Relieve Your Stress | Beautiful Chill Mix

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • enjoy a beautiful chill music...
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    00:00:00 • Faodail - Coalesce
    00:05:32 • Aurai - Eshonai
    00:10:28 • The Captive Oceans - There is a World Better Off Without Me
    00:15:48 • Arros - Find Yourself
    00:21:13 • Salt Of The Sound - Be Still, My Soul
    00:25:08 • Keith Kenniff - Portraits Pt.2
    00:31:16 • 4lienetic - Yours (ft. Madi Larson)
    00:36:35 • Clemens Ruh - In The Dark
    00:39:06 • Clemens Ruh - Days Of Wonder
    00:42:56 • Uncertain Voices - Cold Blue Nights
    00:47:15 • Valotihkuu - Eternity
    00:53:25 • Stay - Forest Day
    00:59:10 • Jani R - Embrace
    01:03:47 • KnKn - Elsewhere
    Image by - Alex Geerts
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Comments • 353

    BLUME  5 months ago +26

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  • Cynthia Henderson
    Cynthia Henderson 2 days ago

    Thanks for the selection and the track list!

  • Quang Linh Ngo
    Quang Linh Ngo 5 days ago

    glorious!! where is place?

  • Stefan Herns
    Stefan Herns 6 days ago +1

    Life is Short So LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!!!!

  • Stefan Herns
    Stefan Herns 6 days ago

    I read: Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday!! Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a Gift, that's why they call it the Present!

  • Alex Geerts
    Alex Geerts 6 days ago

    Thanks for the feature + credit 🖤

  • Pasang Art
    Pasang Art 7 days ago

    Wow! can i use this music for my painting video tutorial

  • Anton
    Anton 11 days ago +2

    Is the picture from North Vancouver BC?

  • Miconistoon
    Miconistoon 12 days ago

    everything is breathtaking... but for second one...i don't have proper word...

  • Gray Angel
    Gray Angel 13 days ago

    I don't realise how tense and upset I am until I listen to this..then it all goes away and I have a sense of calm. Thank you

  • Jay H
    Jay H 13 days ago

    Thank you

  • smok ey
    smok ey 15 days ago solid chill mixx

  • Tuk-Nutchapak W.
    Tuk-Nutchapak W. 15 days ago

    Your mix, make time have meaning at the moment,

  • Jae Jun Brian Lee
    Jae Jun Brian Lee 18 days ago

    SIIIIICK opening song!!!

  • junaesi
    junaesi 20 days ago


  • Tarek9959
    Tarek9959 20 days ago

    00:36:35 00:39:06 Tomb Raider Underworld if im not wrong, im geting so nostalgic here !

  • Ignacia Garcia
    Ignacia Garcia 22 days ago


  • Insta Vids
    Insta Vids 23 days ago

    THANK YOU ! for leaving in the natural sounds in the background

  • Rosalia Zucaro
    Rosalia Zucaro 23 days ago +1

    Blume, 💙
    This is truly sensational! LOVE it so much! Thank you for sharing this with us. It will help a lot of us when we need it the most. Cheers! ❤💙

  • AzovPort
    AzovPort 24 days ago

    Like +

  • Edwin Zelaya
    Edwin Zelaya 24 days ago

    Damn I miss listening to Pulse8

  • Tayyab Hussain
    Tayyab Hussain 25 days ago

    It has been almost a year but i still miss her lips.

  • Seraphin
    Seraphin 26 days ago +1

    Instantly feel better with this shitles life. Part of those negative feelings have been token by this channel already. Hope it will take it even more in future...

  • Arwa D
    Arwa D 27 days ago +2

    Thank you for giving me life

  • Angelos Procopos
    Angelos Procopos 28 days ago

    It helps me to relax, relieve my stress and I listen to this beautiful chill mix music thank you.

  • Waldo Brandt
    Waldo Brandt Month ago

    I like jazz but this is for a VIP.

  • Waldo Brandt
    Waldo Brandt Month ago

    I am 10 and I love this !!!!!!

  • EamoNiKA
    EamoNiKA Month ago

    so good.. so nice.. thank you so much.

  • بثينة
    بثينة Month ago +1

    "There is a World Better Off Without Me" no, unless you're donald trump

  • S P
    S P Month ago


  • Mang Kipgen
    Mang Kipgen Month ago +2

    It's really beautiful and perfect for the ears especially when you need to relax

  • Jan
    Jan Month ago

    love it

  • Caribbean Gamer
    Caribbean Gamer Month ago +4

    I lost it at the minute 10:28... amazing music.

    • Jeanclon Sandner
      Jeanclon Sandner 28 days ago

      this is the name The Captive Oceans - There is a World Better Off Without Me

  • razv grig
    razv grig Month ago

    soulful music. great! also check out this new 2019 chillout lounge project Arramma -

  • Farrell Coleman
    Farrell Coleman Month ago

    Nice photo!

  • Muh. Gunawan Syam
    Muh. Gunawan Syam Month ago

    ah this is what i need, thank you

  • Nikki Grace Holmes
    Nikki Grace Holmes Month ago +2

    Twenty-five seconds in...realizing I will be turning this one on when I go to bed later tonight.

    And I really hope this helps me out as I have suddenly fallen under a spell of seizures as of last Turkey Day for some unknown reason. (I have a speculation or two...)

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Month ago

  • mrg1911
    mrg1911 Month ago

    Great stuff!
    Would you happen to know what the title of this intro music is....can't find on your site...

  • Dimitris Ceci
    Dimitris Ceci Month ago

    Thank you.

  • Lukas Subrt
    Lukas Subrt Month ago

    Song at 40min?

    • SVaughn
      SVaughn Month ago

      Look in video description.

  • Landy Sunshine
    Landy Sunshine Month ago

    Vers Beautiful

  • Daryl John
    Daryl John Month ago +6

    piano composition is just amazing WELL DONE!

  • Mounir Ben
    Mounir Ben Month ago +2

    programming and beautiful music what more ;)

  • Henrik Petersson
    Henrik Petersson Month ago

    Relieve You Stress? I would call it "Induce Your Stress"

  • vOCesUGa1
    vOCesUGa1 Month ago

    play in reverse and speed it up 4X. friggin awesome!!

  • Jana Zacharová
    Jana Zacharová Month ago +1

    very incredible playlist, thank you for this!!

  • Azmarina Tanzir
    Azmarina Tanzir Month ago

    For watercolor painting with soothing music please view this video

  • Cannaetiquette
    Cannaetiquette Month ago

    Great set, subbed. Thanks for the creation, look forward to more

  • Nik
    Nik Month ago +1

    You are Alive for a reason not just by chance...

    KOUSHIK ROY Month ago

    Just chil

  • Sachin Javeri
    Sachin Javeri Month ago

    At 1.25x feels cool relaxing DJ effect /music

  • tin dinh
    tin dinh Month ago

    Thank you! Lovely music

  • The Musical Journal

    top 9 chill songs you never heard

  • Samuel Alder
    Samuel Alder Month ago +2

    Thanks a lot for this, lovely to dance to, relax, unwind, remind the mind:
    all is well, i tell my heart and mind, be still and know that, I AM god...
    I AM = eternal conscious bliss which MAKES CHOICES!
    Once you make choices, don't listen to other voices,
    Except that one, infinite, loving, guiding, and free,
    sacred mysterious flame, holy creative spirit, name above all names:
    Jesus Christ, YAHWAY ELOHIM's son, immortal and eternal ONE.
    Choices and knowledge defeat fear and indecision, hear hear! :) :D
    We CAN save our earth, return it to what it's worth: beautiful innocence,
    Fun, and mirth, showing for all with eyes to see, mother's sacred dignity

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Month ago

    great photo is it a tudor submarine! nice vibes tho., maybe i should apply for a job with the (esa) european space agency, or carry on drawing my employment suppliment allowance. (esa) . .


    " От тебя до меня один шаг "
    Не будем расставаться
    До утра.
    Я без тебя ведь не могу,
    Ты знаешь.
    Ни часа,
    Ни минуты
    И ни дня.
    Ты всё,
    Что нужно мне для счастья!
    Покой и свет.
    Расступится ли тьма?
    Рассеется туман.
    Привидится обратно.
    Ты любишь всё ещё меня?
    Что чувствуешь
    Когда целуешь губы,
    Или любовь подобна
    Нежным снам?
    И меня не замечая,
    Спешишь уйти.
    Или остаться ждать?
    Что, если
    Ты не возвратишься завтра?
    Обо мне,
    Твоя мечта,
    Как золотая дымка.
    Мягкая кровать.
    Тебя поглотят
    Океаны мира.
    Я любить не перестану
    Ты в моих мыслях,
    В каждой
    Ты моё синее море
    И облака!
    Мой самый родной
    Однажды мы встретимся
    В этой вселенной
    Я знаю!

  • Balkan Error
    Balkan Error Month ago

    Find your pece guys and always chase your passion no matter how old you are. Have a nice one. ❣


    " Солнце в ладонях твоих "

    Я обнимаю во сне подушки,
    С закрытыми глазами ищу твои губы,
    Но напрасно...
    Я не найду тебя.
    Ты будешь далеко.
    Дальше чем сейчас.
    Каждую ночь
    Я буду ложиться один.
    И просыпаться без тебя.
    Среди ночи пропевая
    Нежно твоё имя!
    Музыка успокаивает мою душу!
    Пальцы набирают слова,
    Глаза ищут звёзды на тёмном небе.
    С приходом ночи становится
    Пусто и одиноко.
    Моя подруга в эту ночь.
    Я в кроватке.
    Усну с мечтами о тебе, любимая!
    День растворился.
    На губах остались
    Крохотные солёные капельки.
    Вкус моря и губ,
    Что целуют меня по ночам.
    Я стою на песке.
    Море внутри меня!
    Тёплое и спокойное!
    Маленькие волны
    Несутся к берегу,
    Касаются моих ног.
    Я здесь!
    Приди ко мне!
    Поцелуй губы,
    Которые тянутся к тебе
    Каждый день!
    Я так хочу увидеть улыбку
    На твоём лице!
    Ощутить горячее дыхание
    И руки обнимающие меня!
    Оказаться вместе
    В одном мгновении!
    Никуда не спешить,
    Остаться здесь,
    Рядом друг с другом навсегда!

  • Otavio
    Otavio Month ago +3

    incrível como essa playlist ficou muito boa