Sci-Fi Short Film "FTL" | Presented by DUST

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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    "FTL" by Adam Stern
    A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
    Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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Comments • 8 735

  • A v A
    A v A 21 hour ago

    "Hull breached" keeps sobbing....

  • Vesa Suolahti
    Vesa Suolahti 22 hours ago

    ummm it takes 3 min go to mars by speed of light, but it only takes 5 sec to radio back to earth?? How´s that??

  • Lord Bailey
    Lord Bailey 22 hours ago

    uh... 8:07 don't tell me this doesn't look like a scene from Halo 4

  • The Word
    The Word Day ago

    FALSE STORY, no pulse, no blood flow, no oxygen ... brain dead after 5 minutes

  • trancentralovertone


  • Hardik Devkate
    Hardik Devkate Day ago


  • Veritas
    Veritas Day ago

    Stop searching some meaning in this movie from the guys that does not know, that there is no sound in the space!

  • Leigh Williams
    Leigh Williams Day ago

    My word, this is beautiful. The alien ships/presences/whatever are gorgeous and so original. I want a movie from these people.

  • O Ceviche Band
    O Ceviche Band Day ago

    schmaltz shot 1 cool for love!

  • Elliot Lovgren
    Elliot Lovgren Day ago +1

    this whole film is a bruh moment

  • Banshee579
    Banshee579 Day ago

    Alien1: "Finally, a visitor! Let´s show him the secrets of the universe in all its beauty"
    Alien2: "Nah, bring him back to his planet, he forgot to put on his helmet."
    Alien1: "Doh!"

  • Hentai Commander

    Pretty cool aliens in this. They weren't violent ^_^

  • Jake Bracey
    Jake Bracey Day ago

    fake news

  • Alberto Malagón

    I don't buy the end though.. his space suit must have smelled as if God had farted.

  • nathan glover sr.

    Such bullshit

  • lelkr
    lelkr Day ago


  • Richard Perry
    Richard Perry Day ago

    Why wouldn't a person taking the maiden voyage of a new spacecraft - while wearing a pressuresui - ever put a helmet on? If your going to make a sci-fi short that rips off other stories,at least include that but.

  • Rockspoon
    Rockspoon Day ago

    TLDR: Space bros rescue silly human.

  • Travis Loyd
    Travis Loyd Day ago +1

    I enjoyed it but am always at a loss when the folks involved in the most futuristic endeavors are portrayed as emotional babies in a time of crisis in film. This guy clearly never should have been on board that ship.

  • PhooBar
    PhooBar Day ago

    "Warning - Hull breach" is usually god's way of telling you to put your f-ing helmet on...

    Or is it just me?

  • Adriano Gauß
    Adriano Gauß Day ago

    Aliens are like we build the Matrix...but they dont even know which Matrix build them

  • Dark4Magic
    Dark4Magic Day ago

    this made me cry more than titanic

  • Joe A
    Joe A 2 days ago

    God dam that was a good film!!

    ETHRON1 2 days ago

    Bravo.... One of thee best shorts I have ever seen, it would be cool to make a movie around it. The ending was most moving, if there is anyone who you truly Love, how can you not be brought to tears feeling the loss and return....

  • hurdygurdyguy1
    hurdygurdyguy1 2 days ago

    Ha! Complaints about people complaining about his lack of using his helmet! Well, all it takes is one glaring slip like that and the "Willing Suspension of Disbelief" (the basis of all sci-fi, or fiction for that matter) is gone, you've lost most of your audience. The fact that so many people caught that shows it's not an insignificant "oops, well just enjoy the show why dontcha?"

  • Scally Wag
    Scally Wag 2 days ago

    New fave channel!

  • Ed Speece
    Ed Speece 2 days ago

    Damn! Get that woman some Botox!

  • Jaka Birsa
    Jaka Birsa 2 days ago

    Crap story...

  • NotaVampyre 111
    NotaVampyre 111 2 days ago

    Honey, I won't be doing that ever again!

  • That Void Dude
    That Void Dude 2 days ago

    -wtf this isn't the kestrel-

  • Kenji Brian Kitagawa

    THAT WAS FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!! Edge of seat the entire time!

  • Amadeu Macedo
    Amadeu Macedo 2 days ago

    Despite the several jokes, I consider this video as highly emotional. Great job!

  • TheManChise
    TheManChise 2 days ago

    Proof that aliens created us;)

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 2 days ago


  • Special EDy
    Special EDy 2 days ago

    He is too fat to be an astronaut, that FTL trip to Mars will only take 2 minutes if he goes on a diet

  • Punisher
    Punisher 2 days ago

    very funny, where is the sci-fi ?

  • Pilot1982
    Pilot1982 2 days ago

    А на жопе у него они татуху сделали "нехуй шастать, лысые обезьяны." 😂

  • Chandana Liyanagamage

    OMG, its great

  • Damien Bee
    Damien Bee 3 days ago +1

    Mars is so far away in fact that it takes radio signals quite a long time to get from the spacecraft back to Earth. During Curiosity EDL, this delay will be 13 minutes, 48 seconds, about mid-way between the minimum delay of around 4 minutes and the maximum of around 24 minutes

  • Nahyan Suleman
    Nahyan Suleman 3 days ago +3

    He is traveling faster than the speed of light;
    Me: Hmm
    But he uses a joystick to control the ship:
    Me: Okaay
    But he can communicate with earth without lag
    Me: Hmm, you don't say...
    He flies past a rock (6:56) going faster than speed of light
    Me: WTF?! How would he see that..
    NASA is sharing all the info with the public in real time AND immediately admit mistakes!
    Me: GTFO! Now you're just insulting our intelligence!

    • Nahyan Suleman
      Nahyan Suleman Day ago +1

      +Ragnar Lodgebrook it's in the nature of entertainment to require the audience to immerse them selves and tune out inconsistencies...thus, fools always have a blast! Lol

    • Ragnar Lodgebrook
      Ragnar Lodgebrook Day ago

      Doesnt really go to deep into the real science if it, other that the latest concepts of FTL ship design possibilities ie the ring design.
      But let's make some assumptions...
      The year is at least 2050. Probably closer tp 2150 to be honest.
      Quantum entanglement based communication explains the lack of comms lag.
      Fusion based power source
      Some kind of bubble encapsulates it so that seems to solve the inertia problem but they also mentioned somthing along the lines of being back on the same temporal plane.
      But... They didnt solve the need for some form of protective shielding to guard against collisions and what in the fudge causes the glass to start cracking??? Those are the questions i got.
      Not that im trying to be pedantic or anything though obviously.

  • Meta Holly
    Meta Holly 3 days ago

    6:29 best scifi FTL jump i've seej. seems legit

  • lofin8864
    lofin8864 3 days ago

    what a Great story line, to be able to travel this way one day, and to have not only met another species but a compassionate one. Again pretty cool!

  • Saaduddin Ansari
    Saaduddin Ansari 3 days ago

    7:16 when she doesn't stop sucking..

  • DipAce Rai
    DipAce Rai 3 days ago

    Lack of planning. one...,.eg:- 😂

  • William Black
    William Black 3 days ago


  • Gaurang Awatade
    Gaurang Awatade 3 days ago

    That's the next gen 3D printing

  • Leo Martin
    Leo Martin 3 days ago

    This guy playing the main character, is in everything, x-man 2; riddick, Godzilla 2014,; and some more shit. I don't know his name, so I just call him, "Always Working".

  • PhatKid68
    PhatKid68 3 days ago +1

    They left out where she had moved on and hooked up that night...

  • Patrick Whitehead
    Patrick Whitehead 3 days ago

    Music during the contact scene is a complete rip off of the thematic score of the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster .

  • TJ Devereaux
    TJ Devereaux 3 days ago

    Ps - is it my imagination, or does the ship look like an X wing fighter from Star Wars? (I’m such a geek! Lol!)

  • Exit13
    Exit13 3 days ago

    Doesn't strike me as the Astro-NOT type

  • R. S.
    R. S. 3 days ago

    What is the cost for making a film like this?

  • Kram Sivad
    Kram Sivad 3 days ago +11

    They sent me back. Said I was an illegal alien.

  • Kram Sivad
    Kram Sivad 3 days ago

    15 minutes plus 45 minutes commercials could be on network tv as a one hour show.

  • Harry Prater
    Harry Prater 3 days ago

    Wow..I am very impressed..!!

    VINNY PRICE 3 days ago

    some of these shorts are better than full movies

  • Thumper Thumper
    Thumper Thumper 3 days ago

    This is a excellent short film . Sadly it's short I could go for this being much longer so I could open up a bag of popcorn. Congratulations on this short movie loved it

  • Ruben James
    Ruben James 3 days ago

    Very nice job.

  • chilo31416
    chilo31416 4 days ago

    Alien body switch. Alien imposter will absorb and digest wife and son and then the rest of humanity will be replaced. Please quarantine.

  • Alan Gardner
    Alan Gardner 4 days ago

    What a way to begin a Monday!!! IMPRESSIVE I found you by accident.....OK, some say there are no accidents. Still, exemplary work. Thank-you! We want more. Please?

  • Gibbet Hoskins
    Gibbet Hoskins 4 days ago +2

    That CGI light speed travel looked like a cheap 80's disco video clip 🤢 Apart from that pretty awesome. And why this dude only shave one section of his beard... Dafuq?

  • Krolik
    Krolik 4 days ago

    Only love will live forever.

  • Harold Phoenix
    Harold Phoenix 4 days ago

    Earth finally got an advanced technology but still insignificant to the rest of the universe. Great Video really..

  • Mandobird1
    Mandobird1 4 days ago

    Fattest astronaut ever.

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 4 days ago

    We will either go extinct on our planet, or evolve into super advanced civilization.

  • Danny Lieurance
    Danny Lieurance 4 days ago

    lol a human created artificial intelligence. Marz hahaha

  • Cyclo Hexane
    Cyclo Hexane 4 days ago

    This film is based on the premise of Star Trek's Prime Directive that first contact with less developed planets-civilizations is ONLY to be established when these species achieve Warp Technology. It also builds on the fact that we have been, and are being now, observed (guided and molded) by superior extraterrestrial intelligences through our entire history. Excellent film, packs all of these ideas plus character development and drama in just 14 minutes!

  • Gary dP
    Gary dP 4 days ago

    Just came across this, great little short by Dust showing a good example of an Alcubierre drive. Warp Drive tech, using high speed negative energy accelerator to distort space time. Unless those rotating rings are generating a micro singularity and causing it to warp space then it also could explain why the light when it spins.

  • Terry Fleming
    Terry Fleming 4 days ago

    Damned good. Fresh ideas in SF is just what's needed.... too many bad aliens give heart burn and make the soul fart . Nice to see some good aliens once in a while, sort'a "uplifting", methinks !!

  • Xiled One
    Xiled One 4 days ago

    I was hoping he was going to a place where “you wont need eyes to see.”

  • Leonardo Corbucci
    Leonardo Corbucci 4 days ago

    Great one! :) Great VFX and great story!

  • Obsidianflame
    Obsidianflame 4 days ago +1

    Its like a Civ in Stellaris suddenly achieves FTL on its own and pops up in you territoy. "Oh wow they actually did it... Well lets return him. This Ringworld doesnt construct itself!"

  • Louis Anthes
    Louis Anthes 4 days ago

    Um, he travels faster than light, but arrives with real-time communication between his FTL vessel and Earth? Oops, writers...

  • Iain Jones
    Iain Jones 4 days ago +16

    It's time to take your protein pills and PUT YOUR HELMET ON.

  • Kevin Lu
    Kevin Lu 4 days ago

    Wait guys, look at 13:50 , there's something appears on the man's temple. some alien work? Is it means that this guys is not human anymore?

  • Dr Rayman
    Dr Rayman 4 days ago

    This was the "2001" in a miniature!!! Wow...simply wow...!!!

  • Derek Ofoma
    Derek Ofoma 4 days ago +6

    It would've been really cool if he traveled so fast that relative time for him was slowed and he went into the future only to be saved by more advanced humans who hailed him as a hero for doing what he did.

    • Derek Ofoma
      Derek Ofoma 21 hour ago

      zwarios exactly

    • zwarios
      zwarios 21 hour ago

      Derek Ofoma maybe thats why the aliens came 21 hours later even thought they went trough a wormhole?

  • Scummy73 Dude
    Scummy73 Dude 4 days ago

    So what.. he’s blue tooth now?

  • Baadshah
    Baadshah 4 days ago

    Amazing short. But why does commander Kane always looks like something is wrong? Other than that, everything was perfect

  • Syed Ashar Imam
    Syed Ashar Imam 4 days ago

    Wow what a happy ending 😍

  • Roger Glass
    Roger Glass 5 days ago

    "Oh bugger. They'll all want green cards now."
    "Absolutely. No good deed goes unpunished."

  • Roger Glass
    Roger Glass 5 days ago

    Thank God, when these aliens serve man, it's badminton, not dinner.

  • Roger Glass
    Roger Glass 5 days ago

    Aliens kept the ship for their next episode of Antique Road Show.

    • Roger Glass
      Roger Glass 5 days ago

      Or maybe a junior high shop class.

  • moviescreams
    moviescreams 5 days ago +1

    Man, you know NASA and a couple of guys from the military are going to be coming for this dude. Like immediately! In the next 5 hours his place is going to be surrounded.
    They're going to take him to an undisclosed location at Area 51 😎
    Oh my gosh! What an awesome story 👽

  • Spiritual Geek
    Spiritual Geek 5 days ago +1

    It's only a matter of time guys ;)

  • RC-Walker
    RC-Walker 5 days ago

    Thats by far one of the Best Shorts awesome Work Dust lovely Ending too great stuff

  • Antonio Fernando Vicent Román

    Somos increíbles. Capaces de simular futuros para aprender y estar preparados ante nuevas situaciones. Enhorabuena!

  • Carl Brenner
    Carl Brenner 5 days ago

    Shouldn't it take 3 minutes for the radio signal to reach Earth from the vicinity of Mars and another 3 minutes to send the signal back?

  • darcide caesaria
    darcide caesaria 5 days ago

    Another badass flick

  • yeni soediro
    yeni soediro 5 days ago


  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs

    Aliens don’t want liberal ideas spreading in their civilization. So they send this California man back home for free.

  • shawn sholtes
    shawn sholtes 5 days ago

    That was friggin' awesome!! I have yet to be disappointed by anything from DUST. Thanks for sharing such a great mini Scifi film. I loved the concept of the Earth craft but really thought the return of the pilot by the alien ships was spectacular.

  • kustom13rods
    kustom13rods 5 days ago +1


  • shawn sholtes
    shawn sholtes 5 days ago

    Just after the craft launched and up to the 6 minute mark I got hooked. I can't wait for the next 7 minutes!!!!!

  • kustom13rods
    kustom13rods 5 days ago


  • Jeff Maehr
    Jeff Maehr 5 days ago

    Teaser film... wait for movie or series...

  • Barton Paul Levenson

    Nicely done. You guys need to do a full-length movie and get it in theaters.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 5 days ago

    I am prepared for mind blown take it away Dust

  • granger444
    granger444 5 days ago

    Someone throw so money at these people . Bet a feature film would be great

  • Chris Blake
    Chris Blake 5 days ago

    Fantastic film. Is that how it will happen? Or, has this already happened and we are merely being softened up for the truth of it?