Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Cardi B's Grammys look involved a direct message on Instagram, one trip to Paris, and a lot of practice tiptoeing and dancing.

    Directors: Max Bartick, Beatrice Pegard
    Producer: Dayna Carney
    Production Manager: Jen Santos
    Editor: Daniel Poler
    Titles: Michel Sayegh
    Color Company 3
    Archive Footage Courtesy of the House of Mugler
    Filmed on Location at Dream Hollywood Hotel
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    Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue
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Comments • 7 713

  • Jela Petra
    Jela Petra 13 hours ago +1

    Cardi Without makeup looks Like a seventeen Year old

  • Ofentse Mangwane
    Ofentse Mangwane 20 hours ago

    Cardi B's dresses are so amazing but not amazing as her

  • Lier Gomes
    Lier Gomes 2 days ago

    Cardi striper b

  • Noku Kunaka
    Noku Kunaka 3 days ago

    *Guys i’m gettin nervous and I think i’m gonna cry*

    If this ain’t relatable... I don’t know what is 💗

  • Alexx _foxxx
    Alexx _foxxx 9 days ago

    Cardi b is ugly without makeup and looks pretty with make up

  • Vasudha Ayyagari
    Vasudha Ayyagari 10 days ago +1

    Her NAILS....I’m scared

  • Ebii Mengu
    Ebii Mengu 14 days ago +1

    Cardi Looser

  • Anabela Jalles
    Anabela Jalles 16 days ago

    Meu Deus que ridícula, quanta futilidade em cima de meio metro de gente 😆

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 17 days ago

    Ahhh she’s beautiful!

  • Vanita Bell
    Vanita Bell 17 days ago +1

    The designer litterly looks like 21 savage

  • Akaah Lovida
    Akaah Lovida 17 days ago

    Cardi wow you really got time
    Me ah just the natural ways na
    Oh my gosh i really like fashion

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young 18 days ago +4

    She looks like a badass Disney villain in the performance look and I'm living for it!!!

  • Lisa Michael
    Lisa Michael 19 days ago

    2:01 she shook hands and said Cardi... I'm pretty sure they already knew your name but she's so cute and sweet.... fav artist I love her sm💗💗💗

  • Haley H.
    Haley H. 19 days ago +2

    The cape just comes off. Like a... I’m 14 did I hear what she just said

  • -U r M o M -
    -U r M o M - 21 day ago

    W-what if she has to go to tha toilet?!...

    THE DESIGNER 23 days ago

    Nice fation dress

  • Lj west
    Lj west 24 days ago

    Girl you looks pretty

  • Brenda Mariscal
    Brenda Mariscal 25 days ago

    Omg Cardi B heyyyyy llllllllll

  • maria ranjan
    maria ranjan 28 days ago +1

    Ur nails😨😨😨

  • Abagail Evans
    Abagail Evans 29 days ago

    A Style ICON

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 29 days ago

    She looks so pretty without makeup 😵

  • A. Kuznetsova
    A. Kuznetsova Month ago

    Gosh , she is beautiful without makeup

  • tiffanyy
    tiffanyy Month ago

    her: "i've been *pauses*"
    me: *dislikes* a bad mom

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover Month ago

    Cardi is like lets do all of this 1 sec later all 3 are done
    Ne I like 1 dress done is 3 hours

  • Riyan Prayogi
    Riyan Prayogi Month ago


  • N Nisha N Nisha
    N Nisha N Nisha Month ago

    cardia fanss hit likes here

  • balam singh shahi
    balam singh shahi Month ago

    She look nice without makeup and those crazy outfits

  • Baphul Biam
    Baphul Biam Month ago

    Like her so beautiful girl

  • soubhagya sangamashettar

    Beautiful dress

  • bts forever # Army
    bts forever # Army Month ago

    Listen boy with luv.

  • Isha Imran
    Isha Imran Month ago

    Sach a big distortion drama

  • Krishnakali Mukherjee

    The designer's voice is so soothing though.

  • Aishah Ali Mohammad


  • ririririPXN
    ririririPXN Month ago +10

    I feel this is what she should have worn for the Met Gala

  • ICKON Beauty
    ICKON Beauty Month ago

    Is her hot stylist straight? Asking for my Friend please

  • Jennifer love
    Jennifer love Month ago

    Korean sub pleeeeeeaaaaaase

  • Joshua Zamora
    Joshua Zamora Month ago +1

    What a Genuine Heart and Humble personality Cardi b.

  • lina maria mercedes terrero

    They carry up those dresses like babies o_O

  • Mochi
    Mochi Month ago

    "hi you guys~" how is Cardi so SOFT

  • Geezy Badazz
    Geezy Badazz Month ago

    Were is kultur

  • Mari Jose Azpilicueta

    I love it

  • Mohina Barbhuiya
    Mohina Barbhuiya Month ago


  • Mimineko101
    Mimineko101 Month ago

    She. Doesn't. Deserve. A. Platform.

    • molly xox
      molly xox 27 days ago

      Mimineko101 why not? She’s a good rapper

  • Ana evelin mireles
    Ana evelin mireles Month ago

    Dice mi mamá que hables español

  • shree Kavya
    shree Kavya Month ago +2

    Scroll down comments....!?!

  • T shiz
    T shiz Month ago

    ugly cardi b 😖

  • Daniel Jerome
    Daniel Jerome Month ago

    Cardis last words: comment on the bottom

  • Tarek Arabi
    Tarek Arabi Month ago

    She’s short

  • Ria Mohammed
    Ria Mohammed Month ago

    We can't but Carib get all the best live and let live

  • La gracia
    La gracia Month ago +1

    For the first time I realise she is too beautiful 🌸

  • Mariam Atoyan
    Mariam Atoyan Month ago

    Cardi 🤮🤮

  • Dianne Palu
    Dianne Palu Month ago

    I was soo happy when she won that Grammy she deserves it❤️

  • Ririn Aranianda
    Ririn Aranianda Month ago


  • Ririn Aranianda
    Ririn Aranianda Month ago


  • Ruby Lira
    Ruby Lira Month ago

    Cardi is so beautiful I wish I was like her

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    5:35 i saw her on the behind the scenes of the rihanna we found love mv

  • Decor BEE
    Decor BEE Month ago +1

    She looks so pretty love her hair:)

  • Emma Klein
    Emma Klein Month ago

    00:06 she looks so mommy ❤️

  • Liz Xu
    Liz Xu Month ago +1

    her experience is not universal but boy I wish they were.

  • adorable baby kshama SHARMA

    The reason behind the look good.

  • Ziki M. - YT
    Ziki M. - YT Month ago

    cardi is a _mood_

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad Month ago

    This girl had me dying😵😵😂 "the cape, it's comes right off

    Like a wet condom"😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Amber Stone
    Amber Stone Month ago

    Thierry Muggler is amazing, went to his exhibition in Montreal last week 💜

  • Millie Lach
    Millie Lach Month ago

    Cardi is so short no hate but I just realized this

  • kostjan gjerazi
    kostjan gjerazi Month ago

    This could have been a very pretty nice dress for Met 2019 but the red one was good also

  • Helen Müller
    Helen Müller Month ago


  • hilal güneş
    hilal güneş Month ago

    o tırnak ne kopek tırnagı gıbı

  • QLF23 13
    QLF23 13 Month ago

    what is her origines ? sorry i'm french lol

  • Alisha Ahmed
    Alisha Ahmed Month ago

    that white dress though 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my love for fringes is forever

  • Clara Knudsen
    Clara Knudsen Month ago

    The red carpet look is amazing BUT what is up with the blue rose? It looks misplaced. Should've just been two pink ones...

  • Caragh Brophy
    Caragh Brophy Month ago +1

    I love cardi’s voice !!❤️

  • laica Mofan
    laica Mofan Month ago

    I love that they always pray, we Stan a grateful queen.

  • Emma White
    Emma White Month ago

    I feel as if this dress would've been perfect for the "Camp: Notes on Fashion" theme of the 2019 met.

    • b3z3jm3nny
      b3z3jm3nny 25 days ago

      The dress is in the actual museum exhibition!

  • Sarah TheFish
    Sarah TheFish Month ago +4

    She looks so much like lilly Singh, am I the only one that sees that?

  • Justyna Buniowska-Mate

    sorry but not every dress/costume is suitable for every body type


    Fans: *screams cardi*
    Cardi: What you want?

  • Unaltered Beauty
    Unaltered Beauty Month ago

    Her stylists are amazing. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

  • Saudovsty Vides
    Saudovsty Vides Month ago

    Prays I hear..thats good.. very rare do..

  • i love pink roses
    i love pink roses Month ago

    Look like she's being born out of black squids bottom. Wet like amniotic fluid, or urine, or she's like a kidney stone for the squid. Art.

  • Hayley’s Comet
    Hayley’s Comet Month ago +111

    I love how I’m feeling watching this in a T-shirt and gym shorts.

    • Hope Ful
      Hope Ful Month ago

      Hayley’s Comet 😂😂 I’m in a freakin’ Moo moo 😂😂

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts Month ago +3

    Her nails thooooo.

  • Verlisia Bedneau
    Verlisia Bedneau Month ago

    When is she coming to Dominica

  • LORENZO Fernandes
    LORENZO Fernandes Month ago

    woah is that cardi ? 5:31

  • Mays Beautiful fans Bush10

    I think Cardi B look much better without makeup who agree

  • Arjun Paul
    Arjun Paul Month ago

    Joke you all are

  • Lisa butter
    Lisa butter Month ago

    You look so BEAUTIFUL and your heart is soooo BEAUTIFUL💞💞💞💞💐💐💐🌸🌸🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss Month ago +4

    How is she gonna sit
    How is she gonna go to the toilet
    *_top 2 questions scientists still can’t answer_*

  • Bianca Smith
    Bianca Smith Month ago

    Love you cardi

  • essie blessed
    essie blessed Month ago

    How come no one dresses me? How come no one thinks of what i will wear or what matches with my skin?

  • neelam kuma
    neelam kuma Month ago

    She looks cute n innocent without the makeup

  • cheshire cat
    cheshire cat Month ago

    This dress gives me a pearl in an oyster vibe and she’s the pearl!!!

  • Rishitha Bhatia
    Rishitha Bhatia Month ago +97

    Her nails must be so hard to maintain hats off

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago

    *Her nails tho.................*

  • myuki grays
    myuki grays Month ago

    Wow amazing

  • Sonal Kabdwal
    Sonal Kabdwal Month ago

    She looks very beautiful without make up

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose Month ago +119

    I hate that people made fun of the Venus red carpet look. She was drop dead gorgeous and as elegant and classy as i have ever seen her. And the dress alone was iconic for so many reasons. Not to mention how effortlessly the white fringe dress framed her curves. Her stylists are gods 🙌🏼 ❤

    • Wonuola Ajayi
      Wonuola Ajayi Month ago

      Maria Rose you can't wear that sorta outfit and bring a date😂😂😂

    • Maria Rose
      Maria Rose Month ago

      @Wonuola Ajayi yeah it was funny seeing him just standing there at the red carpet lol

    • Wonuola Ajayi
      Wonuola Ajayi Month ago

      Maria Rose i was making fun of offset😂😂

    • Bishimgay
      Bishimgay Month ago

      It was absolutely beautiful I personally would have taken the Roses off the dress and maybe a darker skin tone on the chest

    • Sadie Ledrew
      Sadie Ledrew Month ago +1

      Maria Rose I agreeeeeeeeeë

  • renee tan
    renee tan Month ago

    she's so pretty whoaa

  • Espressodepresso
    Espressodepresso Month ago +2

    Wow she’s stunning

  • Tammy Corbin
    Tammy Corbin Month ago +10

    Is it just me or has Card lost weight since she had her beautiful baby girl

    • Ximena Valdez
      Ximena Valdez Month ago

      Tammy Corbin is it just me or did you like your own comment 😂

  • Venus
    Venus Month ago

    "Like a wet condom" really? OK