MC Special Stage - Jumpo Mambo(원곡: 쿨) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20191020

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • MC Special Stage - Jumpo Mambo #SBSInkigayo_EP1021
    민혁&나은&재현 - Jumpo Mambo #MC_Secial_Stage
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  • Leo Barcelona
    Leo Barcelona 6 days ago

    are there lyrics to this version?

  • Maria Andrade
    Maria Andrade 11 days ago

    #timeminhyuk the best MC

  • Micaela Gutiérrez
    Micaela Gutiérrez 11 days ago +2

    Tengo una sería obsesión con está canción,¡me encantan las voces!,ese trío visual me encanta también,nanana es ¡perfecto!♡

  • Odalys GR
    Odalys GR 21 day ago

    Y si volvemos a este momento y me quedo para siempre :(

  • Ikram Yusuf
    Ikram Yusuf 22 days ago +1


  • Kerlyn Dantes
    Kerlyn Dantes 23 days ago

    Stan April, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Dennis James
    Dennis James 26 days ago

    This was the best thing ever. Minhyuk fighting

  • Takato Gamarra
    Takato Gamarra Month ago

    Minhyuk es realmente visual.

  • Olivia Paige
    Olivia Paige Month ago +1

    jaehyunnie looks so goodddd

  • Ami_Ags
    Ami_Ags Month ago

    The song is cute and all, but what the hell is "shakarinarina"????

  • Nathalia Eras
    Nathalia Eras Month ago +1


  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Month ago

    I wasnt expecting to see joo da

  • StayZen Carat
    StayZen Carat Month ago +1

    Jaehyun ♡♡♡

  • Swirly Chim
    Swirly Chim Month ago +1

    So cute

  • 志宏
    志宏 Month ago +2


  • Amb...Kro
    Amb...Kro Month ago

    Cute at how at 2:30 the cameraman had to lower the camera for Naeun

  • Kia H
    Kia H Month ago +1

    someone tell me how is jaehyun cute and sexy and attractive at the same time ugh

  • Evelyn Cruz-Duran
    Evelyn Cruz-Duran Month ago +1

    JAEHYUN 💜✖️♾

  • Micaela Gutiérrez
    Micaela Gutiérrez Month ago +2

    Me volví adicta a la canción,sus voces son muy angelicales😭❤

  • Leo Barcelona
    Leo Barcelona Month ago +1

    i wish this could come out on itunes, much better than the original version

  • Squishy Bloom
    Squishy Bloom Month ago +1

    im so confused what even is this-
    they all look adorable tho

  • 蔡宗芹
    蔡宗芹 Month ago


  • HighDee FineApple APRIL

    APRIL’s Naeun is also Kim Hana in the drama A-TEEN, as well as Yeo Joo Da in the drama ExtraOrdinary You.
    Naeun is also the face of Peri Pera Cosmetics and Riccola Mint Candies :)
    Lee Naeun Fighting! APRIL Fighting! Inkigayo fighting!
    FineApples always proud of you ❤️🍍

  • E -
    E - Month ago +1

    such a refreshing trio!

  • NCTea
    NCTea Month ago +3

    *NA* eun
    *JAE* hyun
    *MIN* hyuk

  • Soft eunsangie
    Soft eunsangie Month ago +2

    Too much jaehyun isn’t good for my health

  • jyu97
    jyu97 Month ago

    Rise Naeun RISEEE!!🙌🙌🙌

  • Colorful Blossom
    Colorful Blossom Month ago +2

    Já é Jaehyun oppa is handsome 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  • Z
    Z Month ago +1

    Their voices are so beautiful together

  • Zion Tea
    Zion Tea Month ago

    Jaehyun is dying inside... he's wishing he was doing what Taeyong and Mark are doing LOL

  • Kaui Ann
    Kaui Ann Month ago +1

    i keep coming back to this performance, and naeun’s voice sounds more and more fresh and sweet each time 😊

  • jungle book joons
    jungle book joons Month ago +2

    MonZens how are we

  • ahn
    ahn Month ago +1

    naeun is absolutely adorable, her voice sounds so smooth and effortless

  • Álan Smyth
    Álan Smyth Month ago


  • Thị Xoài
    Thị Xoài Month ago

    Isnt she from Ateen?? Kim Hana? Is that u hahaha

  • Blueberry Ham
    Blueberry Ham Month ago +1

    Me in math class: Jumpo Mambooo Jumpo Mamboo

  • Mami Hauheng
    Mami Hauheng Month ago +2

    Jaehyun we love you
    We nctzens support you with love

  • Mami Hauheng
    Mami Hauheng Month ago +2

    Jaehyun we love you
    We nctzens support you with love

  • Mami Hauheng
    Mami Hauheng Month ago +2


  • S.A.S
    S.A.S Month ago

    Minhyuk!! Que precioso que sos

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Month ago

    Naeun is so pretty omg

  • єѕhí lҽҽ
    єѕhí lҽҽ Month ago +2

    Jaehyun's visuals and voice are on another level! 😍😍😍

  • Katiya ____
    Katiya ____ Month ago +1

    who’s the girl? she’s so pretty

    • HighDee FineApple APRIL
      HighDee FineApple APRIL Month ago

      APRIL’s Naeun Lee~~ She is also a rookie actress that starred in dramas A-Teen as Kim Hana and currently in Extra Ordinary You as Yeo Juda.

  • budoor 365
    budoor 365 Month ago

    مينيهوك ماسك ضحكته 😂😂💛

    SARANGHAE OPPA :V Month ago +1

    T AMO !!!!!!!!

    cuando nos casamos???
    jejeje es broma "es mentira" jejee
    pero si quieres no hay problema

  • arain764niara
    arain764niara Month ago

    What groups are they from?

    • lixqo
      lixqo Month ago

      jaehyun with black hair from nct, minhyuk with fair hair from monsta x
      i dont know about girl

  • mahsa.19 s
    mahsa.19 s Month ago

    i want rowoon be mc with naeun ...

  • mahsa.19 s
    mahsa.19 s Month ago


  • Multilized
    Multilized Month ago


  • Jennifer Casal
    Jennifer Casal Month ago

    I'm here to support my Minhyuk

  • Hanifa C
    Hanifa C Month ago +1

    1:55 I love Jaehyun’s voice, it just sounds so refreshing. Also when they’re all harmonising together, just sounds so perfect

  • María Paz Rojas Rojas

    Los tres combinan muy bien, se ven lindos juntos

  • Nico S.A
    Nico S.A Month ago +1

    This is the result of put on 3 angels in white closet , signing a adorable song about manbo on the same stage , just adorable , this is the best uvu

  • solkhu
    solkhu Month ago +1

    jaehyun is going so hard with this choreo i cant

  • بيشا بيتشا

    minhyuuuuuuk 😍😍

  • MiSO is my religion
    MiSO is my religion Month ago +1

    triple H PG version

  • Shaneil Green
    Shaneil Green Month ago

    Can someone tell me who they are please?

    • lixqo
      lixqo Month ago

      jaehyun from nct minhyuk from monsta x and girl 나은 I don't know how write her name and I dont know her group name

  • Ensa Ensa
    Ensa Ensa Month ago

    I know Jaehyun from Nct. Other 2 idols name? And where are they from?

  • PinkOcean8
    PinkOcean8 Month ago

    omg naeun

  • ante Camilia
    ante Camilia Month ago

    Damn i thought that was cha eunwoo