When you don’t put your phone on Airplane Mode

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Please everybody for the safety of everyone put your phone on airplane mode ! Not saying this will happen but lol better safe then sorry in all circumstances involving nonsense 😭
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  • Slim2xz From da Qc

    Thatsss tufff lmaoooo
    So voice

  • UnwaveringBackBone
    UnwaveringBackBone 2 days ago

    If they would have just checked their mini maps they would have seen the only red dot was him...also that choke hold was super effective

    EARTH 2 days ago

    0:15 ..

  • I hear Voices
    I hear Voices 3 days ago


  • M J
    M J 4 days ago +5

    Mark: mine black too

    6ix9ine: no it aint

  • 2gud 2btru
    2gud 2btru 5 days ago +1

    This video is so short they talk like the video is at 2x speed i don't hear nothin.

  • Aphriana Shirer
    Aphriana Shirer 5 days ago

    Why his face like that when Desmond choked him

  • ISmokeCrackAlot YT
    ISmokeCrackAlot YT 6 days ago

    The way Desmond said "no it's not" 😭😭

  • Jordan Gomillion
    Jordan Gomillion 7 days ago +1

    Bro I have watched this shit so many times 😂😂😂

  • Prank Screen
    Prank Screen 8 days ago +2

    ME: “not putting my phone on airplane mode”
    Plane: “starts haven’t turbulence”

  • Macer78
    Macer78 8 days ago +2

    bruh the way they were shaking had me dead. 🤣

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen 8 days ago +2

    These all ending fighting and screaming.

  • Slurm *-*
    Slurm *-* 8 days ago

    WTH Mark

  • Everything is Pusha T
    Everything is Pusha T 9 days ago +4

    The look on Mark’s face after Leland finds out 👀

  • Jonathan Esser
    Jonathan Esser 9 days ago

    I loved Lelands reaction? "Who would be so inconsiderate?" 🤣

  • Alastriana Teregov
    Alastriana Teregov 9 days ago

    Fun fact: they ask for people to use airplane mode because apparently phones can mess with the planes systems during takeoff

  • SaltyPat
    SaltyPat 9 days ago

    Bruh i got a red iphone 8

  • tyronne knight
    tyronne knight 9 days ago +1

    Y’all funny asf .. been watching y’all since day 1 .. keep up the good work 😭😭

  • Bill Overbeck
    Bill Overbeck 10 days ago

    Soul Plane 2: the blackjackining

  • Dennis  W.
    Dennis W. 10 days ago

    This had me crying 😭 I love all y’all vids

  • twofingers onecup
    twofingers onecup 10 days ago

    I bet that pilot is 6ix9ine

  • Justin Risom
    Justin Risom 10 days ago

    If kids watch this let this be a lesson

  • Rayfalt
    Rayfalt 10 days ago +1

    Let this be a lesson. If you don't put your phone in Airplane mode, the plane might crash.

  • Mizan Ahmed
    Mizan Ahmed 10 days ago

    Pfft. At least no one bought a water bottle into the plane

  • cycobear86
    cycobear86 10 days ago

    What I wanna know is where he got those pilot outfits. Some real dedication to your craft to go that far to entertain his fans. Especially when it's something not anime/gaming/sports related. Well done.

  • T2 TRIX
    T2 TRIX 10 days ago

    0:50 "I'm black I'm black too!

  • Lost Dai 23
    Lost Dai 23 10 days ago

    Basically what I thought would happen expect for that the passengers would go crazy mode 😂

  • Zertexxa Jreax
    Zertexxa Jreax 10 days ago

    Where aren’t the windows

  • Edward Somuah
    Edward Somuah 10 days ago


  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 11 days ago +1

    Hol up two of them niggas got airpods in you can’t use Bluetooth with airplane mode on

  • Grecko Rodarte
    Grecko Rodarte 11 days ago


  • 津波x Tsunamix
    津波x Tsunamix 11 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand this is the skit that lead to Logan Paul’s trash film.

  • yahya gaming time
    yahya gaming time 11 days ago


  • JB Stuff
    JB Stuff 11 days ago


  • Ttryx
    Ttryx 11 days ago +1

    This happened to me once

  • Gerarudo Gaming
    Gerarudo Gaming 11 days ago

    Video : whaat?!
    Subtitle : [Applause]

  • Juju
    Juju 11 days ago +1


  • Isaiah Philip Olaguer
    Isaiah Philip Olaguer 11 days ago


  • 2rareli
    2rareli 11 days ago +2

    Pilot- Someone didn’t put their phone on airplane mode

    Aaaah shit here we go again 😂

  • Internet Alpha
    Internet Alpha 11 days ago

    Ik this vid obviously is a joke but I just found this interesting. Airplane mode is supposed to prevent you from connecting to wireless networks to prevent radio interference from cellular networks on the ground.

  • Wrong Wronskian
    Wrong Wronskian 11 days ago

    Max 737 right there

  • Demon Eyes
    Demon Eyes 11 days ago

    0:38 when you realize you F#cked up

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 11 days ago +87

    The 1k dislikes are people with a red iPhone 8

    • NG Soldier
      NG Soldier 8 days ago

      @Joan Gallardo Would you like to join me in a meditation session.

    • Joan Gallardo
      Joan Gallardo 8 days ago

      Lol I have the iPhone XS Max and still hurst!!!

    • NG Soldier
      NG Soldier 9 days ago


  • Ivan Cano
    Ivan Cano 11 days ago

    His little nod at :35😭

  • gameplayer502
    gameplayer502 11 days ago


  • Killu4real Lionheart
    Killu4real Lionheart 11 days ago

    xD why lol

  • REEE Khan.jr.
    REEE Khan.jr. 11 days ago

    Is this actually true? Not putting on airplane mode cause a crash

  • Dee
    Dee 12 days ago

    What's wrong when you don't do it

    SONGAMES420 12 days ago

    0:22 lol Rdc be shaking b4 the camera shacks idk why I find it so funny lmao

  • Kareem Wilson
    Kareem Wilson 12 days ago +1

    Later the missile got them

  • Sonu Baruah
    Sonu Baruah 12 days ago

    Pilot- "Somebody didn't put his phone on airplane mode"
    The guy- *This is when he knew he fucked up*

  • Bisexual Dolphin
    Bisexual Dolphin 12 days ago


  • Montana kang
    Montana kang 12 days ago

    they need to play this before take off on all flights lol

  • JTundra
    JTundra 12 days ago

    markass LMAO

  • stiles pulsar
    stiles pulsar 12 days ago


  • Kurayamiblack
    Kurayamiblack 12 days ago

    My favorite part is realizing he got 5 more people to come over and just sit in an empty room pretending to be on a plane for a 1 minute long "what-if" joke

  • Gerardo Aparicio
    Gerardo Aparicio 12 days ago

    So this what it looks if they have something cheaper than coach

  • Creators Hub
    Creators Hub 12 days ago +3

    *”Who could be so inconsiderate!”*

  • Datboii famous
    Datboii famous 12 days ago +2

    All jokes aside what does airplane mode even do

    • Kevin Jong
      Kevin Jong 9 days ago

      I once had my phone not on airplane mode when on airplane I forgot to.

    • Extra Ragu
      Extra Ragu 11 days ago

      It turns off incoming messages and attempts to retrieve online things like calls so that it doesnt interfere with the planes connections

  • Deandre Walker
    Deandre Walker 12 days ago

    Shit is not that serious trust me 😂😂