5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera : Top 5 STRANGE Creatures

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • The TOP 5 scary videos of strange creatures caught on camera and in real life ! Mysterious creatures caught on tape in the creepy countryside, in scary woods, and even right in people's back yards.
    An investigation into various sightings of creatures in unexplained videos, and strange cryptid unsolved mysteries. Two girls have an encounter in real life with what many believe could be a juvenile sasquatch digging in a graveyard. Mattie Anne has more scary encounters with a strange creature that seems to wander their backyard. A bizarre paranormal encounter with a thing that seems to vanish, all caught on tape. The thing has still not been identified in this chilling unsolved mystery. Some French college students conduct an investigation of an abandoned place and find scary things lurking in the shadows. And two guys in the woods celebrating the 4th of July meet up with one of the scariest things ever caught on video. Some strange creature unsolved mysteries. Real or fake? You decide.
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    5 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Tape : Top 5 STRANGE Creatures ru-clip.com/video/YoLQx5WI6AM/video.html
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  • Nuke's Top 5
    Nuke's Top 5  Month ago +500

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    • Rosaura Palma
      Rosaura Palma 6 days ago

      IT is Real because she has her hair in her Facd

    • sean ashman
      sean ashman 8 days ago

      Hi I think the last video is fake i think it is a friend of there's wearing swimming goggles for the eye's effect possible mirrored swimming goggles.

    • The Real 10kSpazz
      The Real 10kSpazz 8 days ago

      Nuke's Top 5 its spider man🤣🤣

    • Trey
      Trey 13 days ago

      5:53 THIS, is where my times of fiddling with sound effects for games comes in handy. *Those, my good friend, are sound effects* that are either added to the video, or playing from a speaker. I came across them myself, while looking through Skyrim mods.

      If you go to a RU-clip Channel named "MihailMods channel" and look at his video titled, "old god of the hunt update," at about 0:10 in the video, the same sound effect is being played. Not sure what animal the recording is made from, but I can guarantee you, it's a fairly common one used in games and movies.

  • Armando Salinas
    Armando Salinas 47 minutes ago

    There RU-cliprs they will do anything to get people to watch bullshit

  • Segers Leftbank
    Segers Leftbank Hour ago

    were are your guns

  • Ruby Anne Lacey
    Ruby Anne Lacey 2 hours ago

    I love his voice. It calms me

  • Andhika Bagja
    Andhika Bagja 3 hours ago

    Welcome to the comment if u scared

  • Pixel Juice
    Pixel Juice 4 hours ago

    Next time someone goes in the woods, he/she should bring a weapon, so when a creature attacks them they can defend themselves. Even kill them and show the evidence to the authorities or someone

  • Jay Wolf
    Jay Wolf 4 hours ago

    Mattie Anne video nigga sounds like grudge noises

  • game pedia
    game pedia 5 hours ago

    All are faker american are biggest faker in world

  • Aleksander Klunderud
    Aleksander Klunderud 5 hours ago

    All of these where prolly crackheads doing what they do best

  • Kiki van den Bogaard
    Kiki van den Bogaard 6 hours ago +1

    honestly number 4 sounded like a pig, idk if y'all ever heard one screaming but it sounds similair to me

  • Hens Hantam
    Hens Hantam 7 hours ago

    @07:04 Kayako (Ju-On ghost)is coming ?

  • Jarom Anderson
    Jarom Anderson 7 hours ago

    ... That's a very flat foot print

  • Jarom Anderson
    Jarom Anderson 7 hours ago

    The second guys just accidentally went to silent hill

  • Jarom Anderson
    Jarom Anderson 7 hours ago +1

    First one is probs just someone having a bad trip😂

  • Promthanius
    Promthanius 10 hours ago

    omg those foot prints from "Mattie" are the most cookie cutter fake shit ever. even weight across the whole thing lol

  • Promthanius
    Promthanius 10 hours ago

    Damn your videos are INSANE!!! subbed

  • Keith Govoni
    Keith Govoni 10 hours ago

    Dude #4 should have donkey kicked that damn thing

  • Lean Andrei Waje
    Lean Andrei Waje 10 hours ago

    In 12:34,ladies and gentlemen ew have found spiderman.yes spiderman

  • Edward X
    Edward X 11 hours ago

    9:23, the skinny Predator... 13:49, Spider-Man taking a dump! Lol 😆

  • Blackbird
    Blackbird 11 hours ago

    6:54 wendigo or the rake there are some urban legends about them. But maybe is a human noise i can also make them.

  • Papa Nurgle
    Papa Nurgle 11 hours ago

    Dirt digging thing is probably some really muddy, buck naked dude, high as shit on meth.

  • Gem Iñigo
    Gem Iñigo 12 hours ago +5

    Creature: "Blood curdling squealing"

    Dudes: *could be a farm animal*

    Me: 😂🤣🤣

  • kirito kun
    kirito kun 12 hours ago

    6:03, um is that a face could someone explain

  • Simon Camacho
    Simon Camacho 12 hours ago

    Fake video

  • Omar Sakr
    Omar Sakr 13 hours ago

    human eyes don't glow, but cameras sometimes show them glow

  • Jayden Ponder
    Jayden Ponder 13 hours ago

    Nuke always has the good stuff

  • Midi World
    Midi World 13 hours ago

    06:11 Looked like an eye watching you from the bushes. Gave me the chills!

  • Natrone Schroeder
    Natrone Schroeder 13 hours ago

    I think number 2 is a predator :)

  • Jeff Wentz
    Jeff Wentz 13 hours ago

    My thoughts:
    5:pretty cool, could be some weird creature digging a hole.
    4: Not buying it at all. Two kids go to the middle of the woods to light off fireworks.. in the middle of the night... then they both investigate some “weird” creature like noise, whilst remaining pretty calm the whole time. Not likely.
    3: To me it sounds like someone in their neighbourhood is screwing with them and their neighbors. That weird sound from the grudge is easily done by any human being. Still cool if it’s real.
    2: Okay, that’s a demon for sure lol. If it didn’t disappear, I’d have guessed some weird creature, probably even paranormal.
    1: Interesting. I figured it was a human, but that light in the eyes thing kind of changed my mind. Maybe it’s a spirit that lives there.

  • andy m. smith
    andy m. smith 13 hours ago

    I'm with the guy who wants to throw fire works at it big time way to go dud

  • Gwendolyn Snarr
    Gwendolyn Snarr 13 hours ago

    "They certainly weren't ready for what they found"
    *gets a food ad*

  • Solid sentry gaming
    Solid sentry gaming 14 hours ago

    Number 1 also has what looks like the head of a raven you can see a yellow beak

  • Solid sentry gaming
    Solid sentry gaming 14 hours ago

    Number 12 is real the creatures elbow bent in an inhuman way

  • SamPariz
    SamPariz 14 hours ago

    12:00 thats called a homeless person and they probably just added the glow to make it into a "creature" video and as to make it more convincing.

  • V-vetta Vetta
    V-vetta Vetta 14 hours ago +1

    I've said it before and I'll say it again thank God for my 38 special

  • SamPariz
    SamPariz 15 hours ago

    weird how they all seem to make noises that are iconic scary noises like the grudge noise. So fuckin easy to tell that they're fake, my god!

  • SamPariz
    SamPariz 15 hours ago

    5:00 that shot there shows its clearly their friend just running at them throwing his arms around naked or atleast with no shirt on ffs, they should have not had that bit in, woulda made it more convincing, cus looked creepy when they first saw it. And Nuke, it doesnt look like a humanoid and theres no way its someone in a mask, the guy has long hair covering his face thats all!

  • Nine-0-Seven
    Nine-0-Seven 15 hours ago

    None of these would happen here in alaska cuz most of us bare arms. Spotlight and a semi-auto and then it's mystery solved. All over channel2 news.

  • eli rodman
    eli rodman 15 hours ago

    The 2 one I whold of started shoting fire works and Roman candles

  • favourite sing
    favourite sing 15 hours ago

    4:30 demagorgan appears "come to the upside down"

  • Jackson The Unicorn
    Jackson The Unicorn 15 hours ago +1


  • Gerardo Rodela
    Gerardo Rodela 15 hours ago

    The mysterious creature that the guys saw I have a friend that has seen that creature more than one's

  • Dance_ Queen101
    Dance_ Queen101 15 hours ago +1

    If anybody ever hears a strange noise and investigates, record it LIVE also make sure that you have weapons a.k.a fireworks ;)

  • Retarted Weaboo
    Retarted Weaboo 15 hours ago

    At the beginning the third one had me on the floor
    *see's weird a&$ creature in the dark*

  • Rock for Ages
    Rock for Ages 15 hours ago

    I wish some of the vids wernt pitch fuckin black lmao
    Also if iam about to go outside to check wtf a noise is get me a mother FUCKIN WEAPON

  • XLpsycho
    XLpsycho 16 hours ago

    I do not appreciate you people filming my grandma in the first clip. Let her do what she wants to do.

  • Tiffany Crager
    Tiffany Crager 16 hours ago


  • staeshon Bland
    staeshon Bland 16 hours ago

    All of this is real cause there this road by are village and well the neighborhood is quiet cause I think I hear something plus we live on my Zion and a little cars come through here and I here stuff and we have woods to so that's more creeper

  • Landin Morales
    Landin Morales 16 hours ago

    That second clip sounded like a zombie

  • Elleni 36
    Elleni 36 16 hours ago +1

    Mattie ann, u have a skinwalker stalking u... in the patio something was growling..wtf!!😨😨

  • Eric Ford
    Eric Ford 17 hours ago

    In the first video no way were they on lunch break. One girl wasnt even old enough to drive let alone work

  • Gwerk Lancaster
    Gwerk Lancaster 18 hours ago

    The Squealer is a person in a costume. Real creatures don't need to be dubbed with pig screams. It's the most over used source for horror movie sound bytes. Extremely distinctive and impossible to mistake.

  • ilias_ thebest
    ilias_ thebest 18 hours ago

    I thought that the "creature's" leg in the last footage was its actual face... Also human eyes somehow glow. You can notice it in the photos if they're taken with the flash, they become red

  • Aaron Bloodline
    Aaron Bloodline 18 hours ago

    mattie anne video;;;;;;; "move,... MOVE!" That's why you don't build over burial grounds. ;;;;;;;;>

  • ChessLife
    ChessLife 18 hours ago

    It's not that if it's real or fake if it's creepy I'M OUT

  • TrueZubZero
    TrueZubZero 18 hours ago

    Pause the video and go to 2:10 there’s a bear like creature that looks fake asf beside the digger

  • Luis Cisneros
    Luis Cisneros 18 hours ago +1

    At 3:05 it sounded like mama bird you know the thing that is called momo

  • Axzari
    Axzari 19 hours ago

    sound like the grudge 7:05

  • Brooke Woodrell
    Brooke Woodrell 20 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Jonathan Handschuh
    Jonathan Handschuh 21 hour ago

    That was a mf zombie I’m telling you

  • Luis ZX13
    Luis ZX13 21 hour ago

    Man these people are pussys man if you see a weird creature go and fucking get it man shit if it attacks you you attack it back man that what makes me think these videos are fake i mean danm

    MrROCKMUZK 22 hours ago


  • Ayewii stuffrad
    Ayewii stuffrad 23 hours ago


  • Vlad Riamzinas
    Vlad Riamzinas Day ago

    1:34 just a naked nigga digging relax

  • Linda Morse
    Linda Morse Day ago

    Sure odd that vids like these are done in poor/no light at night. Camera phones jerked around so much it's all blurry, can't see squat and, yeah, let's go check an abandoned pool at night with low battery power. All the excellent cameras we have now and this is the best they can do? I'm just saying their cases would be better presented with better taping, better lights, etc.

  • Sameer Shaikh
    Sameer Shaikh Day ago

    4 : 50 if i was ther with my frnd i will catch and kill that and then see what was this....

  • Jillian Groulx
    Jillian Groulx Day ago

    These videos are faker than my friends

  • Amy Drury
    Amy Drury Day ago

    Was it just me or did that noise near the couples house sound like the sound effects used in the film ‘The Grudge’?

  • Shontai Amarni
    Shontai Amarni Day ago

    None of these people are Australian because we know what animals sound like 😂

  • Henrik HD
    Henrik HD Day ago

    I think all the clips are real!

  • Ken H
    Ken H Day ago

    Prank like that in the woods that poor f**ker would have caught all 10 rounds from my 45 !

  • sebas l
    sebas l Day ago

    Shoot first ask ?? Later

  • Goran Brankovic
    Goran Brankovic Day ago

    *8:33 13 INCHES

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Day ago

    Hears strange noise. White person "lets investigate"

  • Brannen Shipley
    Brannen Shipley Day ago

    In 5th one it looks like that thing is in a spiderman costume.

  • Father Slug
    Father Slug Day ago

    Tbh I would light a firework throw it at it then it would get pissed and It will probably kill me or me and my friends would fuck it up with bats or our air soft guns or our knives

  • Musti A.
    Musti A. Day ago

    All fake

  • Amin Yapusi
    Amin Yapusi Day ago

    4:18 “should I throw a firework at it” 😂😂

  • AK 76
    AK 76 Day ago

    Don't waste your time video is shit

  • lv_MoonLight_vl
    lv_MoonLight_vl Day ago

    The Squeler: That strange thing is real, has been found trees scrathed by sharped nails, i DINT saw it whit my eyes but that SHIT real

  • カピロ〜〜
    カピロ〜〜 Day ago

    white people mannn

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Day ago

    I'm calling b.s. on the footprints.

  • Rebel Gaming
    Rebel Gaming Day ago

    That thing in the last video sort of looks like Voldemort, I didn’t see a nose

  • Jacob Ledbetter
    Jacob Ledbetter Day ago

    If #4 is real, it is probably a skinwalker

  • Blitz_MEOW 69
    Blitz_MEOW 69 Day ago

    4:20 thraws from destiny my guy

  • Leon Likes Memes

    2:40 That is not an animal.

  • ThatWonderfulGuy _

    Nah brah, number one is ma nigga Spider-Man changin into his suit

  • Kameron Porter
    Kameron Porter Day ago

    Guys in the 2nd video r stupid who goes n investigates a strange noise. If i hear that im runnin

  • Pricilla Prins
    Pricilla Prins Day ago

    These creature's are real I've seen them before but their more than just creatures

  • Jay D
    Jay D Day ago +1

    Mattie ann video seems to be fake. Why would you wanna look at your selfie camera when a creature is running and screaming through the bushes right infront of you. Instead of documenting it they are busy using selfie... Then in the morning they show footprints and blah blah.
    People do anything for views.

  • jihad jeter
    jihad jeter Day ago

    3:26 , "shold i throw a firework at it" u dumb a$$

  • Gerardo Lopez
    Gerardo Lopez Day ago

    All fake

  • TealFlight
    TealFlight Day ago

    If something like this ever happens to me that’s it. I’m moving out. At the very least cardboard boxes don’t tend to be haunted

  • Positive :3
    Positive :3 Day ago

    2:41 to 5:00 that was just me because I dropped something on my foot right after stubbing my toe

  • andersonico100
    andersonico100 Day ago

    2, 3 and 5 are the same creature maye i don’t really know. But, there are variations you can find a lot videos with the same looking creature making that spooky sound like "the grudge girl", people call them owlmans, or pigmans even wendingos

  • Hunter Gookins
    Hunter Gookins Day ago

    Speaking from my life in upstate New York living there's things out there that aren't explainable and it hasn't and never will be discovered

  • Fiona Weber
    Fiona Weber Day ago +1

    happy easter!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelafoox Gucci
    Angelafoox Gucci Day ago +1

    7:39 put a camera there

  • Those god damn Russian Characters were a pain

    The screaming monster sounds like me freshasian screaming reeeeeee

  • DJL
    DJL Day ago

    monster in the dark must be the rake