CNN reporter presses Trump: You promised Mexico would pay for wall

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • CNN's Kaitlan Collins presses President Trump on his promise that Mexico will pay for a border wall on the US-Mexico border.

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  • Adam does gaming 100
    Adam does gaming 100 54 minutes ago

    fix your streets of america a man of god would never speak or treat others like the wsay he dose

  • Adam does gaming 100
    Adam does gaming 100 56 minutes ago

    just like hes space program peanuts we have never been to space however checkout skydome atlantis cause for the past 6000 years satan and hes fallen angles plus theses puppets like trump have told us lie after lie if you want the truth check out extrem reality you tube these demon was made presadent many years ago for this age

  • Erik Toledo
    Erik Toledo Hour ago

    He just needs to shut the fuck up..shit comes out of his mouth..blah blah blah..yeah yeah

  • Ms Hershey
    Ms Hershey 3 hours ago

    He's a real con artist ... I dated a lieing ass man like this 💯💯💯

  • dbzgearhouse
    dbzgearhouse 6 hours ago

    This moron still doesn't understand that tariffs are paid by the buyer, not the seller. How damn dumb can one person be? He thinks if he endlessly repeats something over and over, even though it's proveably false, that it will magically become fact. And his idiot cuckolds believe every word, scary.

  • dbzgearhouse
    dbzgearhouse 6 hours ago

    Is this a tutorial on how to lie chronically? Scump's the master of lies, he exists to spout endless lies, over and over, and over, and over. One thing going for him is that Stromy Daniels and two dozen other women the conald has sexually assaulted all agree that his penis is less than 3 inches fully erect. Certainly explains why he hates women so much, he's ashamed and embarrassed by his tiny pecker, so insecure.

  • Aaron Kaiser
    Aaron Kaiser 10 hours ago +1

    Mexico is paying indirectly..

  • Darren Felker
    Darren Felker 13 hours ago

    I live in el paso tecas, and we have a steel fence along our border, and we fucking hate it!!! Got anything else trump?

  • ritesh doshi
    ritesh doshi 13 hours ago

    That's a lolly pop thrown to the people of the United States of America..and they are enjoying it..

  • Kartikeya Sarin
    Kartikeya Sarin 20 hours ago +2

    I'M not talkin about it economically but ultimately economically 😏

  • Christopher Wenning
    Christopher Wenning 22 hours ago +1

    "We're doing very well with North Korea." (D. Trump, President of the freak world)

  • Robert Ness
    Robert Ness Day ago

    It is clear he couldn't build the wall. And since Trump's supporters will always stand behind him, Trump shouldn't worry about explaining what happened. He looks really stupid trying to explain.

  • Impeach Trump
    Impeach Trump Day ago

    A fake president, everyone there are laughing at him. Hey I build a pink wall made out plastic you can see who is in the other side.... o shishhhhh is my toilet 🚽and I can see what is inside.

  • Sir Gregory
    Sir Gregory Day ago

    Australia needs a trump so badly

  • Adam Meek
    Adam Meek Day ago


  • skidrowsux1977
    skidrowsux1977 Day ago

    what a whore of a woman

  • B Stephens
    B Stephens Day ago

    I just learned that steel is stronger that concrete....who knew!

  • eagle
    eagle Day ago

    How can people stand and listen to so much shit talking without interrupting or going away?! 😂😂😂

  • Mike Mpo
    Mike Mpo Day ago

    You like everyone but they don't like you Mr. Trump.

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales Day ago

    PS by the way mr president there are more cocaine and heroin coming into Florida so how is the Mexico wall going to stop the drugs coming into Florida hua mr president your wall is going to stop nothing you stupid idiot nothing every thing stays the same business is still going smoothly

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales Day ago

    Jajajajaja this guy is so full of shit build the wall to the clouds there still going to get over here and the drugs is at it's low right now only cocaine and heroin comes over we have way better marijuana and we make our own meth in the United states and we make it way better then Mexico trust me i moved to Montana and the farmers make the best meth ever the farmers get the stuff to make it with out any questions ask its because there rich white guys that don't look like criminals they look like ranchers farmer wouldn't think in a million years thes guys make the best meth ever and the cocaine and heroin now we all know who gets that so the government is in on the cocaine and heroin because only the rich government people can buy it and yes rich government people we don't own planes and boats who owns planes and boats hummm? Rich people and what about Florida there is we're a lot of cocaine and heroin from Columbia just like California

  • Akey Ob
    Akey Ob 2 days ago

    u can see it on that reporters face she's like " godamn wtf is this idiot babbling about, "

  • gokar riba
    gokar riba 2 days ago

    CNN goes with emotions not facts.

  • Michael Dao
    Michael Dao 2 days ago

    The wall will stop illegals get in to USA and stay in Mexico then we don't have to spend money to feed them Mexico have to feed them that mean Mexico pay for the wall

  • 121212
    121212 2 days ago

    Trump is just right!! We need a wall

  • mrsullyrox
    mrsullyrox 2 days ago

    "are you ready,are you ready?" here comes the insult,and the lie. What a shit head

  • Markus Kelley
    Markus Kelley 2 days ago

    Use me as an GTFOH button 😂

  • 7u7
    7u7 3 days ago +1

    Viva mexico pinches gringos

  • Bronx Mafi
    Bronx Mafi 3 days ago +1

    One thing I do agree with trump is I do also want our company’s buildings our shit in our own country it would save us billions

  • Oreo Milk
    Oreo Milk 3 days ago

    A see-through steel wall...

    *What the fuck?*

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James 3 days ago

    this motherfucker is a joke can you believe this shit...listening to this motherfucker is like listening to a horrible horrible used car salesman is white America serious how can you vote for this bullshit are you fucking people really this got dam dumb it is so clear this asshole does not know what he's doing

  • byron dean bobosa
    byron dean bobosa 3 days ago

    All american people should force evict thyre crazy president. Thats alarming if your country leader have pyscological issue. Lots of people is astake.. Tsk tsk jesus is nearly to come. All the sign in the bible are all happening. One of them is triump. One of the devil leader who will cause misfortune and sufferin

  • Bubbie Big balls
    Bubbie Big balls 3 days ago

    Like listening to an idiot. How many times does this fuckwit have to repeat himself. A fence is now a wall.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 3 days ago

    Man said a see through wall is far better than a non see through wall, this is revolutionary stuff and ground breaking future developments right here folks, god dam rediculous, i thought the world came together and celebrated the Berlin coming down, but here is this idiot in 2019 chatting crop about steel and god dam concrete wall 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡

  • Str8Off 525
    Str8Off 525 3 days ago

    So back to Mexico paying for that wall, you know u was full o shit right Orangeman?

  • Helen Woodrum
    Helen Woodrum 4 days ago

    Ok then who pays for the steel wall??

  • Eyehole Man
    Eyehole Man 4 days ago

    Damn the Russians picked a great president they have the right idea dismantle the country from the inside

  • Eyehole Man
    Eyehole Man 4 days ago

    This president is a complete retard

  • Benjamin Dula
    Benjamin Dula 4 days ago

    “Mr PrEsIdEnT!!! Mr PrEsIdEnT!!!”

  • Jazzisfaction
    Jazzisfaction 4 days ago +3

    Trump's intelligence: 1+1 = 3

  • jayram dahal
    jayram dahal 4 days ago

    watching from #Nepal

  • Scott Hilliard
    Scott Hilliard 4 days ago

    Concrete, steel, landmines....anything it takes to keep illegals out!!! Mexico IS going to pay for the wall, one way or another, and if they aren't careful, they will be paying much, much more than they bargained for. 🇺🇸

  • Kanokwan Saengloy
    Kanokwan Saengloy 4 days ago

    I love molmon somchai boonpakdeearmythai

  • Dazzi 43
    Dazzi 43 5 days ago

    The statue of Liberty should be the sign of America not a wall

  • Larry Guerrero
    Larry Guerrero 5 days ago

    What the fuck did he just say? Who the fuck followed any of that? Who are the morons voting for this lunatic?

  • Ranko Matejic
    Ranko Matejic 5 days ago


  • Ranko Matejic
    Ranko Matejic 5 days ago

    Trmp the greatest man on Earth!

  • thats ridiculous
    thats ridiculous 5 days ago +5

    He's just making things up😂😂😂

  • Hammad Nowshed
    Hammad Nowshed 5 days ago +1

    "A see through (transparent) wall made up of concrete is much better," I am no 'construction worker' but I believe that that isn't possible since when did concrete become see through. Whatever scientists he has making this behind the scenes are God send.

  • Chai chanel
    Chai chanel 5 days ago

  • DeLaw
    DeLaw 5 days ago +2

    Reporter: Why isn't Mexico paying for the wall?
    Trump: Yes

  • afghan
    afghan 6 days ago

    Big liar and stupid haha

  • Rashid Khan
    Rashid Khan 6 days ago

    Dear trump I feel sorry for u ...u said every thing but u did not say finally who is paying for the wall..the reporter asked who will pay for the wall..pls get a translator mr president nxt time

  • Laina Winter
    Laina Winter 6 days ago +6

    I personally don't agree with the wall or with Trump. Just my opinion

    • Laina Winter
      Laina Winter 4 days ago +2

      @Chris Lawson no matter what you say I'm not changing my opinion. So please just respect that

    • Chris Lawson
      Chris Lawson 4 days ago

      Laina Winter Watch this so you can understand why it’s a problem

    • Chris Lawson
      Chris Lawson 4 days ago

      checo19831 zapata Yes

    • Chris Lawson
      Chris Lawson 4 days ago

      Laina Winter That is what any illegal is called. And if they want to escape and come to America then y not do it legally, because as soon as they cross our border they have already broke a law.

    • checo19831 zapata
      checo19831 zapata 4 days ago

      @Chris Lawson drugs?

  • Kh Funny Technology Asia

    So many words to say so little.

  • ED Ramirez
    ED Ramirez 6 days ago

    Shitty business man.. Orange fuck does not know shit.. Filed for bankruptcy 3 or 4 times... Fucken disgrace to this country does not know shit what he's saying..

  • ED Ramirez
    ED Ramirez 6 days ago

    Build plants to pollute more. This fuck is an idiot.. Whoever keeps supporting him is a piece of shit with no education and no brains Stupid as fuck.. IQ 2

  • ED Ramirez
    ED Ramirez 6 days ago

    This fucken president can't even answer a simple question.. Just goes on and on about peanuts 🥜

  • Epicvlshotzvl 1
    Epicvlshotzvl 1 6 days ago

    Billions billions of dollars then he woke up

  • Cam World
    Cam World 6 days ago

    Lady he said Mexico would pay because republicans voters believe anything......trump: you guys need too shit in your hand and wipe it on your face.....trump voters: let’s make shit great again smh

  • kate Rosivach
    kate Rosivach 6 days ago +4


  • Wei Wang
    Wei Wang 6 days ago +1

    What a great president you have created.

  • Juan Juan
    Juan Juan 6 days ago +3

    In a study, it was found that
    Only about 12 per cent of
    Illegals, are mexican. Why!
    Should mexico pay for a
    Border wall? And, when is
    México going to receive a
    Compensation, for its

    • Kevin Donnelly
      Kevin Donnelly 2 days ago

      Source? This is absolute BS

    • Mani Hill
      Mani Hill 5 days ago

      Haha that’s beyond bullshit the percentage rate is 29% and has been since 1980. Mexico is responsible for the highest percentage of illegal immigrants in the US there are currently 11 million illegals who are Hispanics in the use that’s almost 1 percent of Mexico and Mexico has committed atrocities we have dumped so much money into stopping the damn cartel cause Mexico’s corrupt ass government continues to take bribes Mexico is also responsible for the death from the drug they peddled into America.

  • Rohan Dodd
    Rohan Dodd 6 days ago +4

    Concrete (albeit reinforced with steel) is by far stronger than steel.

  • Teslux73
    Teslux73 7 days ago +1

    2019 and i dont see any wall

  • Donnie Raveling
    Donnie Raveling 7 days ago +1

    never answers the question but deflects to talking about other stuff. NOT presidental at all. tRump is a Rump and a bump in a trunk.

    • Mutated Pearl
      Mutated Pearl 5 days ago

      Just run in 2020. You guys are all talk it's pathetic.

  • Byrt Plays
    Byrt Plays 7 days ago

    When the guy took the mic away from the CNN reporter I laughed so hard! She sounds like a drunk girl trying to order another whiskey in a loud club!
    Hey liberals! If you wanna reply don’t be a dumbass. Be smart and do research.

  • Maryolet Villalobos
    Maryolet Villalobos 7 days ago

    What the heck did he just said? Omg embarrassing for a president.

  • Vanessa Baldwin
    Vanessa Baldwin 7 days ago +1

    No hate on Trump, he’s awesome #buildthatwall

  • Vanessa Baldwin
    Vanessa Baldwin 7 days ago


  • emy Gilbert
    emy Gilbert 7 days ago

    USA doing good to build wall Mexican. Great desision! Proud president Donald trump.

  • Ketbom Dai
    Ketbom Dai 7 days ago +1

    Man sometimes i wonder how did he even win🤣

    • Byrt Plays
      Byrt Plays 7 days ago

      @Ketbom Dai he won cause he got more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton.

  • Sith Pancakes
    Sith Pancakes 8 days ago

    This is why we love Trump.

  • Amy Knorr
    Amy Knorr 8 days ago
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  • *LaDY* *L0VE*
    *LaDY* *L0VE* 8 days ago +1

    Check out his Best friend BFF behind him!! 🤪🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

    • *LaDY* *L0VE*
      *LaDY* *L0VE* 7 days ago

      @Byrt Plays boy get your Dusty rusty ass on. Skip to Maloo! 😂

    • Byrt Plays
      Byrt Plays 7 days ago

      *LaDY* *L0VE* you never mentioned Vice President or Mike Pence so I assumed you didn’t know.

    • *LaDY* *L0VE*
      *LaDY* *L0VE* 7 days ago

      @Byrt Plays no SHIT Sherlock. 😑

    • Byrt Plays
      Byrt Plays 7 days ago

      @*LaDY* *L0VE* don’t forget it’s the Vice President of the U.S!
      His name is Mike Pence

    MAGA OFFENSIVE 8 days ago

    Cnn are morons.

  • Robert McLennan
    Robert McLennan 8 days ago +2

    so Apple will sell their iPhones that are made in the US for $3,000 each? Right now Made in China they have a $1,000 profit per phone!

  • Robert McLennan
    Robert McLennan 8 days ago +3

    China doesn't pay one Penny in Tariffs! The US Importers pay the Tariff and in return, they raise their prices to US Consumers by 25%! The Billions and Billions of Dollars pouring in are our Billions and Billions of Dollars!

  • Robert McLennan
    Robert McLennan 8 days ago +2

    one US Steel Mill is in operation! Trump wrongly stated 7 but there is only one! Now if he lifts the Tariffs on China he can build the wall for 1/2 price!

  • David Rios
    David Rios 8 days ago

    I like Trump but sometimes I wish he would just shut up jeez...

  • Chill Nation
    Chill Nation 8 days ago

    America first? You people! You people came, saw then reported to all of Europe your exploration in America your ancestors did. You *European descendants are thieves like your ancestors, Trump a son of *THIEVES!* Mexicans are true *Americans* do your homework so called AMERICANS, Emigrants/European descent idiots.* The *United States isn't AMERICA and America isn't the United States period!* The *United States Corporation* is an occupational Government in America, *it's a Coporation owned by thieves.*

  • Chii Motozoa
    Chii Motozoa 9 days ago +1

    Just announced; Mexico agreed to pay for the wall for removal of tariffs!!

  • Burnell Browne
    Burnell Browne 9 days ago +1

    WHEN IS trump ever going to stop TELLING LIES TO YOU FOOLS IN (usa) COAL IS BACK ACCORDING TOO trump or lie # 2,652 and counting!

  • Burnell Browne
    Burnell Browne 9 days ago +1

    trumps BULLSHIT WALL is being made in CHINA until he can steal enough money from usa to make one here?

  • no
    no 9 days ago +7

    look who's laughing now lmao

    • no
      no 6 days ago +2

      @Byrt Plays it's pretty hot brother

    • Byrt Plays
      Byrt Plays 7 days ago +2

      @no, that’s hot brother.

    • no
      no 7 days ago +2

      @Byrt Plays my nigga trump just got mexico to agree to "take strong measures to stem the tide of migration through mexico"

    • Byrt Plays
      Byrt Plays 7 days ago +2

      @no, no who?

  • Evelyn Dominguez
    Evelyn Dominguez 9 days ago +5

    🤣 🤣 😂 🤣 wtf man. Talk about deflecting

  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price 9 days ago

    Trump trying to act tough towards the press just doesn’t work lol. Soft, soft, soft lol

    • mopoloking
      mopoloking 8 days ago

      When you're too rough on them they start shitting and crying everywhere

  • mulhollanddose
    mulhollanddose 9 days ago

    Why do I get this feeling CNN won't apologize for lying about Trump making Mexico pay for the wall?

    • mulhollanddose
      mulhollanddose 8 days ago

      @Noah Cross And Mexico is paying for it. The media/Democrats lied again.

    • Noah Cross
      Noah Cross 8 days ago

      Lol he said many times Mexico was paying

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama
    Isaac Ibnoumaryama 9 days ago

    Billions billions lol

  • BlackMamba29
    BlackMamba29 9 days ago +5

    Reporter: You sad that you are gonna pay for wall, why don't you pay?
    Trump: I want to build a steal wall, so it's stronger that a concrete wall, that's why.
    Reporter: *pokemon face*

  • Mami Bawlte
    Mami Bawlte 9 days ago


  • Duck Man25
    Duck Man25 9 days ago +1

    Obama should of been impeached not trump.

  • Duck Man25
    Duck Man25 9 days ago +1

    how can America be great again when Congress fights everything that trumps passing why have a president?y'all passed Obama care that's not for the people.freedom of choice is gone we basically don't have a legit president going by the left known as democrats.

  • Ernest Hammers
    Ernest Hammers 10 days ago

    You are right CNN, again. in your own way or another. But you do not know what you are talking about.

  • Eva Chen
    Eva Chen 10 days ago

    It's a torture for anyone from anywhere in the world to listen to a president of a country LIES every time he opens his mouth. The ignorance and lack of knowledge is a joke.

  • Luis Gamez
    Luis Gamez 10 days ago

    Billions and billions of dollars... shut the fuck you failed on Mexico paying for the wall. Trump is just annoying as hell.

  • Hugh Jainuss
    Hugh Jainuss 10 days ago +1

    19k dislikes??🤔

  • Tomas Prado
    Tomas Prado 10 days ago

    Obama tu todvia vas a seguir siendo presidente ya se la verdad sobre mi tu vas a seguir siendo presidente échale ganas y lo beras

  • Outskirts of Infinity
    Outskirts of Infinity 10 days ago

    Build the wall. America for Americans. Go through the proper channels to get citizenship.

    • booz 123
      booz 123 9 days ago

      I don't think it's ever going to happen now 3 years after the promise. Way too much process to go through.

  • jad hzim
    jad hzim 10 days ago

    Trump is going to destroy Americans