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Nines - Fire In The Booth

  • Published on Jan 21, 2013
  • Nines 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.
    :: Charlie Sloth ::
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Comments • 7 886

  • khalid hassan
    khalid hassan Year ago +2610

    If you bumping this in 2021 you got some serious taste...
    2022 and its still 🔥 🥵 ya donn know

  • Eden Hazard
    Eden Hazard Year ago +5103

    Gotta come back to this one once every couple months 😂 who’s here 2021

  • Jaheem St Catherine
    Jaheem St Catherine 11 months ago +939

    It’s gonna be 2022 in 3 hrs and this still a banger!. Roll your spliff and bark it wid me mandem👏🏾

  • Alex Cobain
    Alex Cobain 2 months ago +24

    This track will never get old!

  • JJ W
    JJ W 10 months ago +95

    9 year’s later and I’m still here every other week, fire this👊🏻

    • T
      T 10 months ago +2

      Truss me

  • ekitten
    ekitten Year ago +382

    How is this 8 years old, it’s aged perfectly 😭

    • ChrisXland
      ChrisXland 4 months ago

      Nine now

    • Shigura
      Shigura Year ago

      Like a fine wine

    • H H
      H H Year ago +3

      @Tom Azakree everyone is nowadays we just all sell different parts of ourselves 👁 soul mind body sad times e thots are glorified

    • Tom Azakree
      Tom Azakree Year ago +3

      @Jimmy Afzal dont bother it's just an ethot she only cares about her online image and link up with man with bare followers and probs has an of

    • Jimmy Afzal
      Jimmy Afzal Year ago

      Hi cutie

  • bboy95ify
    bboy95ify Year ago +61

    The second beat flow grew on me over the years, I use to always play the first part over an over but now I like to listen all the way through 🔥🔥

    • Kalaquava
      Kalaquava 8 months ago +1

      @esndo you know what the instrumental for the second part is?

    • Oscar Bowler-boy
      Oscar Bowler-boy 10 months ago

      @esn I found that out by looking in the description

    • esn
      esn 10 months ago +4

      @Oscar Bowler-boy its the weekend 🤣 songs called rolling stone btw

    • Oscar Bowler-boy
      Oscar Bowler-boy 11 months ago +2

      @Abdul Rahman Shahid I like the first part you can hear a girl vocalising

    • Abdul Rahman Shahid
      Abdul Rahman Shahid Year ago +11

      i like the second part more

  • Rory Lawson
    Rory Lawson Year ago +661

    Back when Charlie barely knew how to use the soundboard

    • 100
      100 Year ago +2


    • EJT ツ
      EJT ツ Year ago +5

      Nothings really changed lol

    • big meme
      big meme Year ago +6

      why tf is there a hadouken hahaha

    • Jack McMillan
      Jack McMillan Year ago +3


    • sn cc
      sn cc Year ago +7


  • Rw
    Rw 8 months ago +30

    This still gives me goosebumps his flow is unmatched.

  • RC1402 -
    RC1402 - 5 months ago +24

    Just coming back to one of the best fire in the booths in history. Unmatched talent

  • Usman Yaseen
    Usman Yaseen 6 months ago +18

    9 years old and still sounds like it was recorded yesterday

  • Aman K
    Aman K Year ago +45

    The flow that nines has is unmatchable

  • EpilepticRabbit
    EpilepticRabbit 6 years ago +3245

    What set's him apart from the other rappers is that his raps are more like poems, that tell a story and have a more relaxed flow.

    • B Lode
      B Lode Year ago

      Like Keelow from Toronto go listen to the setup part 1 and 2

    • sonny. 999
      sonny. 999 2 years ago

      Well reading yall blogs i had to QUALIFY Myself. I got hip 2 him via. Top Boy. Now being a NUWAABIAN, n 58 years old i was no longer under the SPELLing B(13) TRANCE...thus i was able ta utilize da residue from one of da 4 Higher Senses that was removed from our Great Ancient Being... E'-nos. Arabic ENSAAN=forgetful.

    • Rudy Sinz
      Rudy Sinz 2 years ago

      Exactly I’m from America and my homies can’t get passed the accent/style but I see it he’s a wordsmith and his calm flow is what makes him unique he’s like the fabulous of the UK

    • Cory Lexi
      Cory Lexi 2 years ago

      EpilepticRabbit bet man I love this track I like to listen to his music wen I’m stoned af and just kicking it

    • The One
      The One 3 years ago

      like sl

    KJSAV 9 months ago +19

    2022 still slappin this full vol, 2nd parts too relatable man Free Nines he a real one

  • joe Scoots
    joe Scoots 2 months ago +8

    It’s been 9 years now and this is still the hardest song on the internet

  • Luke Harrison
    Luke Harrison 2 months ago +6

    Nearly the end of 2022 n still one of the hardest fitb 🔥🔥

  • A.S.
    A.S. 5 months ago +12

    These beats + Nines is an unbelievable combination.

  • P
    P 7 years ago +951

    Like him or not you can't deny that the way he structures his shit is clever, back to back punchlines with multi's on a verse that still carrys a story and a deeper meaning, his flow is so relaxed you ain't seeing the work man puts in.

    • j o
      j o Year ago

      @Firell Parker nah I'm rich so what I say goes.
      Watch a football match

    • Firell Parker
      Firell Parker Year ago

      @Ben Nickelson hea no where near most talented. Wretch Ghetts Kano Chip P Money Skepta Dave J Hus Nines Stormzy Giggs Akala Lowkey (they are in his field and style of rap) therea too many that's ahead. He has passion and he spits Woke stuff, that doesnt touch on talent. He doesnt do anywhere near the same things with his bars than those others no storytelling, no foreshadowing, he doesnt switch up flows, his punchlines arent like those others I can't remember the last time he had a real quotable Metaphor Double Entendre Word Play Multis, basic continuity he had in his bars. Its just passion and him dropping some normal punchlines

    • Firell Parker
      Firell Parker Year ago

      @j o you cant even spell "spastic" properly and you're piping up mummy is still cutting your food up I can tell

    • Firell Parker
      Firell Parker Year ago

      @Ben Nickelson "having Passion" doesnt make you good, I've heard mic. He cant do punchlines multis and foreshadowing like nines

    • Ben Nickelson
      Ben Nickelson Year ago

      @Firell Parker listen to the kids and find me. Or so many lies.

  • Luap Amj
    Luap Amj Year ago +12

    "A million fake friends, feds in my case, im still in dis bait ends, zeds in the base" nines talks some real shit most rapped dont even live 💯💯

  • jenmyrie
    jenmyrie Year ago +57

    this aged like fine wine 👌

  • T Wright
    T Wright Year ago +30

    Had to come back to this banger. Still one of the coldest fire in the booths ever!

    ROBZMONEY Month ago

    Them ones when you can come back to it every once In a while and feel the realness in his bars/voice

  • Jay Cc
    Jay Cc 2 years ago +2358

    Still gotta hold it down in 2022 who’s wid me😏

  • Nath S
    Nath S 6 months ago +8

    Still one of the best tunes going

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly 6 months ago +4

    Never gets old🔥

  • DiSCVRY Yu-Gi-Oh!
    DiSCVRY Yu-Gi-Oh! 2 months ago +1

    2022 and this is still one of the best freestyles

  • EB Music
    EB Music 6 months ago +2

    Real Music never dies, 2022 is the year real music is back

  • D.Renzo40
    D.Renzo40 3 years ago +352

    These are by far the best instrumentals in the history of Fire in the Booth

    • Ben Lewis
      Ben Lewis 22 days ago

      What’s the 2 beat

    • Harry Haywood
      Harry Haywood Year ago +5

      Kano got a Dilla beat and that shits hard too top

    • Hassan Shaikh
      Hassan Shaikh Year ago +42

      The Weeknd’s “rolling stone” sampled so its really good

  • D 1
    D 1 2 years ago +10

    Nothing can beat this fire in the booth 🔥

  • Adam S
    Adam S 2 years ago +18

    Still one of the best Fire in the Booths 7 Years on

  • cory griffith
    cory griffith 10 months ago +5

    2022 and still blasting this!! Might be old but no one nowadays can compete with this!! Go on nines

  • JK10 FAC
    JK10 FAC Year ago +13

    The second part almost made me shed a tear

    • MS
      MS Year ago

      Trus, pain💯

  • Jm128
    Jm128 2 years ago +3107

    7 years later and it’s still the best fire in the booth. 2020 may who’s with me

  • Leon Electricians
    Leon Electricians 5 months ago +1

    2022 have been listening from day one. Shout out to all my Gs still here and made it through in life. keep safe people look after family and only true friends you know about it you been through remember. Peace out people #hayes #shqipes #nines #londonstreet

  • Lim AFC
    Lim AFC Year ago +10

    This is the best fire in the booth of all time hands down. Krept and Konans is a close second.

  • ija1889
    ija1889 6 months ago +3

    coming back year on year to listen to this, flow unmatched

  • Mat Lewis
    Mat Lewis Year ago +1

    One of the best fire in the booths going he's awsome so chilled he spits the truth I like that

  • luke penistone
    luke penistone 2 years ago +629

    The emotion shows in his eyes nines is a real guy.

    • Gee Mail
      Gee Mail 20 days ago +2

      His brother was murdered in a barbers and he's on about his 'friend' snitching, real emotion man!

    • mdptg
      mdptg Month ago +6

      I think he’s jus high man 🤣

    • Mblock
      Mblock 2 months ago

      @White Rabbit init

    • White Rabbit
      White Rabbit 3 months ago +8

      He is blazed out of his mind pal!

    • Datway 21
      Datway 21 4 months ago

      Nah I feel u but I think he was sad dat day or sumn

  • Arikarin
    Arikarin 6 months ago +10

    nine years later, still on the speaker

  • Spud
    Spud 8 months ago +6

    Nines is back in action baby! Grats on getting free my bro! 💜

  • Hhayer
    Hhayer 4 months ago +3

    July 2022 and still banging this out. Nines is simply timeless.

  • Tom Budski
    Tom Budski Year ago +2

    could listen to this a million times , never gets old

  • Daniel Blade
    Daniel Blade 8 years ago +506

    any rapper that buys grills and trainers for all the kids in the hood has to be rated. love nines

    • Maya Zaharieva
      Maya Zaharieva 2 years ago

      @Liam 90 yea, he looks like he is anemic

    • Ching'It Clarkson
      Ching'It Clarkson 3 years ago +2

      Franklin Freshman lol ur overthinking it tooo much...
      these man live in the hood...nines is not gonna go buy all the youngers in his hood books when they all are living in a poverty driven area...him buying them trainers and jewellery gives them confidence in the fact olders in their ends actually care about them...so to all them DICKHEADS chattin bout "why didnt he buy them books" atleast he didnt buy them waps and crack to slang.

    • Liam 90
      Liam 90 3 years ago

      Nines is a plastic gangster he’d get merked by the real g’s

    • BradleeCM
      BradleeCM 4 years ago

      nathan miller that’s cos ur names nathan

    • Cameron Harrison
      Cameron Harrison 5 years ago

      He doesn't brag about it either

  • Fed Med
    Fed Med 2 months ago +1

    You need another nines freestyle , most viewed absolute legend 💯👌

  • TDonn
    TDonn Year ago +4

    Forever a legend in the game❤️

  • Justlife
    Justlife 2 years ago +4

    Story telling, clearly spoken words, 🔥🔥🔥But K-Koke fold it up fr

  • Lucas R
    Lucas R Month ago +1

    Only nines can make me shed a tear g, dunno if its cuz im blazed but the riddim is beautiful. you can hear the passion in his voice ygm. mad.

  • JT
    JT Year ago +4

    8 years later and still the best fire i the booth

  • JayP 1_up
    JayP 1_up 10 months ago +1

    Pt.2 was miles ahead of his time, top shotta to ever grace the streets on the north side of da rivva🌃hats off to nines

  • Mashood Salawu
    Mashood Salawu 23 days ago +1

    This will soon be a decade old still a classic !

  • LZ Gaming
    LZ Gaming 10 months ago +1

    2022 and still one of the best FITB along with nafe smallz and k koke

  • Your Zeusツ
    Your Zeusツ 11 months ago +6

    8 years and Charlie sloth still uses the same glass noises

  • lennon hall
    lennon hall 9 months ago +12

    9 years later still bangs

  • Jamboyp59
    Jamboyp59 10 months ago +1

    8 years later and it's still on repeat

  • Sam Kabiru
    Sam Kabiru 10 months ago +6

    Gotta bump this once in a while to realign everything 🔥🔥🇰🇪

  • Chris
    Chris 2 years ago +2

    Still one of the best fire in the booth 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bradley Nichol
    Bradley Nichol 10 months ago +4

    2022 and this is still one of the hardest tracks to come out of the uk

  • Kieran Mcbride
    Kieran Mcbride 7 months ago +2

    2022 and still one of the best fitb’s ever🤯

  • Angel Plaza
    Angel Plaza 7 months ago +1

    Excellent flow. 🗣🎙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    AUSFIRERAPMUSIC 8 months ago +5

    Goes alright!

  • Charles Agwunobi
    Charles Agwunobi 2 months ago +1

    2022 and still sounds clean ❤️

  • Callum Simpson
    Callum Simpson 6 months ago +1

    This freestyle got me hooked to nines. After blade and joe black he was the new generation of trap music.

  • Harvey Gates
    Harvey Gates 10 months ago +1

    he will always be a legend

  • owusukarl
    owusukarl 6 years ago +886

    nines got that look in his eye like he been through some shit man

    • Rocco
      Rocco 6 months ago +1

      His brother got killed at a young age and he’s hit the trap at a young age

    • Based Bari
      Based Bari Year ago +1

      Crabs in a bucket is a perfect insight

    • Chris
      Chris 2 years ago

      He knows he gotta talk about the snake that ruined a part of his life that’s why

    • M S
      M S 3 years ago +1

      He looked a little nervous

    • g
      g 3 years ago +2

      nah its weed

  • 333DAGANG
    333DAGANG 2 years ago +15

    7 yrs later and this is still the hardest out der 💨

  • We talk media
    We talk media 3 months ago +1

    Nearly 10 years and it’s still a banger

  • Mr Alpha
    Mr Alpha Year ago +6

    Now I got my new chick mad at me... Cause I told her I need space like galaxy! Got to be one of my favourite lyrics of all time lol

  • Bevan292
    Bevan292 Year ago +90

    Can’t be the only person still listening to this banger in August 2021

  • K Grk
    K Grk 3 years ago +2592

    When you're having a zoobie on your ones this is the tune.

    DEXTY Year ago +4

    2021 still got this in my headphones on my way to work

  • 7hamz
    7hamz 2 years ago +3

    7 years later and he’s about to be on fire in the booth again

  • UncleStinkFinger
    UncleStinkFinger 7 months ago +9

    This was prime nines

  • Clash of Games
    Clash of Games 2 years ago +9

    Ending 2020 and still a banger 🙏🏾

  • Manish Kaler
    Manish Kaler 2 years ago +38

    This sample is so perfect

    • akram
      akram Year ago +3

      @BlancoMadeIt rolling stone - the weeknd

    • BlancoMadeIt
      BlancoMadeIt Year ago

      what is it

  • youngsp_
    youngsp_ 7 months ago +1

    Straight facts cmon tune slaps harddd keep it up bro

  • Lukas Barber
    Lukas Barber Year ago +5

    still my favourite tune in 2021

  • Oakessi
    Oakessi Year ago

    listening to this one ready for the summer drop top cruise.

  • olliedofficial
    olliedofficial 9 years ago +12

    i've said it before an i'll say it again, Nines is 1 of the best in the UK. Out of all the fire in the booths this is the one i always listen too

  • LTR
    LTR Year ago +4

    Hardest fire in the booth of all time who still comes back❗️

  • Dayauntae Virgo
    Dayauntae Virgo 3 months ago +1

    woah this almost came out a decade and its still fire!!! Skrapz and Nines please make an album or mixtape for the loyal followers like if u agree.

  • Rayj Campbell
    Rayj Campbell 2 years ago

    This is real rap right here straight from da heart freestyle 🥶

  • Paul Milne
    Paul Milne Year ago +2

    Hands down one of the coldest fitb

  • DGM
    DGM 10 months ago +1

    nines is one of the greatest artists of all time. he is up there with kanye and them man, not even joking

  • ChiefinTv
    ChiefinTv 2 years ago +1

    2020 and i dont think charlie has had someone to really test nines, mans a legend.

  • krusty clown
    krusty clown 10 months ago +3

    2022 and nines still a legend

  • vexx16
    vexx16 Year ago

    This beat was playing In my head now I’m back lost to this jawn

  • young Frost
    young Frost Year ago +3

    8 years n 8 month later still bangs✅

  • lxrrrd
    lxrrrd 3 months ago +1

    9 years on this still bangs

  • 140onefourty
    140onefourty 9 months ago +1

    Timeless classic

  • Based Bari
    Based Bari Year ago +43

    Mad he probably didn’t know he was making a footprint with this one

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson 3 years ago +18

    Hope you pull through my man!, you have got a poetic relaxed style and you look after your people and you deserve to be at the top and that’s why others are jealous of you pal!, respect from Huddersfield pal, hope you are doing well and that you stay strong dude

  • Oioi
    Oioi 8 months ago +8

    Came back to blaze one and honour Nina's release 💯

  • Marty Platt
    Marty Platt 8 months ago +3

    Still legendary 💯

  • Sev N Music
    Sev N Music 3 months ago

    Nines vibe is so strong man he has whole universe to speak

  • Tasib Ibrahim
    Tasib Ibrahim 10 months ago

    8 years later still the hardest Fire in the booth

  • Silence Lambs
    Silence Lambs 8 months ago +2

    First track on repeat cmonnn

  • Stephen Kenyon
    Stephen Kenyon 9 months ago +1

    still banging this in 2022. Absolutely Fire!

  • Rockefeller
    Rockefeller Year ago +1

    nines hope to see you soon brother stay safe 🙏

  • Hustle-TillTheDayWeDie
    Hustle-TillTheDayWeDie 9 months ago +1

    2022 still the best in the game n he comes like santa

  • Mike Nolan
    Mike Nolan 3 years ago +42

    I ain’t down with traitors, I’m all about my paper, the whole hoods counting on me like a calculator
    Still one of the best FITB’s to date