Should You BULK or CUT First (SKINNY FAT FIX)

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • Should you bulk or cut first if you're skinny fat or a beginner? This cutting vs bulking will teach you which one to do first and how to do it. You'll learn best way to structure your diet and workout to optimally burn fat while cutting and build the most muscle when bulking.
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    If you want to pack on some solid muscle, but you also want to lower your body fat percentage you're probably wondering which one you should do first. Is it better to bulk before cutting or is it better to cut before bulking. Does doing one before the other or doing them in a certain order speed up your progress? Well that's exactly what I'm gonna go over today...bulking vs cutting, and by the end of this video you'll know exactly which one to do first based on your goals. The decision of which one to do first is especially difficult on two groups of people beginners & people that would refer to themselves as skinny fat. As a totally new beginner the really amazing factor that you have on your side is a little something that we call newbie gains. Meaning it doesn't matter all that much what you do even if you're doing the wrong thing you'll probably lose a little bit of fat & add a little bit of muscle at the same time. Unfortunately this only applies to absolute beginners. Once you're no longer brand new you're going to have to pick one that you want to seriously focus & work on. If you've been working out for some time & you're skinny fat this choice can be tough because you don't have much muscle mass so you very quickly identify building muscle as a main goal. But, you have another problem, if you're skinny fat you have some body fat that you can't get rid of in those stubborn problem areas like your belly, your love handles, your chest, and your arms. Even though you may look completely fine in your clothes under those clothes you have stubborn fat that you want to reduce & probably eliminate altogether. So someone that's skinny fat will definitely have to decide whether they're going to bulk or cut first. When your goal is to bulk you're trying to build as much muscle as possible. On the other hand cutting is trying to burn as much fat as you can while sparring as much muscle mass as possible in the proccess. To differentiate further there are two opposite ways to bulk. You can do a clean bulk & a dirty bulk. Regardless of which way you choose to bulk, clean, or dirty they both require you to create a calorie surplus. When you put yourself into a calories surplus not only can you build muscle, but you can also gain fat. With a clean bulk your primary aim is to build muscle, but you want to do it in a way that minimizes the amount of body fat you gain in the process. So you'll typically be eating lean sources of protein like chicken breast & white fish, complex carbohydrates like brown rice & yams, & good sources of fats like avocados. Also your overall calorie surplus won't be too crazy high because that will also increase the chances of you putting on more fat. With a dirty bulk you pretty much don't care how much fat you gain in the process of bulking. Your main mission is to just build muscle. The fat you'll take care of after bulking up. Dirty bulks are very effective at building muscle, in fact they're probably one of the most effective things you can do to build muscle faster, but when you eat this way you can become much fatter throughout the process, which may not be a viable option if your skinny fat & you don't feel comfortable gaining any more body fat. I very rarely recommend that you do a dirty bulk at all, the only people that I recommend doing a dirty bulk to are people that are extreme hard gainers. These guys need to do everything they can to eat more & gain weight. A clean bulk is usually the best way to go & by cycling between enough proper clean bulks & enough cutting phases back & forth you should be able to get as lean & muscular as you want. So which do you do first. Well since you're looking to do both we should start with your body fat percentage to see which one you need more. The reason we focus on body fat is because the higher your body fat percentage is when you start the higher your body fat percentage will be when your done. Also with a higher body fat percentage in the beginning you'll have higher chances of storing more calories as fat throughout the process of bulking than someone that's much leaner. You'll store more if you start off at a higher body fat percentage because as body fat levels rise insulin sensitivity drops leading to insulin Resistance. Insulin is a hormone that you need to cooperate with your body in order to be effective at building muscle & to also be effective at burning fat. When you become insulin resistant your bodies fat burning ability decreases, the likelihood of gaining body fat
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      Saya Kalantarpour if you want to bulk after a cut and not gain a lot of fat you will have to reverse diet back to your maintenance calories, which basically means increase your calorie intake every week by 5%-10% until you reach your maintenance and you are out of the deficiency you put yourself in. It is a slow process but you can achieve it and can then move on to bulking.

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