How did Samsung and Huawei make those foldable screens? | Upscaled

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • 2019 is the year we're going to see foldable OLED screens in phones and maybe even laptops and tablets. If the early setbacks with the Galaxy Fold weren't indication enough, there's a lot of complex challenges around making a device that bends.
    Despite this, flexible OLEDs have been around for more than a decade. In this episode, we dig into all the parts that have to work together to make a foldable screen.

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Comments • 216

  • Joshua Keller
    Joshua Keller 6 days ago

    A great video - looking forward to more.
    BUT I HAVE ONE GRIPE: I you want to be scientific - for the love of G'd - please use Celsius or even Kelvin heat measurements - forget Fahrenheit - nobody knows what that means anyway!

  • Kingsley Kaycee Brown Solomon

    We're legitimate now

  • Jay Gee
    Jay Gee 10 days ago

    I REALLY want the galaxy fold

  • Shane M
    Shane M 18 days ago

    Yeah Mate X!!! Yeah for real id prefer it over the Fold. Well from what I can see at least.

  • Shane M
    Shane M 18 days ago

    This guy needs a show! Honestly he needs to have more show time! Really interesting

  • JoeDangIt
    JoeDangIt 18 days ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to just have two screens?

  • Naimul Haq
    Naimul Haq 18 days ago

    I find it hard to see who would like a foldable screen, when bigger screen can do the job. I don't need big screen.

  • TheRedStormer
    TheRedStormer 19 days ago

    Big oof for Huawei

  • Seth Grant
    Seth Grant 19 days ago

    Not well apparently with how easy they are damaged or creased. It’s a cool concept, but it creates too many possible points of failure.

  • john ellis
    john ellis 19 days ago

    If there were a reliable and durable folding phone on the market right now I would certainly buy it.

  • rahul rajesh
    rahul rajesh 19 days ago

    It's Celsius

  • JannisDavidZwahlen
    JannisDavidZwahlen 19 days ago

    Mate X.. 🥰

  • kropf leuchtenfuß
    kropf leuchtenfuß 19 days ago

    See, that’s the problem. They don’t.
    All the have made is a bendable screen and put it into a foldable phone. If they had made, what they have claimed earlyer, a phone that snaps around the whrist, when its not in use, that would have worked. Foldable phones do not work and never will, with the current screen matrix.

  • Lucifer Dyse
    Lucifer Dyse 19 days ago

    Kapton is just a Dupont trademark for polyimide and the word is pronounced POLY-I-MIDE /ˌpɒlɪˈɪmʌɪd/.

  • Brandon Cox
    Brandon Cox 20 days ago

    Samsung spent years researching and working to create a foldable display, even spending 5 years just to make an inhouse glue, and apparently huawei did the same? This video only talked about what samsung did. It didn't even mention huawei except to reference. Did not meet the title

  • August 123
    August 123 20 days ago

    Well these brands are on their way down because the us government has a problem with them, forever apple

  • ElZamo92
    ElZamo92 20 days ago

    It was VERY easy for Huawei. They just saw that Samsung was making something cool, sent a corporate spy and stole all of Samsung’s tech.

  • Reborn XIV
    Reborn XIV 20 days ago +1

    People watching this on an electronic with a screen.

  • Tom Parkison
    Tom Parkison 20 days ago

    Did anyone wince as the phone was being pounded with a hammer at the 1:35 mark?

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 20 days ago

    Where I live, humidity only drops below 50% like 2 times a year :P

  • Jonathan Fagell
    Jonathan Fagell 20 days ago

    Samsung Fold phone is just a big fail
    And Huawei is just a big fail

  • Praveen K
    Praveen K 20 days ago +1

    Loving this initiative by Engadget! Looking forward to more content by Upscaled.

  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy 21 day ago

    They clearly copied iPhone 6 technology.

  • Ateek Sah
    Ateek Sah 21 day ago

    Huawei no one

  • Kah Seng
    Kah Seng 22 days ago +4

    Damn, now Apple's gonna watch this video, and 'invent' foldable screens

  • Andrew Richardson
    Andrew Richardson 22 days ago

    More like how didn’t Samsung make a foldable screen. Piece of junk...

  • karlos55w
    karlos55w 22 days ago

    let's go giants!

  • Kusogaki
    Kusogaki 22 days ago

    It is actually 1832 F sir, the conversion math equation is C÷5×9+32.

  • Kusogaki
    Kusogaki 22 days ago

    Wait... If Organic Light Emitting Diode is the organic version of Light Emitting Diode, does that mean that it is also biodegradable as well?

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith 20 days ago

      Organic doesn't mean what you think it means. Organic means 'containing carbon compounds'. That is all.

  • sean li
    sean li 22 days ago

    RIP Huawei and the Mate X

  • Nikolay Ng
    Nikolay Ng 23 days ago

    Headache 😣

  • F Fletch
    F Fletch 23 days ago

    When I saw that Samsung and CCP’s huawei had foldable screens, I looked to see which company they stole it from, those companies have very small r&d budgets, and low creativity. it will come out sooner or later that it was stolen, you watch.

  • Jayden
    Jayden 23 days ago

    The screw on the top right board of your workbench does not line up with the rest. Makes me sad.

  • Danyal Mondol
    Danyal Mondol 23 days ago

    This guy just got you a sub. Holy shit!

  • Aylo Vanfraeyenhoven
    Aylo Vanfraeyenhoven 23 days ago

    c=celcius just like f=fahrenheit, '50 degrees C' sounds weird

    CCPJAYLPHAN1994 24 days ago

    Still dont understand but I'll pretend hahaha

  • zed625
    zed625 24 days ago

    They forgot the part where Samsung developed it and Huawei hired spies to figure out how Samsung developed it

  • Hiro Takkan
    Hiro Takkan 24 days ago

    Please refrain from using ridiculous archaic measures such as the Fahrenheit scale. It is not appropriate for an international audience or any developed nation.

  • ballistichydrant
    ballistichydrant 24 days ago

    This is the year of folding phones and the market realization that this is a terrible idea

  • Bucketandamop1
    Bucketandamop1 24 days ago

    Huawei stole Samsung's foldable tech lol

  • Jt Zoonie
    Jt Zoonie 24 days ago +1

    next year apple will be claiming they invented it all. ps are not all apple products made in china oh my god no apple is spying on us

  • Chad X
    Chad X 24 days ago +1

    english really has disadvantages in broadcasting science..

    ASEAN ASEAN 24 days ago

    you talk bull shit this guy is fake he is a lier

  • totaly t
    totaly t 24 days ago

    your face is uneven

  • Raymond Hachmishvili
    Raymond Hachmishvili 24 days ago

    and I can't even cook....

  • Kostiantyn Kostin
    Kostiantyn Kostin 24 days ago +2

    What is Fahrenheit?

  • gytux0258
    gytux0258 24 days ago

    A phone that can turn into a tablet sized device. Im interested. Too expensive though.

  • Paras Paharia
    Paras Paharia 24 days ago

    Great show. Thoroughly detailed content and this guy made it entertaining as well. Also the setup gives a good feel.

  • Luis Garza
    Luis Garza 24 days ago

    who else wondering if his sitting or standing?

  • MN 007
    MN 007 25 days ago

    It's not Huawei it's BOE

  • Superkoopatrooper
    Superkoopatrooper 25 days ago

    One of the first Samsung nexus phones is also curved

  • a
    a 25 days ago

    Moral of the story: “You know how last time we asked if you wanted to know about chips?! And everyone was stoke?! Yeah?! Cool huh?! Well that’s not what we’re gonna talk about today!!” 😂

  • Ed
    Ed 25 days ago +4

    when I worked at samsung innovation lab last year we developed the sheet to crumple in a special slice by slice section

  • Senor El Joynes
    Senor El Joynes 25 days ago

    In the future they might not need the diode layer in these screens as light emitting transistors already exist, they don't have any yet (to my knowledge) that produce red, blue, or green, or that can operate at high enough frequencies, but it would be cool in 50 years to see the need for one of the layers in these flexible screens to be eliminated, allowing for them to be even more flexible. One thing I'm curious about is how the bending of the screen deforms the transistors and diodes and changes their physical properties, which probably would need to be accounted for by the engineers' calculations.

  • Brendan Cane
    Brendan Cane 25 days ago +3

    Celsius*... Great video though, love the content!

  • Mike Drums
    Mike Drums 25 days ago

    This guy Smokes....

  • Tim Ogul
    Tim Ogul 25 days ago

    I think they're going the wrong way. Don't fold, *ROLL.* Make a phone that has the resting shape of a small mag-lite flashlight, and then you can "extract" a large screen from it like pulling out a roll of film. Have some sort of telescoping or interlocking framework that will support this extending screen and keep it stable when fully extended. This would allow a very large screen to be portable, but I would hope that having a smooth retraction into a cylindrical housing would put less direct stress on the screen than a 90 degree bend. The only issue would be in how stable they could make it when fully extended and handheld.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 25 days ago +2

    LCDs still have better refresh rate, OLEDs mostly go up to 60 Hz and One Plus just now made a 90 Hz oled.
    Meanwhile iPad Pro from 2017 goes up to 120Hz on LCD.
    There rarely is a clean split between obviously better and worse technology. OLEDs have burn-in, cost more etc

  • Ark01000
    Ark01000 25 days ago

    I beg to differ. There are some amazing LCD screens. I have a rare for of migraines and OLED trigger mine so much more than LED. Any screen for a long time ends up making me sick. But OLED really kills me. So anyone with similar problems I would suggest using LCD screens. They also have become a lot more colour accurate and actually can look very sharp( as seen on the IPhone XR)

  • MadMadMonkeyMen
    MadMadMonkeyMen 25 days ago

    Just happy to be a late adopter. Let the rich crazies pay for all the R&D, I'll enjoy it a few years down the line. :/

  • Mitch Gordon
    Mitch Gordon 25 days ago

    Great research, I hit like and already subbed.

  • Melih Çelik
    Melih Çelik 26 days ago

    If you can imagine him without his beard, the way he talks really reminds me of Elon Musk. I can't unsee it right now.

  • Giyan Vice
    Giyan Vice 26 days ago

    You will need glass in the fordable screens as they don't stretch and create a crease. But the glass is so thin that it will break very easily upon impact.

  • Microwave
    Microwave 26 days ago

    Samsung: Through years of painstaking and stressful development cycles.

    Huawei: Through minutes of bruteforce hacking samsung and reverse engineering.

    • H C
      H C 25 days ago

      ironically the few printscreen of research thesis in this video where authors are all chinese.

  • Jan Seewald
    Jan Seewald 26 days ago

    Sad, that you killed the German Engadget site.

  • Chopi
    Chopi 26 days ago

    9/10 video
    -1 because of the dumb unit u use.
    Just use SI (International System of Units).

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    Hi! In English, when a noun starts with a vowel-sound, such as "apple," "8-ball," or "n-type," you pronounce the article "the" as "thee." However, when the noun starts with a consonant sound, such as year, components, response, galaxy, first, galaxy, note, galaxy, hosts, hosts, fold, backplate, or glue, you pronounce the article "the" as "thuh." It's often difficult for non-native English speakers to get right at first, which is probably why you get it wrong, but it's a super common error among foreigners, so no need to feel bad about it :) But now you know! Hope it helps! Cheers!

  • KillHour
    KillHour 26 days ago

    6:40 "We need some text to display in huge bold letters on this phone's screen for the stock video" ... "I gotchu fam"

  • Skyblue 184
    Skyblue 184 26 days ago

    Huawei doesn't make foldable screens!

  • Paul Aldrich
    Paul Aldrich 27 days ago +1

    Unfortunately I don't think anyone is going to enjoy the mate x because of trumps ridiculous trade war...
    In trade was (as in most regular wars) NOBODY WINS

    • Trurl
      Trurl 26 days ago

      If they really found evidence for espionage, they banned Huawei as a signal that this has serious economic consequences, even if it means that they are also damaging themselves.

  • Scott
    Scott 27 days ago

    I think these companies are sort of missing the point... I want a large display, I will indeed compromise. Why the heck can't they just work hard on an OLED that has a nearly zero border and put it next to another one, no bendy plastic bits. So basically do what has already been done before, but step it up a notch (but please, dont put any notches on it). Don't make me get two Samsung S10s and use packing tape to stick one next to the other, then just flop one onto the other... seriously, if that was done full tilt, I would buy that.

  • VSG24
    VSG24 27 days ago

    trying too hard to be like the verge

  • copy paste
    copy paste 28 days ago

    Finally a video on screen technology. Hope there is more to come. After all a lot of companies are developping interesting innovative screen tech.

  • danmar007
    danmar007 28 days ago


  • kai lu
    kai lu 28 days ago

    meanwhile mate x not getting android support

  • Roy D
    Roy D 28 days ago

    Foldable devices are just scam.

  • Loren Husky
    Loren Husky 28 days ago

    Huawei probably stole the tech from Samsung.

  • Jason Arnold
    Jason Arnold 28 days ago +4

    Omg I love this video. More plz

  • LORDE 2729
    LORDE 2729 28 days ago

    the only part of this channel that is worth the watch.

  • Steve Ramsay
    Steve Ramsay 28 days ago

    Another terrific video, perfectly pitched with a great presenter. Thanks guys!

  • Pablo Corradini
    Pablo Corradini 28 days ago +1

    Loved it! Amazing level of detail and great explanation. Keep it up!

  • Isaac Adam
    Isaac Adam 28 days ago

    Huawei foldable phone... is now dead in the water due to the US ban.

  • OldGamerNoob
    OldGamerNoob 28 days ago

    I saw a paper where they used 4 layers of graphene as the anode to allow the screen to be flexible, peeled off the copper sheet it was grown on and deposited onto a plastic sheet using a heat sensitive adhesive .... and while I was writing the comment you went ahead and mentioned this was a future possibility. Never mind.

  • mtssvnsn
    mtssvnsn 28 days ago

    Next year:
    The year of replacing your phone!

  • Inten Ditore
    Inten Ditore 28 days ago

    Wasn't expecting that quality from you guys :)

  • Square Breaker
    Square Breaker 28 days ago

    Samsung makes great hardware 90% of the time but when it comes to software they are horrible so when it comes to new tech like this i dont think samsung has the needs to make it look like something we want.

  • Chris Santiago
    Chris Santiago 28 days ago

    I want one, once they have all the problems taken care off

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 28 days ago

    Bending glass is way way good thing for mate x

  • Jay
    Jay 28 days ago

    Jesus Christ appeared to me in a radical way and transformed my life forever

  • kobla nyomi
    kobla nyomi 28 days ago

    Engadget hit gold with this dude!

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 29 days ago

    Huawei just got shutdown by Google. Google stripped Huawei of their Android software contract.

  • Step Seven
    Step Seven 29 days ago

    We need to bring this Amoled foldable flexible paper thin manufacturing technology to the US 🇺🇸 .

  • mouad ab
    mouad ab 29 days ago +1

    What's wrong with engadget ???
    Can anyone explain to me why they are making a good video??

  • Calvin Robert
    Calvin Robert 29 days ago

    my head hurts now...

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    I’m just going to stick to an iPad mini because it is the only affordable tablet to fit in a pocket without folding.

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    You really did your research on this one. Good job.

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Instead on a single screen that folds, why don’t they put 2 screens side by side, and they can fold it along the gap? Then they use software to decrease the latency between each half of the screen.

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    1:36 that feels very much like HowToBasic

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    0:28 I got highlighted. Thank you.

  • Doctor Brain
    Doctor Brain 29 days ago

    The foldable screen on the Huawei Mate X is from BOE not Huawei. BOE stole the foldable technology from Samsung.

    • Super Sonic
      Super Sonic 28 days ago

      u sound like chinese can stole ur underwear anytime while u wearing on it, either u are too dumb to get stole or the chinese can just simply too good at making their own underwear