Breaking Fortnites AI BOTS

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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  • Hursh Gohil
    Hursh Gohil 3 hours ago

    Lannan:can we make lazerlazer a bot name
    Me:It already is

  • oof man
    oof man 4 hours ago

    * zooms in on 15 * I have 15

  • Rocklyn Beise
    Rocklyn Beise 7 hours ago

    I have never seen laser beam get so many wins

  • Cheah Yu Zen
    Cheah Yu Zen 8 hours ago

    1:14 bot name was yeetlife13 lmao

  • Sebastian Gandolfo
    Sebastian Gandolfo 8 hours ago


  • Ali Katat
    Ali Katat 9 hours ago

    2:51 in the kill chat there is a guy named yeetlife35

  • KiLlEr_XIL_GaMeS on psn

    theres a name called yeetlife35 and i killed him today

  • Just.A.Yellow.Ginger
    Just.A.Yellow.Ginger 9 hours ago

    10:32 I don’t see no kraken mr beam

  • Eternal Alien
    Eternal Alien 10 hours ago

    Take bots out or else I’ll have to do it

  • Jessica SHERLOCK
    Jessica SHERLOCK 13 hours ago

    Every morning I watch his vids, I love LAZARBEAM

  • Tommy YEET
    Tommy YEET 14 hours ago

    I need to prove to my friends I can squad wipe

  • Tommy YEET
    Tommy YEET 14 hours ago

    how do you get into these games🙏🏼

  • Leah Radford
    Leah Radford 15 hours ago

    Why are you a dick head you little shit

  • Call me scrappy
    Call me scrappy 18 hours ago +1

    Bots = trump

  • Kosaku Requiem
    Kosaku Requiem 18 hours ago +1

    Lannan, if you want bots land Salty. Got 21 kills just there.

  • NerfProductions
    NerfProductions 19 hours ago

    Lazer the bots are skilled match made so....

  • Jesus Roberto Valladares Roca

    He make a private match to make the video

  • Jenson GamingYT
    Jenson GamingYT 23 hours ago

    I love you

  • Thomas the Roblox streamer

    You fit in the lobby

    JUAN BARRON Day ago

    This is how RU-cliprs get wins

  • Azoozmf7/ /عزوز

    1:13 look who thanked the bus driver

    YeetLife35 🤣

  • NathanNMK
    NathanNMK Day ago

    Instead lazarlazar being a bot name how about getlazared

  • Kashaf Paracha
    Kashaf Paracha Day ago

    What numbers did you press can you please tell me tomorrow

  • Enderdragon3000 1

    Man I can't believe that There can be a lot of laser beams in one game

  • Will Roberts
    Will Roberts Day ago

    He landed next to the same soccer skin that he saw in the lobby

  • GGaming
    GGaming Day ago

    I was in this match

  • Juice wrld Wanna be

    I missed this video

  • A Cat
    A Cat Day ago

    Can we just admire how these bots have supreme shotgun accuracy? its almost like pre-patch pump, they be like snipers with those shotguns

    Edit: can we add a mode where there are only bots, even people and cats who don't Fortnite on RU-clip need to meme on bots.

  • Rugrat Gumby
    Rugrat Gumby Day ago

    What if lazarbeam lost all of these games =) =) =)

  • Rugrat Gumby
    Rugrat Gumby Day ago

    No one
    Literatly no one
    Lazarbeam finally i can f***ing win a game i just need bots

  • TheIronSights
    TheIronSights Day ago +1

    1:16 look in the kill feed.

  • Gtasks
    Gtasks Day ago

    Stupidest thing is

    *U actually level up ur battle pass*

  • Askarbek Kabylbekov

    Sadly they removed it

  • Izzy /Annie the gaming girlz

    Nearly at 12 million

  • Abdullah Elgammal

    Petition to make bot lobbies an LTM

  • Ninja Ninja
    Ninja Ninja Day ago +1

    Lazarbean you’re not a bot you’re just in level 106 it shows in the bottom as red name

  • Ralphie Prospero
    Ralphie Prospero 2 days ago

    does it count as a real win?

  • Austin Faganello
    Austin Faganello 2 days ago

    Make youth sized

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu 2 days ago +1

    how do u do this? i am a bot

  • Emma Soares
    Emma Soares 2 days ago

    That's creepy that other lazar lazar but he turned to level 107 and Lazarbeam was one level 107.

  • ProMaster
    ProMaster 2 days ago

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  • ChickenNuggetNomer
    ChickenNuggetNomer 2 days ago

    freeze frame on 4:23 HOLD UP

  • Mya Burling-Thompson

    1:14 look under Lannans Facecam it says Yeetlife35

  • Royal TheLegendaryDonuts

    Kill feed/ "YeetLife"

  • Mohammad Tasleem
    Mohammad Tasleem 2 days ago

    Use code later in item shop

  • Ben Roberts
    Ben Roberts 2 days ago +2

    Like if he is being mean

  • Arsic 008
    Arsic 008 2 days ago

    Eady solo wins

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall 2 days ago

    I like killing bots keep them in the game that's what arenas is for.. no bots in arenas

  • Snipe Life
    Snipe Life 2 days ago

    Only way you can get wins😂

  • Rand Tate
    Rand Tate 2 days ago

    Let me give all of you some advice bots suck at medium ranged combat but there are gods at sniping like they never miss almost your well come

  • Afshin Hussain
    Afshin Hussain 3 days ago


  • Ethan Harris
    Ethan Harris 3 days ago

    Lazarbeam I tried doing dumb shit in creative and some how I glicht through the fucking ground and now I'm in a fucking ocean under the ground like how the fuck did I do this

  • Frozen Raven
    Frozen Raven 3 days ago

    Hmm a trap YOU CANT FOOL M- OOOOO a wall

  • Mallory White
    Mallory White 3 days ago

    U like dem wAlLs

  • Stacy denise Rosacia

    Season chapter. 2 i was in top 7

  • Dumb people doing dumb Things

    Do you have to be a content creator?

  • Mxrcy LF
    Mxrcy LF 3 days ago

    Im a content creator trying to be recognized, A subscribe would be very appreciated 😊

    PS- Its okay if you don't I hope you have a great year regardless 😊

  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams 3 days ago

    1:12 someone's name was yeetlife35 xD

  • Kind of a commenter I guess

    Lannon can you invite me to a lobby and make a bot lobby? You can leave right away if so
    Thank you if you do.
    And no I’m not making it as a way to play with you, just to win without a little carrying

  • KUMAR Joginder
    KUMAR Joginder 3 days ago

    Lazarlazar is not a bot name he just went to level 107