Which of these picanhas tastes best ???

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
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Comments • 292

  • Diego Marquez
    Diego Marquez 8 days ago

    Great Show !! I’m from Uruguay . Keep trying Uruguayan beef !!

  • rihsyan adam riansyah
    rihsyan adam riansyah 3 months ago

    My stomach yelling at me

  • Trend Perfect
    Trend Perfect 3 months ago

    The smaller the pichana the better the flavor

  • Ανναβελλε Ωαλσ


  • andrew hill
    andrew hill 3 months ago

    Picanha is so over rated

  • oneplusone
    oneplusone 4 months ago

    That shit is raw son

    CANEDO BRAZIL 4 months ago +1

    Picanha number one in BRAZIL!!!

  • Anonymous SS
    Anonymous SS 4 months ago

    Who else comes here for the guy’s humor, great tips, and the camera guy? Not even the food just those three things.

  • Junior Jr.
    Junior Jr. 4 months ago

    I don't know why I'm watching this video at 02:00AM - now I'm starving!
    Greetings from the Land of Picanha - Brazil.

  • shakeim carter
    shakeim carter 4 months ago

    all the blood on the cutting board is a turn off.. I'm sure the steaks were delicious however..

  • Alfredo Wijaya
    Alfredo Wijaya 4 months ago

    I think they are too rare man

  • sqeedward
    sqeedward 4 months ago

    R A W

  • Martijn Buis
    Martijn Buis 4 months ago

    Leuk filmpje, maar deed je hem direct, tot hoeveel graden? Thanks

  • alexander germani
    alexander germani 4 months ago

    Picanha is sirloin cap. But tri tip is okay for a substitute

    RASHTG 5 months ago

    The queen of all queens, the Picanha.

  • Matthew Townsend
    Matthew Townsend 5 months ago

    I am in Nashville and I just started watching. Thanks for the good videos man.

  • Undefeated And Undisputed Chael Sonnen


  • Nicole Dirda
    Nicole Dirda 5 months ago

    What? The U.S'food sucks? Never heard of that, maybe you confused the pieces?

  • Rafael Barizon
    Rafael Barizon 5 months ago

    You should get a brazilian picanha! Its the best

  • EmoPikachu93
    EmoPikachu93 5 months ago

    Also where can you get picanha? That cut isn't prevalent in my area.

  • EmoPikachu93
    EmoPikachu93 5 months ago

    you're always filming during a storm, lol.

  • Randy Ceasar
    Randy Ceasar 5 months ago

    Can I buy Botswana Picanha in the US?

  • Franganito
    Franganito 5 months ago +1

    I need some picanha now...

  • Marcelo Fenoll - Fabrikar Cerveja Caseira

    The tail of picanha is not good. It's much harder then the first 15 cm triangle peace.

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 5 months ago

    Guga loves picanha...I mean LOVESSSSSSS it...You should do a video together.

  • Smokalot O’pott
    Smokalot O’pott 5 months ago +1

    Which of these picanhas tastes better? This would be the right question

  • Kail Bundalian
    Kail Bundalian 5 months ago +1

    I love how these guys don't see Wagyu as the end-all and be-all. 👏👏👏

  • C. Cosereanu
    C. Cosereanu 5 months ago

    when you dont let the meat rest

  • Elias Pena Martinez
    Elias Pena Martinez 5 months ago

    Hi! Great video! Just to let you know that the state of Sonora in Mexico is very well known for it's beef. If you ever have a chance to order from here, the best places to order from are "Cedasa carnes calidad Sonora" and "Rancho el 17". Have a great night! God bless.

  • Vinicius Sousa
    Vinicius Sousa 5 months ago

    yeap. i'm a simple man i see picanha, i thumbs up!

  • Dysche
    Dysche 5 months ago +1

    nodig mij de volgende keer ff uit ziet er heerlijk uit haha

  • Fernando Russo
    Fernando Russo 5 months ago

    Roel, I always like your vids., but this one not so much. I guess the storm did not help. I think that the 4 pieces were undercooked. They all should have needed another 20 minutes of slow grilling. Still, thanks for the great content as usual!

  • Andrew Hess
    Andrew Hess 5 months ago

    lol @ the breeze moving the bag of charcoal @2:15

  • Luciano Proença
    Luciano Proença 5 months ago

    that meat is ruined nice job

  • Khulani Cele
    Khulani Cele 5 months ago

    Great pronunciation of the word Botswana. Love from South Africa

  • Wouter van Foeken
    Wouter van Foeken 5 months ago

    So what is price whise the best one?

  • Driving With Jake
    Driving With Jake 5 months ago

    Those looked amazing!

  • Jahim 19294858
    Jahim 19294858 5 months ago

    2:22 Welcome to Holland 😂😂😂

  • Amiyama S.
    Amiyama S. 5 months ago

    That is absolutely incredible!!!

  • Ed Farage
    Ed Farage 5 months ago

    seasoning a picanha with anything other than salt is a crime

  • sal 0
    sal 0 5 months ago

    When are you going to be cooking horse and elk/ deer

  • Julio C
    Julio C 5 months ago

    The best is Wagyu picanha.

  • NWA Pimp
    NWA Pimp 5 months ago

    All of them if you're fucking starving and don't complain

  • Sidney Guizelini
    Sidney Guizelini 5 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/Yoi8soPUTVg/video.html picanha is made that way friend , please do not invent srsrsr .

  • Diego Gomez
    Diego Gomez 5 months ago

    What kinda bread was that at the end of the video?

  • Gabor Weil
    Gabor Weil 5 months ago

    hi Roel, great video! makro has picanha from namibië, maybe you can test that too?

  • Starflake Tutorials
    Starflake Tutorials 5 months ago


  • Facundo Irazabal
    Facundo Irazabal 5 months ago

    uruguay in da house

  • LII B Vitiello
    LII B Vitiello 5 months ago

    Man the way this video was made is incredible, i loved it, it was so friendly, giving food to the camer etc. it made it seem more like we were eating meat together. loved it!

  • Shane Singleton
    Shane Singleton 5 months ago

    What was the cost breakdown per pound/kilo for each of those?

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho 5 months ago

    Tried your bombastic meat rub, masks the taste of my nut

  • Reypure207 DR
    Reypure207 DR 5 months ago

    Way to raw

  • Ludvigdreng
    Ludvigdreng 5 months ago

    Botswana? or whats the name of that african cow?

  • Jeffrey Verzijl
    Jeffrey Verzijl 5 months ago

    Surprisingly the cheapest cut tastes the best like beef, very surprised with this outcome 👍🏻

    BTS CTS 5 months ago

    AWESOME AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 5 months ago

    Japanese A5 Wagyu?

  • The BBQ Lady
    The BBQ Lady 5 months ago

    wow, great show!!!❤️

  • Elisha Long
    Elisha Long 5 months ago

    Do you know the grade of the US picanha? Choice? Prime. Ungraded?

  • X Papi
    X Papi 5 months ago

    I expect a rustic, chewy texture and a strong, mineral taste when I think Picanha. No coincidence a hunk of beef from Botswana would totally fit that criteria! I had no clue Botswana had a market economy for beef products but I’m happy that it won your taste test.

  • Hairdie Ee
    Hairdie Ee 5 months ago

    Gru's voice.

  • Brian
    Brian 5 months ago

    Between , guga, pitmaster an sous vide, I never run out of my favorite videos. I absolutely love watching all of them. Keep up the great work pitmasterx !

  • VWrijder77
    VWrijder77 5 months ago

    These comparison videos are great! I wonder what you think about the Dubbeldoel beef?

  • Rob Metzger
    Rob Metzger 5 months ago

    Oh man! My mouth is watering!! All look amazing!!

  • bourbakis
    bourbakis 5 months ago

    Where did you get the Botswana cut? Wish you list the sources of meat too. Nice vid.

  • Baqer Saleh Ali
    Baqer Saleh Ali 5 months ago

    Hope your voice volume good as yours music volume

  • Manoel Garbuio de Souza

    Picanha is with rock salt and that is it !!!!
    Not that way ....

  • Tha_Dealler
    Tha_Dealler 5 months ago

    The portuguese version of picanha is thin slices ( like beef 2~5mm) and then cook on a hot stone with a bit of salt and then it comes with black beans rice and fried potatoes 👌

  • Tom Euglena
    Tom Euglena 5 months ago


  • TRTL
    TRTL 5 months ago +1

    I’m sorry but these just are not cooked enough for me. :/ they look purple on the inside and like they’re probably still cool. I can’t hang. 😂

  • Robert De Lucchi
    Robert De Lucchi 5 months ago

    Just ask Guga he is the King of Picanha!