Chillstep Mix 2019 [2 Hours]

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • Enjoy some of the best chillstep from 2018 in this 2 hour mix, it's perfect background music or study music!
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    ♫ Tracklist;

    ►0:00 - Wayr - Follow The Light
    ►5:12 - AK - Waiting
    ►8:42 - Michael FK & Faodail - Holding Back
    ►12:36 - Aurai - Hiraeth
    ►18:20 - AK - In The Distance
    ►21:17 - Kisnou - Sine Ira
    ►24:41 - Andy Leech & 4lienetic - Nightfall
    ►29:18 - Wayr - Between Our Universes
    ►32:57 - AK & Dawncall - Felicity
    ►36:17 - Aurora B. Polaris - Forgotten
    ►40:32 - AK - Solicity
    ►44:25 - ZKAVE - Nameless Faces
    ►48:29 - Sappheiros - The Sound Of Rain
    ►52:47 - Kojak - Carpe Noctem
    ►56:33 - Ferven - Falling (pt. 2)
    ►1:00:02 - Serein - Atlantic
    ►1:04:53 - KTSG - Celestial (Sappheiros Remix)
    ►1:07:59 - Sappheiros - Truth
    ►1:11:34 - Wayr - Silence (Eminus Remix)
    ►1:15:47 - Day 7 - Journey Home
    ►1:20:10 - Sappheiros - Memories (Eunoia Remix)
    ►1:24:12 - Andy Leech - The Journey
    ►1:29:48 - AK - Abandoned
    ►1:32:58 - Andy Leech - Together With You Under The Stars
    ►1:39:21 - Faodail - Fairweather
    ►1:43:15 - Andy Leech & Victoriya - Aerolith
    ►1:47:03 - AK - Branches
    ►1:49:48 - Faodail - Plumeria
    ►1:53:06 - Noxive & Justin Jet Zorbas - With You
    ►1:56:43 - AK - Sad Tune
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Comments • 763

  • MixHound
    MixHound  6 months ago +807

    Have a great 2019 ❤️

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia Month ago

      no you! :)

    • CHAY
      CHAY 3 months ago

      I love seeing this much love here, much love mixhound ❤️

    • Kiaora Kid
      Kiaora Kid 4 months ago


  • Ryan Richa
    Ryan Richa 11 hours ago

  • Joel Avalo
    Joel Avalo 20 hours ago +1

    I liked your track. :)
    I hope you could do the same and like back on my track

    “LOST & FOUND”

  • Ca1amity _
    Ca1amity _ 22 hours ago +1

    When i listen to the music, the feelings activate. Music is very powerful indeed

  • Vanessa Braga
    Vanessa Braga Day ago

    Is that a real place? If so, where is that?

  • Scott Morgan
    Scott Morgan Day ago

    21:10 - LOVE this tune

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 3 days ago +4

    Chillstep music makes me feel like I am flying through space and I am discovering the most beautiful cosmic places and I feel a connectedness with everything. I swear I am not on anything.

  • Gmail Gmail
    Gmail Gmail 4 days ago


  • Mr Roblox
    Mr Roblox 4 days ago

    c h i l l

  • Be Bricks Music
    Be Bricks Music 5 days ago

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 5 days ago

    Nice job with this music video

  • Khải Nhi Nguyễn Ngọc

    I know this place

  • DragonnisPvP
    DragonnisPvP 11 days ago +1

    omg this is so relaxing, helps when im working on my game project

  • Alminambo
    Alminambo 11 days ago

    Why do I hear Minecraft music ? xD

  • Funker
    Funker 12 days ago

    AK in the diatance wery great one 😍❤👂

    GHOST ᴻ SPECTRE 12 days ago

    i feel in space now when listen this music 😄

  • Moroccan Bird
    Moroccan Bird 13 days ago +4

    Some people listen to this music to Study and me I use it under LSD Chill morning LMAO

  • Paul Enos
    Paul Enos 15 days ago

    24:47-31:37 ---- 33:00-36:07 ---- 39:25-44:15 ---- 1:30:01-1:39:07 ---- 1:43:10 -1:55:57

  • _LEEE_
    _LEEE_ 15 days ago +1

    This is The Best Chillstep Musik in My LIfe!!

  • d47e d00m
    d47e d00m 16 days ago +1

    me ayuda mucho la música que pones

  • Don Ring
    Don Ring 19 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but as I feel more one with the universe with each passing day, my musical love is more and more completely fulfilled by chillstep. Chillstep and a little bit of upbeat, instrumental smooth jazz lol.

    • Ryan Hanselman
      Ryan Hanselman 17 days ago

      Start combing the baroque through 40's. Chillstep throughout. Music will only change as people update it.

  • Geogeek
    Geogeek 19 days ago

    seriously soothing - love it, thanks :-)

  • Unknown818
    Unknown818 19 days ago

    nice, enjoyed 😎💧💙

  • Nerglers Stuff
    Nerglers Stuff 19 days ago +3

    To anyone studying or writing an essay. Suck it. I'm over here enjoying my free-time lol.

  • Marcus Levis
    Marcus Levis 19 days ago +4

    Dub and Chillstep...the music of the 2020s for me

  • Unknown Evil Hacker
    Unknown Evil Hacker 20 days ago


  • rockoquels
    rockoquels 20 days ago

    No ads!! Thank you for this!!

  • Samyra Lambert
    Samyra Lambert 20 days ago

    love this mix! so nice to listen to while cleaning/journaling, or when you just need to relax!

  • Sandra Grindstaff
    Sandra Grindstaff 21 day ago +2

    I enjoy listening to this music , it truly touches my heart and soul.

  • Brandon O'Donnell
    Brandon O'Donnell 22 days ago

    Dope mix

  • KnownMastere
    KnownMastere 22 days ago

    by far best mix i have ever heard I listen everyday when I play games thank you for providing this

  • Jordan Mitev
    Jordan Mitev 22 days ago

    it bring me in the pass my life, it,s aamazing🌹

  • SHOGUN 00420
    SHOGUN 00420 24 days ago

    shogun and koga kru!! much love

  • [13/7] WalnussflohPA
    [13/7] WalnussflohPA 24 days ago

    damn man, thats a great mix... thumbs up👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Seth Dedge
    Seth Dedge 26 days ago +1

    You did a fantastic job creating this playlist. Thank you!

  • serpento002
    serpento002 26 days ago +1

    jesus, this mix helps me so much in lol!

  • Pauli Na
    Pauli Na 27 days ago


  • Сергей Веселов

    Отличное видео!

  • DJ Asynchronous
    DJ Asynchronous Month ago

    no ads, thank you.

  • Cory Upton
    Cory Upton Month ago

    perfect DMT mix, the universe loves you.

  • 8ullfrog
    8ullfrog Month ago

    I like this very much.

  • FireWeezle
    FireWeezle Month ago +2

    Thank you so much for existing. This helps me soo much with my studying!

  • nextg3n
    nextg3n Month ago +6

    used it for background music and really helped :D ty

  • N!X
    N!X Month ago +77

    Thank you for having no ads on this! It's so relaxing and chill

  • RebelStudent
    RebelStudent Month ago

    can I download this somehow ?

  • Serena Hooper
    Serena Hooper Month ago

    Stay in school people.

  • لا تنسى الاشتراك

    الي جاي من طحطوح لايك

  • aLi
    aLi Month ago

    I cried listening to this while reminiscing my late mom passed away 7 yrs ago because of chemotherapy,the chemotherapy killed her not the cancer,I can feel the hurt/pain while putting my mom's body in earth before the burial,climbing out of the grave hole was 1 of the hardest things I've ever done/achieved in my life,I know that's the time I will leave you my beloved mother,you are and still my everything momy my heart is aching I really miss you,but in the end we will be together again we all know that,hey be right there mom!coming!!!

  • digimon916
    digimon916 Month ago +1

    Ive been raving so much that i stopped listening to chillstep. This is great. Sounds just like hearing chillstep for the first time again. Thanks

  • Me Notu
    Me Notu Month ago

    you stole my playlist from my

  • Leo boss
    Leo boss Month ago +2

    21:17 - Kisnou - Sine Ira

  • Decode
    Decode Month ago +1

    This is great, I have a final year science exam tomorrow; listening to this while revising

  • Pál Anna
    Pál Anna Month ago

    2:00:01 :) xd

  • Cary Adam Caves
    Cary Adam Caves Month ago +3

    RuneScape + this mix =

  • Jamie McMillan
    Jamie McMillan Month ago +5

    Thanks for this beautiful creation of frequency and vibration.

  • Nick Camyre
    Nick Camyre Month ago

    around the 11 minute mark anyone hear the linkin parky vibe?

  • TrollTeamMC
    TrollTeamMC Month ago


  • VisualSimplicity
    VisualSimplicity Month ago

    Heartbroken but not quite sure why. This kinda helps.

  • Agent Bleach
    Agent Bleach Month ago

    I am absolutely inlove with this remix, so beautiful and calming ♥️

  • Kelly Pruett
    Kelly Pruett Month ago

    I don't often comment on things like this, but I've used this mix several times now while going through a ton of coding for work. Thank you for the mix and the post. It is very much appreciated!

  • Kristin Booshay
    Kristin Booshay Month ago

    Am i crazy or does the image move (I would almost call it wiggling) just a little....

  • Aaron Schneider
    Aaron Schneider Month ago +5

    Giving me peace when everything is falling apart
    Thank you to all who made this possible.
    For a moment i remember what it was to be happy when i listen to this.😞😊
    Almost like a blanket to keep you warm through the night.

  • Lidia Mendes
    Lidia Mendes Month ago

    santorini»cocktail»sun»sea»whatelse? CHILL MUSIC! ;)

  • Scylen
    Scylen Month ago


  • Khalil Zanklo
    Khalil Zanklo Month ago

    Great mix and 12:36 is really nice

  • Aircraft Spotter
    Aircraft Spotter Month ago

    52:47 - Kojak - Carpe Noctem

  • Lady Enigma
    Lady Enigma Month ago

    This really makes me concentrate in my artworks and animation I'm doing. So relaxing...

  • Brent Arndt
    Brent Arndt Month ago

    I absolutely loved this from start to finish❤️

  • K 2
    K 2 Month ago

    The best 2019

  • Athan Said
    Athan Said Month ago

    Anyone else writing stories while listening to this?

  • Vamax
    Vamax Month ago


  • Frankie beltran
    Frankie beltran Month ago

    Whoever reading this comment. I don’t know if you life it good or bad rn, but always remember tomorrow and the future is never guaranteed. So do the thing that you been keep holding yourself back from. Whether it a love confession or pursuing a dream. Go for it because the future is not promised

    I'M A NOOB DOOD Month ago +4

    I always fall asleep to this, idk why, fell asleep to the 2018 mix. Love it. 😍😌

  • J.R. Cook
    J.R. Cook Month ago +2

    Excellent. You earned a thumbs up, subscribe, and this comment from me. Keep up the great work!

  • Dr3ameR Official
    Dr3ameR Official Month ago +1

    *Retired alone in a study room, the laptop in front of this mix, the perfect vibe to study and write!*

  • Help me I'm dieing
    Help me I'm dieing Month ago

    Damn I needed this

  • A bear
    A bear Month ago

    I feel like when people listen to music like this it makes them nicer and that’s what this world needs nice people

  • ChillstepWolf
    ChillstepWolf Month ago +4

    Beautiful mix ! everybody have a blessed life

  • Ascendant IX
    Ascendant IX Month ago

    The track at 33:00min inspired this verse ...[ I feel bad and om' a "let her know"...that's the reason om 'a "let her go"...where the f is she now? who the f knows...probably goes off to party, at her big bros, "yeah I suppose" ...I thought we was tighter than some "tight clothes"...keep tha lies, I ain't even trying to "fight those"... all alone, but let's see how "tonight goes"... ill verses om sick enough to write those, om surgical, what I write is precise flows...]

  • Ascendant IX
    Ascendant IX Month ago +1

    maybe we can be together next lifetime...we're standing on the face of eternity...I forgive my past, I look forward to the future but my mind becomes a force right now and only, at the moment...It's only for a moment, then Its gone.

    • sands no one
      sands no one 28 days ago

      @Caitlyn Cherro soooo true !!!

    • Caitlyn Cherro
      Caitlyn Cherro Month ago +1

      The great thing about standing on the face of eternity... Is that nothing can stop us once we've looked into the eyes of tomorrow. Your mind will always hold infinite potential for wonderful things. Always :)

  • Chris 5401
    Chris 5401 Month ago +1

    Imagine getting head with this playing😍

  • EvilRose Official
    EvilRose Official Month ago +2

    1:25:19 - A M A Z I N G

  • Lone Ghost _/\__/\_
    Lone Ghost _/\__/\_ Month ago +1

    Just be yourself even if it makes other people mad tell em to suck a dick. A wise man once told me those exact words.

  • EvilRose Official
    EvilRose Official Month ago

    is it...Heavens?...

  • MultiGamerClub
    MultiGamerClub Month ago +2

    Studying, reading laws.. prepearing for the biggest exam of my life. Scared, very.

  • Nache Tognion
    Nache Tognion Month ago

    It takes you to another place, its really awesome, especially in the first ten minutes

  • Kevin Bielat
    Kevin Bielat Month ago +1


  • AnimeT0getherEU
    AnimeT0getherEU Month ago +1

    When you're unlucky and play with idiots on dauntless that steal your buffs, 3 drop and someone takes all 3, which deosn't stack.

  • Elvis Suligoj
    Elvis Suligoj Month ago +1

    Beautiful music Mix I Like it a lot! Great Job Putting it together!

  • Juliet Eaton
    Juliet Eaton Month ago

    Anyone here who is doing calculus homework to this music I hope you get an A....

  • link4356
    link4356 Month ago

    Are you trying to make us fall asleep? Where is the chillstep?

  • Philippe Cirse
    Philippe Cirse Month ago +1

    This remains nevertheless rather unworthy, little evocative and reminds me of the soft foam and dull waves that sag under a rumbling and fuliginous sky !

  • Lara Lebeu
    Lara Lebeu Month ago

    The first minutes remind me of Mirror's Edge

  • Jimmy Lapan
    Jimmy Lapan 2 months ago

    May be a reach... anyone recall a chillstep style song with a music video of a guy on a bike, gets picked up by two girls in a jeep, and then the girls rob someone with a baseball bat wearing bunny masks?

  • Nek lel
    Nek lel 2 months ago +3

    to anybody doing inferno on runescape, it's ok buddy u can do it!

  • Dani Heart
    Dani Heart 2 months ago +5

    Video says 2 hours,
    NO! It's 2 hours.....and 2 seconds

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 2 months ago зацените трек ребят

  • ApEx DeFeNdEr
    ApEx DeFeNdEr 2 months ago

    who else watching in 2017 (time fracture lol)

    • Hannah Grace
      Hannah Grace Month ago

      yeah right hahahaha it's 3017 rofl bahahaha......

      Okay yeah you aren't funny

  • TheHiddenGenius
    TheHiddenGenius 2 months ago +21

    Anybody studying for finals yet?

    writing an essay and studying for finals right now, great music thanks for the upload MixHound

  • Kristi Ambrose
    Kristi Ambrose 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that wholly relies on the picture when it comes to deciding to click on the playlist or not? lol. Sometimes the song playlist name too, but a lot of the time I look at the picture - if it moves something inside of me, I click and listen.