Fr. Yozefu -B Ssemakula - HEALING OF FAMILIES SEMINAR - Spiritual Warfare Prayer

  • Published on Feb 15, 2017
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  • Capuli Capuli
    Capuli Capuli 11 months ago

    Sermon of matrimony by St Cure of Ars: Ahh..if of 30 matrimonies were only 3 celebrated with the dispositions necessaries to receive the grace of this sacrament, this will be a great thing.
    What is the result of all of these profanations? OH GOD, the expectacule of so many of these people that enter on this sacrament only to go to hell. SO what is my purpose of this? First, show to the ones that already enter this sacrament of matrimony the faults that they have committed and to prevent the ones that are thinking about entering this sacrament on the dispositions necessary to get it. Nobody doubts that we can find salvation on the states of lives that GOD has determined to each soul, while we carry the dispositions that are required by GOD, that way if on our state of life we perish, it means we did not enter that state of life with the right dispositions. But we know that they are states of life that have more difficulties that others, and this is the vocation of matrimony. It is the state of life that is received in the worse dispositions. On the sacrament of matrimony from which depends the happiness or the sadness/tribulations for eternity for the ones who received it, far from preparing for it with sanctity. It appears that the couples put a lot of effort on accumulating crime after crime to receive this sacrament. It looks like they are not even afraid to commit terrible things to deserve curses from GOD. To have unhappy marriage for all their lives and prepare a life of hell in this life and for eternity.
    The majority of the couples that enter the sacrament of matrimony, consumed their condemnation for eternity by committing three sacrileges. They profane the sacrament of reconciliation, then the Eucharistic sacrament, then the sacrament of matrimony. The majority enter the matrimony with a corrupted heart by being impure.
    Ah....!!! what to do with these poor people who receive the sacrament in this way?
    especially if these people never discover their impure state in the sacrament of reconciliation. With what horror, heaven can look these kind of marriages!!
    Then eventually what this couples become or get? terrible curses not only for them, but for their children that are going to born from them. They started there couples life with the sacrilege of the sacrament of matrimony and started hell on earth to continue experiencing hell for eternity....and everything started with the profanation of this sacrament.
    Even thought ,it's so difficult to find salvation in the state of matrimony, in which the majority will go to hell, the only ones that GOD has given the vocation of matrimony can save their souls if they enter the matrimony with the necessary dispositions. Each person must go with the vocation in which GOD has called them, and it is right to say that the majority that go to hell is because they did not follow their vocation.
    Each person needs to go to the vocation in which GOD called them at a point in which we must be completely sure that we are in the vocation in which GOD called us.
    The majority of Christians that are condemned, are condemned because they did not follow their vocation, either because they never asked God to let them know what their vocation was or because of their bad life, they were not in grace for GOD to tell them about their vocation.
    The couples who committed a sacrilege entering the sacrament of matrimony without discernment, will find out after they died in their first judgment that the catholic marriage was a life of fornication, it was a sacrilege.

  • Capuli Capuli
    Capuli Capuli 11 months ago

    Father the mayority of Catholics couples are addicted to Natural Family Planning after doings vows to GOD in the sacrament of matrimony that sex was going to be for pro creation and for GOD to do his will. These couples only want to have 1, 2 or 3 children, 4 etc.. because they want money for the new house, car, vacations they become addicted to Natural Family Planning. Then they go to church on Sunday and receive the communion in the sin of addiction of NFP and receive the communion in mortal sin. Can we say that these couples should not get involve in this healing process because if the live in mortal sin, there situation could become worse?

  • N B
    N B Year ago

    en el engrane pueden traducirlo al idioma español al al que gusten

  • Alma Rita Martell santos

    Estaría bien la traducción del Padre Yozefu al Español.

  • Silvia de Luna
    Silvia de Luna Year ago

    Padre.....excelente seminario!!......que Dios lo bendiga....extraordinarioooooo.....gracias Padre!

  • Grettta Lira
    Grettta Lira Year ago +4

    Maravilloso sacerdote!! Un regalo del Espíritu Santo!! Su taller en Chetumal fue increíble!! 1000 personas ahí , qué impresionante!! Lo queremos mucho padre Yozefu !!

  • Raquel Alcaraz
    Raquel Alcaraz Year ago

    Recently I assisted to your Seminar-Workshop in Colima, México! God Bless your knowledge and teachings! God Bless your APOSTLESHIP!

  • Elba Isabel Varela
    Elba Isabel Varela Year ago +1

    Padre Yizefu que Dios lo bendiga por tan gran mision yo tome su seminario en Colima y fue una experiencia inolvidable saludos!!!!

  • SestraC
    SestraC 2 years ago

    Where are sessions 1-5?

  • Laura De Jesus
    Laura De Jesus 2 years ago +14


    • luna :v
      luna :v Year ago


    • Neeste1
      Neeste1 2 years ago

      Laura De Jesus busca el libro LA SANACIÓN DE LAS FAMILIAS, escrito por éste Sacerdote, está todo esto y más y en español.

  • Mercedes Guzman
    Mercedes Guzman 2 years ago

    o la padre yuzefu , B_ gracias yo mechita Guzmán le saluda