Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue


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  • Madaja Farmer
    Madaja Farmer День назад

    this is amazing

  • fox chahd
    fox chahd День назад

    All this clothe look's so pretty with you cardi B

  • fox chahd
    fox chahd День назад

    I love you cardi B your fan😶😶

  • Ashley Mangtani
    Ashley Mangtani День назад

    You can’t dress up garbage

  • bittle nuts
    bittle nuts День назад

    Monster girl

  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster День назад

    This might be as crazy as when lady Gaga wore a meat dress

  • oof ooof
    oof ooof День назад


  • Ela aekaoka
    Ela aekaoka День назад

    Wow all the outfits are magnificent

  • sandy swenning
    sandy swenning День назад

    Nails are to long🤢

  • Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd День назад

    I loved Thierry Mugler in Paris in 1985, and so glad the shop is still going strong! Loved him before I even knew about Cirque du Soleil.

  • TeeMelt Freeman
    TeeMelt Freeman День назад

    SO DOPE!!!!!!!!

  • Safire Blast
    Safire Blast День назад

    Cardi B look different without makeup

  • angelina
    angelina День назад


  • Suzanna Khiev
    Suzanna Khiev День назад

    Okayyyyy she cute oooor whatever

  • Marie Rosé
    Marie Rosé День назад

    Y la gordita es la hermana de Blakchyna?

  • Marie Rosé
    Marie Rosé День назад

    Esos diseños solo debe usarpara tarima no para alfombras rojas

  • Lifeaskaliya
    Lifeaskaliya День назад

    Cardi b is so pretty I love her 😍

  • Mavies Miles
    Mavies Miles День назад +1

    She looks so stunning in all dresses....those makeup artists deserve accolades 👏💕💕

  • SkeeWee-C
    SkeeWee-C День назад

    It’s rude to ask but how much did all these outfits cost? Whatever the cost I thought every outfit was a show stopper. This was Fashion personified

  • theskeletonfairy
    theskeletonfairy День назад

    Talk about money...

  • Ferdu Xm
    Ferdu Xm День назад +1

    Her English no the mach good

  • C. avalina
    C. avalina День назад

    She's so pretty without makeup 😍😍😍

  • DJDaGod
    DJDaGod День назад

    0:44 why is there a hole where her butt is

  • #ℕⅈℂᝪℒℰ ℊℛᗅℕⅅℰ'

    Who else loves Cardi?

  • Merisa Nuhanovic
    Merisa Nuhanovic День назад

    Now,that's some badass look

  • chef Kelly
    chef Kelly День назад

    I LOVE seeing Cardi B without makeup!!!

  • Abdulla Alsulaiti
    Abdulla Alsulaiti День назад

    The dress look like an upside down dress

  • Llamaface
    Llamaface День назад

    Love Card I so much-her personality & inner soul is everything 😙

  • josuel sales
    josuel sales День назад

    Melhor que a Nicki Minaj😍😍😘

  • Delores Mc
    Delores Mc День назад

    If I offend anyone I'm sorry but God, you're gorgeous all the outfits are marvelous I started watching you long a time Before Now and that night was your night to shine and you did Shine Bright and Beautiful

  • Lisjana Çelaj
    Lisjana Çelaj День назад

    When you have the Grammys at 8 but have to be in the little mermaid at 9 !!

  • Jean Samba Sow
    Jean Samba Sow День назад

    Why is 21 Savage's clone playing stylist

  • Sil Sital
    Sil Sital День назад

    Million $r dresses, 30k $r sneakers, 10k $r bottle of wine.. while ppl children straving all over the world. This is called (covetousness) in the last days ...enjoy all ur riches now bcuz soon it will b all over . May God hav Mercy.

  • Q Corine
    Q Corine День назад

    I love me some Cardi B! Go Cardi!!

  • Q Corine
    Q Corine День назад

    Don't give me that "women of of what you can find" mess. We've been in this world long enough!

  • Zena Bizznoo
    Zena Bizznoo День назад


  • Babina Saraswal
    Babina Saraswal День назад

    I knew she was beautiful but LORD SHE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS WHEN I LOOK AT HER

  • Babina Saraswal
    Babina Saraswal День назад +1


  • amapleh
    amapleh День назад

    I really like this chick.

  • Bodiedbyt
    Bodiedbyt День назад

    She is fire

  • Lela Hamilton
    Lela Hamilton День назад

    Is it me or Is Cardi sort of maturing? I didn’t here one of her weird random noises, she was much more calm

  • Dj H
    Dj H День назад

    Ridiculous look...just stupid and totally non-functional, uncomfortable looking...dumb!

  • goldcrown7
    goldcrown7 День назад


  • Tiffany Lewis
    Tiffany Lewis День назад

    I want to Be Treated like A QUEEN for a couple of hours!!!!! My Dream! Cardi looks Stunning in everything!!!!

  • Олга Станојевић
    Олга Станојевић День назад

    She's so beautiful without makeup

  • Ranjit Mallick
    Ranjit Mallick День назад

    Very incredible

  • Arctic Monkey
    Arctic Monkey День назад

    Love the stylings, the dresses were to die for.. love it. Hate the person tho. Loved her once but she really is a terrible human being lol
    Congratz tho

  • Areej Ebrahim
    Areej Ebrahim День назад

    Beautiful Cardi ❤️❤️✨🔥

  • Dwayne B
    Dwayne B День назад

    i love this girl so much!!

  • tahia banu
    tahia banu День назад

    I liked that simple gesture : When the team was leaving Cardi asked if she was going to see them for the Grammy’s, when they said No, she hugged them! That was sweet!

  • a b
    a b День назад

    she's amazing

  • hamudi Drage
    hamudi Drage День назад

    Nails are ugly

  • Felipe Marçal
    Felipe Marçal День назад

    Cardi 💘

  • Hanasi Iraqi
    Hanasi Iraqi День назад

    If you like Animal style so you don't need to wear anymore dress just leave it the dress for humans

  • slinkycowboy
    slinkycowboy День назад

    she is way different to when she played Rocky

  • raphail khandare
    raphail khandare День назад


  • Olly Chakraborty
    Olly Chakraborty День назад

    Cardi B without Makeup! Oh God! She looks soooo cute and younger!

  • Dulce Patino
    Dulce Patino День назад

    Who also almost cried when she had the white dress bc she looked so good

  • baekhyun's bacon
    baekhyun's bacon День назад

    I love her😂😂

  • Lindsey Henderson
    Lindsey Henderson День назад

    Cardi B is trailor park meets Hollywood.

  • Fatima Hayat
    Fatima Hayat День назад

    I love cardi b😂🤣🤣😍😍

  • Aisha M
    Aisha M День назад

    she is such a hood Rat!!!!!

  • The silly Sisters
    The silly Sisters День назад

    Honestly, she could wear a trash bag and still look like a queen.

  • Neurada
    Neurada День назад

    In 2019 it’s still hard to find nude shades for people of colour? Jeez

  • Dawn Delph
    Dawn Delph День назад

    A beautiful hats? No it's tacky and Masonic it's the one eye symbolism you guys are sloppy

  • Luis Velasco
    Luis Velasco День назад +1

    She looks like a Perfume bottle 🤭jk ily Cardi B at 8:03

  • Kaira Cassidy Ramos
    Kaira Cassidy Ramos День назад

    This is epic!! Love all the 👗 😍

  • legal nz
    legal nz День назад +1

    *#LOOKALIKE**....... CardiB & Megan Markel lookalike*

  • Crystal Love
    Crystal Love День назад


  • Phixo Subliminals
    Phixo Subliminals День назад

    Cardi is gr8,nicki is too.End of discussion.

  • iilovelxcy
    iilovelxcy День назад

    0:43 .-.

  • Itzz Løren
    Itzz Løren День назад +1

    Omg YASSS you go cardi! OKURRRR

  • Dora Moreno
    Dora Moreno День назад

    Was she a clam?

  • نونة الدليمي
    نونة الدليمي День назад

    اكيد اكو عرب

  • Alum Branda
    Alum Branda День назад

    I love her to death

  • Vee Tyno
    Vee Tyno День назад

    The dress made her look like a beautiful flower in full bloom

  • Mathilde Toussaint
    Mathilde Toussaint День назад


  • Storm State
    Storm State День назад

    0:43 that sucks. It’s like the one weird kid that sits in front of you and you can always see his butt crack.

  • Joãozinho goes
    Joãozinho goes День назад

    Q erro

  • am depressed forever
    am depressed forever День назад


  • Stefani Fenty
    Stefani Fenty День назад

    at 2:44 she kinda looks like nicki

  • Staci Reddiex
    Staci Reddiex День назад

    I heard a comment that she was a flower coming out of a petal. First glance...I'm lke she is a seashell. BUT.....I looked again later and saw she resembled a clam. PLUS the PEARLS AROUND HER pretty much confirmed it to me. But idk...wat yaw think??

  • edjan manoel
    edjan manoel День назад


  • Samantha Lewis
    Samantha Lewis День назад


  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee День назад +1


  • Singrala Remmeikeishing
    Singrala Remmeikeishing День назад

    When cardi asked,were they coming to the Grammy my heart melt😆

  • gary de French
    gary de French День назад

    Cant stand her

  • M.
    M. День назад

    "Oh I'm looking for all the drama"

  • Kayleigh Peggs
    Kayleigh Peggs День назад +1

    The cape falls of ...... like a wet condom 😂😂😂

  • Juan David Rodríguez Callejas
    Juan David Rodríguez Callejas День назад

    She does look younger without makeup on!!!!

  • Cryzz xx
    Cryzz xx День назад

    lmao she was out of this world

  • Candi Jane
    Candi Jane День назад

    She is so beautiful and has such a beautiful personality, im so happy she replaced Niki she so worthy.

  • Danielle Jordan
    Danielle Jordan День назад

    Slay Mrs. Offset.

  • Valerie Barraza
    Valerie Barraza День назад

    I saw everything and it was awesome by everything I mean the stuff that happened at the grammys

  • Aavale' Storm
    Aavale' Storm День назад


  • Aavale' Storm
    Aavale' Storm День назад

    She is winning. Slay Cardi.

  • Clear minds
    Clear minds День назад

    Thank you for making Cardi look stunning on her dresses. Loved them.

  • Ana Costa
    Ana Costa День назад

    “Oh we doing the pearls with the hair for sure.” I love her

  • itz_ya_gurl_taytay_bandz
    itz_ya_gurl_taytay_bandz День назад

    "The cape it just comes right off... Like a wet condom" I cannot take cardi serious ‼🙅😂