The 2011 Saab 9-5 Was the End of Saab

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
    The 2010-2011 Saab 9-5 was the end of the line for Saab. Today I'm reviewing a 2010 Saab 9-5 to show you what happened at the end for the Saab brand -- and I'm telling you what I think about the final 9-5.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  7 months ago +5714

    You people are the lighted speedometer in the night panel of my life. ;)

    • TheEpicTurtle17 _
      TheEpicTurtle17 _ 5 days ago

      Thanks, Doug we appreciate your appreciation for us! And we also appreciate these awesome videos!

    • Meton12765
      Meton12765 9 days ago

      I wonder how many cops follow your car vlog just to learn where people would stash their drugs in a car. :D (I suspect with a 2.9M following and the fact that many cops are also car peeps, quite a few. :D ) Ps. one interesting fact about the 9-5 is that all of it's gasoline engines were twin-turbo, even the 1.6 liter four-banger. And consequently running one on E85 actually makes a lot of sense. Then again, it would've made it even more green if it had a hybrid drivetrain, even as an option. But, as you said, they didn't have the dosh to develop one and GM sure as hell wasn't going to sell them one at a fair market price.

    • Slit Wrist Misfit
      Slit Wrist Misfit Month ago


    • Heejun Suh
      Heejun Suh Month ago


    • Henry Discipline
      Henry Discipline 2 months ago

      I'm not a fan of the car, but as usual an excellent review.

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 4 hours ago

    For real though.
    This car looks goddamn good

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 4 hours ago +2

    This Halloween I'm going to cosplay as Doug.
    Two t-shirts
    Khaki shorts
    White ankle socks
    Prosthetic chin

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 4 hours ago

    E-85 fuel is dead too

  • Rob 72
    Rob 72 Day ago

    it was the beginning of the end dealing w/ GM

  • Zachary Dalton
    Zachary Dalton Day ago +1

    doug you needa explain your quirks its about time you expose yourself

  • Brian Roman
    Brian Roman 2 days ago

    I’ve watched several of your videos, which are fine. They would be considerably better if your “Doug Score” was relative to the year and cost. I’m not really sure how you can compare the features and performance of a 2011 Saab to a 2019 Porsche/Whatever.

  • HW Collector
    HW Collector 3 days ago

    Test Saab 9000

  • Kalavathi Kolachappe

    Atculy the vents dystroy the look of the interior

  • John Jurmu
    John Jurmu 3 days ago

    The chipping away of the buttons is a big issue on GM vehicles from the 2000s. Sabbs started using the same buttons from 2003 for the 9-3 and 2005 for the 9-5.
    I have a 9-5 from 02 and you can read all the buttons, I've had to replace the LED that light them tough.

  • Nate Silva
    Nate Silva 3 days ago

    as a saab head, WTF IS THIS AUTOMATIC BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Musique61414
    Musique61414 3 days ago

    I love these. Many blame GM for the failure, but they were in trouble for years. I loved them.

  • JD Volkoven
    JD Volkoven 4 days ago


  • thecspig !
    thecspig ! 5 days ago

    fuck saab. VOLVO FORE LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • Thedarknate08
    Thedarknate08 5 days ago

    Oh man I forgot about saab's I don't see them around anymore!

  • Aldo Stefano Altea
    Aldo Stefano Altea 6 days ago

    After the 900 turbo the desert

  • Lee Hunt
    Lee Hunt 6 days ago +3

    That "unrecongizable button" is to go back to something on the infotainment.

  • Andrew Mcconnell
    Andrew Mcconnell 7 days ago

    He must have shoved 2 cds in his cd player when he used cds alot of undelt with frustrations wth his cd player in the day

  • panos323
    panos323 8 days ago +4

    Saab could compete with the German brands in Europe! Cadillac maybe loved in the states but trust me it's in the why bother category in Europe

    • tiadaid
      tiadaid 5 days ago

      Thanks, General Morons. They don't know how to sell cars anywhere else but America.

    • Monolithic1m
      Monolithic1m 5 days ago

      At all!!!

  • malangope
    malangope 9 days ago

    Acceleration score 1???

  • Kurt the Crip
    Kurt the Crip 9 days ago

    2012 was the st saab

  • Lloyd Hardcastle
    Lloyd Hardcastle 10 days ago

    You missed the amazing spot lights in the back of the car which you can point in any direction and the light is only on what you want to be seen

  • girohead
    girohead 10 days ago

    "Unusually quick?" My 900 Turbo would rip the front end off the car.

  • girohead
    girohead 10 days ago

    "orphan brand and you can't find parts or anyone to work on them" is all I needed to hear. I owned two Saabs in the 90s and never had issues, did most my own work but had good people I could take them if needed. I've been seeing used ones lately and know I could work on them, but I don't want to be stuck somewhere and have something weird and not be able to tow it anywhere. GM screwed up by letting them go, even Saturn could have been brought back to category killers. Other companies screwed up more by not buying.

  • Michael Redline
    Michael Redline 10 days ago

    You forgot to show the small cubby space that the cup holders are next to

  • Jowurel
    Jowurel 10 days ago

    9:11 hiccup

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner 11 days ago

    It's a NG9-5.

  • Gregory Timmons
    Gregory Timmons 11 days ago

    They really deserved to live on but were not huge U.S. sellers. Lots of consolidation in the auto industry. Many good brands swollowed up by the big players. Unfortunately as a Swedish automaker they were expected to occupy the same market as Volvo and those are not cheap either. Saab made their rep on being early proponents of turbocharging and safety.

  • Nate Staub
    Nate Staub 11 days ago +1


  • Raccoon City Survivor
    Raccoon City Survivor 11 days ago

    Doug your Turo experience is much luckier than mine everything in my city is tesla and nissan sentra'.

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner 12 days ago

    That's 114k miles. That's quite a lot

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner 12 days ago

    If they would have released NG9-5 (New Generation 9-5) they could've been saved.

  • jf 5-mars
    jf 5-mars 12 days ago


  • p24hrsmith
    p24hrsmith 12 days ago

    SAAB made some of the best cars in the world and it was a sad lose to the motoring world when they went

  • Aleksandar Vuletic
    Aleksandar Vuletic 12 days ago

    You really need to get Citroen CX, it will blow your mind...

  • Michael Ghiglieri
    Michael Ghiglieri 12 days ago

    Sheesh..... typical GM parts.... 7 years and the buttons are chipping and breaking

  • Father Larsathon
    Father Larsathon 13 days ago +1

    Nice looking car. I'd probably change out the wheels.

  • Jorge Segura
    Jorge Segura 13 days ago

    10:55 Doug DeMuro out of context

  • Charliegone
    Charliegone 14 days ago +6

    Hmmm....those trunk compartments are good for storing my guns
    -John Wick

  • Auto Boy
    Auto Boy 14 days ago

    11:52 IS THAT BULLET HOLES?!!!!

  • Mosaub Masri
    Mosaub Masri 15 days ago

    Best Saab ever

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon 15 days ago +1

    This guy is about as quirky as the car he’s presenting 😂

  • Ron LeGrow
    Ron LeGrow 15 days ago

    Loved my 2006 Saab 95 it was a lease only had it 4 years nicest driving position of any sedan I ever had .

  • --
    -- 16 days ago

    I thought it was the Saab TC 😂😂

  • lux da duck
    lux da duck 16 days ago

    My 2005 Hyundai Tuson has that arm rest feature 👍👍

  • Short Circuit
    Short Circuit 16 days ago

    This car was and still is pretty awesome. It’s a preview of the XTS and Impala with turbocharged engines and the newest dash (that altimeter Speedo is amazing!) and infotainment that was available. This is why Buick needs to be replaced with an Oldsmobile revival, replace Opel’s boring design language with futuristic styling and Cadillac tech.

  • CadenPlayzEverything
    CadenPlayzEverything 17 days ago

    can i have a saab?

  • GLR
    GLR 17 days ago


  • Nick Potapov
    Nick Potapov 17 days ago +5

    this is the ikea version of my corolla

    • cosmon
      cosmon 13 days ago

      i dont know what corollas you own but ikea corolla aint it chief

  • tbailey264
    tbailey264 18 days ago +5

    This car has plenty of stash points for your weed

  • David T
    David T 18 days ago

    Looks remarkably fresh... I remember at the time thinking it was fugly but I guess I was wrong about that.

  • Oddsocks
    Oddsocks 19 days ago

    What an irritating cunt he is

  • Eric Valdez
    Eric Valdez 19 days ago

    Yea my 02 Nissan maxima lifted the center console for comfortably its nice

  • Merv Stent
    Merv Stent 19 days ago

    GM is a disgrace

  • Wayne
    Wayne 20 days ago +2

    Fun fact: Saab owners just drank the safety Kool-Aid to justify buying their goofy looking and ridiculously overpriced cars (like this $47k POS).
    There are plenty of vehicles with five star front and side impact ratings. Saab just bragged about theirs more than other manufacturers because it was all they had.

  • Isaac Aceves
    Isaac Aceves 20 days ago

    i was sold when i saw the "trunk mounted slot cars' feature

  • Don Ron Drungus
    Don Ron Drungus 21 day ago

    my mom and dad had multiple SAABs in the 90s, I owned one briefly as my first car, and damnit, I'd love to drive one again.

  • ZhoRZh37
    ZhoRZh37 21 day ago

    Can I switch for the parallel reality where audi went down instead of Saab?

  • mardymar wilson
    mardymar wilson 21 day ago +1

    this dudes voice and the way he talks in annoying

    • mardymar wilson
      mardymar wilson 19 days ago

      @Bart Simpson oh and you have 20. popular guy you are

    • mardymar wilson
      mardymar wilson 19 days ago

      @Bart Simpson and that's supposed to mean something to me huh? his voice is still annoying 3 million subscribers or not!!

    • Bart Simpson
      Bart Simpson 19 days ago

      This "annoying dude" has almost 3 million subscribers on his RU-clip account

  • Garfiller
    Garfiller 21 day ago

    Saad Saab

  • AstroNut
    AstroNut 22 days ago

    you say sa'a'b

  • Simple Chronology
    Simple Chronology 22 days ago +2

    Technically, SAAB *was* an aircraft maker that turned to cars. The first A in its name refers to airplanes.

  • Premislav
    Premislav 22 days ago

    Actually that is not a final Saab. Saab came up with 9-5 NG SportCombi in 2011, however did not manage to homologate it. There were over 30 prototype SportCombis that have been homologated by private owners and some of them can be still found on the market from time to time. I have been working at one of Saab suppliers and I saw first prototypes of 9-5 NG SC in Trolhattan in Sweden - unforgettable experience that will never happen again.

  • fajting12
    fajting12 22 days ago +1

    The price of the Saabs have allways been high. And you know it worth the money when you have crash it

    • Wayne
      Wayne 20 days ago +1

      fajting12 - the Chevy Cruze has 5 star safety ratings. I still wouldn’t pay >$47,000 for one.

  • Creed Aspect
    Creed Aspect 22 days ago +2

    that button that’s worn in the middle is a “back” button

    • Kyle Fowler
      Kyle Fowler 12 days ago

      I scrolled long and hard to find the answer to that question. many thanks

  • Hefnaheimer
    Hefnaheimer 23 days ago +1

    Saab was before it's time... sad that that great Swedish company went out of business cause of stupid decisions. Today's carmakers even copied their SUV look.

  • Elias
    Elias 23 days ago

    Based on Opel Isignia or the US Buick Regal

  • Antiochia ad Taurum
    Antiochia ad Taurum 23 days ago +8

    I think Doug is preoccupied with the Saab's quirks, but is the Saab preoccupied with Doug's quirks?

  • GamerGuyProductions
    GamerGuyProductions 23 days ago

    Polestar 2 styling

  • N Popovic
    N Popovic 24 days ago

    There is a better looking car with the same powertrain (2.0t and Aisin 6 speed automatic transmission) as 2011 model, it is called Buick Regal or Opel Insignia. I own one Buick Regal Turbo and love it.

  • Sands Family
    Sands Family 24 days ago

    Great looking car

  • M.Asım Yıldız
    M.Asım Yıldız 24 days ago

    I think the main problem of the Saab was, design, its terrible.

  • Adnan Rahman
    Adnan Rahman 24 days ago

    Saab has a Chinese owner what partners koenigsegg isn’t that cool 😎 yo bro no so mo do no co op

  • Callan Alford
    Callan Alford 24 days ago

    My 7th grade teacher drives a Saab. It’s a crossover and I have no earthly idea what model it is.

  • Juhana Tamminen
    Juhana Tamminen 25 days ago +1


  • LosHihhuli
    LosHihhuli 25 days ago

    Blinker may be solved by adding more resistance to blinker somehow, leds don't have that much resistance and this can be design fault that they didin't have time to fix. It's same as some cars blink faster when one bulb is gone bad.

  • Edna Hoover
    Edna Hoover 25 days ago

    I'd call this a real Saab story !

  • LukeDev55
    LukeDev55 25 days ago

    What was that CD he pulled out at 4:36

  • Ahn James
    Ahn James 26 days ago +1

    ultimate saab is in wagon form ;-)

  • GuanZe Liew
    GuanZe Liew 26 days ago +6

    10:52, It's my very first time to see an adult viewing a car and came in this...😓

  • GuanZe Liew
    GuanZe Liew 26 days ago

    What... Saab went out of business!!? :'( 😭 Saab has produced some of it's great production cars like Saab 99 Turbo, Saab 900 Turbo 16S (which is my favourite Saab), Saab Sonett ll, Saab Sonett lll and etc... It's so sad that Saab was out of business...😖 I like the company... but it's over......:(

    • olli vac guy
      olli vac guy 26 days ago

      Saab stopped car production in 2012 producing a few cars in 2014, they are currently designing a new 9-3 but do still make jets!

  • Lenny Blaks
    Lenny Blaks 26 days ago

    10:59 is so funny

  • Rice Production
    Rice Production 27 days ago +1


  • Don06 germany
    Don06 germany 27 days ago +1


  • OldLeatherHands&Friends

    SAAB isn't dead they just make military equipment now. Like rockets and jets and sheeet

  • Jamal Baker
    Jamal Baker 27 days ago

    The final Sob

  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft 28 days ago +1

    Too bad GM killed Saab.

  • kamran102
    kamran102 28 days ago +2

    Green was Saab's colour. Do some research dude..

    • Wayne
      Wayne 20 days ago +1

      kamran102 - explains why they went belly up

  • Aleksa Komazec
    Aleksa Komazec 28 days ago

    I have best version of SAAB , I could take some pictures of it

  • Lgboyy
    Lgboyy 28 days ago

    4:05 thats the back button :)

  • kokumaru
    kokumaru 28 days ago

    such a Saab story...

  • The Boeing Kid
    The Boeing Kid 28 days ago +4

    10:52 congrats Doug! You’re now an internet meme

  • Karl XIV Johan
    Karl XIV Johan 29 days ago +1

    Saab spare parts are still made in Sweden by a government enterprise that was bought by the government in 2012. Orio AB make genuine parts to this day.

  • Cababoule
    Cababoule 29 days ago

    I love you Doug.. but you dress like shit

  • bitleyTM
    bitleyTM 29 days ago +2

    Lots of moaning in this video and for no reason at all. Brilliant car!

  • Cinemaniac
    Cinemaniac 29 days ago

    Was that a Slayer cd?

  • Andrei Cosma
    Andrei Cosma Month ago

    there was at one point for sale in norway a station wagon version of this, it made the news because it was i think the only one in the country.

  • Kevin Pishgar
    Kevin Pishgar Month ago

    @11:55 saabkyle04

  • Kevin Pishgar
    Kevin Pishgar Month ago

    @10:58 I lost it, I can't stop laughing

  • amonster8mymother
    amonster8mymother Month ago

    That's quite the Saab-story. 😥