Pro vs. Amateur Photographer

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
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    Watch It's Not About the Gear:
    In this video, we shoot with an ultra-cheap point and shoot camera from Polaroid along with our Canon 1DX II. Our friend Justin (who is not a photographer) also gives both cameras a try.
    Special thanks to our boy Justin Hergett for being our amateur. Justin is a masterful mix engineer:
    Thanks to our model, Jasmine!
    Her IG:
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  • Mango Street
    Mango Street  8 months ago +93

    you can watch our first go at this challenge here:

    • Enrique Vega Pineda
      Enrique Vega Pineda 2 months ago

      Hi Guys! I really liked this topic and I have a question about the creative part of the shooting since I don't notice really any difference between pro and amateur. To me, both approaches have a very similar use of framing, the model direction is also similar but maybe there's some point that I'm missing. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • welter davin
      welter davin 7 months ago

      ⁉️ *WAN3T ME? LO5OK, I MASTB*ATE NAK7ED,снеск0 снann5el* ❄️❄️

    • Mango Street
      Mango Street  8 months ago

      * dwight voice * “seems like you already know.”

    • MS Paramban
      MS Paramban 8 months ago +1

      @Mango Street ​ 4:18 *lol, why amateur always taking pictures against the light source (sun) and you guys are not????*

  • Germaine Marryshow
    Germaine Marryshow 15 hours ago

    Honestly I wasn't gonna like or dislike this video... just let it play and move on- until I heard him say 8:29. that was funny... thumbs up just for the heck of it.

  • Tatenda Mikey
    Tatenda Mikey 19 hours ago

    Nahhh Justin is actually really good. I think the term amateur has a negative perspective sometimes. There's an innocence, a choice to play around with the styles. Granted, there are certain things like exposure and aperture but I really like them a lot 👏🏾. Go Justin 📸

  • Ash Aswa
    Ash Aswa Day ago +1

    Props to the model, she was very gd

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das Day ago

    Turned out to be the worst tutorial video ever...thanks ^_^

  • Angelica Bleigh
    Angelica Bleigh 3 days ago

    Can I just mention how awesome they shot their ad????

  • Kimo Komoto
    Kimo Komoto 7 days ago

    Haha so hire the amateur, save the money and spend it on good model 😉

  • Wenyu Shen
    Wenyu Shen 8 days ago

    The cheaper one looks like film photography,Kodak Portra

  • Yahya Zitane
    Yahya Zitane 14 days ago

    Am I dreaming or the the cheap camera is doing better ?

  • M.A. Zaki
    M.A. Zaki 14 days ago

    So 1DX II is cheap, full frame camera now?

  • D. Allen Martin
    D. Allen Martin 15 days ago

    if anything, this vid kinda supports the fact that even in the hands of a pro, camera quality matters.

  • William H. de Boer
    William H. de Boer 15 days ago

    6:23 is perfection

  • acid flashback
    acid flashback 16 days ago

    Undeniable proof you need a good camera.

  • Tim Ku
    Tim Ku 16 days ago

    conclusion : expensive gear definitely instantly make you a pro

  • Mark Shanks
    Mark Shanks 17 days ago

    This was a random watch BUT u get a comment and like fox the squarespace spot!

  • Gus
    Gus 17 days ago

    The model looks like a black Ariana Grande

  • Dave Gudes
    Dave Gudes 18 days ago

    I like the ending

  • Oliver Hall
    Oliver Hall 18 days ago

    To me as a photographer, it's not about the gear you use or the photographer taking the photo. It's all about capturing the emotion of the moment and telling a story. Obviously a pro-photographer is better at capturing these moments in higher quality due to understanding things like dynamic range, ISO, angles etc. But i'd prefer an amazing moment captured on less than great quality over a dull boring photo with perfect quality. All in all, i think all photographers produced some great photos on all the gear in this video. If i've learnt anything, its just GO OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN! MAKE SOME MEMORIES :D

  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape 18 days ago

    You should know. I hit like, because I just hate this video 😂💀😂

  • Ronald Allen
    Ronald Allen 19 days ago

    I like to Square Space commercial, that was pretty creative!

  • ichi michael 1
    ichi michael 1 20 days ago

    I dont get it

  • Colleen DeMenna
    Colleen DeMenna 20 days ago

    i'm here for the squarespace ad

  • Bayo Olatunji
    Bayo Olatunji 20 days ago

    Big fan of your music choice 😋

  • vincent wu
    vincent wu 21 day ago +1

    PRO:make money
    AMR:spend money

  • Komenters
    Komenters 21 day ago

    Thats girls know how to use the camera digital

  • derGeruhn
    derGeruhn 24 days ago

    Normally I dislike very agressive ads in videos, but your elopement was great, laughed a lot :D

  • dergrosseoz
    dergrosseoz 28 days ago

    Maybe they should learn to shot good pictures with cheap cameras. if you are a pro, you can do this. 😉

  • Andrew Elder
    Andrew Elder 29 days ago

    Best SquareSpace ad EVAH!! They are fools if they don't put that out on its own

  • Manuel Caceros
    Manuel Caceros Month ago

    hey guys, awesome vide. How ao\bout we try that again, but this time, do it with the nikon coolpix p300 or p310, p320, p330 or p340. the bigger difference woould be the aperture, those inside shots have a 3.5 to 5.6 range, while this little camera has 1.8 aperture lens. what do you say? up to it?

  • Constance
    Constance Month ago

    I loved the point you made, this video was totally worth it 💛✨ learned a lot


    Learned a lot through this

  • Juan Cano
    Juan Cano Month ago

    her outside shots with the pro cam seem like peaking, grainy like high iso noise

  • taylor marie anderson

    Honestly I love this!
    Unfortunately not everyone is as successful, check out my vlog on why I QUIT :(

  • Kaliadder Experiments

    Best Squarespace promo ever! 😂🙌

  • Sitha Puth
    Sitha Puth Month ago

    They both look Amateur to me.. LOL

    SLEVIN SHAFEL Month ago

    amateur with that camera and pro with reflex camera hahahha. So the profesional is not the person is the camara. so tomorwo i can start my busniss with that refelx or mirrorless camera.

  • heredownunder
    heredownunder Month ago

    Model who can pose vs normal person being photographed, I think.

  • Dylan Labadie
    Dylan Labadie Month ago

    Gonna be honest. Preferred a lot of the amateurs shots

  • Mi Pe
    Mi Pe Month ago

    The photo at 3:35 actually shows a good dynamic range xd

  • netgoblin
    netgoblin Month ago

    I see no difference, except for the Pros are more expirienced. That's it. Really nice phptos, Amateur!
    update/ The only difference is Pros use DOF...

  • *Veganislife*
    *Veganislife* Month ago

    Let’s ehhh... bin the point n shoot cos the pics are brutal

  • hanan hashem
    hanan hashem Month ago

    I want to follow justin on instagran

  • Kees Zonder Vrees
    Kees Zonder Vrees Month ago

    Amateur = Lover, Pro = ?

  • Raditya's Production
    Raditya's Production Month ago +1

    you missed one thing..

    pro models v. amateur models in it XD

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen Month ago

    thanks for the vid, that's just inspirarional

  • T M
    T M Month ago +1

    The model is pretty!!

  • Edivan Jr
    Edivan Jr Month ago

    Who would've tought fat ryan reynolds could take some good photos regardless of the gear.

  • parashar1505
    parashar1505 Month ago

    so when u have a great model and a cool place to shoot, an ammeter and a professional almost produce the same result! No wonder I do not call photography a pure form of art! It can be easily be imitated, and most works are imitation anyway! reminds me of this book title: works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction! Why it is not an art form like singing is because even if you learn your notes for 10 yrs and know every note, you cannot sing if there is no music in your voice... same is just untrue in photography! If you assist a professional for 2 yrs and learn his few lighting setup, you can do the same!

  • Araiso Marketing
    Araiso Marketing Month ago +1

    Moral of the video... Doesnt matter what camera youre using, just get an experienced model and most of your shot will come out great!

  • Don’t Sleep
    Don’t Sleep Month ago

    Beautiful Frenchie 😍

  • Πούλιος Πάχος

    Fuck square space

  • sszndd Life
    sszndd Life 2 months ago

    I don’t see much difference between the amateur & professional photographer 🤔

  • Rainherself
    Rainherself 2 months ago +1

    The model is really great. And gorgeous

  • ik0tA
    ik0tA 2 months ago +1

    ok so pros do lay on ground when taking photos. i got the point of the video.. just kidding though i liked the video thanks for making these 👍

  • Ariane Patino
    Ariane Patino 2 months ago

    idkkk i kinda like the cheap camera :p it has a vibe

  • Marios Antoniou
    Marios Antoniou 2 months ago

    The photo with the plant was the most creative one. The amateur photographer wins, hands down.

  • 1gregwolfpack
    1gregwolfpack 2 months ago

    Bro the amateur is pretty talented 😂 he should do this as a hobby

  • eksine
    eksine 2 months ago

    the "pro" photographer captured better photos with the cheap film camera and the "amatuer" photog captured better studio photos, it's ass backwards

  • Re Eb
    Re Eb 2 months ago

    Amazing model