They LIED to me! - DDR4 RAM to M.2 SSD Adapter

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    For all of the dozens of you out there who were looking for a way to install an SSD in your memory slot, we FINALLY have a solution. It's exactly as dumb as you might think.
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Comments • 80

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  11 months ago +261

    Join the drop for the Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X Go Headphones at
    Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at

    • Rudyard Kipling
      Rudyard Kipling Month ago

      Dude do you have any used DDR4 you wanna sell me

    • MrJasontm2386
      MrJasontm2386 5 months ago

      Anyone know what monitor that is?

    • Bradley Bisby-mountain
      Bradley Bisby-mountain 11 months ago

      O h I t s a P I N K G U Y W I R E

    • deth kon
      deth kon 11 months ago

      Linus, isn't the base hardware of an SSd the same as a stick of ram? SSD sizes of ram? in DIMM slots? THIS NEEDS TO BE EXPLORED!

    • Jakob
      Jakob 11 months ago

      What the hell is the Badminton-champ Peter doing on the floor Linus?? 7:24
      Best regards' Camilla Martin

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law Day ago

    Basically this is for somebody who has 4 ddr4 slots and are only using two, and they can add 2 m.2 ssds if they have available sata slots... It would be useless for me because i would use all my ram slots

  • Rrr Ggg
    Rrr Ggg Day ago

    5:20 "220V 110V"
    It's been 120V and 240V since WW2, fully standardized ~1948.
    Time to move on boomer ;)

  • RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more

    What color do you want your DDR RAM to M.2 SSD Adapter in? DDR4, DDR3 or DDR2!

  • Kraizy Ace
    Kraizy Ace 2 days ago

    Expect disappointment and you won't be disappointed.

  • zabnat
    zabnat 3 days ago

    If it would have actually converted M.2 drive to NVDIMM would his motherboard had the support for it? I believe they are only supported on server hardware.

  • Vancouver Guy
    Vancouver Guy 4 days ago

    Id still like them to come up with a cheap and working M.2 M-Key SSD to Thunderbuilt/USB3 adapter. I have a Samsung AHCI SSD that came in the most expensive ASUS ROG gaming laptop you could buy at the time(~2016-2017), with the maxed out options. That laptop failed after less than a year (As did the MSI gaming laptop I bought next, didnt even last 6 months, just stopped turning on, these gaming laptops dont seem to last very long, an I dont even game, so its not like I work them particularly hard, which sucks when your spending 2-4grand on a laptop), but I have been unable to use the SSD that it came with since then without plugging it into a desktop adaptor card. I hear they have some external exclosures now that work, but they are quite expensive because they are not just straight up physical adapters or have cheap chipsets like alot of external M.2 enclosures. Which is why all the reasonably priced and even unreasonable priced M.2 enclosures dont work with M key / AHCI NVMe M.2 ssds. Which is a shame, because then youd get 2.5+GB/s instead of the lame 500-550 you get with most Thunderbolt/USB3 ssd enclosures.

  • gilbs72
    gilbs72 5 days ago

    Calling it an M.2 to DIMM "A-D-A-P-T-E-R" is being very kind. More like an M.2 to SATA adapter on a DIMM slot HOLDER! 😝

  • Puer Latinophilus
    Puer Latinophilus 5 days ago +1

    If this were to work: Get 4 of them together with an 1TB M.2 each, and voilâ: 4-5 additional openable chrome tabs.

  • mtbm3434
    mtbm3434 6 days ago

    It can have real usage in servers. I remember 4node 2u server and there was no space for internal drives for system, but there were free physical sata inside. I think it would be nice to know about those things few years ago. It would be better than sata ssd mounted with electronic tape ;)

  • Vulcan_GoF
    Vulcan_GoF 6 days ago

    So wait a minute... How is my HDMI to VGA adapter working from Amazon? It's just a plastic brick with HDMI in on one side, and VGA out on the other. Monitor works fine. Now I'm confused. Hahaha

  • Cherubim666999
    Cherubim666999 8 days ago

    i can see there being useful to some people, still not something that i want or need

    TCMOREIRA 8 days ago

    Very informative video actually!

  • james pressey
    james pressey 8 days ago

    I wounder if this would work on older model computers

  • Jaalan Odaicyr
    Jaalan Odaicyr 9 days ago

    so its really an m.2 to a standard sata?

  • Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

    So not even for using ram as cache of the ssd?

  • Dreglanoth
    Dreglanoth 10 days ago


  • Julian Gutierrez
    Julian Gutierrez 11 days ago

    Great videos I always watch you channel by my first source of information, but as an advice go to the doctor you're always dropping something.

  • G P
    G P 14 days ago

    Just someone in china had spare dimm boards and decided to make a sata interface out of them...

  • Borsalino Kizaru
    Borsalino Kizaru 14 days ago +4

    Linus is the kind of guy that can afford a real G Sync monitor.

  • noname
    noname 18 days ago

    Does anybody know if exists some adapter enabling convertion a SO-DIMM into SSD. Simply, want 2 buy e.g. a SO-DIMM DDR4 & use it as a SSD disk 4 cache files 2 preserve lifetime of my main SSD in my old laptop. Don't care what happens to these files after shutting down Windows 10. There is a lot of hardware which enbables convertion SSD into RAM sticks but think it is not wise because if used like RAM they quickly be destroyed (SSD are not designed 2 repeatedly overwrite data as is the case with RAM sticks).

  • Gary Gesell
    Gary Gesell 19 days ago

    So I can't convert my SSD into 1tb of SSR

  • Egon Freeman
    Egon Freeman 21 day ago

    These devices are, in order of appearance: adapter, passive converter, active converter -- if you ever need the names for that stuff.

  • cubbucca
    cubbucca 22 days ago

    Cool I have 6 empty ram slots and 6 empty data ports.

  • NineEyeRon
    NineEyeRon 22 days ago

    07:56 There are chips inside? What flavor?

  • Bagus Kusuma
    Bagus Kusuma 23 days ago

    just ask real questin
    is RAM had TBW too?

  • Trajanowski Rifleworks

    They should make a USB 2.0 header to aRGB header conversion adapter

  • mike mpasketakias
    mike mpasketakias 26 days ago

    It seemed waaaay too good to be true...

  • Roger Rios
    Roger Rios 26 days ago +1

    Up next a usb hub that mounts on a cpu socket.

  • Interlace
    Interlace 28 days ago

    You need to do more vids like these, Linus :) good for the soul

  • Advent Seph
    Advent Seph 29 days ago +1

    7:30 Exaple?

  • Noname LP
    Noname LP Month ago

    i need a DDR2 to 1Tb HDD Adapter...

  • FTVG inc
    FTVG inc Month ago

    My vga to hdmi doesn't need an external power source, it goes either way, and it only cost 4.99

  • Stian Mykland
    Stian Mykland Month ago

    “Related products black hole”... I feel hit. So does my bank account.

  • TEAM911_The Real OG

    If you say 'shall we' one more fucking time

  • Jason Russell
    Jason Russell Month ago

    ddr to m.2 to pcie

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos Month ago

    I expected a drive with a ridiculous memory cache. Making it faster than a M2.
    A pity.

    LOYAL MANGO Month ago

    From what I can tell it can be used for motherboards that dont natively have a m.2 port and can use one with the adapter. Better for older mobos

  • Vasiliy Ulin
    Vasiliy Ulin Month ago

    it's not even really an ADAPTER it's more like a Mounting Bracket at this point... lol

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus Month ago

    Lol, it's essentially an external hard drive (but this for SSD) enclosure, using SATA and molex to power it up, so it's kind of an internal hard drive (but SSD) enclosure but it's a cool enclosure, nonetheless (no need for the gold plating on the pins though).

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus Month ago

    So sad.

  • Facundo Mogor
    Facundo Mogor Month ago

    You should trim the contacts and extract the gold from them like nilered did on a video

  • gaby de wilde
    gaby de wilde Month ago

    no tape req

  • Exhausted Loughary
    Exhausted Loughary Month ago

    Next you gotta try the pi3 that you plug into a ram slot.. Imagine all the pi you could have going on a server.... You could call it raspberry cobbler!

  • Brian Anshen
    Brian Anshen Month ago

    Imagine if this gave you 250GB or RAM per stick

  • Jacob Lamastus
    Jacob Lamastus Month ago

    Has anyone realized this is a real life dexters laboratory ?????😑

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Month ago

    Now I can easily have 2TB of RAM per slot!

  • HDZhotz
    HDZhotz Month ago


  • Emmett Boudreau
    Emmett Boudreau Month ago

    Maybe on a server? No ideas on another use.

  • weed chopin
    weed chopin Month ago

    Was hoping something crazy like an insane amount of ram

  • CaseyRedDragon
    CaseyRedDragon Month ago

    I would more like to see DDR4 ram used as a M.2 Storage device for like cacheing

  • MCCiller 004
    MCCiller 004 Month ago

    3:23 Im from Germany i dont unterstand what „schaui“ mean 😢 can anyone help me ?

  • Batteryman
    Batteryman Month ago

    if it was the other way around which i thought it was before clicking the video, this could be cool for some retro build, if it also had a battery or it uses a "load up to 2nd disk on boot" similar to a ROM OS

  • gabriella stiles
    gabriella stiles Month ago

    linus : wth why isn’t my drive showing up?
    linus 4 seconds later : holy shit that’s 2tb of ram

  • Terry DeSimone
    Terry DeSimone Month ago


  • Tha David
    Tha David Month ago

    I'd like to see someone make a ram card lol basically somthing that goes in like a video card but just has extra ram slots. You know for motherboards that can't upgrade ram much.

  • Stephen Deinema
    Stephen Deinema Month ago

    Why? This hurts me

  • Rudyard Kipling
    Rudyard Kipling Month ago

    Ohhhh I was trying to figure out why you look so familiar, then it hit me a young Johnny Rotten HA

  • Hamza Abu khajil
    Hamza Abu khajil Month ago

    I finally got the Linus on this video

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Month ago

    Can this be used for a eGPU?

  • Александр Жигадло

    Ahahah! Prank from Aliexpress ))

  • M P
    M P Month ago

    To this day this still shows up from time to time on my feed, and i just laugh.

  • Kr1llbo
    Kr1llbo Month ago

    Aren't the adapters called gender benders?

  • William Heckman
    William Heckman Month ago

    Not entirely useless, you can use your extra memory slots for holding M2 Cards... Kind of neat... but not really.

  • Smart Potato
    Smart Potato Month ago

    Oh gosh I wasn’t expecting this Segway. You have outdone yourself Linus.

  • ArmyCats
    ArmyCats Month ago

    From the moment I saw the adapter, I knew right away that it is just a place-holder for M.2 sata drive.
    How does someone as professional as Linus waste more than nine minutes to find out?
    I'm disappointed in you Linus.

    • John Evans
      John Evans Month ago

      @ArmyCats Well, that's not exactly what he said. He did NOT say don't buy it. He explained that it was just an unusual adapter design.
      And I WAS a buyer who was interested... and my curiosity was piqued... But I knew it wasn't as advertised well before 8 minutes had passed.
      Think about his other videos like this. He almost never says "Don't buy this" at the beginning of the video. He goes through all the relevant information, and then gives his conclusion/verdict/recommendation. This was done in the same way.

    • ArmyCats
      ArmyCats Month ago

      @John Evans Okay fair point.
      Let's pretend that I'm a viewer who wants to buy this.
      A minute into the video: Okay I'm interested.
      Three minutes into the video: Oooo looks great!
      Five minutes into the video: Now I'm really excited.
      Eight minutes into the video: Opened Taobao ready to order.
      Nine minutes into the video: WHAT!? I was excited for nine minutes and now you're telling me don't buy this crap!? Could have just said so at the beginning of the video!!!

    • John Evans
      John Evans Month ago

      Consider that MAYBE he DID figure it out. Maybe he then thought of a rather entertaining and informative way to warn others about this item instead of just "This is junk". He actually walked viewers through the various thought processes that users might have and saved them from making useless attempts to make it work the way it was advertised. In the meantime... he threw in tech knowledge about how such an adapter actually works. And he was fair to the seller in saying that it was a workable adapter... I thought it was a pretty entertaining, thoughtful, and educational consumer warning.

  • Lance Zimmerman
    Lance Zimmerman Month ago

    LOL That adaptor is so stupid.
    I got one for 3.5inch bay that holds two M.2 SATA in RAID 0. Works great for games. Love it.

  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu 2 months ago


  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu 2 months ago


  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu 2 months ago


  • Silluete
    Silluete 2 months ago

    Well this will so useful for old m/b without m. 2 slot

  • Justin Leeds
    Justin Leeds 2 months ago

    Not quite the worst idea ever, but it's high on the list

  • MrHaydenJr
    MrHaydenJr 2 months ago

    I could see using this in a compact build with an open memory slot, with right angle cables it could save some space, if the motherboard didnt have a m.2 slot... but ultimately, i agree it is kinda useless lol

  • Mckinley Scottie
    Mckinley Scottie 2 months ago

    So it works ducted taped to the wall

  • Knife Kitty
    Knife Kitty 2 months ago

    so when your build runs out of m.2 card slots on mobo and 5.25, 3.5 and 2.5 bays in its case, you can still mount another m.2 ssd in that tower, cool

  • crazedcorgi
    crazedcorgi 2 months ago

    for 8 bucks, this isn't bad at all if your mobo doesn't have any m.2 connections.

  • Rodriques YT
    Rodriques YT 2 months ago

    But asus was able to do it perfectly and their dimm.2 even supports the ability to out 2 m.2 drives on it.

  • Mergatroid Mania
    Mergatroid Mania 2 months ago

    Would be better off with a PCI to M.2 adapter.

  • George Waller
    George Waller 2 months ago

    It's obvious, there's no glue. How would a parallel DDRx interface connect to serial differential lanes?

  • Aron Braswell
    Aron Braswell 2 months ago

    yet again, studdy hard before buying. All of us should know by now that some good old research before purchasing will save you money