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Dr. Eric Berg - 'Practical Keto'

  • Published on Aug 21, 2020
  • Dr. Eric Berg is a chiropractor who specialises in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life.

    Dr. Berg is the author of the best selling books 'The 7 Principles of Fat Burning' and 'The Healthy Keto Plan' in which he describes specific strategies on doing the healthy version of the ketogenic diet as well as intermittent fasting. He has conducted over 4800 seminars on health-related topics and trained over 2500 doctors world-wide in his methods.

    Dr. Berg has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, on the advisory panel for the Health Science Institute, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University. He has appeared on many radio and television shows, including ABC, CBS, and as a monthly host on Channel 8's Sports Talk. He has also had his own radio health show on WOL in 2005.

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Comments • 3 861

  • DougieWugs
    DougieWugs 4 months ago +290

    Dr Berg introduced me to keto. 4 years later I am now 400 lbs, down from 620 lbs. Now I'm KetoVore. Dr Bergs videos were lifechanging.

    • W Murphy
      W Murphy 13 days ago +1

      I love it! Congratulations! You inspired me. I’m 150 lbs overweight. Thank you for giving me hope!

    • Sounds Channel
      Sounds Channel 15 days ago

      keto and fasting is for health benefits not for weight loss specifically, you CAN use it as a TOOL for weight loss i.e you still need to eat at a caloric deficit, a calorie surplus is still a surplus even if it was healthy foods, also for 4yrs? i'm sure your body will adapter sooner or later

    • Diane Z
      Diane Z 16 days ago

      Good for you! Wishing you all the best of health.

    • K
      K 22 days ago +1

      @Arianne Alsaker Our bodies only needs a very small amount of carbohydrates and we can get these by consuming vegetables in our ketogenic meals. Also, Dr Berg only suggests berries as fruits to eat.

      HERNANDEZ SHOE BOX Family Month ago +2

      @Arianne Alsaker so you get cancer from not eating carbs?

  • James Leston
    James Leston 6 months ago +120

    My wife and I started Keto last September. We said we would do it a month. It is now July and we don't regret it at all. I no longer on insulin going from 10.2 A1C to 5.4 A1C. I've lost 70 lbs 243 to 173. Blood pressure from 160s to 110. My wife gone from 160 to 119 lbs. I really feel healthy for the first time in 15 years.

    • Mark Papa
      Mark Papa 14 days ago

      How James how did you gradualy bring down the doses for your Insulin with the Keto diet?

    • AskACaliforniaNurse
      AskACaliforniaNurse Month ago +1

      Hi James what kind of keto is your wife doing? Is it same as yours and can you share what u eat?

    • St Ben
      St Ben Month ago +3

      Well done, keep it up

  • klare ellis
    klare ellis 4 months ago +224

    His story about eating 45 eggs a day was really 4 to 5 reminded me of a time when I got back from deployment and walked into the house and wondered what the burning smell was. It was my wife cooking her grandmothers recipe for spaghetti sauce. She cooked it for 68 hours. Was supposed to be 6 to 8 hours.

  • Adam V
    Adam V 10 months ago +373

    286 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes. Now 217, blood pressure normal, no diabetes and feeling great!
    Update: 212 lbs. Just got blood work done. Numbers amazing.

    • K
      K 22 days ago

      Any further updates?

    • Paul hornsey-pennell
      Paul hornsey-pennell 25 days ago

      hey adam those are fantastic results. can i ask a couple of questions? 1) what did it take (mentally) and 2) did you experience saggy skin?

    • Krystal My
      Krystal My Month ago

      how long were you on keto? Did your diabetes go away and how long did it take on keto? I was just diagnose. My sugar a1c was 7.5. I am on keto except for my diet mt dews. Can't live without those. lol

    • Bob Sakamoto
      Bob Sakamoto 3 months ago

      Any carb flu or lack of energy? Is so when did it end?

    • Maranatha The Lord Cometh
      Maranatha The Lord Cometh 3 months ago +1

      GREAT JOB!

  • Amanda Lovelace
    Amanda Lovelace Year ago +2854

    I weighed 415 and stopped weighing myself. I am sure I weighed more than that. I was unable to walk. I had tried all sorts of pills and diets. I turned to keto because my mom started it and lost a few pounds. I weigh 217 now. I've stopped drinking soda and all the ingredients for hidden sugar. I love how I feel now. And I am still going. I still have health problems. I can walk now and have gone on all sorts of adventures.

    • YoginiKay Citron
      YoginiKay Citron 6 days ago

      Thank you for sharing your story and prayers for continued health!!!!

    • Alexandra McLeod
      Alexandra McLeod 8 days ago

      Hope your still going great

    • Judi Phillips
      Judi Phillips 13 days ago

      You are an inspiration to me!

    • Counsellor 4 Job Interviews
      Counsellor 4 Job Interviews 13 days ago

      Kudos, Amanda !

    • Little Fish
      Little Fish 13 days ago

      @David Rock diet only plays a part. People are extremely toxic from meds, poisonous foods, toxins in water etc. The body piles on weight when it's being bombarded by poisons and desperately stores the poison in fat cells. Combine background toxins with a diet full of carbs, fast food, soda, etc along with overeating and toxic meds, the body cannot cope. I have lost about 25 lbs now in 6-8 weeks on keto. A lot more to go but the biggest difference I am far less inflamed since going keto and I had been on what could be considered a healthy diet--gluten free, no processed foods etc for the past 8 yrs. Not a junk food eater, not a soda drinker...but I still got over 250 lb due to years on toxic meds. It takes time for the poison (and fat that is trying to save you from it!) To leave the body. Many many women also have endocrine disorders that make losing weight extremely difficult in the presence of sugars/carbs.

  • Holly Knudson
    Holly Knudson 9 months ago +234

    The Ketogenic diet is a fabulous tool, for not only losing weight, but for boosting mental clarity. Great video!

    • J
      J 3 months ago +1

      @John Wick John, I also need to gain weight but more importantly protect my brain. I went on keto for 4 months and I lost about 3 lbs in the beginning but stayed steady after that. I was eating A LOT, 2-3 meals and snacking, (like taking spoonful's of olive oil or coconut oil and eating a lot of fat bombs and butter on dark chocolate!). But, I have had 3 abdominal surgeries and definitely have difficulties absorbing my nutrients, thus I need to gain weight. The fact that my weight was steady was very impressive to me. My boyfriend went on it also and he lost over 30 lbs., although he needed to lose weight. I started to bloat a lot so I went off of it. I am going back on because I had wonderful mental clarity. Good news is that I kept a record of what I ate in MyFitnessPal and I will tweak my diet to try to understand what made me bloat at the end.

    • J
      J 3 months ago +2

      Yes Holly! I went on the diet for 4 months and noticed that I was remembering numbers better. I recently went off temporarily and WOW! what a difference! My concentration is awful as well as my memory. I never realized it was so bad. Will be going back on it ASAP!

    • John Wick
      John Wick 4 months ago +2

      How to gain weight through keto?

    • Nancy Z
      Nancy Z 5 months ago +3

      Thanks Holly I'm going to try it for that.

  • 1cont
    1cont 10 months ago +473

    This is a doctor that actually understands the human body and gives good advice.

    • Tomas Kuli
      Tomas Kuli Month ago +1

      He's not a medical doctor.

    • Tomas Kuli
      Tomas Kuli Month ago +1

      @Eric Carr My cholesterol went into the normal range doing keto and my A1C went down as well. I wouldn't eat 4-5 eggs in a day. Who'd want to do that? I ate 1-2 eggs in the morning and protein but little too no carbsnfor the other meals.

    • Tomas Kuli
      Tomas Kuli Month ago +1

      @Summer Time No, they are not. I reviewed medical documents for a living. We would not accept any recommendations, except from an MD, OD, Psych, a PhD, nor any form of a nurse practitioner or medical assistant. I researched chiropractors and they are not medical doctors. I rejected their reports.

    • Tomas Kuli
      Tomas Kuli Month ago

      @Skiddins You don't need to buy supplements for keto to work.

    • Eric Carr
      Eric Carr Month ago +2

      I didn't make it far. I heard 4-5 eggs a day and said NOPE. Do you have any idea how much cholesterol that is?

  • Jane Chippendale
    Jane Chippendale 9 months ago +310

    My daughter has epilepsy and read about Keto Nat, she has started and her jerks have gotten a lot better, her brain is calmer and she is able to sleep at night now. It has made a huge change to her quality of life. It was never about losing weight but that would also be nice. Her health is so much better. She isn’t able to buy it as it is costly but you can’t put a price on health. I will be helping her.

    • Matthew Montgomery
      Matthew Montgomery Month ago +2

      @M K it's certainly cheaper if you are also doing a lot of fasting. I think the expenses come with a lack of a meal plan though. Some people don't want to plan to strictly and this buy a ton of food to hedge their bets, plus a lot of the commercial keto foods. I'm just getting started trying to add keto to IF and it's honestly daunting creating a meal plan for myself so I do get it.

    • Thomasita Taylor
      Thomasita Taylor Month ago

      Research the use of magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B6, and multi-vitamin/mineral supplements to help with epilepsy.

    • M K
      M K 2 months ago +2

      @yourbluesmama I too wonder why keto is "expensive" for some people. For me it's cheaper because I just *eliminated* the non-keto items so less groceries = less cost!

    • Becky D Holistics
      Becky D Holistics 4 months ago +2

      That's amazing, Keto diet was actually made for epileptic children originally.

    • Mominul Haque
      Mominul Haque 4 months ago +1

      @Taneisha R Is Rosy Israel is the mother of Stephanie person, who got cured from the 4th (last) stage of leoukomia (blood cancer) through holistic (which involves Kitogenic diet) treatment under Dr. Mojibul Haque, ND, Phd. of Texas, USA ?

  • Rebecca Abrams
    Rebecca Abrams 10 months ago +132

    I just love this man. He is kind, articulate, funny ! I purchased his book, order all the recommended vitamins and minerals he suggests. His speaking voice calms me plus he is easy on the eyes if you know what I am saying. I enjoy watching the cooking videos he and his lovely wife produce together as well as their sit down talks. Thank you for your honesty Dr. Berg! I recommend you to all who will listen.

    • Michael McKay
      Michael McKay 2 months ago +2

      @Virginia blue perhaps better than going to the bar tender or the supermarkets/big pharma?

    • Donna Bonn
      Donna Bonn 3 months ago +5

      @Virginia blue
      That's his personal business...none of our business.

    • Virginia blue
      Virginia blue 6 months ago +2

      Berg is a Scientologist and to each his own BUT all your money is going to Scientology.

    • John Huber
      John Huber 7 months ago +2

      is it called:
      “Healthy Keto & Intermittent Fasting,
      A Simple Overview”? $12.95

    • Sharon D'Alessio
      Sharon D'Alessio 10 months ago

      what is the name of this book?

  • Angel Lucy
    Angel Lucy 10 months ago +81

    My husband and I started keto, today is day 2, and Dr. Berg’s videos are helping me understand why it was difficult for us to loose weight in the past. He explains things with such simplicity it’s amazing.

    • M K
      M K 2 months ago +1

      @elle jay Oddly enough, knowing what carbs, sugar and starch were doing to my body was enough to keep me on keto. Stick with it for at least 3 months and you'll see changes that will inspire you to keep going. I lost over 50 pounds in 7 months without even being strict about it!

    • elle jay
      elle jay 3 months ago

      hows the keto going now are u still on it, i keep gong off and on it find it hard but on day 12 now

    • Lisa C
      Lisa C 3 months ago

      So true.

    • razziade
      razziade 4 months ago

      How's the progress?

    • John Huber
      John Huber 7 months ago +2

      Stick with it.
      I Lost 20 lbs. & Feel more in Control
      of my Life.

  • Stormy Snyder
    Stormy Snyder 9 months ago +20

    This man is wonderful 👏 ❤ Thank you! He educates on what exactly needs to happen for women struggling with menopause. This saves frustration, money, time, feelings, life!!

  • JJ Malvarez
    JJ Malvarez 9 months ago +8

    Absolutely amazing presentation!!!
    Thank you very much Dr. Berg for all the information you put out there for us to help others and for others to help themselves if they take the time to watch, listen, learn and apply.

  • Mary Ellen Reese
    Mary Ellen Reese 8 months ago +3

    Dr. Berg, you are the best! You make me laugh so hard, explain everything without being overly technical, and seem to anticipate all my questions. Thank you.

  • Stace Hansen
    Stace Hansen Year ago +874

    Never in my life did I ever imagine I could lose the weight. Here I am without cravings! I am never hungry and feeling like I've been let out of jail and never going back. Thank you

    • Snap112
      Snap112 7 months ago

      @True Story Same here. Sometimes I'm not hungry at noon and I just eat cuz its noon. Regardless. Smh. At work I would get out at noon to eat cuz I just wanted to get out of the office, not cuz I was hungry. Then I would get hungry around two hours later, anyway. Smh. Now I'm working from home due to pandemic and still in habit of eating at noon. Whether or not I'm hungry. Smh

    • Snap112
      Snap112 7 months ago

      How did you do it? I need help. Are you on keto? I'm a menopausal woman so not sure it would work for me.

    • Wallace Sousuke
      Wallace Sousuke 9 months ago

      @Just Call Me Bon yeah, but most consumed (and cheaper) foods here are rice, pinto/carioca beans, bread, pasta, also pizza, sugary drinks, potato, sweet potato, cassava/mandioca and ofc, fast foods, cake and other sugary desserts. Most keto-friendly foods here are hard to come by and very expensive

    • Change Eye Color
      Change Eye Color 9 months ago


    • Mrs. March
      Mrs. March 10 months ago

      Dr. Eric Berg...excellent advice...
      Learning proper INTERMITTENT FASTING for results...❤

  • Aubrey Odom
    Aubrey Odom 2 months ago +19

    I tried so many diets the intermittent fasting is when I feel my best. I tried the eating 6 small meals a day mess and ended up gaining weight even on low calorie and I felt like my blood sugar was all over the place. I’m glad to hear some people do better with fasting and I’m definitely one of them

  • Youtube Viewer
    Youtube Viewer 9 months ago +62

    Dr. Berg is so exactly right about getting that extra time of deep sleep.

    • Gus Grizzel
      Gus Grizzel 4 months ago +3

      A lot of people must not need to work. Most of us have long days, long commutes, and work more than 5 days per week. It's very hard to get exactly 8 hours of good sleep each night.

  • Bill Brennan
    Bill Brennan 3 months ago +27

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Keto ( then extreme Keto / fasting ) saved my life, slowed and even REVERSED most of my ALS ( Lou Gehrig’s disease ) !!!

    • Just Joy
      Just Joy Month ago


    • Karen Weiss
      Karen Weiss 2 months ago +2

      How wonderful! ❤️ God bless and continue to heal you.

  • Eternal Nature
    Eternal Nature 8 months ago +5

    Simply brilliant Dr Berg, thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge, I will be re-watching again to really let it all sink in, very detailed analysis I am impressed. Love your other videos, the one feat. Thomas Delauer was awesome! PS. I love the jokes, I definately laughed out loud! Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

  • Ethel Barroso
    Ethel Barroso 9 months ago +3

    Thank you for this video, just what I needed, I'm like that patient that doesn't matter what I do I can't lose weight (stress and lack of sleep are my problems I guess)

  • Lori Kegley
    Lori Kegley 7 months ago +69

    I'm so glad I found this on RU-clip. I actually feel like I can trust him. That's unusual for me.
    Thank you Dr. Berg.

    • dinkylovesbooks
      dinkylovesbooks 4 months ago +1

      @Danny Rw @ROGER D83 @myboy051 and how does that have any bearing on his medical knowledge? His family issues are personal. If his son has an issue he should take it to the police, not air their dirt laundry in public. Professionally, Dr.Berg knows his stuff and he's sharing his knowledge and expertise for free. There are probably a lot of people that we interact with and trust at a professional level, and we have no idea what shit is going on in the background. How does that impinge on their ability as a medical.professional? Not my circus, not my monkeys. Eventually it's upto us to do our own research and do what's best for us. Blindly trusting what ANYBODY says is our fault, not the other person's.

    • arif ali
      arif ali 5 months ago

      He’s a lighthouse of honest knowledge with wisdom and logic.

    • Danny Rw
      Danny Rw 5 months ago

      He's a scientologist

    • Kay kay
      Kay kay 7 months ago +3


  • Sabrina Keeping Jesus First

    I love the way you explain and treat each individual patient coming into your office. You assess them as JUST THAT AN INDIVIDUAL💕🙏🏼 I wish you would do a seminar here in Georgia 😇

  • Andre Cormeau
    Andre Cormeau 9 months ago +7

    After diabII diagnosis I watched quite a few of his videos and followed his advise. Glucose went from 17.4 to 7, feeling much better, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for the public information and effort in producing these videos. You are my hero!

    • ea
      ea Month ago

      Did your doctor ever ask , how you were able to achieve that?

  • Maxine Schell
    Maxine Schell 5 months ago +2

    Dr. berg! Thank you for your honesty! You explain everything in such an understanding manor! And so believable! I can’t wait to make your Keto Pizza!

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 7 months ago +4

    Thankyou so much Dr Berg for enlightening the masses; I very much appreciate what you have to say and learn from your knowledge.

  • Bob M Woodin
    Bob M Woodin 6 months ago +2

    Thank you, Dr. Eric, for your time. Another good job well done as usual. GO KETO! the only way to go.

  • Marc M
    Marc M 9 months ago +3

    Dr Berg has been so inspirational to me... please keep the videos coming and please keep coaching me as I need this motivation in order to better myself!

  • Parimalah Victor
    Parimalah Victor Year ago +766

    Dr Eric is one guy who is sincere and loves what he is doing.

    • OneGod 777
      OneGod 777 Month ago

      @Rob Westley You speak the truth eat what God gave us

    • Sharon Robinett
      Sharon Robinett 4 months ago +1

      Making money for his Church of Scientology

    • Steve Newsom
      Steve Newsom 8 months ago +1

      He's a cult leader

    • Razor Ray Solar savings
      Razor Ray Solar savings 9 months ago +1

      Lol of course DR. Berg offers great accurate information and as a result gets paid handsomely.

      WTF did you expect?!

    • GoldFisz
      GoldFisz 9 months ago +2

      @Randall We did not evolve eating plants like cows. We evolved eating fatty meats and organ meats. You can run on low fat plant based diet but it working does not mean it is the best. Healthy Keto diets can reverse heart disease and reverse type 2 diabetes. There are peer reviewed studies on it so I do not know where you take this knowledge from. Idk where you took information from that keto eliminated vegetables. Healthy keto makes you eat more vegetables than before! There is no bloating/dysbiosis on keto and dysbiosis since you eat more fermented foods and other gut bacteria supporting foods than on standard diet. You are so narrow minded because you pull out some arguments out of nowhere. Be careful about using word debunked since quite opposite healthy Low carb high fat diets with each year are proven even more to be healthier / disease treating and disease preventing.

    SWEETSLASHER 7 months ago +4

    Thank you so much for everything, Dr. Berg!

  • Armine Baghdassarian
    Armine Baghdassarian 5 months ago

    You motivate and encourage. Thank you to you and your wife. I am pushing myself more and your lectures really help. Thank you🌞

  • Kabin Chaulagain
    Kabin Chaulagain 10 months ago +730

    Dr Berg: Explaining importance of good sleep!!!
    Me: watching this at 3:00 am :(

    • Ben Mtz
      Ben Mtz 2 months ago

      Me 😂😂

    • Chef Mama Merino
      Chef Mama Merino 2 months ago

      Me 5:00 am 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    • Wata Dreams
      Wata Dreams 2 months ago


    • Aly Upde
      Aly Upde 2 months ago

      Me with a 3 week old and toddler.... do some sleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time?

    • Suzy Araya
      Suzy Araya 4 months ago

      I work nights shifts two or sometime a week 🙃 😩 I feel guilty.

  • Carmen Rose
    Carmen Rose 10 months ago +1

    So great! Highly informative and has given me enough insight to work on my health regime. Bless you and thanks for all your work.

  • deb d
    deb d 11 months ago +365

    Brilliant Doctor 👨‍⚕️! Harvard Trained yet can take the most complex medical issues and break it down into understandable language and actionable resolves! I cannot express the depth of my appreciation for your gifts Dr. Berg! You are a life saver and human life advocate! Blessings and gratitude in magnitude! 💜

    • Redhouse 100
      Redhouse 100 3 months ago +1

      He's incredible, I agree! And I just realized that he looks like Bruce Boxleitner! Am I right?

    • SD LA
      SD LA 3 months ago +2

      Harvard isn’t bad, but yea, many in Harvard were and are buying their entrances. The CCP Chinese has bought it as well as many well known universities in the U.S.

    • Don Grant
      Don Grant 3 months ago +1

      @Dale So you didn't listen to your doctor and take his drugs that he was pushing!

    • L S-L
      L S-L 3 months ago +1

      You are mistaken. Just by watching his videoes you are supporting him. Even more when you buy his products. I think people want to know, they are donating to scientology. I want to at least.

    • Dale
      Dale 4 months ago +10

      @dinkylovesbooks Agreed. I could care less his religious beliefs since my interest is in his nutritional knowledge. I haven't watched all his videos but have never yet seen him promote Scientology.

  • Custom Keto Diet
    Custom Keto Diet Month ago +1

    Love the way he teaches, very clear and honest.

  • Paul Frew
    Paul Frew 9 months ago +2

    I really enjoy this channel a lot. Very very informative. Thank you Dr Berg!

  • Juan Yi
    Juan Yi 9 months ago +5

    Big fan of Dr. Berg. I have been on Leto for 1 month. I definitely feel the change. No fatigue, no craving, more energy and good mood. Will keep up with the good work.

  • Lucy
    Lucy 9 months ago +5

    I have just started watching these videos. I love the science behind this Keto diet. Now I won't watch any other weight loss video because I want to just do what Dr. Eric says to do and not let others confuse me.

  • Gonçalo Brito Câmara
    Gonçalo Brito Câmara Year ago +3047

    I'm just going to say this: people don't realise that this HERO is saving lives everyday! Thank you Dr. Eric Berg!

    • arif ali
      arif ali Month ago

      @Violien Damast best comment. So called real doctors messed my health and my wives health too.

    • arif ali
      arif ali Month ago

      I highly agree with you. Salute to Dr. Eric Berg.

    • Ana Thompson
      Ana Thompson Month ago

      @Televisionarchives what you have said flies in the face of the facts and testimonies of hundreds or thousands who are doing great with his advice. If they fired him I am sure it was because he spoke truth rather than lies. It shows he is honest. It takes a lot of guts to go against the establishment. He deserves a Nobel price much more than others. He is giving hope and health when there was none left. Get lost!

    • Vino Man
      Vino Man Month ago

      @Televisionarchives chiropractors have put me on my feet when i was carried on a combat litter. Medical doctors drugged me and told me disability was my new normal. Now I walk, hunt, climb mountains and stairs. I’m late 60s and humping like a teen. God bless chiropractic, IF and drs who teach real health.

    • Betty Mobley
      Betty Mobley 2 months ago

      I realized this in the First video I watched of his. Greatest Doctor Ever.👍🏻❤️🙏🏻

  • tisha mewalal
    tisha mewalal Month ago +6

    I am experiencing hives at night time very itchy so this is officially my first day doing intermittent fasting. I am changing my diet to keto to see how I feel . Thank you Dr for all the advice

    • Robert Giacomo
      Robert Giacomo Month ago

      You need to examine whether your body is being exposed to sudden or dramatic changes of temperature. This could be a reason for hives as happened to me once returning from abroad.

  • Erica Marie
    Erica Marie 9 months ago +26

    I love you because your a Doctor not just after money, but you really care and very supportive and you don't just talk about health you live it.

  • Kim Lehocky
    Kim Lehocky 5 months ago

    Always so wonderful to sit and learn from your doctor Berg! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Gentry Tipton
    Gentry Tipton 7 months ago

    Too damn good. Thank you Dr. Berg. I direct all of my patients to you that want answers.

  • Butterfli99
    Butterfli99 Year ago +479

    I was one of those patients that could not lose weight . I didn’t cheat , stuck to all my many diets . Worked out hard and I’m menopausal. Fasting and keto is the only thing that finally worked .

    • Travis DeLaGrange
      Travis DeLaGrange 6 months ago +5

      @Anna B Doctors aren't nutritionists anyway, they're just trained to prescribe you medication without getting to the underlying cause.

    • Enzo Morf
      Enzo Morf 6 months ago +6

      @Anna B... but he knows his stuff... hey? Doctors and nutritionists are the most useless professional people to advise on nutrition and losing weight. Doctors have little to no training in the area and nutritionists are taught about the "balanced diet" and pyramid of foods... all old hat. Neither of them understand fasting or intermittent fasting. Nor do they understand keto and constantly repeat "you can't live without carbs".

    • Rhonda C
      Rhonda C 6 months ago +5

      Congrats!! I'm menopausal and miserably overweight. I'm determined to get rid of this hormonal belly fat!! That's why I'm watching this video today. Always encouraging to hear success stories. 👍 💕

    • Sayusayme🦋
      Sayusayme🦋 7 months ago +1

      Same, so grateful. 60 and 50 lbs lighter wasn’t my goal
      Diabetes and no meds still struggling with cortisol.
      Thank you Dr. Berg ✨

    • Cindy Johnson
      Cindy Johnson 8 months ago +2

      @Anna B we can't help it that you are just an unhappy person. You need some ketones, you'll feel better, although I'm guessing you like your unhappy self!

  • Em H
    Em H 2 months ago +2

    I used to eat so much garbage food thinking I was eating healthy. Thank goodness I found Dr.Berg. Surprised I’m not worse off. If only I found him sooner my parents would still be here.

  • naz rr
    naz rr 3 months ago +10

    this doctor keeps getting younger and younger. i love him and watch his videos all the time. very useful

  • chutzpah
    chutzpah 9 months ago +43

    I've been treated by several Chiropractors in my life but not a single one had a word to say about nutrition or anything other than a quick adjustment and a hurry along smile. The massage therapist helped me more than the DC.

  • Cindy L
    Cindy L 6 months ago +2

    Dr. Berg, My husband and I started keto on July 3, 2021. I am doing the fasting with it. We are both seeing results like less swelling, getting full fast, ( lol my cooking is also better because I now use fats and salt to make it taste good). From all the videos you and Dr. Berry have, I am learning a lot about other things it will help.....by the way, my blood sugar has already gone from between over 10 to 17 down to lower 7s. I also stopped statins and feel better for it. The doctors have been wanting me to take all sorts of medicines for diabetes 2 but I am reluctant. What I want to ask is, will keto help with simple hyperplasia and a small brain aneurysm? Please let me know. I know lots of people have questions for you and I truly hope they get answered, and I understand if you don`t get to me. Thank you so much for your videos. I love you straightforward and simple teaching. And thanks for your time.

  • Lily Stonne
    Lily Stonne Year ago +1868

    A few MD’s and others have expressed contempt for Dr. Berg because he is a chiropractor and not a MD, but I listen to him for information on nutrition and metabolic health. He views are aligned with respected health professionals like Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Westman. Dr. Berg is also easy to watch and listen to. Those who trash him are prejudiced and/or jealous of his success.

    • Paulina Le
      Paulina Le Month ago

      @Cathy Brown Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

    • Montesa
      Montesa Month ago

      @Adam 1984 @Adam 1984 - What are Prebiotics?
      Also, fruits are full of sugar & won't let you lose weight

    • Mary McCombs
      Mary McCombs Month ago

      I can not understand contempt for a chiropractor. Who else are you going to go to if your back or your hip goes out? I had an uncle that had hip problems, and his doctor wanted to put I'm in the hospital in traction! (This was years ago, but still...medical advice).

    • Hisoka Joka
      Hisoka Joka Month ago

      @Adam 1984 fruits are good for you, but a lot of them are high in sugar so the fruits you can eat on a keto diet are berries because they're high in fibre and low in sugar

    • TheSuperHarrygeorge
      TheSuperHarrygeorge Month ago

      Medical Doctors know very little on this subject. Dr Berg will have more knowledge as he has actually studied it and is more than qualified to give advice. Doctors in general are experts in their own field of medicine but not experts on ALL aspects of health.

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    Shannon Sharp 9 months ago +7

    Wow! Im so grateful I stumbled upon this great video. I learned so much... addressed every concern that has been plaguing me for quite some time now. I feel hopeful again. 😊 We're truly blessed to live in this technological age, where information (from some of the world's best) is at our fingertips! Thank you!

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    Thank you for caring.
    Watching from Ireland ☘🙋 💜

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    I was just diagnosed Type II three days ago *shocked* The reason I went to the E.R. is I had lost 16 lbs. in less than a month which was concerning because I was not dieting. I was also exhausted, sleepy, and very weak. I was 5'9" 170 lbs before the weight loss and have been an athlete my entire life (58 yrs old). My risk factor - both parents were type II diabetic. I was scared to death when I started reading the complications from diabetes but watching this doc's video has given me hope that I can reverse this through diet, exercise, and sleep. I'm on the Keto diet now and hoping to get my energy and strength back soon. Thank you for giving me direction !

    • Deborah Black Video Editing
      Deborah Black Video Editing Month ago

      Magnus, I would love to hear how you've done over the past 3 weeks. Hope your healthy is improving!

    • Sunny Bhathal
      Sunny Bhathal Month ago


  • rpaull3
    rpaull3 7 months ago +30

    When I had covid it was so bad I tried fasting for 4 days during it, I'm not sure if the fasting helped or not but I did get over it after a little less than 2 weeks.

    • Em H
      Em H 2 months ago +2

      Before Covid I used to get colds etc. I found out I was prediabetic and started watching my sugar. I haven’t been sick in 4 years. Been around people who had Covid. I didn’t get it.

    • mary weisenbacher
      mary weisenbacher 4 months ago +6

      Good for you...fasting is great! I fast from food two days per week ( for religious reasons). Other days I just skip breakfast. Since starting this almost two years ago, I have not been sick. I didn't wear a mask or take any precautions at all while caring for parents who had covid or with my husband, brothers, sister or anybody with covid. I haven't gotten sick at all. The only thing I do differently is the fasting...oh, I'm also a vegetarian.
      Keep it up my friend!

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    Peter Brown Year ago +346

    Smartest doctor I've ever known. Tells it like it is regardless and in spite of corporate medical science. Thanks Doctor Berg! 🎤🔊👍

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      @robert111k Yes. It makes a big difference. He is not tethered to the same kinds of dogmatic constraints as an MD is. However, he still remains a 'doctor' as he is certified and licensed.

    • Ian Stern
      Ian Stern Year ago +1

      @Becky M couldn't agree with you more. Average doctor's education on nutrition during med school would be less than 10 hours. So not great.
      Any well educated person can learn about nutrition. It's about joining the dots of all the plethora of information out there.

      Doctors are great at adding medical context, that a non med person wouldn't be aware of...

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    *Sure, the following is quite a bold statement, but I feel that it is true: watching this video probably saved my life!*

    I'll try to update this a year or so from now. Thanks Doc! 👍 BTW - a short rant re: compromised/biased doctors follows below...

    *Any MD (especially those that are 'quick to prescribe') that mocks anything or anyone that advances/improves the health for us all is NOTHING BUT CORRUPT & DOES !!NOT!! FOLLOW THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH!*

    *Patronize these horrible doctors at your own risk!*

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      Super underestimated. Watch all his vids usually there's a joke or pun in there. Let's you know how great of a guy he really is . And he's a Doctor

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    I just completed a 3 day water fast (no meds) and had a fbs reading of 88 before breaking the fast with bone broth
    The following day to my delight I had a fbs reading of 88 again! I am absolutely blown away and grateful🙏
    My fbs is usually 145-158 with medication
    God bless you Dr Berg🙏😊

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      Exactly. Dr's here don't look to solve the problem. They just put a band aid over it when they feed you with a bunch of pills n shots. It's a deal they have going on with Big Pharma. The big pharmacitical companies that make all these medicines. They dont want the dr's to cure our illnesses. Otherwise they would go out of business, if they had NO one to sell their medicines to. Then dr's get their kickbacks (money) from Big Pharma. As in "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". Smh. If we got cured of our illnesses then their money would stop coming in.

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    • MarAma49 Cabrera
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    • M K
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      @Joel Height So are most religious people. Scientologist, catholic, jewish, batpist, what's the difference? Dr Berg gives good health advice and has helped me lose massive amounts of weight *at no cost* . I'll keep following him for now, but thanks for your input.

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    • Joel Height
      Joel Height 6 months ago

      Stop following "Dr" Eric Berg. He is a narcissist, and a scientologist.

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      Yeah, you need a mind to begin with 😂

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      @Va K year ago, I had cronic fatigue and Doctors here in Australia didn't think it was a real thing. Went to a Chinese herblist they call it low kidney energy (your adrenal sits on top of your kidneys) he fixed me up in 3mths. There's a lot doctors don't know about the body. They only learn what their taught in medical school. So limited.

    • Jerald Balite TV
      Jerald Balite TV 10 months ago


    • Va K
      Va K 11 months ago +2

      He has been the subject of disciplinary action by the Virginia Board of Medicine. Some of his treatments relate to “adrenal fatigue” - a term not recognized by any endocrinology society and a syndrome that experts have confirmed does not exist. You think he deserves a Nobel prize?

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    • Roberta Dixon
      Roberta Dixon 2 months ago

      Funny but thought provoking at least his honest

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      Who promotes Ivermectin for COVID?

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      I had the worst sciatica and my chiropractor saved my life. This was in the early 80’s . Thanks! 💜💜💜

    • darthlaurel
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      Thanks for your comments. Re the trolls here, apparently they've never talked to a "certified" nutritionist. Those people know so little about nutrition that it's shocking. Very interesting that so many trolls come to this channel. Wonder who's paying them.

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    Hi Dr. Berg 6 years ago I was leading a meeting at work and surprisingly had a stroke at work. Thankfully I was minutes away from a hospital and they administered the stroke buster medication within the first hour. The next day my Neurosurgeon came in and told me that my bloodwork was almost totally depleted of potassium which was a complete surprise to me since I thought I ate a well balanced diet.

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    Gab Brielle 8 months ago +5

    At last someone giving consideration to the massive effects of menopause!! I never worried about weight pre menopause. Dr Berg you cover EVERYTHING! Takes someone who works one-on-one with the average person on the street! I was a fitness coach and I felt I'd had enough experience to know what people truly want. From your rich experience you truly have this nailed. So refreshing at last to get the info from someone who truly knows. This video answered so many of my questions where other info failed. Thankyou so much.

  • The Secret of Keto
    The Secret of Keto Year ago +78

    By following these methods, I have already lost 32 pounds since May 25, 2020, starting at 210 pounds. Keto is not just a diet, for me it is a lifestyle that saves lives!
    I'm going for the next 15 more pounds !!

    • J Comm
      J Comm 3 months ago

      @AMANDA REYNEKE Even hanging skin tends to get absorbed over time if the person is healthy, maybe not all of it but a certains amount.

    • Chuck Gamble
      Chuck Gamble 9 months ago +1

      @AMANDA REYNEKE Fasting (which most people on keto do) is a great way to reduce excess skin.

      AMANDA REYNEKE 9 months ago

      What do you plan to do will extra/loose skin ?

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    Harjinder Flora 8 months ago

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    We have so much food and eat too much and wrong combination. Thank you so much for your teaching 🙏🙏🙏❤️
    Making the small change has already made difference to health 🙏

  • Mel Kerner
    Mel Kerner 7 months ago +1

    17 weeks on KETO diet (1700 calories, 25 grams of proper carbs per day, intermittent fasting and exercise) - down 52 pounds, lost 9 inches in waist so far. Labs back this week - right down the middle, LDL is slightly elevated, but expected due to the recent weight loss (Triglycerides and other markers are well within normal) . Your advice is very helpful. Nutritionally I am on the track and very happy with my results.

  • Mike Coby
    Mike Coby 9 months ago +182

    It works. Not only do I have my body back I have abs like I’ve never seen before. It took the fat out of my stomach. I miss candy and sweet I’ll be honest but I’ll never go back to being at work feeling my stomach in my chair. I’m back

    • A. Alberts
      A. Alberts 5 months ago +1

      @Vienna Sausage Doesn't that derail your state of ketosis? (They probably make versions without sugar)

    • GB
      GB 6 months ago

      Just these few words you’ve posted Mike Coby are truly inspiring, I don’t know if you realise. No bs, you just sound an honest guy, congrats to you 👏🏻

    • okmmauh
      okmmauh 6 months ago

      Keto lemon cheesecake recipe on RU-clip

    • Barry B
      Barry B 6 months ago +1

      have a cheat day or have a little bit every day. like a small piece of chocolate.
      there is no harm in that.
      you won't be missing it so much.

    • MelsUniverse
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      @DouglassD i read the article. Interesting but I feel like 4 weeks is not long enough to make that determination. That is just my take.

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    God bless you !

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    Thanks Doc! As a 58 year old when I started into Keto(and as a reference I look 10 years younger than my age)
    When I started out at 255 lbs(5'11"), I started to ease into it with Dirty Keto,(friends who started with Hard Keto quit in the first weeks or month)
    I still managed to lose 25lbs over that year, but then I seemingly hit a wall were I was stuck as 220 lbs for months. So thats when I switched to Hard Keto!
    I lost the the next 20 lbs over the next 6 months. It requires patients and stubbornness that can over-ride you're cravings at night. My secret weapon was one piece of 72% Dark Chocolate(1 piece!!).

    I'm now starting to add Low Glycemic carbs back into my diet once or twice a week while maintaining Keto's 5hr eating window.
    So Now I'm hovering between 210-217, and plan to slowly drop those last10-20 lbs so that I can put on about 10 or more lbs in muscle.(Aiming at 210lbs with the added muscle)
    That hardest part about the keto process is the criticism from folks who don't get it and believe its starvation. Even though they see my transformation and that I'm not suffering from doing Keto.
    I think that 90% of that external noise is based on the fact that most of those naysayers are overweight and resigned to the notion that there was nothing they could do about it.
    I don't proscribe to such defeatist notions.

  • Gloriana KittyCat
    Gloriana KittyCat 6 months ago

    I just watched your seminar and I find it very interesting and informative! I have done IF in the past but not healthy per say but did drop 50 lbs in less than a year but still I want to be healthier for all these wonderful health benefits you teach about!

    Also, I was starting to learn about keto but I figured it wpuld just be too diffuclt to do both since keto is so limited.to what foods you can eat and would most likely be very difficult for me since I don't really like many veggies raw and will tend to not even eat any healthy things because I'm so addicted to junk amd feel like my kids need it more than me!

    Anyways thank you so very much for the beneficial health information as I am about to try to jump back on this IF train but try to be healthier... I am curious how you would get 3500 up to almost 5000 in potassium without all the extra calories? I am very interested in getting healthy! Thanks in advance!

  • WMH Health
    WMH Health 4 months ago

    I have dropped from 240 to 201. More importantly I have kept most of the weight off for 4+ years Keto works but you have to be persistant and not give up.

  • Amelia Ashton-Brooke
    Amelia Ashton-Brooke Year ago +651

    I am in UK and most people here are not even aware of keto or insulin resistance. I discovered it 10 months ago and lost 44 kilos. It works!

    • Annie Evans
      Annie Evans 7 months ago

      @G. Leonard actually, it’s the consumption of carbs - especially simple carbs that get turned straight to glucose - that causes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The high cholesterol but low triglycerides and insulin on a keto diet actually help protect from the formation of plaques. If you’re going to cite “studies”, say which ones. If they’re working on the assumption that cholesterol = bad, they’re not worth listening to. We need cholesterol to form healthy cells, particularly nerve and brain cells, and especially as we get older. Research is showing that a keto diet can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and heart disease, not increase it. My father ate a keto type diet without realising it for most of his life. He lived to 91 and kept a healthy brain and body right to the end.

    • Aena 5
      Aena 5 8 months ago

      @Jimmy Baldbird but everything has carbs! I got pcos and its linked to insulin resistsnce but my doc said not to even eat meat dairy but KETO IS THT ONLYY WTF DO I DO

    • Fainites Barley
      Fainites Barley 8 months ago

      Cheap cuts of meat in slow cooked casseroles. Like scrag end of neck, oxtail, shin of beef. Cheap slow roasts like brisket, hand of pork.
      Pork belly. Sausage meat without rusk. Bone broth (lots of butchers will give you bones for free or nearly free).
      Put onions, carrots, celery etc etc in soups and casseroles even if you don’t actually eat the starchy ones.
      Greens, cabbages, broccoli. You can sauté these if you like. Butter and garlic!!
      Boiled eggs and salad leaves is cheap and easy to carry around. Home made mayonnaise (without seed oils) too. Use olive oil. There are recipes to make it with avocado too.
      You will find once you are fat adapted you eat a lot less and don’t crave sugary starchy foods. This means you can go all day on just bullet proof coffee and the odd sausage.
      Don’t do things like compare the price of a pat of butter and a tub of margarine. Butter is a very nutritious food. Margarine is a toxic, industrial waste product, processed to imitate butter. Of course it’s cheaper. Same goes for so called ‘vegetable oils’ which are mostly seed oils. Cheap but not actually food. Invest in olive oil and consider it an important part of your overall diet.
      Cook in lard, dripping and butter or ghee.
      It’s all but impossible to buy healthy keto snacks on the move. Just don’t bother to try. Some supermarkets in the U.K. do snack pots of boiled eggs and spinach leaves. You can get nuts without added sugar. However, once fat adapted you don’t need those constant snacks.

    • Beth
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