Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante:

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  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost. 5 minutes ago

    Anyone else pissed about this RU-clip channel making like $100k a month from stealing clips from Joe's channel?

  • Ivy King
    Ivy King 2 hours ago

    Ringworm is actually a fungus infection of the skin on the body. There's no actual worms, only the look of the affected skin resembles an underlaying worm formed as a ring.
    Lol, i was a bit quick to jump at that.🙆🏼‍♂️

  • highdesertbiker
    highdesertbiker 3 hours ago

    Joe "der-maa-fo trites?" lol

  • Daniel Weeden
    Daniel Weeden 14 hours ago

    Dude, just because people aren't crying in the street doesn't mean they are stoic. It just means you aren't in the USA anymore.

  • kyle prince
    kyle prince 18 hours ago

    He sounds like an enthusiastic Elon Musk

  • brrrayday
    brrrayday Day ago

    Apple cider vinegar applied topically three times a day can treat ringworm

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai Day ago

    This fucken guy goes all the way to the amazon a doesn't look at their feet? !are you mad...

  • Derek thudude
    Derek thudude Day ago

    Ohhh shit i just figured out that this dude was on naked and afraid.

  • Reggie
    Reggie Day ago

    I whas trayn to eat here, fu! :D

  • Omar
    Omar Day ago +1

    No one:
    Joe Rogan: "THICCCCC ASS TOES"

  • Bryan Overturf
    Bryan Overturf Day ago

    Lol use a black ink pen, draw a circle around the ringworm and it will be gone overnight

  • MrXometalox
    MrXometalox Day ago

    lol he moves from south africa to california, his entire perception of race is fucked for sure.

  • LilMOMMAson
    LilMOMMAson Day ago

    4:45 basically calling the locals a bunch of chimpanzees

  • Vince A
    Vince A 2 days ago

    Damn it I starting pissing my feet then he says that might be horse shit.

  • Davis Lima
    Davis Lima 2 days ago

    This dude really doesn't know shit....I thought y'all were exaggerating....🤣🤣 take a notepad next time, Forrest.

  • GB3770
    GB3770 2 days ago

    cant recall...dont know....didnt see....not sure...what a guest!

  • El dorado
    El dorado 3 days ago

    Did you bring disease?

  • bluewolf19z
    bluewolf19z 3 days ago

    "dewormed everybody" There isn't a worm when you have ringworm lol This guy hasn't done his homework.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 3 days ago

    I appreciate joe because he so multi faceted . There’s ufc joe ,adventurer joe ,intellectual joe, comedian joe and last and my least favorite political joe but add that all together and you have one hell of an entertaining podcast.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 3 days ago


  • Danny Rouk
    Danny Rouk 4 days ago

    Always useless tv going on a quest trying to find an illustrious creature and.... never find it

  • Butterfly Massacre
    Butterfly Massacre 4 days ago

    quechaun the original dialect

  • ralo laflare
    ralo laflare 4 days ago

    This guy sounds like he lies.

  • hoochiemoochie
    hoochiemoochie 4 days ago

    This guy doesn’t seem to know much. About 75% of the questions he is asked by Joe his answer is “I couldn’t tell you” or “I’m not sure”

  • InkWavve
    InkWavve 4 days ago

    A mark of a strong and secure man is that he knows to respect the creatures that can be far stronger, far deadlier than any man can become with any amount of training.

  • Maximus Flame
    Maximus Flame 5 days ago +1

    Joe “WOAH” Rogan

  • Mr. Ball
    Mr. Ball 5 days ago

    White African lol

  • JimElford
    JimElford 5 days ago +2

    I wish he didn't keep calling them Indian

  • Ryan Irions
    Ryan Irions 6 days ago

    I piss in the shower everyday and still got athletes foot

  • Josef Tot
    Josef Tot 6 days ago

    I was once in a place called parang up in north east india (Arunachal). They got over 25 tribes and one of my friends grandfather told us that when he used to go hunting in the forests they used to see these small people from some unknown tribe and they could run very fast and hide within seconds.

  • Middlenamereese
    Middlenamereese 6 days ago +8

    Forrest “I didn’t know, don’t know, I’m not sure” Galante

    • Milton KL
      Milton KL 5 days ago

      Highly questionable if he was there. I would not have believed him.

  • mushsjr mushsjr
    mushsjr mushsjr 7 days ago

    joe; ooooohh

  • bronzecap
    bronzecap 7 days ago

    Cool dude, I love his show on Animal Planet.

  • Husler
    Husler 7 days ago +3

    I feel like this guy is chatting s*** just saying

  • ByChristopher Ewing
    ByChristopher Ewing 7 days ago

    Incredible is the wrong word my g.

  • Jimmy J Crack Da Bomb

    This guy ain’t from Africa. He meant that he lived in Africa lol

  • Plane CanOpenner
    Plane CanOpenner 8 days ago

    Joe is looking faggatie

  • MostonRedDevil Manchester U.K

    Speaking English on a different continent right there Joe 🙄

  • Michael P
    Michael P 8 days ago

    This guy looks like Jason sudeikis

  • Ancient Builds
    Ancient Builds 8 days ago +1

    Came across a fresh jaguar print in the jungle in Belize in the ass end of nowhere. It was almost the size of my hand (I'm 6.2) It was a very quiet trip back out.

  • Nishar Cheeks
    Nishar Cheeks 8 days ago

    You lived in Africa

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse 8 days ago +2

    1:29 what does TBD mean 🤔

    • J-DOT
      J-DOT 7 days ago +1

      To Be Determined

  • demond word
    demond word 9 days ago

    News flash they gave medicine to the tribe 2 months later whole tribe dead

  • Dustin Young
    Dustin Young 9 days ago

    The struggles real everywhere

  • Jose Loyola Pacheco
    Jose Loyola Pacheco 9 days ago +1

    I bet Joe is having an erection

  • yogesh Seeraj
    yogesh Seeraj 10 days ago

    I lived i New York / Jersey city for 20 years, i am living in Guyana, that spread feet story is absolute stupidity, those people are as normal as any normal people, and they are 100% healthy, no ringworm, no skin diseases, and i love this show, but totally disagree with this quack, he trying to fool everyone to make money and pretend to bring medicine and sell in the cities and towns

  • Matt Coombes
    Matt Coombes 10 days ago

    Joe “Pelegroso?” Rogan

  • Baby SScoop
    Baby SScoop 10 days ago

    "NATIVE" ..not Indian that's all

  • Ray Pagdanganan
    Ray Pagdanganan 11 days ago

    Joe: Oooofff

  • ibblecabibble
    ibblecabibble 11 days ago

    throw a bunch of spoons and sticks in the air, the gods must be crazy

  • xart23x
    xart23x 11 days ago +1

    Caucasians are some cray, adventurous folk. God bless em'.

  • David Conway
    David Conway 11 days ago

    Fuck full ads! Who do I have to kill?

  • Daniel Allred
    Daniel Allred 12 days ago

    I had a friend in Ely NV who took a picture with his dad and the buck they just killed. After they got the film developed, in the picture was a mountain lion looking right into the camera about 15-20 yards behind them.🤪

  • David Dawson
    David Dawson 12 days ago +1

    We need some of that DNA, id bet they have some useful immunities

  • Fab StillSmokin
    Fab StillSmokin 12 days ago

    Cape verde,guinea and angola.. Mozambique too. All speak Portuguese

  • r0b1480
    r0b1480 12 days ago

    Joe “wo are their feet splayed” Rogan

  • larry snipes
    larry snipes 12 days ago

    Ok Joe's asking alot of stupid questions. Dude didn't know a whole hell of alot. "Uh I didn't notice" Yeah Joe I think we've established the fact that the natives were not world travelers. Joe' "do you have crazy splayed out feet" Rogan

  • Steven Tipton
    Steven Tipton 12 days ago

    Guy" Have you ever been too the Amazon" Joe Rogan " Have you ever been to the Amazon on DMT"

  • Alexander Prousalis
    Alexander Prousalis 12 days ago

    Vultures pee on their legs and feet to help kill the bacteria collected on their legs from decomposed animals

  • geeyason
    geeyason 12 days ago

    I feel like Joe's lavender shirt is far crazier than any of these stories...

  • Gage Edwards
    Gage Edwards 12 days ago

    Joe, look up the ancient door that can’t be opened in India.

  • Chris James
    Chris James 13 days ago

    Dammit. Watching this on lunch eating a bannana and bam pics of hobbit feet.

  • Unqualified Productions
    Unqualified Productions 13 days ago +1

    "That's horrible... did you see any jaguar's while you were down there?" Lmao

  • Albert McGraw
    Albert McGraw 13 days ago +3

    Wash athlete's foot with hand sanitizer. Works like a charm.

  • Terence Taylor
    Terence Taylor 13 days ago +1

    Being super friendly is unfortunately the downfall of the original man

  • Jake West
    Jake West 13 days ago

    Pee has ammonia in it....but not necessarily enough ammonia to kill athletes foot.

  • Jake West
    Jake West 13 days ago

    It’s not “do we help”’s “can we really help”

  • Stuart Parkinson
    Stuart Parkinson 13 days ago +2

    Thing i learned from this video:
    Joe is really into feet

    PLATINUMARCH 13 days ago +3

    That whole tribe probably dead now. You should learn from your ancestors.

    • Michael Woodall
      Michael Woodall 12 days ago

      That's what I was thinking. Usually the government is super strict about foreigners wondering around the jungle coming into contact with tribes.

  • Matthew Mauro
    Matthew Mauro 13 days ago +2

    What language did they speak?
    “I don’t remember”
    What was the name of the tribe?
    “I don’t remember “
    What medicine did you give for ringworm?
    “Huh, I don’t remember, it was a pill”
    Did you give people inhalers or anything else
    “Ugh I don’t know “
    Did they use their feet like hands
    “I don’t know”

    • Milton KL
      Milton KL 5 days ago

      Were you actually there?
      I don't remember.

  • Standing 8 Count
    Standing 8 Count 13 days ago

    White people kill me with that im from Africa shit. Your a boers who migrated to Africa.

  • Scott Perrie
    Scott Perrie 13 days ago

    I don't know. I have no idea.

  • BAI
    BAI 13 days ago

    fungi - joe " FUN GUY "

  • Coach B
    Coach B 14 days ago

    Medicine their body will need now it’s no longer available

  • Monster's Inc.
    Monster's Inc. 14 days ago

    The cure to every disease and illness in the world is probably hidden in a jungle somewhere.

  • tacosrock11xX
    tacosrock11xX 14 days ago

    There’s no fucking worm in ring worm...

  • Vegas Alien
    Vegas Alien 14 days ago +1

    Lots of inbreeding in those small, isolated villages.

  • John Olinger
    John Olinger 14 days ago

    Joe "foot fetish" Rogan

  • Lee Etchells
    Lee Etchells 14 days ago

    I don't even know in England most of the time.

  • Te Dogg
    Te Dogg 14 days ago

    Joe “what and tf is going on there” Rogan

  • Douglas
    Douglas 14 days ago

    Couldn’t make it pass the first 5 min! Guy doesn’t know anything! Geesh!!!

  • Armando Ramírez
    Armando Ramírez 14 days ago

    I think he’s lying ..

  • Jeffrey Turnage
    Jeffrey Turnage 14 days ago

    I wounder if he got them sick

  • weeaboochild555
    weeaboochild555 14 days ago

    Wait joe wtf is that shirty bro what is u doing

  • Conor Walsh
    Conor Walsh 14 days ago


  • James Milligan
    James Milligan 15 days ago

    The only thing this guy didn't have in the Amazon was a bible 🤔🙄😂

  • patrickg420
    patrickg420 15 days ago

    just think how easy it would be to film the tribe! bird cams, tree cams, and then we get to see what it was like to live thousands of years ago!

    • patrickg420
      patrickg420 15 days ago

      like the music man says, they could be watching us right now!

  • mkeuphoria
    mkeuphoria 15 days ago

    Joe “Piss on your feet” Rogan

  • Tbonyandsteak
    Tbonyandsteak 15 days ago

    There were a Danish team that documented it with video that went to Amazon to meet a tribe that never have meet white people and they were Cannibals. They were dead scared and had to find an excuse and a trade so they could get away from them fast as possible.
    It was really like a horror movie.

  • Shamic Entertainment
    Shamic Entertainment 15 days ago

    Wouldn't he infect them with diseases they have no immunity to?

  • MastaMind DJ
    MastaMind DJ 15 days ago

    the fact that dude kept calling them "indians" and didnt even know the name is hilarious smh, and yes all of the americas were natives and yes Spain raped and killed off our culture? why is this new news again?

  • 1of1
    1of1 15 days ago

    Joe "Wow" Rogan

  • hstebreed
    hstebreed 15 days ago

    They irony of this conversation about language. Wtf Joe Rogan you are speaking ENGLISH... not one of the many Native languages of North America.

  • Michael Womble
    Michael Womble 15 days ago +202

    Galante: We flew a DC3
    Rogan: Did you say DMT?
    Galante: No. I said DC3.
    Rogan: Speaking of DMT...

  • Matt Cabe
    Matt Cabe 15 days ago

    Everybody likes to romanticize primitive life, right down to the language and the feet, but when it comes down to it... "Everybody had ringworm, everybody had respiratory infections..etc...."

  • Kevin Stiffarm
    Kevin Stiffarm 15 days ago +1

    when you get to a certain age stop saying #like all the time

  • Bellboymal
    Bellboymal 15 days ago

    His girl made him wear that shirt😉

  • Potent C
    Potent C 15 days ago

    Why does he keep referring to himself and culture like western, is the Amazon not also in the Western Hemisphere?

    • Homercon
      Homercon 14 days ago

      European = Western culture
      Asian = Eastern culture
      America is Western culture (coming from Europe)
      It has nothing to do with the hemispheres. I know. Sounds stupid but that's how it is.

  • Rgf Dtg
    Rgf Dtg 15 days ago +1

    Amazing! You should ask Michael Savage to be on the show.

  • Chazzy Wazzy
    Chazzy Wazzy 15 days ago

    Cool girls shirt Joe! Lol