Liv Tyler Makes Stephen's 'LOTR' Dream Come True

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Stephen gets a big idea when 'Harlots' star Liv Tyler shows him a keepsake that Peter Jackson gave her from the set of 'The Lord of the Rings.'
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Comments • 2 570

  • Jeffrey Yelverton
    Jeffrey Yelverton 17 hours ago

    Can she read me bedtime stories? Great voice!

  • Sal191 _
    Sal191 _ Day ago

    Her voice is so precious.

  • кσσкιєѕ ™
    кσσкιєѕ ™ Day ago +1

    Dudddddeeeee the way she talks is so breathtaking (as well as her appearance of course) _girl crushing rn_

  • Poo0fi
    Poo0fi 2 days ago

    Am I tripping or does her voice have a subtle resonance? Like, they put reverb into it. And her voice is soft, like a whisper, but very clear as if she’s speaking into your ear. 😳

  • Jean Vang
    Jean Vang 2 days ago

    Tell me why I got chills and cried when she recreated that scene from LOTR. :D

  • Daniel Arifin
    Daniel Arifin 2 days ago

    Her voice is just... wow 😍😍😍

  • MerricMaker
    MerricMaker 3 days ago

    They just should have done a straight substitution of her for Glorfindel. Then Frodo wouldn't have lost that defining moment at the ford where he passed out, rather than accede. Still would have given her her moment, attacking on foot and "unveiled" in all her power.
    Bad script choice.

  • Doug Galent
    Doug Galent 4 days ago +1

    That "Wooooh!" I can watch that moment over and over again.

  • Arleni1988
    Arleni1988 5 days ago

    I love how Stephen becomes a kid whenever LOTR actors come on the show.
    Its soo easy to see the love he has for the movies and the books. :)

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 5 days ago +1

    Omg she is a sweetheart

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 5 days ago

    She kinda looks like Evangeline Lily

  • tsocanuck
    tsocanuck 5 days ago


  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj 6 days ago

    Liv is gorgeous, Stephen delightful, Hadhafang amazing, but FFS! Don't handle display steel bare-handed! Fingerprint oils will stain the metal.

  • TheContextualGamer
    TheContextualGamer 6 days ago

    What a stunning woman, aragorn is a lucky man

  • OP 1000
    OP 1000 6 days ago

    I thought she gave the sword to Stephen. ☹️

  • rocco flavioni
    rocco flavioni 6 days ago

    This woman is simply mesmerising!

  • Ned Achilles
    Ned Achilles 7 days ago +1

    i wanna have sex with her voice !!

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 7 days ago

    But Liv, he's a mortal! Oh, wait, it's Steven. Nah, he's fine.

  • George Isaak
    George Isaak 8 days ago

    One of the most beautiful women ever walked on Earth , along with Salma Hayek , Monica Bellucci , Gal Gadot and few other female actresses | celebrities . Liv Tyler has the age of a real woman and the face of your first love ever , couldn't get any better than this !!!!

  • Irene L
    Irene L 8 days ago

    I'd watch an entire series of him just talking about Tolkien.

  • Nebulaoblivion
    Nebulaoblivion 9 days ago

    He wasn't kidding when he said she hadn't aged a day, she looks exactly the same as in LOTR.

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 9 days ago

    She is a goddess. Her voice is heavenly...

  • Denton Death Metal
    Denton Death Metal 10 days ago

    Colbert you're so cute

  • Carlos Robledo
    Carlos Robledo 10 days ago

    She is so lovely, i could spend the whole day listening to her talk 🤗❤️

  • Kelsey K
    Kelsey K 13 days ago


  • AJ
    AJ 13 days ago

    What a soft spoken angel. It's amazing that Steven Tyler is her dad...But man is Stephen's fan boy mode the biggest damn mood.

  • musiclover
    musiclover 13 days ago +1

    I love her voice

  • Jen N
    Jen N 13 days ago

    Stephen, get it together 😂

  • KubaBooba
    KubaBooba 13 days ago +1

    I'd be so bummed out if she was actually a dude.

  • Alex Navarro
    Alex Navarro 14 days ago

    Her voice is like a slow moving myst gently gliding over a smooth marble floor

  • soldofpol
    soldofpol 14 days ago

    Is Stephen fluent in Elvish?

  • chaff5
    chaff5 15 days ago

    She's so soft spoken.

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield 15 days ago

    She's so sweet, but I still think Stephen's LOTR fanboydom is the real star.

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan 15 days ago

    can't stand watching them smear the blade

  • Daemon Blackfyre
    Daemon Blackfyre 15 days ago

    2:48 he had the greatest nerdgasm of his life.

  • M
    M 16 days ago

    The first important role defines the actor as person
    Keanu as neo
    Her as Arwen
    Viggo as Aragorn
    Rdj as tony stark
    Dicaprio as jack
    Mark as Luke
    Hassison as Han Solo and Indiana
    Connery as 007
    Will smith as belair
    Heath as joker .. bring him to death. Rip beautiful soul
    And others.. I could continue indefinitely
    Hollywood does changes actor’s inner nature

  • tamas varga
    tamas varga 16 days ago

    she's not exactly my perfect woman but there is something angelic about her and I absolutely love her voice and her calmness

  • sweetiiey
    sweetiiey 17 days ago

    This is just heart warming

  • Truth hurts J.J. Abrams

    To bad she’s crazy 😜 or she would made a good GF Trust me this women is really out there I think she’s spent to much time as a celebrity and I mean she’s crazy like the way Charlie Sheen is crazy

  • RochaMusic X
    RochaMusic X 18 days ago

    She seems to be super kind and proper person.

  • Austin Michael
    Austin Michael 18 days ago

    She looks like Rosamund Pike in that 1800's outfit

  • jamal ali
    jamal ali 18 days ago

    Liv Tyler still a hottie and dope character. If I was Stephen I’d of done the same thing. Kodak moment, so jealous 🤣🤣🤣

  • guthax30
    guthax30 19 days ago

    look, i'm a weirdo and a freak, but i'm not usually into feet....however: this woman wears heels better than any woman i have ever seen walk in them ever.

  • 고영훈
    고영훈 19 days ago

    Wow man she's still so pretty i love she's one of my childhood celebrity crush

  • KMM C
    KMM C 19 days ago

    I feel so calm

  • Daily Dose of Lynz
    Daily Dose of Lynz 20 days ago +2

    Her hair is flawless!!! Like can we talk about this??

    • G Glow
      G Glow 12 days ago

      Daily Dose of Lynz her skin too!

  • Diane Walker
    Diane Walker 20 days ago

    Liv was wonderful in LOTR as Arwen, and terrific as Lady Fitz in Harlots.

  • Keerthi Chandra
    Keerthi Chandra 21 day ago

    Stephen does have the most dull band of all the late night talk shows. They just play something just for the sake of it.

  • Bee
    Bee 21 day ago +3


  • Yelyahfan88 x
    Yelyahfan88 x 21 day ago

    He is so adorable

  • Albert Knabe
    Albert Knabe 22 days ago

    Minas Tirith-

  • Albert Knabe
    Albert Knabe 22 days ago

    I'd wager my last piece of lembas bread I could beat this episode-

  • 9 Sheep
    9 Sheep 23 days ago

    The most beautiful woman ever.

  • Alice from wonderland
    Alice from wonderland 24 days ago

    Wow, what a woman, so gracious, so beautiful 💙 and her voice.. omg ..

  • Maritza Galvan
    Maritza Galvan 25 days ago

    #nerd alert hahahahaa thats why I love Stephen hes a true nerd hahahahhahahahaha ❤❤❤❤

  • Julia Alyssandra
    Julia Alyssandra 26 days ago

    Gosh is she gorgeous!

  • Kaushal Chauhan
    Kaushal Chauhan 27 days ago

    appears shes injecting also :)

  • Eugene Aniar
    Eugene Aniar 28 days ago

    Wow!!! Just so awesome Liv is such a trooper to pull again her LOTR Arwen character. Cool!

  • Atomic Reptiles
    Atomic Reptiles 29 days ago

    Liv Tyler can make a bunch of my dreams come true too...

  • Alejandro Lugo
    Alejandro Lugo 29 days ago

    when she said 20 years ago.....

  • Sam Griggs
    Sam Griggs Month ago

    Wonder how much that sword will fetch if she decides to let it go

  • silvia yanira valladares

    some people in Hollywood looks alike...Bryce Dallas Howard= Jessica Chastain, Britanny Murphy=Lili Reighart, javier Bardem=Jeffree Dean Morgan, Jennifer Lawrence=Bella Hadid, Zoe Zaldana= Tandy Newton....I don´t know but Liv looks a little bit Evageline Lily....

  • Hayden Simpson
    Hayden Simpson Month ago

    Sie ist noch schöner wenn sie elbisch redet 😍

  • Neofito89
    Neofito89 Month ago +1

    and he gets paid for being happy as a child, ahahahahahahahahahah

  • Supratim Dhar
    Supratim Dhar Month ago

    She is so softspoken wow

  • Heaven Leigh Casteel
    Heaven Leigh Casteel Month ago +8

    The fact she’s the direct product of Steven Tyler blows my mind. Two completely different people yet you can tell there’s a bit of Steven in Liv!

    • George Isaak
      George Isaak 8 days ago

      Liv was a love child and all love children are beautiful , i know Steven is not the most handsome man , but i am sure her mother covered his part with hers and of we all know the result !

  • Steve Snider
    Steve Snider Month ago +71

    She should voice children’s books. She has probably the most soothing loving female voice I have ever heard. Imagine her singing a lullaby to her children. They’d fall asleep in like two seconds!

    • George Isaak
      George Isaak 8 days ago

      I am just telling you if she was my wife by some insane miracle we would be having lots of kids ! lots of them ! She is lucky and her husband even more lucky !

  • Deena Hdzz
    Deena Hdzz Month ago

    My heart❣
    She's the most beautiful thing in the world😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Clark c
    Clark c Month ago

    She’s the definition of beauty and grace

  • Oldclimber Amb
    Oldclimber Amb Month ago

    Wow, has she gotten BIG !!!

  • daniel san
    daniel san Month ago

    Her voice is so freaking sexy ❤️

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese Month ago

    She actually does look quite different compared to her younger years, but her voice is wonderful.

  • EK Lim
    EK Lim Month ago

    500 pounds, wow, that can buy a few terrace houses during that era

  • Henrik Anchelia
    Henrik Anchelia Month ago

    I mean, he gets to play around with the LOTR stars.... AND HE GETS TO BE PAID FOR DOING THAT???

  • Edd Valdez
    Edd Valdez Month ago

    Colbert totally fanboying at his age is pure awesome