Find your Kojima name with my simple 11-page form | Unraveled BONUS

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Death Stranding has some wild characters, but this isn't the first time Hideo Kojima has had fun with names. Now, you can find your own Kojima name with the help of Brian David Gilbert's Kojima Name Generator. You can download the generator here:
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  • Polygon
    Polygon  Month ago +2484

    You can download the name generator here:
    And when you're done, please post your explanatory monologue, or else how will I know who you are? - The Lewd Improvisationman

    • Luckylocky
      Luckylocky 2 days ago

      Hi i'm The Warm Abandonment and if you're wondering how I got this name let me tell you. I come from a parallel universe where humanity survived until the heat death of said universe before they sent me here so their technology wouldn't perish. I've also got sick radiation powers from the previously mentioned technology and the destruction of our atmosphere. I'm probably some big brain comment on the mortality of everything including the universe so that's neat I guess.

    • A.X. Roads
      A.X. Roads 2 days ago

      Hi, I'm Bondage Deafen, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I was the result of a covert La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo experiment. I was grown in a tank, raised by a series of flashing images imprinted upon my mind. One day the tank ruptured. The glass which contained me for 12 years came crashing into my body, horribly disfiguring me. My first words were the shriek which set me free. My captors, my breeders, they shot me up with enough tranquilizer to put me in a coma. They covered my body with this nanomachine-infused chrome/latex alloy to rejuvenate the skin scarred by the tank, but no one counted on the material permanently fusing to my body. It's been 12 years since that escape attempt. Now all I can do is speak in images. This text is all I can manage. The shriek... my voice... they'll never let me use it again. Snake, come find me. Please. Set me free from them. You can find me *CONNECTION LOST*

    • EnigmaticRPG
      EnigmaticRPG 10 days ago

      Name's Liquid Retriever... It started as a joke, a put down even, only it soon came to light that I'm who you go to when liquids need moving. Delicate samples that need handling? Fish that need relocating? Can I get you a drink? Oh, they don't sell that anymore, but I know a place. Don't sweat it, I'll be back in a jiffy! ...and ignore that guy saying I'm some kinda succubi. I'm only interested in getting liquids *for* you, not *from* you!

    • Fi the eevee
      Fi the eevee 12 days ago

      Or... SmallspacesChairLeg

    • awes0meaxel
      awes0meaxel 12 days ago

      Hi, I’m Big Cancer Dog, and if you’re wondering how I
      got this name, well, let me tell you. I had a dog once. He was my partner, my confidant, my best friend.
      He was also big, massive. Well, he's not around no more. The night he died, I nearly drank myself to death.
      Wish i succeeded, too. Three days later, when they found me in a dumpster, they told me what I have done.
      I killed fitty men while i screamed about my dog. Cut em to pieces and skinned em alive. I wish i remembered that

  • Jmanuiop
    Jmanuiop 3 hours ago

    "Bustin' Gamer"
    Also, I did it again and got "Old Bustin' Cocker Spaniel"

  • Chien Banane
    Chien Banane 4 hours ago

    Bose-Einstein Condensate Goldfish

  • raela sh
    raela sh 5 hours ago

    "zodiac sign: aquarius"
    now I don't even believe in astrology but this explains a whole lot

  • MaxStar McDonald
    MaxStar McDonald 7 hours ago

    VIOLENT NAME *Big Salt Poikilohydric*

  • Ranouken
    Ranouken 8 hours ago

    Hi, I am Old Scythe Sniper and I love puppies

  • Hawkspiral
    Hawkspiral 8 hours ago

    "Wood Trebuchet" best name ever

  • Hawkspiral
    Hawkspiral 8 hours ago

    "Broken Spork Darkness" Oml

  • Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie 10 hours ago

    The least shocking thing about this video was learning BDG is an Aquarius

  • Stoodmuffin Personal
    Stoodmuffin Personal 14 hours ago

    Idk Kojima's stuff that well, or which games he had a hand in. So I avoided this for a minute. But I missed BDG so I cam around.

  • RoseArtemis
    RoseArtemis 15 hours ago

    Big Pets Singing. Honestly I got nothing on explaining this one but imagining Mads Mikkelson with a bunch of cute fluffy animals made me smile and the best way I could condense that was "pets"

  • A Talented Duck
    A Talented Duck 19 hours ago

    "Ate dinner"

  • Sunnypasta Ravioli

    From this moment on my name is “chainsaw dachshund”

  • Zoe M Stewart
    Zoe M Stewart Day ago

    Why did the mental image of mads mikkelsen sweeping cheerios off my floor delight me so. Why did I picture the exact “aren’t I so clumsy smile” seconds before he described it. what’s wrong with me

  • Scree
    Scree Day ago

    Who else also said 16 carrots why is 16 the magic carrot number

  • Kia Ghezel-Ayagh

    Ah yes,

  • Kathryn Ring
    Kathryn Ring Day ago

    plasma (lickable) mastiff. i love it

  • Jessica Ann Miller

    Horses Trident is on point tho

  • Power of 27
    Power of 27 Day ago

    Hi, I'm Carried Popman, and if you're wondering how I got this name, let me tell you. I have been known for being strong my entire life, but where I'm from you can either commit crimes or waste your life away. I follow one rule in my life, Be Gay. Do Crime. One time I was on a bank heist, not to steal money, but to steal pop from the employees only vending machine. We had a specific guy set up to carry all of the soda out of the door to complete the heist. After buying all of the pop we ran out of the door, but Popman tripped and twisted his ankle. To get him and the pop out safely, I Carried Popman while he carried the pop. From then on, I have been called by this name.

  • Jeff106
    Jeff106 Day ago +1

    Big Plasma Rusty-Poleman at your service!

  • ItsPengWin
    ItsPengWin Day ago

    My name is just "The Embarassment".....I don't even have to explain it!

  • Pay2CUsername
    Pay2CUsername Day ago

    I’m gonna make my next DnD characters name with this. It can only end overwhelming positive or overwhelming negative.

  • Erica Kriner
    Erica Kriner Day ago

    Listen, in the whole document I put in ONE not serious, joking answer and now my cool name is Sexbeth Shining :(

  • August Quill
    August Quill Day ago

    I'm The Guns.
    I can't even begin to imagine how I got this name, personally, but I am from Texas so maybe that's it

  • Lela Lightning
    Lela Lightning Day ago

    When u watch this late at night and u are printing the 11 pages in the dark and ure parents find u...

  • Emilio Pena
    Emilio Pena Day ago +1

    He should do a unraveled on how dangerous Pokémon are from S rank to E rank

  • Ana Arce
    Ana Arce Day ago

    Hi, I’m Watch A Video, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I was just watching a video.

  • Niko Ong
    Niko Ong Day ago

    You may know me by many names. Some of which include "Solving learner", "Eldon Perry Learner man", "Gasmask Penknife" and "Naked Mongrel". I am one of the deadliest soldiers you will ever meet. If you haven't recognized any of my previous names...this one should certainly strike fear into your heart.......

    "Old watch a video"
    ....or you can just call me "Niko Ong"

  • Fawriel
    Fawriel 2 days ago

    The Old Wet Gamer?! Good _god_ that is horrifying.

  • Ien Verheij
    Ien Verheij 2 days ago

    The Embarrassment 🥴

  • Joseph M. Neid
    Joseph M. Neid 2 days ago

    The Naked Gayman

  • Jhon morin
    Jhon morin 2 days ago


  • floooooooooooooooood

    Fatman isn't fat though. He just wears a big blast suit. And it's also obviously named after the Fatman bomb...still not a metaphor...but like an inuniverse reference.

  • Bani
    Bani 2 days ago

    Big Sarcastic Artist

  • Matt Robichaux
    Matt Robichaux 2 days ago

    we talking baby carrot or full grown adult carrots?

  • Cormorant Colors
    Cormorant Colors 2 days ago

    Hi, I’m Glass Knife Dog and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I was cursed by the hag Auntie Olga Toestealer (actual hag name in VGtM) to carry on the long-standing burden of stupid names. Both glass knives and dogs are things that I thoroughly dislike. Why dogs, you may ask? I’m sure you want to hear that I’m actually a cynophobe. See, it all got started one fateful Sunday morning when I put a pen to paper and wrote a letter: “dear scykoh, I love too watch your channel and streams, but I have recently encountered a problem. It appears you don't truly understand my favorite game, bubsy 3d pre-stream even asked you, yet no response. this is a serious matter. Bubsy is loved by all and just push that love away. so please understand that you need to play bubsy, or at least name something bubsy. I started the bubsy craze, and now I shall finish it. Play bubsy. please and,thanks.” This letter meant very much to me, but my owl Herm (the Wyrm) got eaten by a dog before it could be delivered. That’s false. Herm (the Wyrm) was actually the name of my Primarina in Pokémon Ultra Moon. I do have deep set fear of canines, though. It began one Christmas morning when my sister got the pet dog she had been asking for for years. That dog was spawn of the abyss, and frequently attacked me. Glass knives would just be unpleasant to be stabbed with because they would shatter, and I don’t like little bits of stuff getting in crevices. Especially on my body. Especially sharp things. Especially digging into my internal organs. It would already be very unpleasant to meet the listed things, but now if I do, I’ll turn into a hag.

  • Cass The Nerd
    Cass The Nerd 2 days ago

    Old Naked Hamster

  • Dustin Bartoszewicz
    Dustin Bartoszewicz 2 days ago +1

    Clownery UnknownMan, Yes this is a "Cool Name", You might be asking how I got this name... Well it all started in the military. I was pressured into the life throughout my childhood from my father, he never helped me in anything unless it would aid me in the armed forces. I wasn't a gifted child, at a young age I realized I needed far more help in my classes, to make up for my faults I needed friends I could depend on to aid me. I discovered through watching late night comedies I could gain allies through humor, I then became the class clown. I hated being the class clown, I hated my father for never preparing me for the school life, my father had forced me down this path. It is clear to you that I never respected my father but I ended up respecting one man Liquid Fine. I discovered him one day while my father was forcing me to watch his military programs. He was a man to respect, so calm and yielding a clear display of power. I was sure that I would spend the rest of my life on the streets with no employable skills, but Liquid Fine expired me to claim more from my life. The only things I was good at had only one path to follow that would lead me to a life of respect, thanks to my father putting me in multiple programs to prepare me for combat the armed forces were an obvious choice if not my only one. I hated the army and I knew the only way I could enjoy myself was if I was under Liquid Fine's command. To impress him I pushed myself beyond human limits until I made it. It was the summer and my bunker stank to hell with sweat almost completely unbearable, but all that stopped mattering when I got the news I made it to Fine's personally force the Grounding Ranch. For two months I continued to excel until one day I caught a conversation between Fine and some general. I learned Liquid Fine didn't even learn my name, I was the "Unknown Man" placed in his ranks. I would make my place known. Using my skills in humor I softened my fellow soldiers "edge", they became more relaxed. However in war that edge is what keeps you alive. One by one they all fell, until their were five of us left of the fifty man squad. By the time we were at twenty men Liquid Fine personally joined us to try to make sure he did not lose more men. Liquid Fine took note of my joking behavior, but never connected the dots of what I was truly doing, I ended up with a nick name from Liquid Fine. My new nickname in the squad was Clownery. When the squad shrunk to three Liquid Fine snapped he placed us into a new program, a super soldier program called "ShotGun" to try and save his reputation of a great commander. We all got half assed code names, it was just our names backwards with a trait. I say "We" but as I learned he never learned my name, even with only three of use left I was named by our glorious commander "Unknown Man". Our first mission take out a base of three hundred sixty five soldiers exactly, Liquid Fine would accompany us as usual to the site but this time let us go in allow. I was the only one to come back dragging my teammates back to the commander and his two guards. He asked "What kind of joke is this?", I said it's Clownery. Liquid Fine yelled at me for a report asking " UnknownMan I demand an immediate report of what happened!" and I said "I'll give you all that's important. All personal within the building dead, both allies died within the first steps, and my personal kill count for this mission three hundred sixty seven and counting". Liquid Fine Smiled and said "Impressive, Clownery considering there were only three hundred six- ", he was cut off but two bullets, his two guards dropping to the floor and myself now interrupting with a chuckle "Now three hundred sixty nine but an even number looks better on a report, allow me to round up". I came out of that mission with three hundred and forty confirmed kills and Chose the name Clownery UnknownMan

  • John Meza
    John Meza 2 days ago

    Kojima: how did he figure it out?

  • Juliana Butolo
    Juliana Butolo 2 days ago

    Me and my husband:
    Uniform Knife and Patient Poodle

  • Jamesspunk
    Jamesspunk 2 days ago

    Jams Writer.

  • CSG
    CSG 2 days ago +1

    Glass Shard Scottish Broadsword. Not sure what to make of that.

  • The New Seorarek
    The New Seorarek 2 days ago

    Horses Trident honestly sounds cooler than all of them

  • This account is sketchy

    My name is Plasma Blunt Spoon, and I'm abstinence until I die

  • Elliot Grant
    Elliot Grant 2 days ago

    9:45 *laughs in transgender*

  • Iam Ravara
    Iam Ravara 2 days ago

    Old Unknown Programmer

  • SunRey Eagle
    SunRey Eagle 3 days ago

    I rolled for a violent name, so its:
    Harpoon Fighter Jet
    How would I explain this one?
    a disclaimer? 'Not an actual jet. I'm just handy with a Harpoon and I run real fast >:D'
    or lean into it; 'I'm piloting a fighter jet in your vicinity, complete the mission by marking the target and I'll take them out.'

  • JazzyisHappy
    JazzyisHappy 3 days ago

    HI, I'm Hideo Kojima, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I rolled a fricking 69 in section 4.

    On the other hand, ignoring that fateful role in section 4, I would have been Lacking Cashier.

  • some mean-side
    some mean-side 3 days ago

    Brian, my roommate misses your sister. His name is Ryan J. Dinkelmeyer

  • Jakob Sprague
    Jakob Sprague 3 days ago

    Student make-up. I kinda hate myself ngl

  • Ezra Gans-Crocker
    Ezra Gans-Crocker 3 days ago

    Hello I am Singing Ratman

  • thegreentaxi
    thegreentaxi 3 days ago +6

    Good news everyone, I'm now officially called "Playing with a dog man"

  • DigiYF
    DigiYF 3 days ago

    Hi, I’m Clean Quiet Studierman, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I was working on a business report one day on the 8th of December. It was a cold morning. As the blinding white pages stared their intimidating stare at me, I began to falter. To procrastinate. To run. My cowardice and my failures led me to a man who had wisdom many would consider forbidden: dark, unnatural. He showed me more blinding white pages. Eleven of them. Consumed by my fear of responsibility, I was led right back to the scene I fled from. I began reading, and as I read, I was forced to confront more and more about myself. The man was testing my limits, my resolve, and my knowledge. It was like he was assessing me: understanding me better than I did. By the time I had finished his game, he had me look through what I had written, jumping through more hoops and dances to pick up the pieces and string the information together. It was done. He gave me my name. That is how I got the name Clean Quiet Studierman.

  • Rachel Vass
    Rachel Vass 4 days ago

    Taurus Tadpole reporting for duty

    • Rachel Vass
      Rachel Vass 4 days ago

      Taurus Lickable Tadpole to be exact

  • Hailey Roberts
    Hailey Roberts 4 days ago

    Hello, my name is Machete Drone. I bet you are wondering how I got this name. Well I’ll tell you. It all started when I was five and responded to my mom calling my dog thinking she called me. This traumatized me. When I was finally at the ripe age of 13 I killed my entire family. That is when a friend started calling me Machete Drone. Now why are you here...

  • Logan Chellman
    Logan Chellman 4 days ago

    the revolver

  • BeastFormal
    BeastFormal 4 days ago

    Watch out for:

  • Jordan Bl
    Jordan Bl 4 days ago +3

    Harpoon Droneman

    ... I'm actually cheating a bit here. I did roll a 12 on the clone condition, but working out whose name I'm meant to be stealing and which half of their name to steal and which half of my name to replace... It's a lot... Actually, screw it, I'll just roll like, a d10 and take the 10th name from the comments, replace... The middle half. Yep.
    I'm now Harpcidental Miseman, thanks to one "The Accidental Misgender," Codename "Jasper."
    ... Heck, that sounds like it's almost insane enough to be an accurate Kojima name. The thing works.

  • Lain Martin
    Lain Martin 5 days ago +8

    Wrestling announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the amazing... (Moves mic away from face) What's your name, kid?
    Me: They call me... Toothpick under the toenail Snakes in water

  • Rachel
    Rachel 5 days ago +5

    "Singing Molly" as a Horny Name is not too bad........these are also just great internet pseudonyms