Buzz Coin 1200% POS Staking Coin Explained


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  • CryptoMentor
    CryptoMentor  Год назад

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    PETER YU Год назад

    If i want to deposit the buzz coin in the qt wallet, how many buzzcoin requied that can get the reward?

  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat Год назад

    any instructions anywhere on setting up Buzzcoin wallet on a raspberry pi 3?

    • CryptoMentor
      CryptoMentor  Год назад

      Hi Nancy! Thanks for the question! All I can recommend is going on the Discord chat for Buzz and asking their support staff. I am not familiar with that platform or if they support it

  • Milan dimić
    Milan dimić Год назад +1

    do u get % paid on the amount that u put in wallet or is it compounding on the first amount of coins and u get % of that (higher) amount of coins

    • CryptoMentor
      CryptoMentor  Год назад

      Great question!

      I do believe that compounding only happens after you stake; AKA you only earn % on what is currently in your wallet.