Drift Trike 450cc - The Widowmaker

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • SFT Goggles, gears and stickers!
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  • MrMassive321
    MrMassive321 2 days ago

    why not a motor between legs?with mechanic steering..hhmmmmmm....

  • ben dover
    ben dover 7 days ago

    1:20 tört paik

  • wowpeli videot
    wowpeli videot 13 days ago

    Puhu suomee

  • Poku Poku96
    Poku Poku96 23 days ago

    Throws broken brake pedal and says who needs brakes anyway lol

  • Jim Jamm Jimmy
    Jim Jamm Jimmy 24 days ago

    You need my song Big Wheel on this vid! ru-clip.com/video/0gM54X6dvTo/video.html

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Month ago

    Radiator is a bit loose

  • Gino Jamil
    Gino Jamil Month ago

    all that fucking power
    great job guys great job...

  • TITAN 0707
    TITAN 0707 Month ago

    It’s beautiful... my neighbors would love it

  • severi
    severi Month ago

    Voinko ostaa ton

  • andy bowyer
    andy bowyer 2 months ago

    You sure punished those tyres 👊✊✊💨

  • Richard Franchini
    Richard Franchini 2 months ago

    you need WAY MORE caster angle on the front end (watch factory built trikes and you'll see), otherwise great build, keep on with what you're doing, love it.

  • Cole Mayer
    Cole Mayer 2 months ago

    How would a 992cc engine do on it? Cause thats gona be my next peoject

  • Foxdriver 465
    Foxdriver 465 3 months ago

    Missä radalla toi on

  • Alan Rolnik
    Alan Rolnik 3 months ago

    engine from crf 450 ?

  • Juhana Liesjärvi
    Juhana Liesjärvi 4 months ago +1

    Suomeksipuhe enkuksi tekstit olisko järkee

  • Nathan Sciarone
    Nathan Sciarone 4 months ago

    5:58 ummm...

  • Avus95
    Avus95 4 months ago

    Needs a shitload more rake, and drop the clip-ons down a bit, then it would be fine.

  • DONK!
    DONK! 4 months ago

    welkam tu te hytraylik press tsännel

  • PatonHaus
    PatonHaus 4 months ago

    You guys need more rake on that front fork!

  • Nicko Jonsson
    Nicko Jonsson 4 months ago +6

    Colin furze has left the chat

  • ツBooM- M a n k i
    ツBooM- M a n k i 5 months ago +1

    Amazing project!

    LITTLE GANGSTERS L S 5 months ago

    Buy a ktm 65

  • Kyrpä
    Kyrpä 5 months ago +2

    Tehkää seuraavaks joku testi tai vastaana ktm sxf 250 4t!!!

  • jaakkovolama
    jaakkovolama 5 months ago

    viimeksi ku katoin tilaajia niitä oli 185k:)

  • Tero Rautio
    Tero Rautio 5 months ago

    Ihana leikki vehe

  • _10000_ subs whit no videos_TM

    Hyvä enkku (Edit) sama kone ku siin 60hp pv?

  • garvin schmal
    garvin schmal 5 months ago

    I sound racist but every other accent but where im from sounds like they all got a cock in their mouth while they talk

  • theseal666
    theseal666 5 months ago

    More caster/forke-angle!!

  • MBrace
    MBrace 5 months ago

    You guys are probably tired of motards but Banshee motor Motard :P

  • Kas b
    Kas b 5 months ago

    Front end needs WAY more rake on it. That's why it's so unstable.

  • Tuukka Salminen Salminen

    Vitsi, kun pääsis joskus koittaa joitain tehokkaita vehkeitä ko 50cc derbi ei ruovi tarpeeks

  • Bentons Daddy
    Bentons Daddy 5 months ago

    Terrible ergonomics on the front tire it should have much more racket on it

  • proje fin666
    proje fin666 5 months ago

    Tehkää super ruohonleikkuri traktori jossa on mopon kone

    ILKKANINJA 5 months ago

    400k kohta

  • Itz Maleniar
    Itz Maleniar 5 months ago

    "near death" my ass, I get closer to death riding my 150cc mini bike custom built, and I'm a 6ft man so not that big for me

  • Moritz Scharl
    Moritz Scharl 5 months ago

    Maybe next time you don't use time lapse. Should be cool enough even without faking.

  • Ivan Granha
    Ivan Granha 5 months ago

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk JUST CRAZY

  • Nicolas Domouse
    Nicolas Domouse 5 months ago +1

    Awesome man can we hang out please I’ll buy us lunch

  • cain sample
    cain sample 5 months ago

    So cool man i just built my first drift trike..it turned out awesome

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 5 months ago

    Just waiting for colinfurze 😂

  • LSX_ moe
    LSX_ moe 5 months ago

    Needs more rake

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 5 months ago

    I got a kawasaki 400 in my go kart so i can imagine the speed that thing gets up to .hahaha

  • Rob Disco
    Rob Disco 5 months ago


  • Godfather
    Godfather 5 months ago

    I like it

  • David Lenz
    David Lenz 5 months ago

    Easy on the tires nigga! My turns next!

  • Jacob Kasprzak
    Jacob Kasprzak 5 months ago

    High handlebar ruined it. Looks uncomfortable and weird

  • Ladde 6
    Ladde 6 5 months ago

    you should do intro and outro for 400k

  • Greg Richards
    Greg Richards 5 months ago

    need bearing support near rear wheels axle flex

  • Terminal Psychosis
    Terminal Psychosis 5 months ago

    Needs way more rake on the front.
    Otherwise, oh shit, I wanna do a lap.

  • Daniel Ness
    Daniel Ness 5 months ago

    damn you boys have a lot of fun, keep em coming!

  • H&SAnimations
    H&SAnimations 5 months ago

    lists countless things wrong, lists 2 things right, the best mindset to have. very awesome

  • bug productions
    bug productions 5 months ago +1

    That is a proper drift trike. None of that soft cock PVC tubing on the rear wheels. Top work.

  • the brain
    the brain 5 months ago

    That design has no flaws. It is safer than anything on the road. Correct the braking problems and it will be the safest thing on the road. Maybe increase rear tire size to reduce rpm and wear to rear axle.

  • the brain
    the brain 5 months ago

    Damned, sh-t, you guys built it. I still have ideas so I'm not beat yet.

  • Ronski
    Ronski 5 months ago

    Te ootte parhaita

    Oon vast 11v mut pääseks teille töihi

    • Ronski
      Ronski 5 months ago


  • Dave Shively
    Dave Shively 5 months ago +1

    Up on the chip...love it! Hi from California.

  • SwoleMofo'
    SwoleMofo' 5 months ago

    Cool build! Not sure if i'd trust those welds tho : /

  • loren fritz jr.
    loren fritz jr. 5 months ago

    either move wheel assy. inboard or bearings outboard to get rid of wheel hop. have fun axle shaft to flexy the way you have it.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 5 months ago

    Look up colin furze

  • Kohta Pamahtaa
    Kohta Pamahtaa 5 months ago

    Juu Hav finis aksent änd jöö lik motorsykles