Why Waluigi Will NEVER Be In Smash: Waluigi VS. Sakurai

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
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    The video talks about Masahiro Sakurai and why he hates Waluigi and why Waluigi will never be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is also an analysis of the trolling of Sakurai in release leading up to Smash Ultimate.
    Credit to bensound and tonino for music.
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Comments • 5 831

  • The Three Stock
    The Three Stock  3 months ago +402

    100K views??? 😱 I only expected this to get a couple hundred views at most. I'm so grateful for everyone watching this and the huge discussion in the comment section. It's definitely inspiring us to work much harder for now. Thank you all. 😊
    Going to make a video replying to my favorite comments here soon. Be on the lookout!

    • sloched plays
      sloched plays 5 days ago

      Ahh. You see, Piranha Plant is a better representative of the Super Mario series because FUCK WALUIGI

    • EG gaming
      EG gaming 13 days ago

      Actually 380k views

    • Noel Mejias
      Noel Mejias 15 days ago

      You know who else want in smash crash bandicoot,spyro the dragon,rayman,and metal sonic

    • Noel Mejias
      Noel Mejias 15 days ago

      Waluigi for smash! Waluigi for smash! Waluigi for smash!

    • Noel Mejias
      Noel Mejias 15 days ago

      I don't think piranha plant is better I want waluigi!

  • HALOKING1122
    HALOKING1122 23 minutes ago

    It would be interesting if Walugi was in Smash. Let my boy have a chance lol

  • SLIMR Games
    SLIMR Games 5 hours ago

    banjo is in as dlc but later 2019

  • yo kai falls
    yo kai falls 6 hours ago +1

    My magic 8 ball says that Waluigi will be available in Smash soon

  • BreathRock616
    BreathRock616 7 hours ago

    banjo tho

  • Jesse Pence
    Jesse Pence 12 hours ago

    Waluigi number one

  • TheVanoid
    TheVanoid 12 hours ago

    Waluigi, number 3: The biggest piece of shit character of all time.
    Me: *I don't who you are, where you are, but I will find you. And murder you.*

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 6 hours ago

      You’re pathetic. You’re sick, and you need help in the worst way.

    • TheVanoid
      TheVanoid 7 hours ago

      @Jake Steel I'm going to fucking murder your parents. and slaughter your favorite poke'mon

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 9 hours ago +1

      Waluigi sucks

  • Rodrigo Pires Paulo
    Rodrigo Pires Paulo 14 hours ago


  • Brian Neira-Reep
    Brian Neira-Reep 17 hours ago

    Geno fans are just as retarded geno is an assist trophy too...

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki Hour ago

      I would rather see Geno an assist if he cannot be a fighter.

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 17 hours ago

      Um...Geno is not an assist trophy. He’s only a spirit...

  • A Decent TF2 Player
    A Decent TF2 Player 20 hours ago

    I come from the future banjo is in smash and the hero is from dragon quest

  • stick leeland
    stick leeland Day ago +2

    What about all the other characters that did not join smash bros are kidding me what about bomberman Rayman crash bombocot

  • Baas Man
    Baas Man Day ago

    Fuck waluigi. I care so less about him I didn't even bother to capitalize his name. He's fucking annoying

  • Nin Sen
    Nin Sen Day ago +1

    Remember when Waluigi fans sent death threats to Sakurai?

  • uganda
    uganda Day ago

    I am so killing that guy......ಠ_ಠಥ‿ಥ⊙﹏⊙→_→

  • Lordkaos31 *
    Lordkaos31 * Day ago

    At least we got banjo kazooy

  • MorDo
    MorDo 2 days ago

    Yeah I want him, for real. He does not deserve this.

  • - DeyRa -
    - DeyRa - 2 days ago

    I hate this men plzz waluigi

  • Mett Will
    Mett Will 2 days ago

    Then banjo comes in

  • Asa McFarlane
    Asa McFarlane 2 days ago +1

    I don’t care if waluigi is in smash I want geno more then him

  • KrossoverGod
    KrossoverGod 2 days ago +1

    He IS in Smash! He's an assist trophy! People should just shut up, because his potential is already exploited that way. He smacks the opponent with his racket and kicks them with some funny animations. That's it, and it makes no sense to want more.
    Bomberman used to be in my wishlist for Smash, but instead they put him as an assist trophy... and that's ok. Really Bomberman is only known for one move: dropping bombs that explode in a cross, so yeah that representation is appropriate.
    On top of that, people don't really want Waluigi in Smash; they're DARING Sakurai to put him in the game. They just want to see if he'll put the punchline to this long running unfunny joke. So not only there'd be no reason to give him a spot in the roster, but that'd also be unfair to all those people who request characters because they actually want them in the game!
    So yeah, no Waluigi thanks.

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 2 days ago

    Ken is in smash

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 2 days ago

    Banjo is in smash

  • Pigwars
    Pigwars 2 days ago


  • Kalas Macias
    Kalas Macias 2 days ago +1

    You have no idea how hard I laughed when you said "now Fans can't even pretend to play as Waluigi"

  • SSmotzer
    SSmotzer 2 days ago

    Well, with the evidence pointing at two additional fighters not in the season pass, it could be that the last two will upgrade spirits and or trophies into fighters. It's entirely possible that they are saving Waluigi until the very end.

    • SSmotzer
      SSmotzer 2 days ago

      @Jake Steel And there would be no greater final send off for Smash than a joke.

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 2 days ago

      They are not saving that loser for last. He’s an assist trophy.

    • SSmotzer
      SSmotzer 2 days ago

      ​@Jake Steel We won't know until they are done.

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 2 days ago

      They’re not

  • Theo Sherman
    Theo Sherman 3 days ago

    Sakurai can eat a dick

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 2 days ago

      Sure you haven’t...

    • Theo Sherman
      Theo Sherman 2 days ago

      @Jake Steel lol this is just sad at this point Jake. I'm done playing with you. You've got me cracking up. I have literally never played a single smash bros in my life.

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 2 days ago

      Nice try. It’s painfully obvious that you’re just another butt-hurt waluigi fan who didn’t get what they wanted, so you posting disgusting comments because you think it’ll make you feel better. You can’t fool me.

    • Theo Sherman
      Theo Sherman 2 days ago

      @Jake Steel Sure because one comment makes me obsessed. yes sure.
      Is this really the best you can do? Nobody even said I gave a shit about Waluigi fam. I just think Sakurai is a dick. Simple as that.
      Listen how about you go away and calm down then come back with a better series of insults because c' mon man your shots are missing.

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 2 days ago

      No more than pathetic man children obsessed with garbage characters.

  • not a god
    not a god 3 days ago +1

    We all said the same about ridley

  • Maroon
    Maroon 3 days ago

    Let’s be honest, if they put Waluigi in the game, their game will get more popular

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 2 days ago

      If you mean the Super Mario games, that would be the case. But if you mean Smash bros that would be a different story.

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 3 days ago

      Smash is the single greatest game ever. It doesn’t need losers like waluigi

  • Alex si Andrei 12354

    If ever walugi was #wah then His powerful move would be him becoming like a god just like the master hand but not able to lose

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 3 days ago

      Waluigi isn’t a god; He’s trash.

  • Antwon20100
    Antwon20100 3 days ago

    I want him in it would be cool to see Mario Bros vs Wario and Waluigi however that won't ever happen. Sakurai doesn't want him in

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 3 days ago +1

    They say Waluigi would never be in smash and then in the future he'll end up in smash. xD People say never and then it happens anyway.

    Am I the only one who thinks assist trophies should be reserved for nameless characters? Personally I thought made even less sense for Alucard and Bomberman to be an assist trophy but Waluigi really should have been playable considered he was in a shit ton of games. Assist trophies really should be reserved for nameless ones like the Mii Fighter, or a Goomba or one of the Toads or other Yoshi's, not established characters with backstories and personalities. You see the Mii fighter as playable but I don't recall there being a huge demand to see that character in Smash. I have seen various ones like Waluigi, Ridley and Daisy but really I know more and more people would want Waluigi to show up more. If you have characters with established personalities and back stories being assist trophies you end up teasing the audience because they end up wishing they were playable. Like, it wouldn't make sense for Zero from Mega Man X to be an assist trophy considering how popular he is and even got his own series. Waluigi never really had his own game except for Waluigi's Taco Stand which was fan made, but then, I don't recall Rosalina or Falco having their own games, either.

  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town 3 days ago

    0:12 lmfaooo soo true, aging backwards, how tf is he doing it

  • Woof you
    Woof you 3 days ago +1

    I’m English and genuinely want him in smash for the full Mario team

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 7 hours ago

      Then choose someone who’s actually on the roster...

    • Woof you
      Woof you 7 hours ago

      Jake Steel it’s close enough tho, isn’t it?
      Plus my main needs a teammate

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel Day ago

      They aren’t a team...

  • Jhon Cruz
    Jhon Cruz 3 days ago

    They add a fucking plant instead of a actual fighter.

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 2 days ago

      What is that?

    • Jake Steel
      Jake Steel 3 days ago

      No. They added an actual fighter instead of a stupid meme...

  • Sungvolcano 5432
    Sungvolcano 5432 3 days ago

    Story of Waluigi:
    Sakurai: "Time to add Waluigi"
    Sakurai: "Time to see the reviews of the Super smash bros. Ultimate E3 Direct"
    Comment on direct: "I WILL KILL U IF NO WALUIGI!!!"
    Sakurai: "WTF!!!"
    Sakurai: "If they say death threats about Waluigi then they will have to pay for Waluigi!"

  • Lukes Vuk
    Lukes Vuk 3 days ago

    To everyone who says toad isn’t in smash play as peach and use neutral b

  • Red Rain
    Red Rain 3 days ago

    I actually wrote a moveset for Waluigi if he did join smash

  • Valeria Pabon
    Valeria Pabon 3 days ago

    Who in the right idea picks a freaking pirahna plant for smash
    Waluigi deserves better than this. I vote that Waluigi should have a chance,
    he's not even annoying, but since nintendo hates him so much, the next time nintendo character they're going to put is BUBSY, that way fans might get even angrier.

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 3 days ago

      There are still many other strong candidates from other franchies or within Mario series. Not that Waluigi is better than plant piranha so he is garunteed for Smash bros,

  • Geoff x GamingPH
    Geoff x GamingPH 3 days ago


  • Zander Bradley
    Zander Bradley 3 days ago +1

    Waluigi for smash!!!!

  • random duck
    random duck 3 days ago

    *G U H - H U H M O T H E R F U C K E R*

  • Jan Madrid
    Jan Madrid 3 days ago +5

    Sakurai: releases new character: walu-
    Waluigi fans: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
    Sakurai: as I was saying!! WALUIGI’S RACKET!
    waluigi fans: 😢

  • Ruby Ruff
    Ruby Ruff 4 days ago

    i want shadow

  • Graham Of Miitomo
    Graham Of Miitomo 4 days ago +5

    Sakuria: I’ve finally added Ridley, Inkling, Daisy, Simon, and King K. Rool
    Fandom: Why isn’t there WaLuIgI?!!?!
    Sakuria: Bring in the plant.

  • lavender
    lavender 4 days ago

    banjo got in

  • Scatty Katty
    Scatty Katty 4 days ago

    12:38 OH I KNOW THIS ONE I KNOW THIS ONE its toad

  • VN 75
    VN 75 4 days ago

    *People used to be so stupid*

  • FuriousPixel
    FuriousPixel 4 days ago +5

    Part of the meme is that waluigi isn’t in smash tbh
    if he was in smash he wouldn’t be a meme he’d just be a .. character that people like

  • Cludora
    Cludora 4 days ago

    I freaking love the thumbnail

  • levert2457
    levert2457 4 days ago

    Yep Kazooie made it into the game and she brought her mouth banjo believe me he is her mouth she has all the moves.

  • levert2457
    levert2457 4 days ago

    The reason why perna print is more deserving than waluigi.
    she always been there waluigi hasn't he was never in any mainstream Mario games but yet piranha plant was always there in various forms.

  • Manewbies Galaxy
    Manewbies Galaxy 5 days ago

    Goomba will be added before waluigi

  • Anthony Tekavec
    Anthony Tekavec 5 days ago +1

    Banjo was in the “Everyone is here!” picture leak, and he’s here soon, and was already added to the picture. This proves that shadow will most likely be here with Isaac and the chorus kids, even though they have their own assist trophy/ spirit, and geno.

  • Monster D
    Monster D 5 days ago

    I want more Fire Emblem characters. 😒

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 5 days ago

    I don't want Waluigi for the meme. I've wanted him to be in Smash since Melee. I just think he belongs in smash. He belongs a lot more than Sora or Goku does and, so many people want them in it's ridiculous. I'm not really a "waluigi fan" to any extent, I just feel like the game is missing something without him. We need Bomberman and a few others too. Shantae, Shovel Knight, someone from Arms would be cool. I was almost certain we'd get an Arms rep, guess not this time around.

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 5 days ago

      @Adam Brown
      Characters from independent games or other series are different cases. Duck is not the one for comparison since he is the sole representive from his game. Mario franchise already has many representives over Waluigi. Unless Waluigi also gets his seperate series could you compare him to Duck.

      To be fair yes, any Nintendo character is legit option to be Smash fighter. Just the reason why Waluigi is not chosen is that he has to compete with hundred other hopeful candidates and he loses. That's very simple.

    • Adam Brown
      Adam Brown 5 days ago

      @i Dorayaki I don't think he's the character that's most necessary, I just don't see a real reason why he shouldn't be in it. Other than semantics and just debating about what makes a character worthy. Funny thing is after Brawl I wanted the Duck Hunt dog to be in a smash game (just to add a new retro rep), but I thought it would be too stupid. A few years later and it happens. I'm not saying Waluigi is the best choice, I'm just saying that there's no real reason for him not to be in it. I mean.. Duck Hunt hasn't had a game in over 30 years, so the choices must not be solely based on popularity and whether they have a decent franchise.

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 5 days ago

      People don't want him not because hating. Simply it's Smash bros that opens the chsnce to all franchises. Even if we're not putting guest characters from 3rd party companies, there are still many other popular and unused franchises out there. Yet there are also other strong competitors within Mario universe.
      Yet there is no specific reason go put Waluigi as many Mario characters have been in Smash bros. The only place that he could have been to but not yet should be a Super Mario game than a Smash bros title.

  • SkyGod Studios
    SkyGod Studios 5 days ago

    Maybe shadow couldn't make into the roster. But my hopes are still up for metal sonic

  • Cyber Wasp
    Cyber Wasp 5 days ago

    Sakurai is the real life Benjamin Button

  • Turbidjuggler 32
    Turbidjuggler 32 5 days ago

    Sakurai is a legend

  • Процессорный кристал

    Django for smash

  • Nerdtendo for life
    Nerdtendo for life 5 days ago

    The day that Waluigi will be a fighter in Smash, I won't buy the Smash games anymore. #NeverWaluigiForSmash

    • Random Toaster
      Random Toaster 5 days ago +1

      #WaluigiForSmash What the fuck do you have against Waluigi?

  • Jorge Freitas
    Jorge Freitas 5 days ago

    13:28 "This is outrageous, it's unfair! How can you be a fan-favorite and not be in Smash Bros.?" Yes I used this Star Wars quote

  • Space dogger Lmao
    Space dogger Lmao 5 days ago +1

    Even though the meme is dead I still say in my head that waluigis bad

  • Haywire Reborn
    Haywire Reborn 6 days ago

    So banjo...

  • Matthew McDaniel
    Matthew McDaniel 6 days ago

    Well, at least he is an assist trophy.

  • Nicholas Vieira
    Nicholas Vieira 6 days ago

    Alright, to quote Mr jump man himself "Let'sa go!...." into why I don't think waluigi should be in smash. First of all, I never really wanted him in smash, mostly because of filler reasons. Let me just get that out of the way before I go into further detail, having him in smash never interested me. Piranha plant, on the hand, despite being an... interesting choice, does make better sense. Out of all the mario enemies, it makes more sense for the most part. Goombas don't have a major/significant baddie (other than that one Goomba in the elite trio from mario and luigi dream team), Koopas already Bowser in the game, shy guys, chain chomps, and a few other mario enemies are either assist trophies, stage hazards, or smash run enemies (been a while since anyone said that...), so piranha plant is the only remaining enemy that has shown up in every mario game, and has Peter piranha as the kind of "main bad guy" of the piranha plants. The issue is, and this has been said about multiple other characters but they weren't in smash before, Peter piranha was used as a boss in brawl, and has been shown to be too big. So to represent the piranha plant enemy without having "Too big" a character, a mobile piranha plant makes sense for the character.

    • Nicholas Vieira
      Nicholas Vieira 5 days ago

      @i Dorayaki i Dorayaki maybe not, again I'm not trying to offend anyone on purpose, it may just come across that way, a d if it does there is much I can do other than apologize in advance. It's not like I'm not fine with waluigi, it's just that if Sakurai really isn't interested in putting him into smash because he doesn't like how he's a meme, or just a joke character everyone likes, that is his call. And I do agree withe controversies regarding piranha plant, I was just trying to piece together some type of reason out of the entire mario universe, let alone Nintendo franchise, why piranha plant the enemy that is killed 5000+ times before reaching Bowser was in compared to other characters worthy of the spot. Bandana Waddle Dee, maybe a new upcoming pokemon to hype up sword and shield even more. Hell, maybe another fire emblem character that just so happens to not have blue hair and/or wields an ancient sword made to kill dragons. To conclude, if Sakurai says no to waluigi, it should probably just be left at no, but Sakurai should at least consider the possibility a little more now. As said in the video we may not get him in this game, but one day, we might get him, who knows, right!?

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 5 days ago

      To be fair plant piranha also has its controversy. Making it beat down Waluigi doesn't justify his entry in Smash bros.

  • Michael Richert
    Michael Richert 6 days ago


  • Yvthan Rosémary
    Yvthan Rosémary 6 days ago +1

    Cuz waluigi sucks

  • Juliana Moore
    Juliana Moore 6 days ago +1

    First waluigi needs his own game

  • Sai Bhorg
    Sai Bhorg 6 days ago +1

    You assume so much. Sakurai isn't aiming to annoy anyone. He's put his heart and soul into this. Each character chosen was chosen cuz they'd be fun to play. And ultimate means last. I don't know why people don't get this. This is the final smash game

    • Sai Bhorg
      Sai Bhorg 3 days ago

      @Jason Smith in America yeah. Japan actually cares about gaming.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith 3 days ago +1

      If it makes money, they don't just stop. xD Even if Sakurai would not do it someone else will. Franchises like that don't just stop if it makes a shit ton of money. xD

    • Sai Bhorg
      Sai Bhorg 5 days ago

      @i Dorayaki same of course, smash is fun. But I can't see them doing it without sakurai it's like pokemon without Hal labs

    • i Dorayaki
      i Dorayaki 5 days ago

      @Sai Bhorg
      I only say who knows, NIntendo never confirm its discontinuation, but I don't mind if they won't do more.

    • Sai Bhorg
      Sai Bhorg 5 days ago

      @i Dorayaki let's be honest without sakurai there is no smash. Nintendo I don't think would force a dead series back if the creator said they aren't gonna continue

  • Sai Bhorg
    Sai Bhorg 6 days ago

    How fucking retarded and hopeful do you have to be say say chairs confirm a a character