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  • Published on Jan 27, 2016
  • ComedyComedy

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  • FlyingSolo
    FlyingSolo 6 years ago +1389

    I think this started as an advice video and quickly turned into a therapy session for you two haaaaaaaaaa

  • Seated With Christ
    Seated With Christ 6 years ago +728

    I feel like I'm the only non Muslim subscriber here but I love you guys! You are so funny and down to earth! Lol

    • E
      E 4 years ago

      same!! :D

    • Xiomara Vidal
      Xiomara Vidal 4 years ago +1


    • quarantine life
      quarantine life 5 years ago +32

      I love them too!!! I'm not muslim either haha

    • Karen Yarisel
      Karen Yarisel 5 years ago +46

      I'm a Christian and I Love them!! I really like them.

    • Keti Meng
      Keti Meng 5 years ago +3

      Nope I'm here too, I love them. I'm Mormon so religiously don't feel too alien.

  • Lebanese Dane
    Lebanese Dane 6 years ago +150

    Hahah I have been freaking depressed about being 25 and still single and baby-less. I've been wanting both a husband and a baby for ages and it literally made me depressed every day thinking about NOT having those two things. Your video just completely changed my whole mind! The depression is seriously gone - Im laughing my butt off rigth now :D

    • Azalea
      Azalea Year ago

      Im 25 and still dont feel ready to become married or have a child.. even though I want to one day. I knew even more when I was with a man for 4 years that was YOUNGER than me that wanted it. Even when I got pregnant he wanted me to keep it so bad but I didnt.

    • Lebanese Dane
      Lebanese Dane 5 years ago

      @aristanae I realised that already :)

    • nishat
      nishat 5 years ago +3

      You should work on trying to make yourself happy, and not depending on anyone or anything else for it. Take care.

    • إيمي Emmy
      إيمي Emmy 5 years ago +1

      في النهايه الزواج رزق مثل اي رزق بالدنيا.. يرزقه الله لمن يشاء و يمنعه عن من يشاء.. المشكله تكون عندما نحصر تفكيرنا بفكرة أنه لازم نتزوج.. لازم نفكر كيف نعيش حياتنا براحه و كما يرضى الله.. و إذا جاء يؤم و تزوجنا فهو خير و أن لم يأتي فهو خير و الحمدلله.. لاتجعلوا الزواج هدف.. وربنا يرزقنا جميعا الأزواج الصالحين

    • iqra k
      iqra k 6 years ago


  • Violet Posy
    Violet Posy 5 years ago +24

    I LOVE how comfortable they are with each other, they're not just husband and wife, they're actually genuine friends. It's so sweet! Like Sid can complain about not getting time to talk and Dina just grins and says, "Go ahead"

  • MsLoverPower
    MsLoverPower 6 years ago +19

    This is one of the most honest, down to earth, seriously spot-on replies to the question if someone should have a baby or not. People lie :) It's not all unicorn and rainbows, it's hard work and, as Sid said, it costs a lot of money. Thumbs up, guys!

  • Muskaan
    Muskaan 6 years ago +639

    At one point sid was staring so deep into my soul omg 😂

    • Aii
      Aii 6 years ago +1


    • Lea Gill Act-o-graphy
      Lea Gill Act-o-graphy 6 years ago +1

      @***** I see. When I hear seeing or staring "deep into the soul", for me it's like being truely understood by someome. But I see your point, and maybe she meant it like that as well, ts ts ts...

    • Lea Gill Act-o-graphy
      Lea Gill Act-o-graphy 6 years ago

      +Punjabi Girl +Five fantastic girls Does staring mean you're flirting ?? 😳

    • Sana S.
      Sana S. 6 years ago


    • Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine
      Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine 6 years ago +1

      Ha ha ha get your own love!...

  • rosy khan
    rosy khan 6 years ago +690

    When you are young people ask 'when are you completing your studies' or 'why haven't you completed your studies yet'. When you hit your 20's they ask 'why aren't you married yet' and then when you eventually get married they ask 'why don't you have a baby yet'. People will always have something to say. Do things when you feel it is right; I wouldn't worry. Plus 23 is still very young, they need to enjoy their marriage a little.

    • Atiya Fizzah
      Atiya Fizzah 4 years ago

      Why is this so true 😂😂

    • Roshi Jinx
      Roshi Jinx 4 years ago

      AllahuRabbi Paul said this to the church of Corinth which was dysfunctional because everyone was shouting out whatever they wanted randomly and speaking in tongues without anyone to interpret what was being said so he told specific groups of people to do specific things to keep the church calm. women were allowed to pray and prophesy along with men (1 Corinthians chapter 14 verse 39) but the way the woman were speaking in the church was in an insubordinate way. There are plenty of woman in the Bible who have had leadership roles in civil government, have publicly praised God and given authoritative answers about spiritual matters to male civil leaders (Deborah, Miriam, and Huldah) he also told people who spoke in tongue and prophets to be silent (verses 28 and 30) when others were speaking. There are many interpretations for what Paul meant when he said it was disgraceful for women to speak in the church because the context in which he said it is kind of vague. and also the part about submission too. I wouldn't try to interpret the text literally since the meaning can be lost in translation and since it was a long time ago we might not understand the context in which it was said.

    • Zeina Amr
      Zeina Amr 5 years ago +1

      this is arab culture not islam.........

    • AllahuRabbi
      AllahuRabbi 5 years ago +2

      Show me another religion or way of life that says: "Paradise lies under the feet of your mother" (i.e. Show her kindness, serve her and only then does one gain the pleasure of God and his paradise).

      Foolish woman, the bible says it a shame for women to speak in church, it should have been otherwise too for you, because it's a shame that you get to spew your nonsense here.

    • AllahuRabbi
      AllahuRabbi 5 years ago +1

      Yeah, maybe I should turn into a Christian, because then maybe I'll be treated better.
      like these bible verses imply:

      Genesis 3:16
      Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
      (There is no concept of original sin in islam!)

      "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church." (I Corinthians 14:34-35)

      (Aisha (RA) the wife of the Prophet (SAW) was one of the greates scholars and she used to teach).

  • Hanna MK
    Hanna MK 6 years ago +4

    Love this videos : tks so much ❤️

  • Jenan Jeha
    Jenan Jeha 6 years ago +272

    I appreciate how honest you guys are and that you are the only people who truly spoke whats on my mind! my husband and I got pregnant completely unplanned. In fact I was avoiding getting pregnant completely but subhanallah it happened. I was not ready to give up my time for a child and you guys just confirmed all my feelings.

    • Sarah
      Sarah 4 years ago +1

      Are you pregnant yet? :P

    • Zainab Oke
      Zainab Oke 5 years ago

      +Nyasia Camara Im Nigerian

    • Jenn
      Jenn 5 years ago

      +SimplyZ What culture are you from?

    • TheAdamSmasher Multiverse
      TheAdamSmasher Multiverse 6 years ago +1

      lol me and my husband got pregnant. lol true enough

    • Nomad314
      Nomad314 6 years ago +2

      +SimplyZ I'm so sorry you have to deal with family members causing stress and diffculty like that. You could give a reason, as people have mentinoed, or you could just say you're not ready, or that you & your partner are not ready yet. Then give them a smile :) be confident! Their negativity is theirs, they own it, not you, leave it with them. Keep Allah close your heart. You are under no obligation to have kids now. 22 is not old at all! I'm 25 and don't have kids yet and don't plan to for at least a few more years. Many people don't til later in life, or at all! Family being pressurising is their own flaw, nothing to do with you. Don't judge them for it, but try to just leave it with them and let it bounce off you. Live your life and do what is right for you. The best time to become a parent is when you feel ready & motivated & want that in your life. If Allah knows something is better for you, then so be it. But if you feel you're trying not to get pregnant right now, contraception is something you can choose for you now. May Allah guide you & your family & make things easy for you.
      Regarding making sure everything is working, I'm not sure where you live but in the UK we don't even start investigating couples for conception problems until they have been actively trying for at least a year. Even then it starts with investigating the man, not the woman, because for the woman it is more invasive. I know in some places they will tell you they can look just so they can make money, but to really investigate this you're looking at having dye injected through the vagina into the uterus and such. An ultrasound scan won't tell you much unless the is something very obviously structurally wrong, which is unlikely. It's really not worth it unless you have actually been trying at ovulation time for a year. Even then, most of the time they don't find a reason for the woman not being able to conceive, often it's just put down to stress. But obviously the decision is up to you.
      In terms of contraception the injection is a good option, just go to the nurse once every 3 months, no one will know. Or the IUD can stay in for 5 years or more, so family really will never know! The copper IUD has no hormones, but the Mirena IUS does release hormones.
      Sorry for the essay, all the best sister :) x x x

  • Zoha
    Zoha 6 years ago +16

    I can imagine their daughter watching this when she's older 😂😂

  • Loveroon
    Loveroon 6 years ago +23

    The beanie suits you Sid 😊 You guys are hilarious!

  • Heer Syal
    Heer Syal 6 years ago +71

    "Basically, we've had a hard time realising our baby's not a cat!" LOL!!!

    • Shamz : D
      Shamz : D 3 years ago

      Heer Syal I laughed so hard 😂

  • Sunny A
    Sunny A 6 years ago +13

    Lol. if this doesn't convince anyone not to have a child until they're ready, I don't know what will 😂

  • Violet Posy
    Violet Posy 5 years ago +21


    Sid (accent): What's 9+10?
    Dina (accent): 21


  • Mari Bella
    Mari Bella 6 years ago +14

    oh my . Now I'm even more terrified of having a baby , it's my worst fear ! But you guys are hilarious . Low-key wishing you were a bit positive about it though (:

  • Sümmer
    Sümmer 6 years ago +401

    I feel like such a weirdo saying this but can you imagine if Sid filled in his eyebrows? They'd look so BOMB lmfao

    • A
      A 5 years ago +1

      Omg I started zoning out and thinking that too LOL 😂

    • Ophelia Winfrey
      Ophelia Winfrey 6 years ago

      Lol, at least I wasn't the only one then 😂

    • Sham
      Sham 6 years ago

      You extremist

    • Duaa Zulfiqar
      Duaa Zulfiqar 6 years ago +4


    • Iqra Khatoon
      Iqra Khatoon 6 years ago

      +I TESTIFY THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH Its where you get a eyebrow kit (brow shadow) and you basically fill your eyebrows to make it look more defined.

  • It’s Yasmine!
    It’s Yasmine! 6 years ago +16

    20 minutes into the video and I realize I'm not even married, I don't have children, I'm 20 and I have reading to do, but I learned so much about my baby 😂😂

  • Noah Ahmed
    Noah Ahmed 6 years ago +19

    Agree with this. Don't listen to anyone lol. I just had my first baby in November and I thought I was ready...honestly being a mom is really hard. Harder then i could ever imagine. I love my son so much, but your whole life changes when you have a baby. Have a baby when YOUR ready, don't let anyone pressure you honestly not even your husband. Have a baby when you think your ready. They are not the ones breastfeeding at 2 am half asleep lol. Being a mom is hard, your whole life revolves about the baby. Don't get me wrong my baby is my life, but definatly do it when your ready. Oh I could go on for days lol, but I think Dina scared you enough lol.

    • Noah Ahmed
      Noah Ahmed 6 years ago +2

      Btw I'm a girl lol I must be logged in on my husbands account.

  • Harmony Jade
    Harmony Jade 6 years ago +9

    I didn't have this experience when my daughter was born, she was born unwell so I really appreciated having her and being with her so I actually feel like I had a an amazing time with her being a baby once we got home and she was better. BUT now I have a sassy, strong, independent child who ears seem to have fallen off because she won't listen to me even when I call her name. She busts in on every shower I have and eats anything that I have on MY plate lol I couldn't be happier though ❤️

  • Alaa Reynolds
    Alaa Reynolds 5 years ago +15

    Love you guys! You were spot on, but HATE TO TELL YOU... The baby part is way easier than the teen years. It only gets harder, but in a different way the beginning is physically taxing, but the emotional and mental part is so much worse. I've got 5 kids ranging from 22-9 Alhamdulillah. It's more difficult than you can ever imagine. Allah help us.

  • Runa begum
    Runa begum 6 years ago +72

    this video was funny, it was meant to be an advice video turned out to be a cry for help 😂

  • Lucinda Nichols
    Lucinda Nichols 5 years ago +2

    You guys are the BEST! I love the reality check you gave here - great advice. Your playfulness and giggling is infectious!

  • alina love
    alina love 6 years ago +129

    "New word" lmao you two are tooo funny lol

    • marwa
      marwa 6 years ago +10

      That cracked me up lmao

  • Lorette Hughes
    Lorette Hughes 6 years ago +4

    Being a mummy to Nevaya who is 18 months old this really made me laugh!😂 Also, I got converted to Mamia nappies & they're the best I've used. You'll get used to no wet indicator & you can just tell by feeling how squishy it is! Save you a lot of money by Mamia!x

    • Lorette Hughes
      Lorette Hughes 6 years ago +1

      I meant to say.... It will save you a lot of money buying Mamia nappies & also wipes, considering they're so amazing why not buy cheaper!x

  • B N
    B N 6 years ago +3

    Can watch you guys all day long! lol so entertaining

    • B N
      B N 6 years ago +1

      ...And good advice. Keep these videos coming guys 👍👍👍👍👍😄

  • Al
    Al 6 years ago +95

    23 isn't old thats really young, especially for having a baby. most of my aunts had their first kids in their teens, but my mom was 26 and we're all doing okay. she had her last kid when she was 40 and none of us are dead or anything so

    • Tamanna ali
      Tamanna ali 5 years ago +1

      My mum had me at the age of 17

    • wanderlust b
      wanderlust b 6 years ago +4

      youre right 23 is really young especially for a guy to be a father at such a young age. are they mentally ready? most arent but the decision is pto each individual

    • Tara A
      Tara A 6 years ago +13

      I'm my mother's first child and she didn't have me until 32, which I think is a good time to have children

    • Saira Shakeel
      Saira Shakeel 6 years ago +10

      I don't know why I found this comment to be so funny lol very true though!

  • MizKSA
    MizKSA 6 years ago +5

    I'm not even married but this was so entertaining. I love you guys ur so real and genuine

  • Rabiya Jindani
    Rabiya Jindani 6 years ago +3

    I love how honest you guys are! This cracked me so much aha

  • Silmi Soleni
    Silmi Soleni 5 years ago +1

    I would take my newborn daughter to the movies......and breast feed her under a blanket :) worked every time :)

  • Jennifer Delgado
    Jennifer Delgado 5 years ago +2

    One of the main reasons I follow you , besides you two being absolutely amazing and just an overall inspo it's your HONESTY! Not just with this topic but as a general whole , thank you ...

  • Gxsia
    Gxsia 5 years ago +48

    I forgot to take my contraception pill and by the time I finished this video I remembered to take it lmao

  • E B
    E B 5 years ago +237

    This is traumatizing... it should be included in the sex-ed class for teens.. no one is getting pregnant after hearing ur rant lol

  • Wunderlust
    Wunderlust 6 years ago +16

    awww this makes me even more appreciative of my mother. alhumdullilah :')

  • Asmir
    Asmir 6 years ago +2

    This made me respect my mother even more. I can't imagine how she did it four times

  • smiley face
    smiley face 6 years ago +76

    OMG ماشاالله may Allah unite this family in jannah Ameen 😁😁😁

  • Maryam
    Maryam 6 years ago +30

    I love how this turned into a rant 😂

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 6 years ago +10

    Hana must be such a blessing mashallah, im sure all the sleepless nights and nappy changes are worth it

  • Romesa
    Romesa 6 years ago +10

    LOL this video is amazing! I took a parenting course in high school and there was a point in the course where you get this infant simulator that cries, and has the same needs as a normal infant. I had this baby for A DAY, not even a whole day either, just from 3 pm till the next morning and wallahi I never wanted to have kids after that. I did not sleep all night, this infant simulator went on and on for hours on end. Even when I wanted to shower, I couldn't take my time or enjoy my shower because I was worried it would go off. So, honestly I cannot even imagine their struggle. Ovbiously it helps that its actually their child and not someone else's or a fake robotic baby but still, parenting is no joke.

  • 🖤
    🖤 6 years ago +10

    I love how sid is just checking him self out the entire time in the view finder

  • Elena
    Elena 6 years ago +5

    I appreciate the honesty. I haven't seen anyone on yt to be this honest and this is a good thing. Is better for the future parents to know what they will deal with.

  • NessaAhmadi
    NessaAhmadi 6 years ago

    Haha! You guys made my day! I'm a mom of 3 and I feel ya, being a parent is the hardest most amazing job 😂

  • naz khan
    naz khan 6 years ago +92

    sid looks super mischievous throughout the video!

    • Honey Bunny
      Honey Bunny 6 years ago +1

      Hahaha right?! The whole time he looked like he was going to crack a mean joke - at least that's what it looked like to me lmao

    • naz khan
      naz khan 6 years ago +12

      I'm left feeling I should send u a bill for a therapy session

  • Faye Moffitt
    Faye Moffitt 6 years ago

    While watching these videos, it makes me feel like you're my parents, sitting me down for an advice talk. 😊

  • Amina Abdullahi
    Amina Abdullahi 6 years ago

    Such an honest and true account of what it's like being a new parent!! I love how you guys are so straight up and tell it like it is :D

  • Parm Virdi
    Parm Virdi 6 years ago +5

    I honestly have not laughed so hard at a video in so long! I'm watching this as I feed my 22 month old. I have his cot next to my bed with one side off, so it makes my bed a bit bigger lol. None of my 3 boys were planned and whenever someone talks to me about their plans to have a baby... I always tell them "DON'T DO IT!" 😂 my boys are 5, 4 and 2 (almost) and they are hard work. I haven't had a shower since... I couldn't tell you when. You could probably deep fry chips in my hair, I've got vomit from 2 different kids on me. I spent Monday night awake all night with a vomity baby, got my 5 yr old ready for school and went to sleep at 9am, and then I spent last night awake until 4:30am because my 4 yr old vomited in his sleep (special needs). I then woke up at 8am. And God help me if I need a bloody poo!!! I have to go over the rules, monster-proof the house then try to poo while listening to screaming and crying because they're all trying to rip each other to shreds because they all want the same Megablok of which there are a whole box full!! BE SELFISH!

    • Hijab Obsessions
      Hijab Obsessions 5 years ago

      +Parm Virdi that made me laugh. The joy of having kids! I agree with everything they said.

    • Parm Virdi
      Parm Virdi 6 years ago

      Oh and try Asda's Little Angels nappies! They're awesome and you can get 3pks for £12. They don't have any indicator (less chemicals I guess!) but you can just squidge the nappy lol. I've just started to use Asda's Smartprice nappies and they're the exact same as the Little Angels but 20 for £1.40!!

  • s s
    s s 6 years ago +1

    Love how we can always trust Sid and Dina to keep it very real

  • Priya A.
    Priya A. 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness! Hilarious! I am loving these video's because I feel like I getting to know the both of you better through them. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Ľubica Paurová
    Ľubica Paurová 3 years ago

    These guys are soo much fun, they must be great parents

  • Muna Hassan
    Muna Hassan 6 years ago

    I laughed so hard !!! Thank you so much for these advice videos. I love how relatable you are. keep doing these videos pleaseeeeeeee

  • jellybean
    jellybean 6 years ago +3

    ALL SO TRUE! That's why I cannot even IMAGINE how single mothers/single parents do it by themselves?!?! I literally DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW a 1-parent household survives! Mad props & kudos to single parents 👍👏

  • lovinglife
    lovinglife 6 years ago

    When Dina's talking it feels as if Sid is just watching me. Staring into my soul. It's actually uncomfortable yet borderline hilarious. Love you guys hahaha

  • hajrar
    hajrar 6 years ago

    Always making me laugh, cheers Sid and Dina😂

  • Pauline H
    Pauline H 6 years ago

    I love how real you guys are! All my friends are finally pregnant and all excited... But I am just waiting for them to realize how fucking hard having a baby is!!! I thought I was the only one cause I see people posting how amazingly their baby is but there are many hardships to parenthood too... Ahh!!

  • Fahmida Begum
    Fahmida Begum 6 years ago

    totally loved this video. so nice to watch a couple go through exact same situation as myself n hubby. I've just had my first baby in sept, and i can not emphasise enough how hard it is, especially the first couple months. at first i thought it must just be us, but good to know we're not alone. 😊

  • munaqaba muttazawija
    munaqaba muttazawija 5 years ago +3

    haha the baby bump phase isn't always bliss. I was so sick with my 3 pregnancies that I was on multiple meds, hospitalised for dehydration for months, anemia, low blood pressure etc. I'm a revert so my parents aren't Muslim and my mom had me and my siblings pretty late. My parents weren't in a hurry for me to get married, even less having grand kids so I was pretty much left to myself and getting critised for my choice. I wanted them early cause I have a chronic illness that gets worst with age and I knew if I waited I wouldn't have the health nor energy to have them, younger for me ment having the family I wanted and get a break earlier than my mom who's 54 and still has my sister who's a teen at home and my bro who's still studying, living at home. Basicaly no matter what decision you make, someone is going to have something to say about it. Do what's right for you, your health both mental and physical and your partner.

  • Thaaks.i
    Thaaks.i 6 years ago

    Love these vids! even with your busy schedules, you still have the time to help others :) yay!

  • jabagabba
    jabagabba 6 years ago

    Lol! Sid and Dina once again thank you for your hilarious and brutal honesty. You guys are so real, so funny, and keep things so legit. I love hearing your advice. Keep it up. God bless you two and Hannah.

  • Pursuing Ancient Paths

    Guys.... totally have relationship envy when I watch you haha. :) You guys are so great together. God bless you.

  • Aziza R
    Aziza R 6 years ago +63

    This video is the best form of birth control.. Jk lol, but seriously.

  • Nadine Sandcroft
    Nadine Sandcroft 6 years ago +5

    Wow lol! As a mother of two, I can relate, especially to the breastfeeding bit. Like honestly, expressing milk will save your life. I've gone months without a good night's sleep because of the every 2 hour feed...omg...then I look at my partner and he's fast asleep and a little tear drips from my eyes haha! Having a baby is not a joke, so PLEASE be as selfish as you can now, because selfish does not exist after baby 😂 Oh and going out.....hahaha what is that???

  • hindmahdi215
    hindmahdi215 6 years ago +1

    This video was hilarious, I'm glad you two released what you've been bottling up inside 😂 looked like you were bursting just to have a rant about having a baby. Poor guys, I pray u get some sleep sid! And dina I pray you can have your shower 😭😭

  • TootsieRx
    TootsieRx 6 years ago

    I can't wait for Hana to grow up and watch this!! You guys are awesome parents!! I know it's tough, but you are doing great!!

  • alitonne
    alitonne 6 years ago

    Laughed the whole way through that, so honest hahahaha love you guys!!

  • Shaistah Shah
    Shaistah Shah 6 years ago +11

    Dina: what's life like being a new dad?
    Sid: it's shit.

  • Hijabi09
    Hijabi09 6 years ago

    Thanks for the honest answers!! You guys are amazing. I actually never want to have a baby lol

  • Breathe Repeat
    Breathe Repeat 6 years ago

    My babies are 6 and 19 now, and I remember so many of the things you said. LOL
    Thank you for this video. Brightened up my day. You're a beautiful family.

  • mannypedib
    mannypedib 5 years ago +13

    I love how offended they are that babies poo on you then laugh.

  • Azimah Tan
    Azimah Tan 5 years ago

    it's so funny how this advice video turned into a little ranting video 😂 love you guys! x

  • Wafa
    Wafa 6 years ago

    I love these, they're entertaining and hilarious!! I'm like 14 I'm far from having a baby yet I'm watching this lmao

  • Chaotika Deen
    Chaotika Deen Year ago

    Omgoodness me, where have you guys been all my life, I just literally discovered you guys channel, I absolutely love you both. So real, so relatable, you both are such an inspirational couple. This video was the most hilarious for me, and just made my night. Thank you, stay blessed. Ameen 💕

  • Hanaa Batte
    Hanaa Batte 6 years ago +56

    You should have titled this video "a baby is not a cat" lmaooo

  • Maryama
    Maryama 6 years ago

    love how honest & real you two are that was the bomb

  • Kaki
    Kaki 6 years ago

    18:31 hahaahhaha. I am loving these videos so much! you guys could be rambling for hours on end and id still find it entertaining, its like im listening to my friends telling me something :D

  • ebonyloveivory
    ebonyloveivory 6 years ago +1

    Hehehe It's so cute that this ended up being somewhat like a rant for the both of you :D I can't possibly begin to comprehend the challenges of parenthood but it's a seriously a life changing experience. I think everyone should take note of this, it's really important to be as prepared as possible (:

  • Supernerd7
    Supernerd7 6 years ago +1

    Hilarious stuff. You guys are keeping parenting real haha

  • Sonia Ali
    Sonia Ali 6 years ago

    This was really informative guys, thank you sooo much!! Allah bless you always ameen :) xx

  • Nasima A
    Nasima A 6 years ago

    Lmfao!! I literally cried of laughter, you two are hilarious but are exactly on point with having children!

  • Mariam Abouzied
    Mariam Abouzied 6 years ago +1

    I've learned more from your videos than anything in my whole life 😂😂

  • Berry BLN
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