust? Not even to ammo or mini gun that shredded oak trees like a hot knife though butter? What a waste of resources.

  • Lulu Bug
    Lulu Bug 23 days ago

    Bastion, I’m sorry you must see this and know of this gentle giant your a real gift to Overwatch you don’t understand how much your worth and how gentle and loving you can be big guy...

  • Cayde - 6
    Cayde - 6 23 days ago

    *Wall-E 2 be like:*

  • Coffee Bean Isana
    Coffee Bean Isana 23 days ago

    So you're telling me that Blizzard gave a robot PTSD?

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 23 days ago

    5:10 how boys be like in the locker room

  • GT20005
    GT20005 23 days ago +1

    Girls locker room: Aww, PE sucks! I hate this class.

    Boys Locker Room: 5:10

  • RlBack
    RlBack 23 days ago

    when pipipoowowo but popopoipiwoo

  • Zohan Bozz
    Zohan Bozz 24 days ago +1

    0:45 Duo Lingo: ”Looks like you missed your Spanish lesson again.”

    X4TERUMI 24 days ago +1

    now to ruin this for everyone:

    hunters come and shoot the bird

  • Liam McGreevy
    Liam McGreevy 24 days ago

    I want to play this. Blizzard. I wish to play as reborn Bastion

  • Benjamin Carabajal
    Benjamin Carabajal 24 days ago +1

    5:10 when you dont understand a question of the exam
    *your mind*

  • Da Rookie
    Da Rookie 24 days ago +7

    Blizzard can make as many legendary Bastion skins as they want, but I’m sticking to “Overgrown”.

  • ItsSam
    ItsSam 24 days ago

    Bastion: *HAS FLASH BACK*
    Bastion: *Hears crying children*

  • Dx The Cato Or Something

    5:10 *insert boy's lockeroom meme*

  • electronic game boy
    electronic game boy 25 days ago

    This trailer is referencing to the iron Giant movie

  • SuperKazoo
    SuperKazoo 25 days ago +3

    Bastion: Overwatch's own Disney Princess

  • Ironuniverse 1230
    Ironuniverse 1230 25 days ago +1

    Nerf bastion

  • Vexsus22
    Vexsus22 25 days ago

    how many wars will it take hoomans too change like bastion

  • V G
    V G 26 days ago

    This is end! The last wave! Protect the facility and Mann Co!

  • Isabela Carvalho De Sena

    Ah the good overwatch the old overwatch

  • morgan freeman
    morgan freeman 26 days ago

    This short film uses no words and is better than most movies