5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera : Top 5 STRANGE Creatures

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • The TOP 5 scary videos of strange creatures caught on camera and in real life ! Mysterious creatures caught on tape in the creepy countryside, in scary woods, and even right in people's back yards.
    An investigation into various sightings of creatures in unexplained videos, and strange cryptid unsolved mysteries. Two girls have an encounter in real life with what many believe could be a juvenile sasquatch digging in a graveyard. Mattie Anne has more scary encounters with a strange creature that seems to wander their backyard. A bizarre paranormal encounter with a thing that seems to vanish, all caught on tape. The thing has still not been identified in this chilling unsolved mystery. Some French college students conduct an investigation of an abandoned place and find scary things lurking in the shadows. And two guys in the woods celebrating the 4th of July meet up with one of the scariest things ever caught on video. Some strange creature unsolved mysteries. Real or fake? You decide.
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    5 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Tape : Top 5 STRANGE Creatures ru-clip.com/video/YoLQx5WI6AM/video.html
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  • Nuke's Top 5
    Nuke's Top 5  7 months ago +760

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  • Kira Jo Benson
    Kira Jo Benson 8 hours ago

    2nd one think its an alien

  • LeGawd James
    LeGawd James 18 hours ago +1

    The last one is just a crackhead wearing a Spider Man costume

  • [A]rash [N]ight
    [A]rash [N]ight Day ago

    the last creature look like spider man :D

  • cory yun
    cory yun Day ago

    *hears strange noise in the woods*
    *pulls out camera to record the wall in her house*

  • L0ve1y WildCraft
    L0ve1y WildCraft 2 days ago


  • Anna Alderson
    Anna Alderson 2 days ago +1

    On the back porch with what sounds like the ‘Grudge’ 🙄😆

  • Lisa S
    Lisa S 2 days ago

    Hmm... weird stuff is happening around my home at night! Ok... lets not invest in motion detecting flood lights or securities cameras or anything.

    And LOL at the guys shooting off fireworks. "Should I throw a firework at it??" Dude... really???

  • Daniel Butts
    Daniel Butts 2 days ago

    Fuck them fireworks!! And that sound we getting the fuck outta there

  • myles nicotine
    myles nicotine 3 days ago

    wanna throw fire works at it? BAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Ikari
    Ikari 3 days ago

    Last one is a guy with the Spiderman Outfit :D

  • Cracker Jax
    Cracker Jax 4 days ago

    Firecracker boys - fake. Same noise is in video games.

  • Ammar Esmail
    Ammar Esmail 4 days ago

    The first one and the second looked sooo real

  • coryw31
    coryw31 4 days ago

    "Somethings still in the yard" is such a fraud video! Lol! Check The Grudge growl from the scene where they were going to set the house on fire, and compare. They're almost EXACTLY the same growl. As well, the "foot prints" near the yard are cut outs. The sharp edges of the "feet" and flat indentations dont match any type of natural foot print. Even if it was something unusual, in the natural world ALL foot prints do NOT leave sharp edges. If there is such an animal or being that leaves flat, sharp edges foot prints aside from hooves animals, please let me know. I call bullshit on that video.

  • Chloe Underwood
    Chloe Underwood 6 days ago

    The squealer just wanted to sound like a firework

  • weskal
    weskal 7 days ago

    Matty needs to make the giant footprints in the dirt without using a perfectly flat foot template; an admirable attempt at getting their view count up though.

  • Gordon mcclure
    Gordon mcclure 7 days ago

    Mattie Anne shotgun ffs blow the head off it.

  • Ryan Wilkerson
    Ryan Wilkerson 8 days ago

    a 14in footprint, yeah that's a for sale sign for me

  • Rober Kremer
    Rober Kremer 8 days ago

    Number 4... it was like movie, it was entertaining, for me, fake. Number 3... bad actress, actually, bad actors.

  • From Nothing
    From Nothing 8 days ago

    4:27 Most terrible acting I've ever seen in my life. 7:04 also 5 star acting and those footprints at 8:05... please tell me that's a joke. Lmfao. They literally look like they were imprinted with like a flat cutout of wood and smoothed out with fingers. You can even see the finger marks around the heels. Omg lol.

  • Kai Tanaka
    Kai Tanaka 9 days ago

    That mattie chick used a monster sound thing on youtube, I've used that exact monster sound she's used to scare my friends, if you look up monster sounds you can prolly find it.

  • Centurion
    Centurion 9 days ago

    11:44 what a weird woman

  • flowbius
    flowbius 9 days ago

    Spiderman in france! He was in the closet. The Costume reflectet the light. Simple as. WTF?!

  • Nicholette Graham
    Nicholette Graham 9 days ago

    Number 4 gave me chills😱😨

  • The Kurk Gaming
    The Kurk Gaming 10 days ago

    Lol this last one was spider man

  • babybug 13
    babybug 13 10 days ago +1

    5:57 it's just the grudge people sheeesh 😲

  • Eli the DiceNa Queen
    Eli the DiceNa Queen 10 days ago

    Please, make more of these "Scary creatures caught on camera" I love them! They ARE scary but awesome!

  • Esraaa Elfekyy
    Esraaa Elfekyy 10 days ago

    8:13 is that bfg

  • Gustav Van Heerden
    Gustav Van Heerden 10 days ago

    I think that last one is just a skinny boy with swim shorts that has glasses on.

  • Bryant Smith
    Bryant Smith 11 days ago

    Never clear footage. 😑

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 11 days ago

    He is a malnourished guy 🤣🤣

  • Billy Boner Jr
    Billy Boner Jr 11 days ago

    You guys make the same mistakes as 100% of all videos showing weird things. When I get back on my feet as a Disabled Veteran I'm going to put every one of you out of business because you don't know what you're doing. You should slow the video down and even stop it and try to clear up the picture as much as possible. You just rush through it just as fast as these cowards are rushing away from it. By the way, that was a rake. I knew it was a rate from the sound it was making. Pay attention to the other videos and you can line up the sound with what alien it is. If you've got a good baseball bat, taser gun or a pistol you don't have anything to worry about. Every single one of these dumbass groups that go out exploring always go without protection and run away 5 seconds after something happens. That's not exploring that's a bunch of busybody scared little boys and girls.

  • Fat Balls
    Fat Balls 12 days ago

    Squeler: stubs toe

  • BLIX !
    BLIX ! 12 days ago

    The last one is my friend Filip

  • Xiong Zhao
    Xiong Zhao 12 days ago

    Fuckin woman just only know recording herself ! Most females Are the same! Don't know to capture potential occurring place! I JUSt WANNA TELL YOU!! YOU ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD ! THE SCP---,ET and Ghost ARE Looking BETTER THAN YOU...

  • Xiong Zhao
    Xiong Zhao 12 days ago

    The Sound Like I don't like fire work!!! DND Me!

  • Andrzej Markowski
    Andrzej Markowski 12 days ago

    Judging by the stupidity of people in these movies they are all fake.

  • Andrzej Markowski
    Andrzej Markowski 12 days ago

    Who, hearing one of the creepiest noises you can hear at wood during night reacts with immediately saying "Shhhh. Did you hear that?"?!
    No I fucking did not!

  • Brandon Richey
    Brandon Richey 12 days ago

    A couple of these are painfully staged.
    The squealer is clearly a guy, there is a good shot of him in one frame.
    The couple with something in their yard put a lot of effort and work into replicating some horror movie shots. And that isn't what creature tracks look like, the impressions are perfectly flat, which is what happens when you make a poorly made press to imitate tracks.

  • wutdafeezi
    wutdafeezi 12 days ago

    Third video is fake af. Footstep are way too loud

  • Jesse Enclave
    Jesse Enclave 12 days ago

    Number 3 is the most egregious fake of the lot. The noises? I guess they don't think anyone else has seen The Grudge. The footprints? The shape is far too exaggerated(apparently the "creature" doesn't put any weight at all on the arch of its foot), with the indent clearly showing that it was pressed straight down into the mud with something ridged, like a piece of wood. Flesh compresses when you put pressure on it, so if there had been an actual creature there, the edges wouldn't be so neat and well-defined. Hell, if the thing was supposedly running through the yard, the prints should be smeared. Also, the toes look like something straight out of a cartoon and the stride pattern is far too close for anything running or even walking.
    These are all classic mistakes most hoaxers make because they know nothing about nature. Any hunter worth a damn would take one look at those and know that they're fake. They get B for effort, but a D- for technique.

  • ADD Rednecks
    ADD Rednecks 13 days ago +1

    Looks like someone in a Spiderman costume

  • Shadow1707
    Shadow1707 13 days ago

    The Squealer don't you just hate when Samuel L. Jackson is practicing sounds in the woods

  • Maku76 chan
    Maku76 chan 14 days ago

    the screamer sounds like the cannible scream from the forest look it up if you dont know it its a horror game in the forest after a plane crash on a secluded island with mutants and cannibles and demon like creatures

  • Cxalm x
    Cxalm x 14 days ago +1


  • Hector Olague
    Hector Olague 14 days ago

    My God some Men are just so brave. I need one like the ones in these videos to make me feel safe 🙂

  • Hazzer
    Hazzer 14 days ago

    That fire work one is reaaaaal scary.. mattie Anne’s seemed fake as fuck

  • Starlight Bettas
    Starlight Bettas 15 days ago

    #4 is some " the last of us " shit right there x"D jfc

  • Talha Shah
    Talha Shah 15 days ago

    The last one is spiderman😂😂 in changing room😂😂😂

  • Monochromatic Monotony


  • Tezer
    Tezer 15 days ago

    Why am I watching this in bed?

  • Maiko Garcia
    Maiko Garcia 16 days ago

    Hmm i hear a noise let me fucking record my face
    Because thats what people wanna fucking see

  • parvus
    parvus 16 days ago

    not to make two comments but hold the fucking phone was that spiderman

  • parvus
    parvus 16 days ago

    i dont wanna kill the authenticity of that video with the couple on the porch (i keep forgetting about which video is which number shh) but that croaking noise sounds EXACTLY the noise i can make (and do whenever im bored) and im ngl the first moment i heard it all i could think was that fucking "haha, hey, i do that!" vine

  • Mr. Fwuffle
    Mr. Fwuffle 17 days ago

    I am so done with this shit.(I pooped my pants)

  • Hootax
    Hootax 17 days ago

    5 and 2 are interesting. Rest are fake

  • fionappleisthebest
    fionappleisthebest 17 days ago

    Cern has opened the gates of hell.

  • fionappleisthebest
    fionappleisthebest 17 days ago

    The squealer got very close to the men.

  • Lemon Games
    Lemon Games 17 days ago

    *4th o july*
    but no fireworks can be heard echoing lol

  • Jack William
    Jack William 17 days ago

    Mattie Anne is obviously bullshit