10 Shoes Not Even LADY GAGA Would Wear

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • Ugly shoes no one should buy.
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    Lady Gaga and wacky fashion go hand and hand. It seems like she’s tamed her style down in recent years, but she still has a love for out of this world footwear. Though that may be the case, these are shoes not even Lady Gaga would wear. In this video, we are going to show you the trend that has been popping up on the red carpet since 2008: Heel-less boots. There are several different forms of these boots, and one version involves hooves. We are also going to take a look at the shoes that are taking the internet by storm: Cowboy boots sandals. Yes, they are as awful as they sound. We will even show you the sneakers Kobe Bryant wishes everyone would forget. Once you are finished watching the video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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Comments • 1 222

  • Nicy Mariah Mathew
    Nicy Mariah Mathew Day ago +1

    I think Lady gaga is from another planet

  • Deborah Adams
    Deborah Adams Day ago

    I am not acracked

  • Deborah Adams
    Deborah Adams Day ago

    Why would i wear those then lol

  • Taji BK
    Taji BK 5 days ago

    You know you've passed the line when 3fen Lady Gaga wouldn't wear
    But she wears way crazier heels

  • Remmi Fuzzies
    Remmi Fuzzies 6 days ago

    You’re literally talking about a woman who once wore a dress made of raw meat.

  • Allison Dinsmore
    Allison Dinsmore 13 days ago

    Yes I can imagine that

  • A_Dumb_Human ;3
    A_Dumb_Human ;3 13 days ago

    Actually I think the hoof ones are pretty cool, but that's my opinion ^^

  • Kat Starkey Creations
    Kat Starkey Creations 18 days ago

    You got #1 COMPLETELY WRONG!!! GAGA was the 1st person id EVER seen wearing them!!!

  • fahr khadija
    fahr khadija 24 days ago

    Who else thinks there cool

  • Alexandra Miu
    Alexandra Miu 27 days ago

    Oh my godness

  • Alexandra Miu
    Alexandra Miu 27 days ago

    What they were thinking it their minds😲

  • Alix
    Alix Month ago

    Lady Gaga hasn't worn them because she's even better than all these celebs.

  • Gwen Keene
    Gwen Keene Month ago


  • Loren Theunissen
    Loren Theunissen Month ago +1

    I think these should be just pieces of artworks
    All of them.

  • TheEarthIsFlat
    TheEarthIsFlat Month ago

    5:06 It's the shoes Patrick wear

  • Natalia Ramirez Vásquez


  • Papaya Soda
    Papaya Soda Month ago

    Little Monsters, unite our criticism!

  • Jennifer Hunter
    Jennifer Hunter Month ago

    Hoofed shoes look so ugly & stupid

  • WAYO Official
    WAYO Official Month ago

    Gaga Queen of Everything 😍

  • nanda kariyappa
    nanda kariyappa Month ago +1

    Lady gaga can pull off any look if agree like👇👌👍

  • s t e p h -
    s t e p h - Month ago +1

    *You put the wrong name in the tittle boiiiii*

  • Shifa Walia
    Shifa Walia 2 months ago +2

    3:21..."they look like they could double up as weapons, which probably isnt something you would want for your footwear"
    Me: oh really you dont know me...

  • Anonymus
    Anonymus 2 months ago

    The knife ballerina thing was an artproject. What on Earth are your researchers smoking???

  • skull s
    skull s 2 months ago

    3:23 all Indian mother's choice to throw this at their child 💥👠

  • A Glass of Milk
    A Glass of Milk 2 months ago

    Crafty hackers!

    Me: Another troomtroom in a nutshell?

  • Victoria Pell
    Victoria Pell 2 months ago

    I don't think any mother expecting a baby would want to wear those types of boots at number ten.

  • ki0z 59
    ki0z 59 2 months ago


  • Sagar Gon
    Sagar Gon 2 months ago

    Lady Gaga can do anything

  • Letitia Lazar
    Letitia Lazar 2 months ago

    *Lady Gaga: is that a challenge?*

  • Zokora von Yensloh
    Zokora von Yensloh 2 months ago

    So I know of at least one person who would were the Cinderella shoes and those hoof shoes are pretty good for cosplay.

  • O.T.윤미오
    O.T.윤미오 2 months ago

    *”a loW LOw PRiCe oF $250”*

  • minoti minoti
    minoti minoti 2 months ago


  • Rayan Diaz
    Rayan Diaz 3 months ago +1

    Who knows that the high heels are dangerous to our health?
    Anyway beauty is not for sacrifice just be simple.

  • DollLikeMe
    DollLikeMe 3 months ago

    Lol the title 😂

  • Daisy Jasmine
    Daisy Jasmine 3 months ago

    Lady Gaga : Challenge accepted !

  • puffy c
    puffy c 3 months ago +1

    Lady gaga is a SHOE QUEEN

  • Pirlanta's Hall
    Pirlanta's Hall 3 months ago

    Me: Reads title
    Also me: Bring it!😂

  • Amber Animations
    Amber Animations 3 months ago

    I wouldn't even bother waste my money on these shoes. They look ridiculous!! Who would even want to spend money on these things? And why would they even fine these things off people just to make a quick buck? Ludicrous.

  • Chyenne Cruz
    Chyenne Cruz 3 months ago

    Gaga can wear any type of these shoes u never no

  • Is this the Krusty Crab? NO! IT'S ME!

    Any heels could land u in the Emergency Room!

  • {A}{v}{a} {w}{e}{s}{t}
    {A}{v}{a} {w}{e}{s}{t} 3 months ago

    Lady Gaga: hold my beer

  • Fun Forever
    Fun Forever 3 months ago

    Did anyone watch some shoe/high heel ad?

  • bipopo shabani
    bipopo shabani 3 months ago

    Can't loose my west for these shoes

  • Aneifa Foster
    Aneifa Foster 3 months ago

    I would wear the Cowboy boot sandal

  • Pourquoi Ilfesaitsa
    Pourquoi Ilfesaitsa 3 months ago

    The voice is so shady I'm waiting for her to appear in the next Mean girls

    XILE_ANTHONY YT 3 months ago

    She would wear number 5

  • Iris Hernandez
    Iris Hernandez 3 months ago

    Horse shoes are nuts no wayyyy

  • Johana Portillo
    Johana Portillo 3 months ago

    You talk toooooo much men your supposed to show the shoes

  • TheFameMonster
    TheFameMonster 3 months ago

    Just because you can only walk in a one inch kitten heel doesn’t mean everyone else wants to those irregular choice Cinderella wedges were gorgeous and you never mentioned Jeffrey Campbell who made heeless shoes popular with the night walks I think you need to take several seats.

  • TheFameMonster
    TheFameMonster 3 months ago


  • TheFameMonster
    TheFameMonster 3 months ago

    Those Cinderella wedges are beautiful art pieces that Grav3yardgirl did an unboxing of them this Chanel defines good heels as 2 inch kitten heels come on now you need to not

  • TheFameMonster
    TheFameMonster 3 months ago

    She has worn heeless shoes she has made them popular what the heck

  • Sungjin Robbin Yoon
    Sungjin Robbin Yoon 3 months ago

    Those Iris Van Herpen shoes are super comfy though..

  • ΔMarkie MarkΔ
    ΔMarkie MarkΔ 3 months ago

    "I was crying because i had no shoes, until i met a man who had no feet."
    -helen keller.

  • Alice
    Alice 3 months ago +1

    Lady gaga wore a meat dress if she can wear that she can wear anything 🤗

  • Annemarie May
    Annemarie May 3 months ago

    Wow! These shoes sure do ROCK! You can easily rock backwards and front wards in these cool soles and really give your creative soul a buzz. Must have shoes for every smart stylish modern woman.

  • Sister Simpsons
    Sister Simpsons 3 months ago

    I bet you lady Gaga would wear all of these

  • Sister Simpsons
    Sister Simpsons 3 months ago

    She’s already worn heeless shoes

  • *Girl Gamer Only* Army
    *Girl Gamer Only* Army 3 months ago

    Lady Gaga would wear Every high heels

  • Katy Perry CH
    Katy Perry CH 3 months ago

    She definitely wore number one and fife (I think) many times, three looks pretty familiar too

  • Sophia Aristotelis
    Sophia Aristotelis 3 months ago +2

    Lady gaga: *sees this video*
    _hold my heel_

  • Mac Smith
    Mac Smith 3 months ago

    The Cinderella shoes are surprisingly affordable. Not with my budget, but for someone.

  • Ronald Lim
    Ronald Lim 3 months ago +1

    I showed the Cinderella slippers to my classmate (a girl) and she just laughed and said "my balenciagas are more expensive than that"
    Also she was wearing balenciagas that day

  • Nanette Pardo
    Nanette Pardo 3 months ago

    Some of the boots look like arianas boots

  • Artic Fox
    Artic Fox 3 months ago

    Hoof shoes are for cosplay

  • kathryn lovejoy
    kathryn lovejoy 3 months ago

    I would rock dem Cinderella shoes. They were cute

  • Jaynard Diagro
    Jaynard Diagro 3 months ago

    Lady gaga can wear even wierd shoes than this! LOl hahaha

  • foilhead1
    foilhead1 3 months ago

    I don’t think your perky abhorrence for these hold any merit or taste.

  • Zombie freedom
    Zombie freedom 3 months ago

    Forget lady gaga. I would probably where some of these ngl xx

  • Miko Harrison
    Miko Harrison 3 months ago

    where can I get the hoof shoes?? ✨