Unintentional Opsies #29 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • inb4 vox
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Comments • 43 794

  • Rob Wightman
    Rob Wightman 20 hours ago

    Love is evil say it backwards I'll show you

  • Pepsu
    Pepsu Day ago

    My color skin is default

  • 4chan Anon
    4chan Anon Day ago

    4:32 lmao I saw that sign. That’s in my town (right out side of Dallas tx) and it’s for a thing called brain balance.

  • Red Roses
    Red Roses Day ago

    red roses

  • Ninja Black
    Ninja Black Day ago


  • rami amara
    rami amara 3 days ago

    My frend familly name is black

  • Saxcu
    Saxcu 4 days ago

    can notice the fact that he is using dark mode for once

  • unicorn girl
    unicorn girl 4 days ago

    I have ADHD and when I saw this I was like

  • Lathan Parks
    Lathan Parks 6 days ago

    The bridge

  • Hee Hee
    Hee Hee 6 days ago

    pewdiepie on the bridge

  • Oliwia C
    Oliwia C 8 days ago

    I spilled my drink 02:34

  • Crusty Mongrel
    Crusty Mongrel 10 days ago +2

    Pewdiepie: Makes video about racism and saying how it’s bad
    Also Pewdiepie: "what a Fucking Ni-"

  • luka bajc
    luka bajc 11 days ago

    I want petscop 2

  • It's Miku
    It's Miku 12 days ago

    Who sees that on pewdiepie's t-shirt there are Russian letters?

  • Mister Fester
    Mister Fester 13 days ago

    Racism is funny.

  • Fellow 9 year old
    Fellow 9 year old 15 days ago

    6:05 well that explains why that psycho shot up the mosque

  • Xeuyo
    Xeuyo 16 days ago

    Why was negro blurred out?

  • Awkward L
    Awkward L 16 days ago

    Pewds: Don't tell anyone about this video...
    Me: MUM!

  • Frezquez
    Frezquez 17 days ago

    Did any one realize he said 99.99 instead of 9.99

  • Kristen Lester
    Kristen Lester 17 days ago


  • Yung Dong
    Yung Dong 18 days ago +2

    Thumbs Up to end racism

  • Evan
    Evan 18 days ago

    How does this vid get ads but when Felix swears once he gets demonetized

  • Desmond Miles
    Desmond Miles 18 days ago

    More racism.
    Goku Black

  • ii_Spectre
    ii_Spectre 18 days ago

    Memer backward is remem

  • Skyla Blaze
    Skyla Blaze 18 days ago +1

    I swear I still watch this video at least once a day and I would love to see an ultra racist version of this video. 😂♥

  • Griffin Yancy
    Griffin Yancy 18 days ago

    If ur wondering the square coffee mug makes a swastika

  • Peyton Carter
    Peyton Carter 18 days ago

    If you’re a Jew, I pray you have a blessed life. I’m terrified to not bless you because of God. I hate anti-Semitic people. Ummm, God don’t kill me. I bless the Jews

  • rati alavidze
    rati alavidze 19 days ago

    superior white

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 20 days ago

    1:57 i don't get it

  • luisao escobar
    luisao escobar 20 days ago

    Unintentional racism exist because anti-racism people always want to do a whole show about it

  • Ja Xe
    Ja Xe 20 days ago

    Looks like you’re right at home, Felix.

  • Joshua rather not say
    Joshua rather not say 20 days ago

    I like how he is making fun of racists when who said the n word on stream

  • Bella and Noah Sings
    Bella and Noah Sings 20 days ago


  • Sidney Mckenzie
    Sidney Mckenzie 21 day ago

    Pewds: “clicks on racist subreddit”
    *sees racism
    Also Pewds: STOP! It’s everywhere!

  • When Gamers Strike
    When Gamers Strike 21 day ago

    The swarm was from Stellaris

  • Lvl30Dragon Enchanter

    PewDiePie Why Did You Blur Out 4:34 It Could Of Helped Me

  • Emily
    Emily 22 days ago

    Sad that Pewds can't look at a sub reddit of content made by other's without being afraid and super cautious 😝

  • Just Husky
    Just Husky 23 days ago

    drow n

  • lady megatron
    lady megatron 23 days ago +1

    I laughed so much I pissed a little in my pants..... thank u : )

  • Elliot Nunstedt
    Elliot Nunstedt 23 days ago

    Can someone explain the single mom thing?

  • Delay Play
    Delay Play 23 days ago

    ШакДональдс. So good shit avebo

  • CGMe
    CGMe 23 days ago +1

    Something I try to tell everyone: “You will never beat racism. Just like with stupid people that won’t listen to you, fighting racism is an uphill battle and won’t work. Just let the racists be racists and try to keep them out of places of power.”

  • KidsCan
    KidsCan 24 days ago

    Pewds is actually rasist

  • Mudrac Fuidji
    Mudrac Fuidji 24 days ago

    Neil Armstrong- Gnorts Mr. Alien

  • MasterOf4Elements
    MasterOf4Elements 24 days ago

    The school I went to had teachers named Mrs. Black (a white lady) and Mrs. White (a black lady). Mrs. Black taught kindergarten and was mean and Mrs. White taught 3rd grade and was super sweet.

  • Derek of Gont
    Derek of Gont 25 days ago

    Back we pewds wasn’t afraid

  • Hadiya H.
    Hadiya H. 25 days ago +2

    😳🤯 that really blew me!!

  • Filip
    Filip 25 days ago

    Hey every1 i saw this video

  • Edas Sereda
    Edas Sereda 25 days ago

    7:59 " *the blackest Jesus Christ* "

  • Sufiama _
    Sufiama _ 26 days ago

    10:38 BROFIST

  • Genny Doyle
    Genny Doyle 26 days ago

    love you but y’all are really trying to act like you did something with these edgy jokes. Like people were saying stuff like this in colonial times and then other people would be like “dude not cool”. It’s not the “social climate” like humans have always done this ur not special. You just have a contrarian personality and it’s unattractive lowkey

  • Donaramu
    Donaramu 26 days ago

    Wow.... I don't know what to think. But I sure did LOL tons.

  • Davide Goliath
    Davide Goliath 27 days ago +4

    I'm 100%!
    Who else?

    • Davide Goliath
      Davide Goliath 26 days ago +1

      Oof look at the kids liking such a comment :(

  • Hunter Beaver
    Hunter Beaver 27 days ago

    I laughed

  • Some Wisdom
    Some Wisdom 27 days ago

    1:25 famous last words

  • XxYeezus350xX
    XxYeezus350xX 27 days ago +1

    I turn my desk light out and spill my Planters Salted Peanuts and then I hear PEWDIEPIE say on my Bluetooth speaker in my room “OOPSIE!!!!”

  • Ethan Foth
    Ethan Foth 28 days ago

    Lmfao says the RU-clip that says the N word on a stream

  • nathan collins
    nathan collins 28 days ago

    Hey pewds that's digger land you get to drive diggers

  • Popular Mmos
    Popular Mmos 29 days ago


  • The Saucy Raptor
    The Saucy Raptor 29 days ago

    I went to Arizona for my friend's wedding last year and I stopped by the nearby Walmart for some beer. The super nice lady at the checkout asked for my ID and started venting to me about all the customers that make her job difficult by either not providing an ID or having a fake one. After the transaction was complete, she handed me my ID back, innocently saying "Thank you for being legal!". I'm Mexican.

  • Cssaarr
    Cssaarr 29 days ago +1

    what´s up with the squared cup of coffee? don´t get it

    • SnowBall
      SnowBall 29 days ago

      Me too, I'm really intrigued.

  • Gintaras Pag
    Gintaras Pag 29 days ago

    this one has to be demonetized already right? XD

  • Christy Litaker
    Christy Litaker 29 days ago

    /( )\
    / \

    HASSASIN ALI 29 days ago

    "i am buying it!!!!" 😂😂😂 nah this guys my new favourite.

    HASSASIN ALI 29 days ago

    i love pewdiepie after what he did to that fag fousey.

  • HonooRyu Perrone
    HonooRyu Perrone 29 days ago

    Well that's monetization

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago +1


  • Baldur Beck
    Baldur Beck Month ago

    my brave swede. am proud.

  • Fortnite Mando_Sk Mando

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Theres always an asian
    Better than you

  • D3mMdel _
    D3mMdel _ Month ago

    I died at 2:36 😂😂🤣🤣