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  • May Biz
    May Biz 2 часа назад

    Apparently Tom cruise is the only person who has ever studied the history of psychology. 😳

  • Gold Girl
    Gold Girl 4 часа назад

    Lol classic. You should this you should that. Classic narcissist words.

  • Support AnimalRights
    Support AnimalRights 4 часа назад

    One thing I do agree with him on is I've seen first hand, serious chronic illnesses that were solved by diet exercise vitamins environment stress, but society emphasizes medication and masking. But that's not to say that I disagree with medication. Wasn't Nicole Kidman's dad a psychiatrist or psychologist?

  • Deb Petrella
    Deb Petrella 8 часов назад

    You can tell he lives in a fantasy world all the time.

  • bill bob
    bill bob 8 часов назад

    You know modern psychiatry is nonsense, a short time ago they called homosexuality a deviant disorder and now all of a sudden they call it normal, it is too infused with Political Correctness. They want to hook as many people as possible on pills knowing pills won't cure mental disorder, so their patients will never be cured and they keep coming back. It's a VISCIOUS $$$ making scheme preying on the weakest prey. Like lion vs lamb, the lamb gets slaughtered and the lion feasts. The lions are Big Pharma.

    • Deb Petrella
      Deb Petrella 7 часов назад

      bill bob are you a scientologist ??

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 8 часов назад +1

    You're glib...... glib......glib...

  • bill bob
    bill bob 9 часов назад

    Of course Lauer is gonna shill for the pharmaceutical industry since they account for half of their commercials.

  • bill bob
    bill bob 9 часов назад

    Tom Cruise 1, Fake News 0

  • bill bob
    bill bob 9 часов назад

    Cruise mad Lauer his bisnautch. Speaking the truth

  • Glen Manning
    Glen Manning 11 часов назад +1

    Tom Cruise in a "DISGRACE" to the American people. Divorced 3 times, doesn't see his children, they are being raised by other men, because of his faith in L Ron Hubbard (a Dead sci-fi Fiction writer) who believes in space aliens from other planets. His religious pastor is David Miscavige who has disowned his own father who gave him life, he has disowned his niece Jenna Miscavige who omits tO the inhuman treatment of its members, and no one has seen or heard from Shelly MIscavige in over 13 years. Tom Cruise you need to be in a nut house!

  • 1987dfa
    1987dfa 12 часов назад

    I agree with Tom here. An analogy I came up with a while ago... I keep burning my hand as I have a habit of putting my fingers into flames. Anti-depressants would be like a doctor giving me hand cream to treat the burns. This is what Tom is saying, treating symptoms is not cure. What I would need is help to stop putting my fingers into burning flames! 100% agree with Tom on this, despite 100% disagreeing with Scientology and all the other religions/gods until there is evidence to the contrary...

  • Brad Elliott
    Brad Elliott 15 часов назад

    Tom is nuts ,,, his comments on drugs is fair enough but the rest is just plain nuts ,,, wish Matt had of asked him about what the good Scientologists do with the bad Scientologists ,,, ugly ,, ugly cult ,, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives and families ,,,

  • Tommy Loika
    Tommy Loika 15 часов назад

    Katie looks medicated

  • Gina Kirkland
    Gina Kirkland 18 часов назад

    Ok Dr Cruise. Smdh

  • munsterr777
    munsterr777 День назад

    Sure enough there’s something up with antidepressants that isn’t talked about enough

  • M K
    M K День назад

    Tom Cruise is right. The pharma mafia industry ensures people are not cured and keep them dependent on drugs life long.

  • James Raymond
    James Raymond День назад +1

    Count the times he used condescending phrases like "let me explain", "you don't understand"... NARCISSIST!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Raymond
    James Raymond День назад

    It was uber creepy seeing Katie Holmes watching the interview like a pod person. Blink twice if you need help Katie!!

  • James Raymond
    James Raymond День назад

    Rain man was a good movie but I've never liked this guy or saw the draw really.

  • Kathryn Johnson
    Kathryn Johnson День назад

    Wow! Matt is crazy! It is not ok in our culture to say that psychiatry is bad or wrong. Tom is right on this...

  • Michael Lohman
    Michael Lohman День назад

    Tom is getting angry because he has no idea what he's talking about. LOL. I agree with him on the use of anti-depressants. I think they are way over abused/prescribed and truly do mask the problem.

  • Kian
    Kian День назад

    I wish the public knew what a psychologist or psychiatrist thought of this man. There’s so much not right but I can’t put my finger on it, I hope his children aren’t gonna turn out odd due to this. That wouldn’t be good at all.

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson День назад

    If there is, "No such thing as a chemical imbalance," then the psychiatric drugs that people consume would not affect their mental balance.

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson День назад

    He flat out lies when he claims that, "You can be a Christian and be a Scientologist."

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson День назад

    He, ". . . feels privileged." You think he means that in the humble way as opposed to the megalomaniac way.

  • Tim Baumann
    Tim Baumann День назад

    I think Tom needs a lobotomy... Like yesterday. Just sayin ya know...

  • dean thomas
    dean thomas День назад

    I know the man is bonkers but he does have some good points.

  • Richard Afflitto
    Richard Afflitto День назад

    Tom is right...Drugs make people worse..look what happens when they go off them..

  • Steve Dubiak
    Steve Dubiak День назад

    Tom believes is body is full of aliens

  • Ian-Luke Penwald
    Ian-Luke Penwald День назад

    Tom Cruise is a nut job

  • Susan Ratz
    Susan Ratz 2 дня назад

    "You don't know and I do..." Impossible to discuss anything with anyone that arrogance

  • Jennifer Weese
    Jennifer Weese 2 дня назад

    What a freak

  • David Wong
    David Wong 2 дня назад

    I think Tom Cruise makes some valid points. Doctors are handing out prescription drugs like lolli bags nowadays. I've witnessed close friends become addicts to these drugs. While I don't fully agree with Tom's views, I think he raises the question that alternatives to drugs need to be explored.

  • Arthur Schmon
    Arthur Schmon 2 дня назад +1

    Check the body language at 12:40 from Cruise. Incredibly defensive. This is a man who has never had anyone disagree with him about anything, and he's terrified.

  • M Palmer
    M Palmer 2 дня назад

    Listen to Matt just there for sound bite!! Ppl are entitled to have their own opinions!!

  • Tim Gledhill
    Tim Gledhill 2 дня назад

    Where was the "heated" part of this interview? Is the subject line here simply "click bait"? (#clickbait) I certainly don't agree with Tom Cruise's theology (I'm not a Scientologist), but I do agree, to some extent, with some of the points Tom was making about psychology and the drugs used to treat some psychological symptoms, especially where children are concerned. I respect Tom for asserting his beliefs in a respectful, albeit passionate, way with Matt Lauer during the interview - but to say it was "heated" is a stretch. In the same way, I respect Matt Lauer's attempt to respectfully challenge Tom's beliefs as well; however, I think Matt was a little confused at times by what Tom was saying and the point(s) Tom was trying to make. Matt should have done a better job with this interview by not misinterpreting what Tom was saying and by being more open-minded to the fact that, while some medications might treat symptoms and help people, there might be better alternatives to medication that will also treat symptoms and help people in a more effective way. Also, I think Tom stated that there is no such thing as chemical imbalances in the body [brain]; I'm not a doctor, but I'm fairly certain he's way off base with that statement.

    JOSEPH THISTLE 2 дня назад

    I wish cruise would stop scientology and help the abuse of it.

  • Dillon Shayne
    Dillon Shayne 2 дня назад

    I will never watch a Tom Cruise movie again...

  • Dillon Shayne
    Dillon Shayne 2 дня назад

    We all know that Scientology is BS/scam, and now i don't like T.C

  • mynhardt saayman
    mynhardt saayman 2 дня назад

    2019 and Tom's words seem to be true.

  • Curiously Tot
    Curiously Tot 2 дня назад

    Always wanted to be a father... abandons his daughter for his religion.

  • Jack Lincoln
    Jack Lincoln 2 дня назад

    Amazing! Tom Cruise is spot on. After listening to him. I find myself agreeing with him. Meanwhile, I look at Lauer and also remember how he creeped me out.

  • Thomas Colleur
    Thomas Colleur 2 дня назад

    He is such a profound guy...... at least I can tell he thinks he is.

  • Tim Auran
    Tim Auran 3 дня назад

    He plays Tom Cruise in all his movies and no one does it better.

  • Casandra Marek
    Casandra Marek 3 дня назад

    "I'm just living my life Matt"

  • Shawn Masters
    Shawn Masters 3 дня назад

    Kids are being casually put on drugs that are being sold on the street. Adults are taking these things like candy.. yet.. people get mad at the dude saying theres a problem? Leave his beliefs / persona aside and just listen to whats going on.

  • Google User
    Google User 3 дня назад

    Scientology is the best drug of all, but it just masks the problem. Ex: Tom Cruise.

  • Google User
    Google User 3 дня назад

    Two morons talking about psychiatry.

  • Martha H.
    Martha H. 3 дня назад

    He only enjoys Scientology because it enhances his little man syndrome. 🕴🏻

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 3 дня назад

    tom is manspreading this entire interview and its patriarchal and disgusting

  • froggie pad
    froggie pad 3 дня назад

    Maybe Matt’s fate would have been different if he was a part of Tom’s cult.

  • mjr102395
    mjr102395 3 дня назад

    Never liked Tom never will. Never watched his movies, never will..

  • Elizabeth Goetz
    Elizabeth Goetz 3 дня назад

    ughgghhhh i really do hate him

  • Helen Reid
    Helen Reid 3 дня назад

    Antidepressants just mask the problems! They don’t cure the problem!

  • Renny1953
    Renny1953 4 дня назад

    Ah the old Scientologist "I'm manically happy with my life laugh". Man's a fruitcake.

  • Becky Whobrey
    Becky Whobrey 4 дня назад

    Christians and Scientologist's don't belong in the same sentence!! Two different things!! Scientology is not Christianity!! And "There's no such thing as a chemical imbalance!"?? He has the biggest chemical imbalance I've ever seen!!

  • Kombuchababy Kimchee
    Kombuchababy Kimchee 4 дня назад

    I agree with Cruise on drugs. Drugs are a bandaid. You may temporarily drug yourself out of your pain but its still there festering under the surface. It's better to get to the root of the problem and yank it out than to cover it up for life with drugs.

  • vader garcia
    vader garcia 4 дня назад


  • David Soltai
    David Soltai 4 дня назад

    Live this Tom 🖕

  • Frank Bell
    Frank Bell 4 дня назад

    Both are morons!

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee 4 дня назад +1

    He may be a psychopath but i kind of agree with what he said about psychiatry and drugs.

    • Cory Bull
      Cory Bull День назад +1

      I agree. I don't think he's a psychopath. He said vitamins and exercise. hmmmm no profit for big farma there. How did the human race ever survive without them.

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 4 дня назад

    I believe the moral of Tom's message is.....he's just living his life!!

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 4 дня назад

    Love some of his movies but man, this bloke seems fake AF. He's a cult pusher/propagator

  • SuperGlobalKiller
    SuperGlobalKiller 4 дня назад

    This moron interviewer is indeed advocating these drugs, the real curse for 99% of the people need to change their lives, not take drugs to continue living the wrong life... but who cares, they “look” better now

  • MD Jinx
    MD Jinx 4 дня назад

    When a brainwashed nut and a cheater met.

  • Zack Alexander
    Zack Alexander 4 дня назад

    Not as heated as his interview with Dr. Rick Marshall.

  • Manny Ramirez
    Manny Ramirez 4 дня назад

    Looking at Matt Lauer can't believe he's been doing bad behind the scenes with women co-workers.

  • Manny Ramirez
    Manny Ramirez 4 дня назад

    Thanks to Scientology LOL what a joke

  • William D'Arbanville
    William D'Arbanville 4 дня назад

    Sword fight

  • Carsten F
    Carsten F 4 дня назад

    Whatever happened to Matt Lauer

  • savagen1
    savagen1 4 дня назад

    Ok Tom Cruise! Relax Mr « I know psychology « he talks like he knows it all and his way is the approved way! So full of himself and he is a narcissistic freak who doesn’t even see his own biological daughter today all over Scientology ! He is talking about responsibility and yet he has no idea and is clueless! Wow unreal! He aggravates me so much!

  • Scarlet Magic
    Scarlet Magic 4 дня назад +1

    Matt lauer Tom Cruise being payed millions to play pretend unbelievable

  • John Call
    John Call 4 дня назад

    Look how happy they seem, self life 5 years. Money doesn’t make you right.

  • Kelly Mallory
    Kelly Mallory 5 дней назад

    How can he believe the horse crap he speads!

  • Grenge g
    Grenge g 5 дней назад


  • John long
    John long 5 дней назад

    The humankind has been taking drugs since we’ve been on the face of this earth Tom Cruise has been brainwashed

  • Black Forest
    Black Forest 5 дней назад

    This is a good argument. Two different opinions with equally reasonable points -me 2019

  • TheMabes69
    TheMabes69 5 дней назад

    Hmmmm. Tom Crusie preaching about the evils of psychiatry and emotional instability. Yet he's been divorced 3 times and embraces a "religion" created by a con man sci-fi writer who was mentally ill that believes an alien named Xenu controls humanity?? I wouldn't even ask this man's opinion on the color yellow let alone medicine. Did he even graduate from high school???? Jesus H Christ.

  • william lewis
    william lewis 5 дней назад

    hes abusive and i am glad Katie Holmes got the heck away from this controlling jerk

  • william lewis
    william lewis 5 дней назад +2

    This guy is nuts simple as that.

  • Marc Grüne
    Marc Grüne 5 дней назад

    Scientology as its best ... there is only one way ... that is what happens when you are a part of a sect ... your mind is altered to a one way of life only ...didn’t know he is a doctor too Mr. Top Gun

  • Muz
    Muz 5 дней назад


  • Eric Widder
    Eric Widder 6 дней назад

    Tom NEEDs meds, that's why he won't believe they work.

  • Collis Jeanette
    Collis Jeanette 6 дней назад

    Scientology is nuts, however on psychiatry...Tom has a valid point.

  • Brian Hansen
    Brian Hansen 6 дней назад


  • Muller bjørn
    Muller bjørn 6 дней назад

    Tom Cruise is a helluva speaker. . . . .with a very simple mind ! f*** him !

  • mimi mimz
    mimi mimz 6 дней назад

    Tom is 100% correct about what he says here about psychiatry, and the use of drugs to cure certain conditions. He is also right when he says that you should study about things you express your opinions on.
    After watching this video, I have even more respect for Tom.
    And btw, I am NOT a Scientologis. I am a Christian.

  • Natalie B
    Natalie B 6 дней назад

    This is sick.

  • Rae
    Rae 6 дней назад

    So he doesn’t believe in psychiatry but believes he’s an operating thetan in a so called religion created to rip people off. Gullible fool.

  • The wise one
    The wise one 6 дней назад

    I love Tom Cruise’s high spirit, keep up the great work dude👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  • Wise men Still seek Him
    Wise men Still seek Him 6 дней назад

    I agree that anti depressants are messing up brains.....

  • Dominic
    Dominic 6 дней назад

    He’s just living his life...he’s just living his life...he’s just living his life man

  • focus oO
    focus oO 6 дней назад

    Tom was right! You dont experience the life as it is when you are on drugs all the time!

  • Amanda Spano
    Amanda Spano 6 дней назад

    He has a mental illness

  • Trey Lepper
    Trey Lepper 6 дней назад

    0:36 THAT didn’t seem genuine at all. Not even a little bit. Scary tbh.

  • Amanda Spano
    Amanda Spano 6 дней назад +3

    He is nuts . I have bipolar and meds help

    • Kimberly F
      Kimberly F 4 дня назад +1

      Amanda Spano I totally agree with you. Me too. Cruise has NO Idea what he is talking about.

  • Thomas Beattie
    Thomas Beattie 6 дней назад

    Tom Cruise lives in a bubble. He supports child abuse and child slavery as long as he is with this evil cult.

  • Ron Mayer
    Ron Mayer 6 дней назад

    Scientology, the outright worship of Lucifer. Those at the top know just who they are worshiping and do so WILLINGLY.
    The more I engage in emotional healing the more See/Feel the more I realize just how emotionless they become. You can just 'feel' their presumed loving kindness as being completely phony. Discernment, another aspect of Divine Will, involves being able to "FEEL" the truth when presented. The more you deny yourself the freedom of emotional expression, the more incapable you are of discerning the Truth. To know the truth you must FEEL the truth.
    We all know that this time matrix is based on Free Will. How often have the heard the repeated phrase, 'We live in a Free Will universe" with the implication being that you have the freedom to choose. However, no one associates Free Will with 'Free Emotional Expression' which is what Free Will IS. Divine Will, the feminine principle ot Creation Itself, is the Magnetics of Creation which expresses as emotions, feelings, receptivity, intuition and desire. We do not live in an 'electrical universe' as somany within the new age movement have begun to express a belief in. We live in a 'electromagnetic' universe. Two opposite polarities balanced within the Heart. It is not an 'electctro magnetic' universe (as in completely SEPARATE polarities held apart from each other) it is an 'electromagnetic' universe. Two opposite polarities joined as one.
    The term unconditional Love unconsciously TERRIFIES Scientologists. The more you get into scientology the more fearful and therefore 'conditional' you must become. This is the worship of Lucifer's acidic, overly brilliant white light which competes with Creators true light which does not harm and which has a golden quality to it stemming from a Divine Balance between Spirit and Will as balanced within the Heart. Spirit is the masculine polarity which is electrical and is positively charged protons. Divine Will is the feminine polarity which is negatively charged electrons. Both must be present and in balance with each other (the true function of the HEart) in order for Form (the 4th 'Body of God') to have health, longevity and be truly eternal. When there is imbalance between Spirit and Will Death will follow.
    When Divine Will is imbalanced and rejects Divine Spirit it can be devistate but does not hold a candle to sheer nastiness that Spirit without Divine Will has done. Spirit polarized people without Divine Wills' emotional receptivity to guide it, will never (can never) allow themselves to feel just what they do to people with their actions. They effectively become murderous psychopaths.
    The more you control, deny or manipulate the emotional body that is Divine Will the less you are able to FEEL ANYTHING. This is NOT healing, this is mindless servitude to Lucifers' white light that prepares you for death, not everlasting life.
    Balance is what is needed between the two polarities but to get this balance we need to recover all that we hold outside our love through denials, judgments and guilt which we find unacceptable in ourselves and in an act of terror, throw into the a very dark and nasty place called the GAP. This is the place within ourselves we call our emotional and mental subconscious bodies.
    The recovery of all that we hold in our subconscious mental and emotional body is the path to Full Consciousness where we now have All of our selves present (in the now moment which IS the entire time line which contains past, present and future) in which to Love All that IS.

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 7 дней назад

    Thanks for posting this crazy interview!

  • Dave Males
    Dave Males 7 дней назад

    I hear he’s “Cruising” Boss Brian Miscaviage’s “private parts”,”protector of the Wad”,and keeping it snug’n’safe in his orifice of “All things holey to Scientology”🤤🤑👽🦍💨🔥6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣