50 Cent's New Champagne Is 'For Winners Only'

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Rapper and business mogul Curtis 50 Cent Jackson has a new product on the market, but losers can't get it.
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Comments • 608

  • Shadrack Kiplagat
    Shadrack Kiplagat 7 days ago

    Nigga looked high on the first 2 sips of his own shit... Haha

  • Kaine
    Kaine 22 days ago

    3:02 damn that was a subtle rick ross diss


    nicki fifty

  • Lurkin Tom Gaming
    Lurkin Tom Gaming Month ago

    Still fuckin love this guy so calm

  • love thy enemy
    love thy enemy Month ago

    I see through the deception and fairness . Choose Jesus Christ otherwise you on the devil's side by default. End of the world is very close

  • CitizenOWorld
    CitizenOWorld Month ago

    Oh, Fifty Cent! Everyone knows the Queen is the most powerful!!

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown 2 months ago

    he is alive hahahahahha

  • Matt F
    Matt F 2 months ago

    Say one nice thing about Ja Rule. "Well, he's alive". Somehow 50 killed Ja Rule again...

  • Fortune King
    Fortune King 2 months ago

    Don't do it😂😂😂🔥

  • Prince Gumbo
    Prince Gumbo 3 months ago

    After watching this i had to come check out the comments section
    say one good thing about jarule...."He's alive" I literally died lol

  • Frank White
    Frank White 3 months ago

    Say one nice thing about ja rule .
    ”Well , he’s Alive ” . You even see he was dead serious saying that LMAO

  • Steven Pierce
    Steven Pierce 3 months ago

    Who is he lmao

  • Leslie Hinson
    Leslie Hinson 3 months ago

    O. M. G. ...."He's alive"... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🙅🏻🦄

  • conpoet
    conpoet 3 months ago +1

    i'm ready for 50 cents stand up special; his interviews had me cracking up.

  • Detention Entertainment Films

    1:25 "Look that's yours cuz you put your finger in it" 😂😂😂😂 Facts!

  • Michin Sin
    Michin Sin 3 months ago

    Welp, I guess the Champagne is not for me.

  • PizzaBoy
    PizzaBoy 3 months ago

    i love these two together lol

  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith 4 months ago +3

    Say 1 thing " NICE" bout Ja Rule.... He's alive. I'm hollering lol😂😂😂

  • varelaable photography
    varelaable photography 4 months ago

    Damn brah he is a savage! Looks like ja lost the battle and the war too

  • Hussey khanzada
    Hussey khanzada 4 months ago

    My man 50, as cool as usual.

  • Steve Stunna
    Steve Stunna 4 months ago

    50 is hilarious 😆

  • S n
    S n 4 months ago

    He seems down

  • kLutz Tv
    kLutz Tv 4 months ago

    damn he's cool!

  • Shawn
    Shawn 4 months ago

    that giant gold chess piece is way too oversized for the bottle

    im sure this will show up here in Vegas clubs soon for $600-$1,000 per bottle at VIP tables

  • LeopardLover LeopardLover

    He’s alive 😂😂

  • Abbaz uddin
    Abbaz uddin 4 months ago

    "Oh he's alive" bamm!

  • Duro O
    Duro O 4 months ago

    Lmao whoever said "don't do it" is a clown

  • Angel A
    Angel A 4 months ago +1

    He’s just the best version of himself very cool, calm and collective. The realist one in the game today period. Shout out to 50.

  • R C
    R C 4 months ago

    One nice thing about jarule, “well he’s alive” 😂😂😂😂

  • MisterScrambles
    MisterScrambles 4 months ago

    50 when asked about niki or cardi: *thinks about getting shot 9 times* I PASS.

  • nevy channel
    nevy channel 4 months ago

    Does he ever age?

  • Joel Kalipi
    Joel Kalipi 4 months ago

    he has changed a lot, very in whitty. What an interview

  • Jalil _uno
    Jalil _uno 4 months ago

    50 has a great personality

  • محمد شريف محجوب فضل الله

    50 got angry when he heard the name ghost

  • X-LAB
    X-LAB 4 months ago

    Well... He's alive lmao

  • Know Thanks
    Know Thanks 4 months ago

    Why is this sack of garbage crack dealer who ruthlessly poisoned his own community for chump change treated like some sort of hero what a scumbag

  • Richard O.
    Richard O. 4 months ago

    Lol he sounds like godfather, this guy got funny sense of humor, 50 cent the genius. He said Moet is for losers 🤣

  • Solid
    Solid 4 months ago

    He is alive!!! 😂😂🤣😂

  • drewsky 100
    drewsky 100 4 months ago

    50 is the Man...😎✊💯💲

  • aka_just_matt
    aka_just_matt 4 months ago

    He said well he's alive🤣🤣

  • Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Mitchell 4 months ago +1

    FiF the realest out there 💯

  • Fatani Tupou
    Fatani Tupou 4 months ago +1

    We have an old saying in ma village

  • Kwakeka Mdivasi
    Kwakeka Mdivasi 4 months ago +2

    "whoever idea it was to go on a date." so true

  • e13_suspect
    e13_suspect 4 months ago

    That champagne is trash. Ain’t no one out there saying I want laminshidua lmao

  • SosaGamer
    SosaGamer 4 months ago

    How’s he so smooth

  • Adok24
    Adok24 4 months ago

    He’z alive, i fkin lost it😂

  • John Howard
    John Howard 4 months ago

    50 Cent I almost couldn't reply I'm laughing so hard damn 50 boy you better know who you beefing with this damn 50 my man LOL I mean laugh out loud and hard

  • Frank Parent
    Frank Parent 4 months ago +1

    Nicki or Cardi: 50cent.exe has stopped responding

  • romano amstelveen
    romano amstelveen 4 months ago +1

    He is funny be come stand up man 50 as stand up will be epic !

  • Green Skeletons
    Green Skeletons 4 months ago


  • Fredo Benji
    Fredo Benji 4 months ago

    Damn, what the hell did ja rule did to 50, it seems so personal like damn! Bro. Someone tell me how they started beefing and what it was about.

  • Otsebe Moshokgo
    Otsebe Moshokgo 4 months ago

    50 cent is such a role model 🔥🔥🔥
    Big ups to him👌🏿

    RANDOMAUTO9 4 months ago

    Alive Lmfao

  • Janelle Etsitty
    Janelle Etsitty 4 months ago

    "50's Two Cents" lol.. whatta guy! ;*)

  • Dj Tomcat
    Dj Tomcat 4 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 that Ja response haha fucking love fiddy lol

  • Kyle Tucker
    Kyle Tucker 4 months ago

    would you go to mars?
    if they had some cool stuff to show me IN ADVANCE

  • aya k
    aya k 4 months ago

    "don't do it" 😂😂😂

  • aya k
    aya k 4 months ago

    shot at bow wow

  • Theo Walcott
    Theo Walcott 4 months ago

    curtis is LEGEND

  • Rick Rhymes
    Rick Rhymes 4 months ago

    Get the strap.😁😁

  • Obinna Unlimited
    Obinna Unlimited 4 months ago

    50 is funny whoa!!😂🤣🤣😂

  • Steakandcheese
    Steakandcheese 4 months ago

    1:50 you know he was bout to say Ciroc

  • Sport and Music 24/7
    Sport and Music 24/7 4 months ago

    He’s alive...

  • Sushan Shrestha
    Sushan Shrestha 4 months ago

    love 50 cent

  • Brian Q
    Brian Q 4 months ago

    Def on Xanax

  • IBrainedMyDamage
    IBrainedMyDamage 4 months ago

    Say one nice thing about Mayweather 😂

  • Plaza Chant
    Plaza Chant 4 months ago

    RU-clip= PlazaChant-BOSS
    Soundcloud= PlazaChant

  • mattshiznet silva
    mattshiznet silva 4 months ago +3

    “Say one nice thing about ja rule”
    50: “he’s alive”
    Me: damn this guy got shooters on deck

  • Wildan Ramadhani
    Wildan Ramadhani 4 months ago

    Connor obviously cant drink that

  • L bandz
    L bandz 4 months ago

    Hes alive 😂😂

  • Mo Palestine
    Mo Palestine 4 months ago +1

    How can't you love him! so cool

  • richard golden
    richard golden 4 months ago +1

    He is funny and he doesn't even realize it😂😂😂

  • Eng.Hoshmand
    Eng.Hoshmand 4 months ago

    He's a live wow......

  • Chimereze Nwosu
    Chimereze Nwosu 4 months ago +1

    50 Cent is an absolute joy to watch!!!😁😁😁😂

  • My ChildishWays
    My ChildishWays 4 months ago

    He's alive (For Now)

  • Ally P
    Ally P 4 months ago

    What a Champ @50 Cent.

  • Tim M
    Tim M 4 months ago

    These two are a great team

  • Rafael artiga
    Rafael artiga 4 months ago

    50 and Steven have such great chemistry

  • Dane Petersen
    Dane Petersen 4 months ago

    Hahahah The hair care products was a jab at Rick Ross who he's beefing with. Ross claims to be a boss but is selling hair care products.

  • Demitri Solvinski
    Demitri Solvinski 4 months ago +1

    Take notes young men.

  • Sherri McCormic
    Sherri McCormic 4 months ago

    Obnoxious P.O.S.

  • bangmeister2012
    bangmeister2012 4 months ago

    Was he high?

    • Snacks
      Snacks 4 months ago

      nah, hes 50

  • jordy vero
    jordy vero 4 months ago

    I don't care about his undertakings. He really is cool! ...But i wanna have some of that champaign,, and some company to have the real experience. I'm asking for too much, I know! But I'm desperate for a friend!

    • jordy vero
      jordy vero 4 months ago

      I lied... may you undertakings be juicy!

  • hamad alkhudhair
    hamad alkhudhair 4 months ago

    Got me pronouncing “leech-maan-deroy” for a year smh

  • A 1
    A 1 4 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Steven Darnell
    Steven Darnell 4 months ago

    Jabs at Ross lol “anything u can’t sell?” Hair care products

  • Joey theGent
    Joey theGent 4 months ago

    Classic right here
    2 guys who love to do that they do and are successful

  • SarcasticGuy Z
    SarcasticGuy Z 4 months ago +3

    “Well he is alive” im done! LMAOOOOOOO

  • Komal Salve
    Komal Salve 4 months ago

    This was one of the best and funniest interviews on this show ahahahaha

  • Pete's Point of View
    Pete's Point of View 4 months ago +2

    " He's alive" OMFG that killed me

  • Zaynab A
    Zaynab A 4 months ago +1


  • The AirCombs .
    The AirCombs . 4 months ago

    4:45 One nicest thing about Ja Rule in 50 opinion.. 🍷

  • P T
    P T 4 months ago

    The King of Petty is on some other level I actually like this new 50 he is confident about himself and about what he wants next level!

  • Nas Kabeer
    Nas Kabeer 4 months ago +1

    Thats not..
    How you pour champage

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 4 months ago +1

    Say one nice thing about ja rule, "he is alive"

  • Rosetta Taylor
    Rosetta Taylor 4 months ago

    I love that man!! #50

  • Miss Abdulkafeel
    Miss Abdulkafeel 4 months ago

    Well he's alive 😂😂😂😂

  • Kagan
    Kagan 4 months ago +1

    Say one noce thing about Jarule: *"Well, he's alive..." *
    I screamed!

  • राहुल. C
    राहुल. C 4 months ago

    4:48 the most gangstaa shit I've ever heard.

  • walter claeton
    walter claeton 4 months ago

    This dood is so chill. Damn.