Harley Davidson Sportster Bobber walk around


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  • Hector 559
    Hector 559 Месяц назад

    Tienes la maquina que todo hombre quire tener.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Месяц назад

    Rust and stickers some pinstriping it works for me looks good

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Месяц назад

    Rand, nice unique bike what kind of tail light is that and how did you do the rust?Like I said very nice and unique. Tail light from a flat or knuckle head?

  • atank
    atank 2 месяца назад

    Man that HDS really looks good, you did a great job!!

  • Robin Stiff
    Robin Stiff 2 месяца назад

    It sucks, because it's not mine.😭 I know u want sell it, but if u did how much for this bad boy?

  • Patrick Picanso
    Patrick Picanso 3 месяца назад

    Does any know where I can find a new headlight for my 05 deuce

  • seller559
    seller559 3 месяца назад

    Very unique. Well done.

  • Cam Brown
    Cam Brown 3 месяца назад

    Remarkable. I can't fathom how much it costs to make my sporty 72 look like this?

  • Crystal Stanborough
    Crystal Stanborough 3 месяца назад

    stuck between ugly as fuck and burn the cocksucker

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido 3 месяца назад

    To me, a spring loaded seat.would look more perfect with this build. And a medium size sissy bar and a kick starter. But I'm just imagining if it were mine. No complaints on this as is.

  • Instructor Lex
    Instructor Lex 4 месяца назад

    Just beautiful! I have to know how to you got it to rust like that. It’s sick.

  • me nkat
    me nkat 5 месяцев назад +2

    Pure ridged......No thank you!

  • Matthew Carpenter
    Matthew Carpenter 5 месяцев назад

    Jesus christ. Back off the bike a bit

  • Edson Freitas
    Edson Freitas 6 месяцев назад

    Nice bike wanderfull.

  • Tanner Crane
    Tanner Crane 10 месяцев назад

    What did you do for the hard tail?? You just bolt on some rods to in place of springs?

  • Dennis Schell
    Dennis Schell 11 месяцев назад +2

    Rust ain't kool.....

    • Instructor Lex
      Instructor Lex 4 месяца назад

      Dennis Schell I disagree. I think it’s very classic looking and also all I could think is every time I knock my paint how pissed I get, he doesn’t have that problem lol!

  • Nelson Williams
    Nelson Williams Год назад +1

    love it building one my self

  • In Cognito
    In Cognito Год назад +1

    Nice Rust ....you ride on Surfside Beach too?

  • Aek SR520
    Aek SR520 Год назад +1

    very nine bike

  • Clayton Coolbreeze
    Clayton Coolbreeze Год назад

    1200 or 883?

    • Rand
      Rand  11 месяцев назад


  • joe blow
    joe blow Год назад +1

    Cool bike with a way to small fuel tank

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow Месяц назад

      I'm Joe blow.......LMFAO

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Год назад +2

    Bro ,it would be a beauty, except the main pieces are too rusty (retro) for the rst of the bike. I'll buy it from you you for 4K.

  • wil hallman
    wil hallman Год назад +2

    not feeling the rust look... but hey it's not mine either

    DANGERTASTIC Год назад +1

    Here in fla the rust happens to bare metal almost overnight

  • Daniele Sussarello
    Daniele Sussarello Год назад

    Rand Harley stupenda!!!😆😢😎👍

  • Sven P.
    Sven P. Год назад

    kużwa nie trzęś tą kamerą !

  • MrBadApple999
    MrBadApple999 Год назад +1

    I was seriously considering making a ratty rust bike...

  • LionFX
    LionFX Год назад

    nice bike, bad video

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад

      LionFX thanks.....

  • Mike Kramer
    Mike Kramer Год назад +3

    did you make that rear fender from the stock one?

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад +1

      just went for it .......

    • Mike Kramer
      Mike Kramer Год назад

      is there any kind of template you made to go off of or did you just wing it? I'm trying to figure out a good way to do this to mine and I might just go for it

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад +2

      Mike Kramer yes I made it from stock, cut it with jig saw.

  • Ryan Sponenberg
    Ryan Sponenberg Год назад

    Is the beer bottle cap on the choke? And how did you get it on.

    • Ryan Sponenberg
      Ryan Sponenberg Год назад

      Thanks man I may have to try that out

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад +1

      Ryan Sponenberg Yes snaps right on perfect fit.

  • 68comeback
    68comeback Год назад

    it's a killa ride..I too own a sporty..tetnus??wtf??

  • David McGarrah
    David McGarrah Год назад

    What pipes do you have?

    • MidWest Garage & Media
      MidWest Garage & Media Год назад +1

      David McGarrah vance & hines short shots

    • David McGarrah
      David McGarrah Год назад

      they look badass whatever they are :)

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад +1

      Damn, I do not remember......

  • hinano316
    hinano316 Год назад +2

    Nice bike man!

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад +1


  • 68comeback
    68comeback 2 года назад +2

    nice ride..

    • Rand
      Rand  Год назад


  • tpitman
    tpitman 2 года назад

    I see you're rockin' the "limp dick" Sparto taillight . . .
    Back in the late '60s with my crew "STP" referred to "Super T Pitman" . . . just sayin' . . .

  • suksa-ard wichaisri
    suksa-ard wichaisri 2 года назад

    this my bike at phuket before where is bike now ride now?

  • Chi-CitySoul
    Chi-CitySoul 2 года назад +2

    sweet bike mate, check out mine i think youll like it nice channel youn have a SUB here

  • Scottybob Videopants
    Scottybob Videopants 2 года назад

    hybrid rat bobber?....unique...that works...

    • Scottybob Videopants
      Scottybob Videopants 2 года назад

      just bought a '16 used 48--211 mi. ...still have 300 mi. of break-in...good price...in shop doin' custom work to make her mine....5th harley and tryin' to get away from "shiny"...settled for stock shiny black for time being...will change in future....all else blacked out...since i do some video work, will be posting on youtube and vimeo in the future...my 2nd harley wuz a fat boy, but after 4 yrs, it was stolen...this time goin' for really fat bobber look....i'm old, so will call her "obese geezer"....gonna be retro, short, fat and black---like me (okay, i'm a white guy, but live in southwest florida, so workin' on my tan every day...lol)...

    • Retro man
      Retro man 2 года назад

      Scottybob Videopants thanks....

  • Cuentos de la Cripta
    Cuentos de la Cripta 2 года назад

    dope as f*ck, i need one of those

    • Retro man
      Retro man 2 года назад

      Chrollo Lucilfer thanks...

  • Ken Cooley
    Ken Cooley 2 года назад

    Who's grips, controls and bars are you using?

    • Rand
      Rand  2 года назад +1

      Stock that I cut and sanded

  • edward ford
    edward ford 2 года назад

    What seat is that you have on there?

    • Retro man
      Retro man 2 года назад

      edward ford not sure

  • The Friendly Grizzley
    The Friendly Grizzley 2 года назад


    • Retro man
      Retro man 2 года назад

      The Friendly Grizzley thanks...

  • Brett Johns
    Brett Johns 2 года назад

    One Bad Ass Bikes bro

    SCOTT,C 2 года назад

    I dig it nice job

    • Retro man
      Retro man 2 года назад

      SCOTT,C thanks....

  • Germain Philip Braaten
    Germain Philip Braaten 2 года назад

    This bike screams Rat Rod.

  • Kellz 413MASSFLNY
    Kellz 413MASSFLNY 2 года назад

    was it a stock 72 to start?

    • Rand
      Rand  2 года назад

      +Steve Kelliher no 2006

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 года назад

    metal chain would look better than belt in my opinion. but nice bike though.

    • Rand
      Rand  2 года назад

      +The Dude agreed thanks

  • jimmy ramirez
    jimmy ramirez 3 года назад

    what kind of head light

  • Rebel Scout671
    Rebel Scout671 3 года назад

    how'd you do the rear frame?

  • Zatoichiable
    Zatoichiable 3 года назад

    front and rear rim size?

  • Muath Alwah
    Muath Alwah 3 года назад

    what size is the rear tire?

    • Rand
      Rand  3 года назад

      160 stock size

  • Tom rebel
    Tom rebel 3 года назад

    Looks awesome!

  • Mr Huxley
    Mr Huxley 3 года назад

    sounds sweet. nice clean profile...not a huge fan of the rust though. Nice work.

  • Rand
    Rand  3 года назад

    No clear coat

  • Chris Horton
    Chris Horton 3 года назад

    What year sportster is this?

    • Rand
      Rand  3 года назад


  • Taylor Polglase
    Taylor Polglase 4 года назад

    thats fuckn wicked brother

  • Daniel Carneiro
    Daniel Carneiro 4 года назад

    How do you got that rust on the tank? Is some kind of paint or actually... rust?! Lol

    • AceOutlawCustoms
      AceOutlawCustoms 3 года назад

      +Rand You got that right!

    • urbanstructure.ca
      urbanstructure.ca 3 года назад

      +Rand did clear coat the tank? or just let it rust naturally?I want the same look for my bobber.Thanks

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад +4

      Sprayed salt water on it for a day.....
      South Florida is very humid..... Does not take long

  • Bruthosa
    Bruthosa 4 года назад

    Amazing bike... Very different from the other bikes on the web, lot of work and a very original taste.

  • Whale
    Whale 4 года назад

    Its an alright lookin bobber but I feel like I see alotta Yamaha V-Stars bobbe'd out that look better in my opinion.

  • Santos Marquez
    Santos Marquez 4 года назад

    Like the sportster makeover. Don't like the STP ad nor the black wall front tire...

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад +3

      To appreciate the STP sticker one needs to be over 55........

  • Cole H.
    Cole H. 4 года назад

    Beautiful bike but I just can't get myself to like that rear brake light.

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад

      Agreed...... I never did like it

  • Kel Sound trip
    Kel Sound trip 4 года назад


  • Wilson Scott
    Wilson Scott 4 года назад +2

    spokes and a chain drive would complete it.

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад

      I did not want to buy anything for the bike
      But your right it would look better

  • Haos
    Haos 4 года назад +18

    If I had a bobber like that, I'd call it tetanus, because thats a shit ton of rust

  • AsTheSeasonsGray
    AsTheSeasonsGray 4 года назад +1

    Nastiest freaking bobber.

  • Let's ChangeTip
    Let's ChangeTip 4 года назад

    Nice. What kind of clutch and brake master cylinder are those?

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад +1

      Stock cut up and played with

  • Jac Co
    Jac Co 4 года назад

    Very nice !

  • ktriantafillou
    ktriantafillou 5 лет назад

    Love the ride man. Couple questions if you can answer
    1. What rear sprocket is that?
    2. Did you just strip the tank and let it corrode naturally?

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад

      Stock rear sprocket
      Sprayed salt water to start rust
      Everything is stock but distressed
      I dont like shiny...........

    • rubicongero
      rubicongero 5 лет назад

      not my bike, but i can tell you the rear sprocket is of a late model sportster (current sprocket), and the tank has be intentionally aged with a chemical process

  • Fenrid7
    Fenrid7 5 лет назад

    where can I get a seat like that?

    • Cale Byrdziak
      Cale Byrdziak 3 года назад

      sick saddles

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад

      Ebay I dont remember who

  • Juice box
    Juice box 5 лет назад +1

    So perfect :)

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад


  • Cranky Jay
    Cranky Jay 5 лет назад

    hows the suspension after hard-tailing it? also i noticed instead of simply deleting the shocks you put some black supports in there (if you can to call them that :P) did you fab these yourself or did can they be purchased elsewhere?

    • Rand
      Rand  4 года назад

      Fabed but can be purchased

  • Verneri Ovaska
    Verneri Ovaska 5 лет назад

    Is that rear fender original and customized, or are make it your self?

  • chgofirefighter
    chgofirefighter 5 лет назад

    Which tail light is that? Looks nice, good job~

  • Kwdog75
    Kwdog75 5 лет назад

    Beauty build!

  • chgofirefighter
    chgofirefighter 5 лет назад

    What kind of seat are you using on her??? Please let me know, thanks

  • romucorporation
    romucorporation 5 лет назад


  • Mr. Bumske
    Mr. Bumske 5 лет назад

    l have a 883 iron bobber myselfand I must say this is my only comp... great bike

  • Mike El Güero
    Mike El Güero 5 лет назад


  • homerfj1100
    homerfj1100 5 лет назад

    No, don´t tell fibs. You painted it that way. Love the look. Sort of ´distressed´ but still full of power and life.

  • eddie machete
    eddie machete 5 лет назад

    Stupid with that seat and gay stp sticker. No lines. Fail.

  • jack7877
    jack7877 5 лет назад

    just bought a 2013 with the candy orange paint, wanted to do some sort of theme to it and the rust looks amazing for it! do you have to take off the clear then oxidize it?

  • Nicholas Ashpole
    Nicholas Ashpole 5 лет назад

    Need to give that motor some patina everything looks ratted out but the motor looks spankin new!

  • Александр Гавриков

    Обалдеть!Ремень вместо цепи!!!

  • DemocracyOfHypocrisy
    DemocracyOfHypocrisy 5 лет назад

    One of the best I've seen. I would put a light clear coat over the rust look to preserve it the way it is. Those white walls are that bikes best friend lol

  • ButterOnMyBiscuit
    ButterOnMyBiscuit 5 лет назад

    how did you put that Corona bottle cap on the Choke? looks nice

  • Javier L
    Javier L 5 лет назад

    1:50 to see the complete bike. ur welcome

  • pastorbobncc
    pastorbobncc 5 лет назад

    The vinegar stops the rust and protects the metal, you could shoot it with clear but that would change the look.

  • Rand
    Rand  5 лет назад

    Water mixed with salt. sprayed on wait rinse

  • Rand
    Rand  5 лет назад


  • Rand
    Rand  5 лет назад


  • pastorbobncc
    pastorbobncc 5 лет назад

    One technique is to allow the tank to rust to the point you want it at, then coat it with vinegar, the vinegar will stop the rusting and it looks natural.

  • pastorbobncc
    pastorbobncc 5 лет назад

    When I grew up in San Francisco in the 60's Sportsters were the Kings of the streets, I love um', my next build is going to be a Sportster Cafe Racer. Nice bike my friend.

  • Lazarus Collins
    Lazarus Collins 5 лет назад

    Nice Bike

  • Kyle
    Kyle 5 лет назад

    Where did you get that seat?

  • Haggis bagpipe
    Haggis bagpipe 5 лет назад

    you couldnt afford it fool.

  • Rand
    Rand  5 лет назад

    Maybe next one

    NOTSODOTCALM 5 лет назад

    nice tins age the frame get some spokes then white walls ...call it

  • Gabi Gatti
    Gabi Gatti 5 лет назад

    Nice bike, man..!