Far Caspian - The Heights [Full EP]

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Somewhere anywhere (⌐■_■)
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    1. Conversations 00:00
    2. Astoria 03:17
    3. A Dream of You 07:22
    4. These Times 11:35
    5. The Heights 14:48
    Far Caspian
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Comments • 128

  • Arin Smith
    Arin Smith 7 days ago

    Hello from America...

  • Juliana A.
    Juliana A. 10 days ago

    ouvindo essa obra de arte diretamente do Brasil

  • 예린
    예린 11 days ago


  • wujekWONT
    wujekWONT 16 days ago


  • 《Julia Toscano》 . catarses e só

    Brazil 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Non Ya
    Non Ya 21 day ago


  • bugs are special
    bugs are special 29 days ago

    come to brazil!

  • Barbara Namie
    Barbara Namie Month ago

    This hurts so good

  • River Havic
    River Havic Month ago


  • andrea lb
    andrea lb Month ago

    Dreaming the calmness

  • Imy Anq
    Imy Anq Month ago +2

    Greetings from Morocco 👋😊 🎶

  • Yuki Saiki
    Yuki Saiki Month ago +6

    Love it so much, greetings from Japan👋

  • JR H.
    JR H. Month ago

    Au-delà des frontières, et des océans...

  • Sam The Slouch
    Sam The Slouch Month ago

    Ended up paying for the album twice b/c google play music is weird with accounts but fuck it, they deserve it. Thanks for making my summer more beautiful

  • Sam The Slouch
    Sam The Slouch Month ago

    Fucking album of my summer 2019, going down in history

  • alonmo9
    alonmo9 Month ago

    How is this not on apple music

  • Nuevo Aire
    Nuevo Aire 2 months ago +3

    Great album... i cant imagine other situation but drivin along through a road sorrounded with trees and listening to this... ...my life is soo bored....

  • 9288Savior
    9288Savior 2 months ago +27

    This sounds like a combination of *Tame Impala* , *Craft Spells* , and *Beach Fossils* great stuff *{::>_

  • Seven Publicidade
    Seven Publicidade 2 months ago

    love it, Brazil loves you.

  • Jin
    Jin 2 months ago


  • G Stomper
    G Stomper 2 months ago +2

    I clicked on this by accident holy shit this is good

  • Rory Wilson
    Rory Wilson 2 months ago +1

    Please put this stuff on Bandcamp!!!! I need it 🤤💦

  • Женек Бирюков


  • Veronica zzstu Kerrigan
    Veronica zzstu Kerrigan 2 months ago +1

    Does anyone know any artists whose style is similar to theirs? Far Caspian is incredible but they simply don't have enough songs to spend hours listening to!

    • Jose Luis Cazador
      Jose Luis Cazador 24 days ago

      Mild Orange, Skinshape, Cuco, Mild High Club, Connan Mockasin...

  • Ravioli Ravioli
    Ravioli Ravioli 2 months ago +9

    this is the music I'll share with my childrens

  • Ravioli Ravioli
    Ravioli Ravioli 2 months ago +2

    this band is my new favoutite

  • Guillermo Funes
    Guillermo Funes 3 months ago

    Fuck, I though the EP was called Conversations as the song, and I looked a lot for it but never could found it. I clicked here just for curiosity...the first song proved me wrong. Thanks a lot. Amazing band.

  • Israel González
    Israel González 3 months ago

    So good !

  • 2 Cousins
    2 Cousins 3 months ago +1

    Perfect summer driving music

  • Nacho Coria
    Nacho Coria 3 months ago

    Cómo Phoenix......

  • Gelle Galilei
    Gelle Galilei 3 months ago +1


  • Team Tao
    Team Tao 3 months ago +1

    Que placer descubrir buena musica, saludos de Argentina

  • Cristian Olteanu.K
    Cristian Olteanu.K 3 months ago

    Niceeeee keep it doing,sounds great

  • Unnamed Internet Citizen
    Unnamed Internet Citizen 3 months ago +73

    Who changed the algorithm and why does it recommend good music to me?

  • nombre obligatorio
    nombre obligatorio 3 months ago +1

    Me encantan sus ritmos (y)

  • Akhil Vatsa
    Akhil Vatsa 3 months ago +9

    Fresh and aesthetic

  • Let me borrow your toaster

    first song gives me andreas vollenweider vibes

  • 邊緣肥宅
    邊緣肥宅 3 months ago

    yeah,new songs!

  • Daniel Rödel
    Daniel Rödel 3 months ago +12

    Makes me wanna go out and make some memories!

  • Melany P Vegas
    Melany P Vegas 3 months ago

    Amé cada canción y pues ya me puse a llorar :')

  • rémi combe
    rémi combe 3 months ago

    Felling alive

  • Paul Willi
    Paul Willi 3 months ago +1

    Im happy i found this YoutTube channel! Thank you for sharing such great music =)

  • Spaceman Chief
    Spaceman Chief 3 months ago +1


  • Hasan Othman
    Hasan Othman 3 months ago +10

    7:33 I was looking for a T-shirt in H&M, when i heard it, thanks Shazam ✌️

    • love and squalor
      love and squalor 2 months ago

      Oh, okay then, let's feign interest. "Hi Hasan, good to hear you were out of your mom's basement and went t-shirt shopping with her. I guess it would be ultra like awesome if we could see a pic of it!"

    • Mykoske122
      Mykoske122 3 months ago +2

      love and squalor that’s so mean...

    • Hasan Othman
      Hasan Othman 3 months ago +2

      We!. Are you talking in behalf of millions of youtube's users here dude?

    • love and squalor
      love and squalor 3 months ago

      Hasan Othman We're not interested in your t-shirt.

  • Al El
    Al El 3 months ago

    don't let this distract you from the fact that the warriors lost.


    esta buena la volaita oye

  • Sandrevan
    Sandrevan 3 months ago +15

    Far Caspian is the best thing happen this year

    • Non Ya
      Non Ya 21 day ago

      Sandrevan honestly 😭

  • Nyume
    Nyume 3 months ago +3


  • theophile schaub
    theophile schaub 3 months ago +17

    Guys you've made 2 EP such beautiful, since i heard you for the first time i can't stop smiling, i love you !

  • Marcio Almeida
    Marcio Almeida 3 months ago +2

    Far Caspian é mt bommm

  • Nicolas Tapia
    Nicolas Tapia 3 months ago


  • gramme parsons
    gramme parsons 3 months ago +6

    Where does youtube find all these dreamy dreampop band? there seems to be an infinite supply of them. it's amazing there is even enough raincoats for them all to wear

    • love and squalor
      love and squalor 3 months ago +1

      Pope Abibe
      Eclipse by Regular Fries is a claasic

    • love and squalor
      love and squalor 3 months ago +1

      Pope Abibe Early Day Miners

    • Pope Abibe
      Pope Abibe 3 months ago

      do you have any other dream pops band to recommend? I'm a huge fan of it, always looking to improve my collection

  • Erik Nickles
    Erik Nickles 3 months ago +2

    these guys need to release a vinyl

  • Gustavo Alfaro
    Gustavo Alfaro 3 months ago

    Oh, my! Do these guys pretend to build up a Smiths-like fandom prior to their first LP? The songs are up to the prowess, gotta say...

  • Josef Frühauf
    Josef Frühauf 3 months ago

    Anyone know if their EPs can be purchased as digital download? I love their work and would love to support them monetarily, but don't use the major streaming platforms and just buy my music usually, so...

    • metal fingers
      metal fingers 3 months ago

      can i ask why you dont use any streaming platforms..?

  • chill mild
    chill mild 3 months ago +1

    who unlike this masterpiece

  • Shae Delea
    Shae Delea 3 months ago +11

    Driving with no direction,

    contemplating everything.. /:

  • Eilish Hassett
    Eilish Hassett 3 months ago


  • The Other One7
    The Other One7 3 months ago +5

    Do these dudes have an album yet? I only seem to see their work in EP's

  • Happyman13ful
    Happyman13ful 3 months ago

    s o under ate