Wiz Khalifa: Favorite Air Jordans, Skating in Air Jordans

  • Published on Jul 21, 2014
  • www.sneakerwatch.com - Wiz Khalifa was chillin' with SneakerWatch and spoke his mind about the latest stories in the sneaker community. Wiz spoke about the remastering of Jordans and how the higher quality meant for athletics will suit him because he always wears his Jordans and doesn't worry about them getting dogged. Wiz actually said that he skates in his Jordans while also naming his favorite pair and what pair he is looking out for.
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Comments • 56

  • Tre Smoove
    Tre Smoove 3 years ago +2

    how u skate in shoes nigga i got cements i would never skate in thise

  • Dubb The King
    Dubb The King 4 years ago

    He called a pair of sneakers bitches and hoes lmao

  • Arvon Bacon
    Arvon Bacon 4 years ago

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 4 years ago +21

    this nigga is comedy. he said. "shit the ones you got on now im lookin for them bitches if i can find them hoes."

  • Yaj Yamon
    Yaj Yamon 4 years ago

    High as fuck

  • Chris L.
    Chris L. 4 years ago

    Man, I never heard anything about them putting the "Nike Air" on the back of the 4s. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure it's the Jumpman logo on all the samples I've seen of the 4's we've seen so far (the Oreo joints and Columbias - which never had "Nike Air" to begin with - and the Greenish ones). Also, the remastering has nothing to do with making them better for hooping. They're just trying to make the materials closer to the originals as possible, not add new tech or change the structure of the shoe.

    • Jacob Rhude
      Jacob Rhude Year ago

      ok well you're retarded cause they did put the nike air on the back

  • Altitude Rhymes
    Altitude Rhymes 5 years ago

    Wiz you the man but I knew once you got rich you would change your mind. You said on a video here on RU-clip. U would never get any tattoos on your face but haye. You eat on Versace plates who cares about that.lol

  • Rj Thompson
    Rj Thompson 5 years ago

    Please go peep my group RiseOfTheKingsMusicGroup and tell me what you think


  • Victor Monzon
    Victor Monzon 5 years ago

    This nigga was high outta his mind look at his facial expression 😂

  • lilsmokeybones
    lilsmokeybones 5 years ago +1

    Doing some fucc shit in em

  • Keith Bell
    Keith Bell 5 years ago

    Wiz is cool and all only reason he wears js is becausr of currenssy

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P 5 years ago

    Fan of Wiz, but come on don't ask this dude about skating or have him talk about how shoes feel to skate in... Homie wouldn't know the difference between skating in jordans or crocs

  • Jpolympia
    Jpolympia 5 years ago

    My boy blazing it lmao

  • Amirlan Kurakov
    Amirlan Kurakov 5 years ago

    Skating in J's is the most dump and ignorant thing in the world.

  • Nigel Uno
    Nigel Uno 5 years ago +2

    someone should get this boy some fucking lance mountains aj1xsbs

    • Carlitos_way
      Carlitos_way 5 years ago +5

      He don't know where he at right now

    • Gordon 5
      Gordon 5 5 years ago

      Forreal. I'm thinking he don't even know about em

  • Devante Lewis
    Devante Lewis 5 years ago +5

    This nigga wiz got a weed leaf on his face... Highest man alive

  • mindexternal
    mindexternal 5 years ago

    Year of the 6s then year of the 4s!!!!!!

  • actaplumass
    actaplumass 5 years ago +8

    shoutout the thick chick in the back though

  • 4 7
    4 7 5 years ago +6

    lol wiz cant skate

  • hiphopkindoflives
    hiphopkindoflives 5 years ago

    Currensy put him on the shoe game

  • hiphopkindoflives
    hiphopkindoflives 5 years ago

    Currensy put him on the shoe game

  • Terry Covington
    Terry Covington 5 years ago

    He was smoking halfway through the interview

  • Bee Cott
    Bee Cott 5 years ago +2

    "Hmmm shit"
    😂😂 Wiz funny

  • 27royalstar
    27royalstar 5 years ago +39

    My man wiz ain't no sneaker head lol just rocks what he likes but that's a good thing

    • Keith Bell
      Keith Bell 5 years ago +2

      @Alex H. Just cuz a person has hundreds of shoes doesnt make him a sneaker head I know kids who can tell you all numerical jordans from the date to color and size stfu fan boy

    • Alex H.
      Alex H. 5 years ago +1

      actually he's said he's a sneakerhead, and says he gots 100's of pairs of jays and high end shit, yet doesn't know shit

  • Jaime Hernandez
    Jaime Hernandez 5 years ago +1

    What are jordan 4's?

  • Danzel Curtis
    Danzel Curtis 5 years ago +8

    Nigga got a marijuana leaf tattooed on his face

  • Patrick Koerschner
    Patrick Koerschner 5 years ago +44

    Lot of respect for Wiz but he's obviously not too hip on kicks. Royal ones are extremely easy to find and with all that money sitting around he could have a pair whenever.

    • Mariano Rodriguez
      Mariano Rodriguez 3 years ago

      +Shane lawrence he does have 500 shoes ...

    • Shane lawrence
      Shane lawrence 3 years ago

      Yall acting like a pothead care that much about some shoes lol come on

    • SuperCR45
      SuperCR45 5 years ago

      The one he is wearing at 0:12

    • Head Hancho
      Head Hancho 5 years ago

      shoes are easy to come by for wiz

    • shadyguy6600
      shadyguy6600 5 years ago +1

      @AVLs Finest you are obviously not "hip enough for kick". fucking joke.

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez 5 years ago +17

    Good thing he doesn't clown himself like dj Khalid, he's a fuck boi

    • Ciroc Obama
      Ciroc Obama 4 years ago +1

      When did he clown himself? Idk why but I personally hate when people have a problem with clowning themselves. You're going to get offended because I clowned myself?!?! That's BS and I think you're the fuckboi for getting mad at someone who makes fun of there self.

  • oaxaca911
    oaxaca911 5 years ago +2

    Love the kurt cobain shades

  • Doc
    Doc 5 years ago +1

    I was getting high watching him

  • Kalifa305
    Kalifa305 5 years ago

    My dawg

  • Kalifa305
    Kalifa305 5 years ago

    First my swag kalifa my Psn kalifa305