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  • aWoL Nation
    aWoL Nation Year ago +8953

    The costco guy is like “I don’t get paid enough to deal with this”

    • Trell_YT
      Trell_YT 10 months ago

      Cobra kai

    • sweetmslovinglife
      sweetmslovinglife 10 months ago


    • Scorpion E
      Scorpion E 11 months ago

      @ WolL Nation I argree your comment 💯

    • Scorpion E
      Scorpion E 11 months ago

      I know that’s guy was getting tried of fools coming in the store trying get over and this clerk

    • Flying high
      Flying high 11 months ago


  • Joshua Aguirre
    Joshua Aguirre Year ago +1500

    The cash registers can only accept one toilet paper per member so unless his kids had memberships he’s only going home with one 😂

    • FTB
      FTB 10 months ago

      @jenny kim the shortage was created by people mass buying it. If everyone just bought the same amount of TP as they normally would have there wouldn't have been a shortage.

    • Seppuku Mouse
      Seppuku Mouse 11 months ago

      @_jacobdyck_42 that's a typical grocery store. Costco is a membership store as you need a membership card to buy. There are photo ID and registered to that one person. They don't even allow multiple scans.

    • Seppuku Mouse
      Seppuku Mouse 11 months ago

      @Nitro this is a Costco I am not sure how Sam's club works.

    • Seppuku Mouse
      Seppuku Mouse 11 months ago

      @Itoko -San doesn't work that way. The card has an ID photo.

    • Oogle
      Oogle 11 months ago

      Hold on is ur pfp from somewhere in alaska, I faintly remember something like that and being there as a little kid

  • Katomic Comics
    Katomic Comics Year ago +5529

    “Look at me totally owning this underpaid Costco worker by being an asshole and taking all the toilet paper and potentially getting this innocent guy fired”
    Edit: bruh i know it’s staged

    • Aleta
      Aleta 11 months ago

      Oh don't for get twisting the employee's words. When in fact the employee said member and dude said customer. Two different meanings there.

    • Diving Falcon FPV
      Diving Falcon FPV 11 months ago

      Staged with family prob not the employee. Employee has to now put it all back lol

    • xdan9xx
      xdan9xx 11 months ago

      @Becca do these kids shit for 2 hours a day? That's plenty of toilet paper. Retail has a right to limit what they sell you. This happens constantly when grocerys run sales. And often times the shit is being resold at a convenience store.

  • Flaky Croissant
    Flaky Croissant Year ago +4301

    He said “member”, not customer, so unless each kid has their own membership, he would be breaking the rule

    • Mack Turnup
      Mack Turnup 10 months ago

      @Debbie Aguirre well gah lee

    • Mack Turnup
      Mack Turnup 10 months ago

      who gives af

    • Seppuku Mouse
      Seppuku Mouse 10 months ago

      @Rey Hugo per member as in your need a paid membership to shop at Costco.

    • Lowkey Lokii
      Lowkey Lokii 10 months ago

      @Rey Hugo places like Costco you have to be a member to shop at. So if 5 kids are using the same membership that's still considered 1 member

  • Four_skin7777 -
    Four_skin7777 - Year ago +339

    When you go to a retail store, please don’t be smart asses with us. We go through a lot dealing with entitled assholes everyday and managers that have unrealistic expectations for getting work done. Walmart, Target, Costco; wherever you go, please respect the employees there. We go through enough. Thank you.

    • Spookszs
      Spookszs 11 months ago

      @Poca that’a like saying if you’re homeless just buy a house

    • Corona Coors931
      Corona Coors931 11 months ago

      I agree I worked at Walmart some of those customers had me hot.

    • Lola Ross
      Lola Ross 11 months ago

      @JustANobody idk why you're getting so pressed about me saying that- I never said nobody puts up with bs, I did say they probably don't want to work where they work. That's just a fact :)

  • SeñoritaMaminah
    SeñoritaMaminah Year ago +677

    My uncle has 10 kids, last year there was a limit like that to the Supermarket he went to. Another customer accused him of hoarding! He told her, "There are 10 asses that need wiping in my house"😅😂😂😂❤️

    • Shane Stephens
      Shane Stephens Year ago

      Senorita? Uncle that has 10 kids? Yea story checks out.

    • Myron Wendell
      Myron Wendell Year ago

      I love it. You got right to the point. 10 points for you on that one. Flush merrily 😂😂😂

    • colton cyr
      colton cyr Year ago

      Then don't have 10 freakin kids! Duuur 😂 if it's 1, then it's 1, suck it up!

    • Shemara Lakin
      Shemara Lakin Year ago

      These are mega packs, almost certain he still don’t need this many packages

    • hermatred
      hermatred Year ago

      Just shop around and obey the rules

  • Tita roxette
    Tita roxette Year ago +1184

    Thank GOD I have a family of 9 we just get in each line separately 😂

    • Lamarr Otems
      Lamarr Otems Year ago +1

      @Dominic Stephens this.

    • Zmargo702
      Zmargo702 Year ago

      @maren Doesn’t matter. You still need your card to check out.

    • :3 c
      :3 c Year ago

      get a bidet lmao

    • Jeffrey’s SVT Productions
      Jeffrey’s SVT Productions Year ago +1

      Yall twacked thinking you need more then 3 packs

    • TripleLayerLemonCake
      TripleLayerLemonCake Year ago

      @DiabolicalGardyloo I shop at sams all the time and I’ve never payed for their club membership. They also never check for these memberships unless you are at checkout and they tell me you get a discount with it. Stop spreading lies

  • myam
    myam Year ago +135

    Mans is just trying to get through his retail job during a pandemic where people have been stock buying essentials so much it became a rule he has to follow

  • JMSJ
    JMSJ Year ago +2748

    I know this is a joke, but I honestly despise these types of people. Just think about other people for once and save some for other people.

    • Arun Roy
      Arun Roy 9 months ago

      They got 10 people at home and with grandchildren more it can come for ur information

    • 3-DDjr
      3-DDjr 11 months ago

      @Rouge Ninja pull your head out

      EAT A PEACH 11 months ago

      @Rouge Ninja
      WOOOOOOOOOOOSH !!!!!!!

    • Lenny
      Lenny 11 months ago +1

      @J K survival of the fittest really has no place in today's society

    • Khem Rampage
      Khem Rampage 11 months ago +1

      @Robert Johnson I don’t use a/c in the summer I open a window and use a fan lmao, Pretty sure everyone who owns a vehicle or even a tractor has spare gasoline so idk why I wouldn’t. There’s a difference between hoarding and being prepared.

  • Selrach Ed Emrol
    Selrach Ed Emrol Year ago +24

    That's no excuse to take over the limit. I feel for the worker

    • Bloody Hell
      Bloody Hell Year ago

      @Cheddar Bob WIPE. LESS.
      USE. WATER.

    • Selrach Ed Emrol
      Selrach Ed Emrol Year ago

      @jeff devillars Great analysis

    • jeff devillars
      jeff devillars Year ago

      Let's put it in perspective, if there are two groups of monkeys at a zoo, one group if ten and one of three, and the zoo decides to limit each monkey group to six bananas then the group of three get two each but in the group of ten, some don't even eat. One size fits all doesn't work here bub

    • Cheddar Bob
      Cheddar Bob Year ago +2

      @Shadow Watcher obviously they’re not taking all of it. It’s a joke. They’re making a joke to show something they’ve been through and that they needed to explain themselves. Why are these people not as important as the other “hundreds” of people you speak of, because their family is “above average sized”? They deserve the proper amount of tp. Those who are scalping are in a different boat than those who need a lot of products for a lot of children/family members. 7 children was once the average in America.

    • Selrach Ed Emrol
      Selrach Ed Emrol Year ago

      @Cheddar Bob Get a job with people always trying to take more than allowed. Then we'll talk

  • C Wayne
    C Wayne Year ago +11

    One per membership. LOL!
    The employee had the last laugh.

    • AntonyS0lis
      AntonyS0lis Year ago +1

      @Christian Rubio because of their MEMBERSHIPS
      You need a membership to shop at Costco so OP was correct regardless of how the employee worded it

    • Christian Rubio
      Christian Rubio Year ago

      He said one per member. Costco customers are referred to as members by employees.

  • NotEdward
    NotEdward Year ago +56

    I like how the amount of toilet paper you use stays the same, people only have trouble getting toilet paper because of people like this

  • Totiana H.
    Totiana H. Year ago +27

    So now we know who bought all of the toilet tissue. 😯😁

  • Ashley
    Ashley Year ago +178

    I feel bad for the worker. He is just trying to do his job

    • Ashley
      Ashley 11 months ago

      @Artofficial real or not, it is still disrespectful. Why don’t you try being respectful for once in your life

    • Ashley
      Ashley Year ago

      @BrazyBenjamin joke or not, it is still rude

    • Ashley Patel
      Ashley Patel Year ago +2

      @BrazyBenjamin have you ever worked retail? If so you must have had a more positive experience with it than I did.

    • BrazyBenjamin
      BrazyBenjamin Year ago +1

      It’s a joke lol

  • Darwin Watterson
    Darwin Watterson Year ago +65

    They bought 15 toilet paper in total.
    There were 6 of them in total including the cameraman.
    He twisted the words from “member” to “customer” just for a side note, and that wouldn’t matter because either way, he’s breaking the rule.

    • Darwin Watterson
      Darwin Watterson Year ago

      Just a curious question, have you watched gumball?

      MILKWEED Year ago +1

      Thank you for the analytics darwin

    • mr music knowledge
      mr music knowledge Year ago

      Im partially jelous that you took that name

  • 5 minutes alone
    5 minutes alone Year ago +3

    When people bought loads of toilet paper thinking it has something to do with the Corona Virus 🤣🤣🤔 then try to return it but can't😆😆

  • Edna Jean Amos
    Edna Jean Amos Year ago

    Hilarious!! I remember a year ago we could hardly find toilet paper!! It was ridiculous

    • David B
      David B Year ago +3

      That wasnt hilarious.because of people like that you couldn't find toilet paper. I agree with ridiculous

  • Epic Moai
    Epic Moai Year ago +7

    Just imagine telling people from the past that toilet paper is a valuable object and that it had to be limited and people fight for it

  • Sandwich Man
    Sandwich Man Year ago +30

    This is accurate to how much toilet paper I need after Taco Bell:

  • Gerardo Linares
    Gerardo Linares Year ago +2

    Costco guy should’ve told him “that sounds like a personal problem to me 🤷🏻‍♂️”

    • Texas Red
      Texas Red Year ago

      "Use corncobs instead--produce is next to the bakery."

  • Mr O4TS
    Mr O4TS Year ago

    That Costco employee is so done dealing with your shit😂

  • Matthew Gomez
    Matthew Gomez Year ago +22

    They gonna revoke his Costco Card with the quickness lol.

  • Intercessory Prayers.

    Hahahaha I had to do that during the lockdown. Gather a few friends and family and stay in line.

  • Baby Sharina
    Baby Sharina Year ago +28

    Perks of having more kids for pops.love u pops💞

  • L94
    L94 Year ago +1

    If he say one more word he's gonna get the belt 😂😂

  • Zerzayar
    Zerzayar Year ago +57

    "Look, I'm too stupid to wear my mask the right way! Lolz."

  • Nob ody
    Nob ody Year ago +67

    "I got a lot of kids"
    Smallest mexican family in recorded history shows up

  • Something
    Something Year ago +114

    The most triggering part of this video is the dad‘s mask

    • ZK
      ZK Year ago

      @AethernalVoid Nah.
      I make like $12 just fine with that.
      And I mean, the same can be said about doctors who lied about how many cases of covid there were to get funding for their hospitals.
      And being anti-vaxx is fine. I haven't been since I was an infant and I've been living a very healthy life. You can get vacc or not, depends on what you want or need. I dont need it, cause I'm fine
      But someone else, possibly you, could have a poor immune system or family with poor immune systems. So you get it to attempt to help.
      Idk why people bash anti-vaxx. It literally comes down to the person.

    • ZK
      ZK Year ago

      @AethernalVoid I have gotten my info from 2 of my doctors here where I live. Both from a very good hospital. Both are loved by every patient.
      They came out and said this, they said it other patients.
      If the makes had done anything we would've been out of this shit a while ago.
      If they did something then the CDC wouldn't be getting rid of them.

    • ZK
      ZK Year ago

      @AethernalVoid funny how people still think masks help.

  • jenny penny
    jenny penny 11 months ago

    People like him make it hard for me to spread the peace and love. But, I’ll keep trying I guess..

  • AntonyS0lis
    AntonyS0lis Year ago +176

    This still doesn’t work cause that’s a Costco and it’s one per member which means all of those kids would need to have a member card which I doubt they do 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Jill Lee
      Jill Lee Year ago +1

      @lolblitz gaming their store, their rules right

    • lolblitz gaming
      lolblitz gaming Year ago

      Are they seriously gatekeeping toilet paper for Costco members?

    • Pickled Sausages
      Pickled Sausages Year ago +1

      Doesn't cost much. They probably do.

  • maxhax 1911
    maxhax 1911 Year ago +39

    And that's why they started putting a
    1 per family rule instead

    • Blue Bird
      Blue Bird Year ago

      imagine pulling up to a store with a family of 7, and you get a tp roll with 6 rolls. Shit boutta get burned through in a single day

    • Calvin McNeil
      Calvin McNeil Year ago

      @Shaun Bradford that is probably why they started the whole policy of only allowing one person per household to even enter

    • Shaun Bradford
      Shaun Bradford Year ago +1

      @Gutta Beezy non membership stores almost always have 1 per household rules i.e. if you come in with 5 people you still only get 1 item, but ues membership club type stores usually do 1 per membership per day

  • Shivanee Gopal
    Shivanee Gopal Year ago +7

    Haha nice comeback😂

  • Rebekah Heintzelman

    Me in a family with 15 siblings And a guy from our church staying with us
    "one is not enough" 😂 😂 😂

  • Gino Ward
    Gino Ward Year ago

    I remember that the first day in my place people panic to buy food especially toilet papers gosh a lot of people fight for toilet paper haha I love you guys 😄😅😂🤣

  • who am I?
    who am I? Year ago

    This reminds me of the toilet paper phrase we all went through lol

  • Shaylee Navarro
    Shaylee Navarro Year ago

    Hahahah one pack of toilet paper won't even last a week. 😅🤣😅🤣

  • fReAkLaNcEr123
    fReAkLaNcEr123 Year ago +1

    That's okay Costco guy.
    He's definitely clogging his toilet because of all that toilet paper.

  • Fatts S
    Fatts S Year ago

    More like he got a corner shop and is selling it 3 times the price lol 😂🤣🤣

  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage Year ago +12

    It’s still 1 per member don’t matter how many kids you pop out. It’s still 1 person paying membership

  • Ayesha batool
    Ayesha batool Year ago +10

    Similar situation happened with my family once and my dad did the same thing :)

  • Lav Ender
    Lav Ender 11 months ago

    During the panini i was living at my bfs house with his family of seven and the only rolls left were 2 packs and we were only allowed to buy one. :D wonderful times.

  • Ash Bison
    Ash Bison Year ago +3

    I can’t believe these people really made this guy say this for this stupid video😂 and the dad in it didn’t even think of what to say for it before they started rolling 😂😂😂

  • Denicha Rodrigo
    Denicha Rodrigo Year ago +4

    Every time I watch a video from this channel it's like I can't stop laughing😂

    BLACK GHOST Year ago +1

    It seems they don't just use it for wiping but almost everything 😂

  • Aya
    Aya Year ago

    He is speechless 😂

  • Saifa S Munia
    Saifa S Munia Year ago +2

    Love❤️❤️ from Bangladesh🇧🇩 ❤️❤️.. I love ur family 😍😍

  • GreenGuy
    GreenGuy Year ago

    If thats the policy
    I would come again and again to buy 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson 11 months ago

    I was zoned in Hardliners a lot during my time at Sam's Club. It was a daily thing being cussed at by over privileged white people about a limit on TP.

  • xJx
    xJx Year ago +9

    I love love your videos❤️ Ramadan Kareem💖

  • All or Nothing
    All or Nothing 10 months ago

    At least your kids know how to wear a mask right 🤣

  • Caleb18greatjob
    Caleb18greatjob Year ago

    I worked retail for 3 years and I dealt with people like this all the time.
    Word of advice, if you really want to know what people are like in the world, go work retail. You’ll encounter every type of person out there.
    Better yet do t work retail

  • Khadija"s World
    Khadija"s World Year ago

    This makes no sense to me since he can only purchase one pack only unless if two of his boys were individually added to his membership to a total of 3 members = 3 packs and not the whole army of his boys. 😂😂😂

  • Debbie
    Debbie 11 months ago +2

    That customer displays a new level of IGNORANCE

  • idesofmarchUNIAEA
    idesofmarchUNIAEA Year ago +1

    This guy reminds me of my father

  • J Quave
    J Quave 11 months ago

    It’s still 1 per member so unless u have 5 Costco cards 😂

  • FocusFailing
    FocusFailing Year ago +44

    This is the reason we're still in a pandemic

    • ZK
      ZK Year ago +1

      @Femboy Not really. The reason we are still in it is because it hasn't gone through everyone yet like almost every sickness does. Everyone has the flu at least once in their life, everyone has a cold at least once in their life. C0VID is the same, it will go through everyone before our immune systems recognize it and it becomes less common.

    • ZK
      ZK Year ago +4

      Yeah, this one single person and some toilet paper.

    • Olivia🍄🌻
      Olivia🍄🌻 Year ago

      That is so right

  • Maria Pilar Aquino

    Thats really funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katie Rorvick
    Katie Rorvick Year ago

    I've got a family of 13 (2 parents and 10 siblings). It was difficult when target would only allow us 2 dairy items per transaction.

  • Racso T.
    Racso T. Year ago

    Employee said “Member.” Man tries changing it to “Customer” so he could include his children. That’s not how Costco works tho. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Vanessa Rushton
    Vanessa Rushton Year ago

    Love this family

  • scott robben
    scott robben Year ago

    This dude really wearing out this “I have a lot of sons” thing

  • Josh Krone
    Josh Krone 11 months ago

    This is how to outsmart the system lmao

  • Iced Tea
    Iced Tea Year ago +1

    The Costco worker looked so done

  • allmights_hair
    allmights_hair Year ago +3

    His face said “I don’t get payed enough for this bs”That gave me Shota Aizawa vibes🤠💅

  • JSFILMS129
    JSFILMS129 Year ago

    So funny I forgot to laugh... 😴

  • Am Kermit
    Am Kermit Year ago +19

    “Sir, you can’t-“
    “I HAVE 2000 KIDS!!!!”

  • G Hernandez
    G Hernandez Year ago

    The $30 bidet from amazon is like " 😭😭😭🤡🤡"

  • Nnamdi Ezeh
    Nnamdi Ezeh Year ago

    This man 🤣

  • Mike Hoar
    Mike Hoar Year ago +2

    1 бумагу в руки дают?в америке бумага кончилась?

  • Nathan Durrence
    Nathan Durrence Year ago

    When you you go shopping for ammo in the box limit is two per customer so the one guy brings his family and neighbors
    Those of us who went shopping for ammo this year and last year no it’s true because we’ve all seen it

  • D L
    D L Year ago

    Walk into store, "Where's the nuts?" Clerk, "In the toilet paper isle."

  • Mawar Aikozahra Mahendraswari

    Advantages having many kids....😂😂 LOL

  • Truth
    Truth Year ago +224

    😂😂😂 what a wonderful comeback!

  • Dewey Dugger
    Dewey Dugger Year ago

    I work at Walmart and club detail and when that gas shortage hit I literally started begging people to not use a lot of canisters so people would have enough gas after them luckily it didn't last long

  • Iman Ahmad
    Iman Ahmad Year ago

    Love your channel ❤️

  • TeamWake-N-Bake
    TeamWake-N-Bake Year ago +36

    This wasn't even funny a year ago when it was actually relevant.

    • Lucky SOB
      Lucky SOB 11 months ago +1

      It's far from funny now.

  • Love Laugh
    Love Laugh Year ago

    Imagine flexing with toilet paper

  • Geneva Lopez
    Geneva Lopez Year ago +2


  • Marek Mazurek
    Marek Mazurek Year ago

    I once got fired from retail for telling customer that they need to put a mask on or leave the store 😐

  • Mailee Vyne
    Mailee Vyne Year ago

    His sons are handsome 🔥

  • Beautifully Mastered


  • JägerMaster
    JägerMaster Year ago

    When you're not smart enough to wear a mask properly, you're smart enough to stage a Tik Tok.

  • Classic Design Boutique

    The employee seemed speechless. LoL. 😁💗😁💗😁💗😁💗😁💗😁

  • Siggy Buttbrain
    Siggy Buttbrain 10 months ago

    I’d still be like, “no, like I said STORE LIMIT IS ONE PER PERSON now take ONE.
    PERSON and put the rest back.”

  • Darius Pierrie
    Darius Pierrie 11 months ago

    "Heh you see that underpaid worker back away when you hunky sons came and carried toilet paper"

  • Raleigh Guitar Guy

    People like you are the reason why the rest of us had so much time finding that shit last year.

  • gardener 67
    gardener 67 Year ago +1

    Hahaa, that's what we do! I yell, hey everybody get one and get in line, asap! 😂

  • sweetsarahstr84
    sweetsarahstr84 Year ago

    I was the nice one to only take 1 before the limits were set. Then I went back when we ran out and there wasnt any. Next time taking care of my family first, not the whole pallet but enough to get through what ever sh** show happens again

  • Mitiku Getaneh
    Mitiku Getaneh Year ago

    Is that TOLIET or TOILET paper?😁😁😁 it's also funny😉 whatever it's i am a big fan of this family. Thanks for making us😂😂🤣🤣😅👍

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +1

    "Are we good now?" ... silence.

  • Nicolle Rombaoa
    Nicolle Rombaoa Year ago +1

    well the belt is not here but still funny hahahaha, the employee was shocked when he saw so many kids hahahahaha😂😂😂😂

  • Anna Khan
    Anna Khan Year ago

    I love this family

  • Wayne Baiey
    Wayne Baiey 11 months ago

    He got a lot of kids bro. Super funny. Love it.

  • Brittany S
    Brittany S Year ago +1

    Because our home is an adult foster home we had special permission from the state (with letters) to buy more than the stated quantities of any items like toilet paper, Lysol wipes, gloves, etc. and we often did. Those are things we go through a lot. Having a large household, and not wanting to go shopping each week, it was necessary, but we were NEVER the type of people to stack a cart full of 1 type of item. I did see people buying out whole stocks of certain items and wondered how they could possibly think it was ok.

    • ChaoticChiko
      ChaoticChiko Year ago

      Same reason this guy wears his mask wrong, he probably doesnt care that much about other people

  • Darius Foghis
    Darius Foghis Year ago

    Try living with a family of 16 😂

  • Mudri
    Mudri Year ago

    Imagine stocking on toilet paper tho.

  • Huma Izhar
    Huma Izhar Year ago +2

    I am from pakistan.i love ur family n I watch n laugh when I saw ur videos .

  • Emmanuel Garza
    Emmanuel Garza Year ago

    I mean, if they each have their own Costco membership 🤷‍♂️

  • John
    John Year ago

    I've never been to Costco, I think people are dumb as hell to pay them to shop there 🤯

  • Life Previously Balanced

    Well, as long as they're all members and they buy one for each of them