HD Rare Find: Harley Davidson STURGIS

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • HD Rare FIND! It's not everyday you find an 83 Sturgis. No not Sturgis South Dakota. The ORIGINAL dark custom, the Sturgis model was powered by a Shovel Head Engine. By most it's considered the best sounding engine that Harley Davidson ever produced.
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Comments • 274

  • Hugh Jorgan
    Hugh Jorgan 20 days ago

    NOTHING sounds like a SHOVELHEAD!

  • Hugh Jorgan
    Hugh Jorgan 20 days ago


  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt Month ago

    Sad we didn't get to hear the bike run

  • morningstaR x
    morningstaR x 2 months ago

    Can't decide whether the sturgis or your bad boy is cooler. I mean, the bad boy definitely gets the win insofar as the name is concerned. That sturgis, though. The beginning of an era.

  • Buzz Beauchamp
    Buzz Beauchamp 2 months ago +1

    Thanks! = Fun Stuff!

  • Cruz Amatic
    Cruz Amatic 2 months ago

    Sure they match....in Ga. Red & black always. Go Dawgs !

  • Throttle Therapy
    Throttle Therapy 2 months ago

    Keep them ALL coming

  • Sully
    Sully 4 months ago


  • 1200c hd harley sportster

    So the resson its called a soft tail cause the back fender is long and close to the floor and a hard tail is called hard tail cause the fender is bobber style cut correct me if I got it right It was in the test when I studied HD motorcycles

  • rustedweights
    rustedweights 5 months ago

    Nice Porsche at the end !! That sturgis is so sweet!

  • Darren Printz
    Darren Printz 5 months ago

    Check this out John

  • Jim Weagant
    Jim Weagant 5 months ago

    Awesome video thanks for sharing

  • Bob Longley
    Bob Longley 5 months ago +1

    Hey John . Longley Harley Davidson in Peterborough Ontario has a completely stock 1980 and a 1991 Sturgis in their showroom on display. Both bikes were originally purchased from the Peterborough dealership and are in showroom condition. Not to knock this bike , but the tank decal on the bike in the video is a 1991 .Great video dirty thumbs up

  • Flip Elliott
    Flip Elliott 7 months ago


  • Mork the Tuba Biker
    Mork the Tuba Biker 7 months ago

    Was that a slotted primary cover to keep the belt cool? I have heard of homemade versions but that looked factory.

    HOT QUADS and HOT RODS 8 months ago

    Very similar color scheme as my fxdr

  • rayder p
    rayder p 9 months ago +1

    This and the Daytona are old faves.just too cool

  • Gorilla Cookies
    Gorilla Cookies 9 months ago

    So you don't work on 10 year old and older Harley's ? So like most dealership service Personnel your a parts changer rather than a mechanic. With computer diagnostic's doing the troubleshooting your just there to change the parts . Why are modern service Personnel called Techs if you don't actually do anything technical since modern diagnostic computers identify the problem's ? Anyway , I am a "service tech" as well I suppose but I build and restore bikes , cars etc and have for 30 years. Working for a Ford dealership just pays my bills

  • Gorilla Cookies
    Gorilla Cookies 9 months ago

    The Roush is nice but Shelby just has so much mojo .

  • Scotty doesn't Know
    Scotty doesn't Know 10 months ago

    I ordered a brand new one in 82 it was 8000 dollars. When it came in dealer upped it to 9000, I told them no. I would love to find one now that's original. Dealer in Gillette Wyoming has a gold striped one that's all original. Saw it this year on way to Sturgis.

  • Phillip Davidson
    Phillip Davidson 10 months ago

    For me, the appeal of that Sturgis is lost, the value diminished by all the non-OEM stuff on it.

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 10 months ago

    for the tank decals....you have to prove you own the Sturgis edition HD before they will sell/send you the decals for your tanks if you repaint the bike after an accident or restoration[costly decals]...that is why you don't see clones or knock-offs out there...well,not too many anyways,but it is easy enough to check with Harley to make sure its legit....my buddy Vern owned one of those for a while then i sold him my 95 softail and he sold it,i wanted to trade him plus some cash,but he went and sold it for i have no idea how much.....oh well..nice find man

    • Brian Cialek
      Brian Cialek 2 months ago

      You can buy oem tank decals on ebay for the sturgis model. I think ur thinking about cvo models that you can only buy from the dealership

  • Pocahontas 2020
    Pocahontas 2020 10 months ago +1

    i have the next years model, the daytona. i own number 422 all original 16k miles. mint paint.

  • Joey Stringfellow
    Joey Stringfellow 10 months ago

    9:25 the ad that was playing was my place of employment lol 😂 Shoutout to Energy Savers 👍🏻

  • Dinky Dot
    Dinky Dot 10 months ago +3

    I bought one of those brand new at Past and Present Bike Works back in the day it was a nightmare with issues but I still loved it. Maintenance was easy, check the fluids, yes three puddles of each. Traded it in on a 1987 Softail custom that was stolen from work and the thief killed himself out running the police after he hit a pop machine at 70 miles an hour by trying to cut through the SOHIO gas station lot, after hitting the coke machine he was partially strained through a chain link fence. Good times

  • stormtrooperob
    stormtrooperob 10 months ago


    • stormtrooperob
      stormtrooperob 10 months ago

      Willie G talking about how he made the bike

  • FatBob Jim
    FatBob Jim 10 months ago

    My card never seems to work at the end of the month😫sweet looking Sturgis.... Ride hard or stay home😎

  • MT Lindley
    MT Lindley 10 months ago

    man i saw one at a show last weekend in SC, I was telling my buddy how rare they are. Next thing you know 2 more rolled up hahaha. it was a sturgis club, very cool!

  • Ron Goodman
    Ron Goodman 10 months ago

    there is a Sturgis bike for sale near me for 9000.00

  • HarleyCharlieRides
    HarleyCharlieRides 10 months ago +1

    The first Sturgis I saw and if you want to see an all original one go to Sturgis, South Dakota they have on sitting in the front of the store 'NOT FOR SALE" it is pretty cool though.

  • Curtiss
    Curtiss 10 months ago

    The Shovelhead rocks. I’ll fix it

  • David Snow
    David Snow 10 months ago

    Not trying to nitpick, but there's so much misinformation on RU-clip regarding HDs. The original FXB Sturgis was produced for the model years 80, 81, and 82. There was no 1983 Sturgis. The Sturgis was discontinued in 83 and the Low Rider carried on with twin belts as the FXSB(belt) model. I think what's sitting in the back of that pickup is an 83 Low Rider with the later '91 Dyna Sturgis graphics on the tanks along with a bunch of cosmetic modifications. The original Sturgis tanks had the HD bar & shield and the name "Sturgis" only appeared on the fork badge. I've got a stock, original 1982 FXB as my daily driver. It's a matter of opinion, but the '77 & '78 Harley XLCR Sporty could probably be considered the original 'dark custom'--- blacked out motor, black paint & covers, and black pipes. Before that, I think the first blacked-out Harley mill was on the 1973 Sportster. I love the AMF-era Harleys.

    • David Snow
      David Snow 10 months ago

      I think the 1982 gold & brown Sturgis was a one-year only optional color scheme to commemorate the buyback from AMF. I think the AMF years and the immediate post-AMF years were Willie G's Golden Age--- a really amazing array of classy bikes, and the late Shovels were as reliable as the first Evos. Willie G.'s design were always understated and powerful, and even the Harley print ads from that era were in a class by themselves....

    • Scotty doesn't Know
      Scotty doesn't Know 10 months ago

      Good comment, I think the 83s had gold stripes. That one is missing black ham can air cleaner and small bag on sissy bar. I want to find an original, but hard to find at a sane price.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  10 months ago

      Solid information. I regurgitated some unconfirmed information, and I won’t do it anymore. I mention the mistake in a later video.

  • bmp72
    bmp72 11 months ago

    I have a Shovelhead Sturgis :-) (FXDB). Mine is a 1982, when they were not black with orange stripe and dragbar, but brown with buckhorn handlebars. Mine is all original, but for some reason has black wheels instead of gold. A messup at the factory ?

    • David Snow
      David Snow 10 months ago

      hey bmp72, I have an original black and orange 1982 Sturgis. I think the brown & gold color scheme on yours was a rare one-year-only color option to mark the MoCo's buyback from AMF. All the previous Sturgis models were black & orange. Hope you keep yours stock!

  • eric heine
    eric heine 11 months ago

    Iron American Dream on RU-clip.
    Take a ride across the Promised Land. Ride a Harley.

  • Colt Webb
    Colt Webb 11 months ago

    That's flipping hilarious 🤣 old man has the new mustang

  • Larry Hauser
    Larry Hauser 11 months ago

    I am in Alapaha, near Tifton, Ga. we too are having a lot of rain.

  • Trent HARDnFAST
    Trent HARDnFAST 11 months ago

    Great vid 👍🏼
    Always Kool to see machines of 2 and 4 wheels

  • mot ikswelborw
    mot ikswelborw Year ago +1


  • Ron L
    Ron L Year ago

    Cool video. Nice to see out & doing stuff. Enjoyable.

  • Tim Shoaf
    Tim Shoaf Year ago

    I want to know what you are using to get such clear audio while riding? I have never heard that kind of quality on here before.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      It's linked in the description of the video. Same stuff Blockhead uses. glad you like it!

  • thomascharles44
    thomascharles44 Year ago

    Which bike do you prefer riding?

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton Year ago

    John ...got the stage 4 kit on my 2018 heritage classic as you suggested to me in your unprofessional style. I dont really feel the added horse power or anything special that deserves $7300 Cnd . now the tyres are them square type ya know ....130/90 and the rear slim 150/80 so almost square tubed tyres and along with spokes the torque is not transferred ta th' ground. I changed to forged rims 18 inch , Avon tyres and some feel but I want it all !! whatchya think of a chain conversion kit for this bike ????? more HP ??

  • Nick Raphael
    Nick Raphael Year ago

    Fucking lame. I mean the search for a working ATM...omfg. BORING!!!

  • Malcolm Smith
    Malcolm Smith Year ago

    Yeah that was our same weather situation down here in SE Alabama rode 2days to work!

  • Jacky P
    Jacky P Year ago +2

    I enjoyed the video John, it was different from your other videos but it was still educational and interesting.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      Probably should have researched the Sturgis a little more for even more info, like the fact that they didn’t make a Sturgis in 83. Haha. I just repeated what the owner told me he had...

  • Thomas Steward
    Thomas Steward Year ago

    Man another great video, it's nice to see a different aspect as a Harley rider. Can't wait to see a few more car and bike shows before summer is over. Ride-On

  • Chops Ahoy
    Chops Ahoy Year ago

    Nice Sturgis. I have a friend that owns one. It is not as clean as this one! Everything is blacked out on his though. All original.

  • exile730
    exile730 Year ago

    great work, John Maxwell!

  • Nightrat
    Nightrat Year ago

    Great video! I graduated from Columbus Tech for automotive technology in 2012. I got extra credit for judging the Jordan CarShow, great experience!

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      That’s pretty cool. That’s the best way to get extra credit I’ve ever heard of!

  • Lords of Discipline

    Thank you for responding, I understand, keep those videos coming oh and by the way the hourly rate up here in New York and New Jersey is; $105.00 per hour! Oil changes can run you some serious money and I don’t know how much your first 1000 mile check up will cost! But two new tires with insulation is about $750.00. Crazy !!!

  • Lords of Discipline

    Is it true that H/D dealerships don’t want to service bikes that are more than ten years old? I was told because the “Techs” don’t really have the experience to work on them!

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      Sometimes that’s part of it. It’s not so much 10 years, though. We don’t work on anything older than 2000. Considering I’m 33 and graduated in 2012, why would I know how to work on older stuff? Throw in the fact that rarely does anyone actually want an older bike worked on, there’s never a chance for us to learn. By the time we learn on that one bike, we may not see another one for a year. That knowledge is long gone by then! Throw in the fact that a 30+ year old bike like this one may have that many band aids on it to keep it running, it’s hard to do “good” work and have the bike leave safe at a practical price. I may do a video on this stuff in the future. There’s a handful of other reasons, but how much can a man type with his thumbs!?

  • S Defiel
    S Defiel Year ago

    Yeah, the wife and I had to deal with the rain all through the Smokies this week too, but we made a side trip to your dealership Friday. It wasn't raining IN your shop, so it was one of the drier moments of our trip. It was fun meeting you and your friends.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago +1

      Thanks again for stopping by! Glad to put a YT name to a face!

  • Scott Helms
    Scott Helms Year ago

    Finally a video about Antonio. Great video my friend

  • Deramus Higginbotham

    Gave it a big dirty thumbs up..i dig that Sturgis

  • L D
    L D Year ago

    Cool video John. More of the same would be welcome.

  • Rockin' H Fishing

    Dude! Do more of this!

  • Wildcherry
    Wildcherry Year ago

    Hey John. You know what makes your channel better than other Harley channels? Your calmness and modesty! Keep up the good work. Regards from Russia

  • lynn henkel
    lynn henkel Year ago

    A buddy of mine has this bike , his has the sidecar.

  • scott willoughby
    scott willoughby Year ago

    great video look forward to your posts the 83 and pickup very very nice

  • jdcastillo Castillo

    What do you mean you don’t know how to work on an 83 HD, great video keep up the great work. Nice.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      Mostly just that I haven’t ever. The whole bike is totally different. I’d have to figure out how it works to know why it’s broken. I could figure it out, but shops like bike barn specialize in that stuff.

  • Hammer F
    Hammer F Year ago

    i have a friend with one and he was interested in selling as of this weekend

  • Vinny Rides
    Vinny Rides Year ago

    Were gonna call your buddy "Smiley" ..good video

  • Thomas DeMaio
    Thomas DeMaio Year ago

    Great video!

  • MsRouxroux
    MsRouxroux Year ago

    Sorry buddy never made one in 83. 1980to82. Then again in 1991

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      I just repeated what the owner told me...

  • HorrorGeek13
    HorrorGeek13 Year ago

    awesome video as always... but your buddies lack of mustache with the beard is disturbing to me lol

  • steven
    steven Year ago

    hello there
    anyone can tell me if any springer front end is compatible for my 2001 dyna 88ci?dyna or paughco... thank

    • Steven Trivini
      Steven Trivini Year ago

      Thank you john for your return, i love your Channel From France and good luck for the futur😉 (Sorry for my english)
      god bless you

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      HD has run the same neck bearing setup for like 50 years or something. So its pretty much always good to go. The issue is length of the front end. They’re usually advertised as what they fit and if they’re stock length 3” over stock 6” over stock, etc.

  • Mike Likes Knives

    Nice stuff. Thanks for the video.

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 Year ago

    Bikes and cars,.... now you need some bikini babes to round it out,............ ;- )

  • Terence O'Malley
    Terence O'Malley Year ago

    you should watch your bank account it might have been a atm skim card, stealing your pin debit card info.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago +1

      Nah, the chip was totally garbaged up. That’s a good point, though.

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis Year ago

    John in the video I saw that you have flush mounted fuel gage and gas cap I am thinking of adding it to my Lowrider how do you like them? Thanks

    • Ben Davis
      Ben Davis Year ago

      Thanks John for the quick reply and advice

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      The ones I have suck. They’re from amazon. Mine is a 96, though. Depending on your year low rider, if HD makes them, they’re by far the best. Mine leak like hell.

  • robert lumsden
    robert lumsden Year ago

    Always look forward to seeing the video's. and ugggh yes the rain is hitting Jacksonville too. got to get up your way. last time I was up there was airborne jump school long time ago. take care.

  • Scooter Tramp
    Scooter Tramp Year ago

    I guess that's the difference between a "highly trained Tech" and a lowly Mechanic. A Tech can and will only work on models that they are familiar with and maybe get it right. A Mechanic will work on anything and get it right by simply knowing or learning the principles of how it works and applying that knowledge. The difference? A Tech takes a couple of courses with one specific trainer and calls it a day. A Mechanic spends years apprenticing and learning on the job in an effort to master the skills and is never satisfied with second best...........

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Year ago

      I get paid to work on bikes. Paid by a company that wishes to make a profit. It’s not profitable to pay me to learn to work on the only shovel that’s pulled up to the shop in 5 years that I’ve worked here... there are specific shops full of techs that specialize in older bikes. That’s half the point of the video...

  • Adam Houlahan
    Adam Houlahan Year ago

    Nice work mate, hi from Aus 🇦🇺

  • HaXaW 5150
    HaXaW 5150 Year ago +1

    I love the 83. That's the body style I fell in love with when my dad would take me by the Harley shop when I was a kid. Dang John, I had all but forgotten about that. I almost got choked up. I liked it the video

  • angel suarez
    angel suarez Year ago +1

    Great mix up the car bike thing. I love car shows. It reminds me of the stuff I can't have right now but as long as I have my FLHTK I'M GOOD. THANKS for the great video.

  • D G
    D G Year ago

    Anything and everything Harley John. It's all good!

  • suto us
    suto us Year ago

    Thanks man

  • craft713
    craft713 Year ago +1

    Dirty Thumbs have been applied to this video. :D

  • Robert Groves
    Robert Groves Year ago

    I was surprised that I didn't see one in the HD Museum when I visited in 2015 though Willie G had one in his collection next door. A good one is as scarce as hens teeth in Australia, plenty got knocked off.

  • Wolfdog Pete
    Wolfdog Pete Year ago

    Nice one John. I allways wondered what you do with those great amounts of spare time you‘ve got. 😄
    And:” all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy”.
    A friend of mine ownes an evo sturgis. Those are cool looking bikes right from the factory.
    The only things they need are different handlebars and pipes.
    Put a t-bar or apes on them, some v&h long shots or a two into one and your done.
    Oh yeah, put a fox tail on your keyring or back side of your helmet for the “remember the eighties” feeling.
    The shovelhead engine on the sturgis in your vid is probably one of the best shovels Harley has ever build.
    Harley just got bought back from AMF and they decided that “quality controll” wasn’t such a bad thing or idea after all.
    So they started doing that again. That was a big “jippy” for the customers.
    To finally own a Harley again where components just stayed put while riding, and oil was something to use inside the engine and tranny again, instead of using it to lubricate your jeans, shoes, rear brake pads or the road with it. ;-)
    Have a good one John. 👍👍 (oh no, you want these 👍🏿👍🏿)

  • Moors Hound
    Moors Hound Year ago

    that is one super sexy old Harley.
    How come you don't work on old bikes?

  • Geoff Oz Evans
    Geoff Oz Evans Year ago

    Some nice stuff there, my mate had a Sturgis yrs ago 👍😎

  • Stoner Boy 420
    Stoner Boy 420 Year ago +9

    Kids my age (18) should be looking up to guys like you not no rap stars... love from New Jersey! You ever out here would love to ride with u I get my dads ‘02 fat boy this summer!

  • Bob Hartman
    Bob Hartman Year ago

    Loved it!!

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith Year ago

    Nice vid, very entertaining always awesome when your riding and talking about stuff.

  • Nathan Dillaha
    Nathan Dillaha Year ago

    What kind of mag is on your homeboy’s front end? Thought it was an invader at first.

    • Antonio Granillo
      Antonio Granillo Year ago

      No problem! It's one of my favorite wheels!

    • Nathan Dillaha
      Nathan Dillaha Year ago

      Antonio Granillo thanks, man!

    • Antonio Granillo
      Antonio Granillo Year ago +1

      It's a harley slotted 6-spoke. They come in couple of different color/finish options.

  • DownUnderBikeLife

    Another top vid my man, what gloves are they? A product review here and there would be sweet

  • Korey Pacheco
    Korey Pacheco Year ago

    Awesome videos brother from Toronto Canada

  • Justin W
    Justin W Year ago

    I love you're bike john I'm looking into one they are around 10000 where I'm at my current bike is a heritage classic

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P Year ago

    Good times. Cool video. Keep em coming. Thanks John.

  • mike essary
    mike essary Year ago

    I always look forward to seeing your vids!! Keep up the good work

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson Year ago

    Cool video. Keep them coming.

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    Gunther K Year ago

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    wayne casey Year ago

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  • Clark Babin
    Clark Babin Year ago

    Your welcome and thanks again

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    Cool cars shown John. love the H-D Sturgis bike..👍🏻

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    Harley Handler Year ago

    John,,,, I like the look of, your chrome buttons with the black housings!! You got me thinking man” Sweet..

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    William Prins Year ago

    Riding to a Show in February and NO SNOW... you are living right my Brother, you are living right! Even your "it's not a video", videos are good!!! Thank you for all you do, when you do, what you do!!! Willie

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