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Mistah Fab freestyle - Westwood

  • Published on Feb 12, 2012
  • Mistah Fab drops a big freestyle on the Westwood 1Xtra show!

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  • King Dingaling
    King Dingaling 10 years ago

    Man I don't get tired of this flow. He goes so hard

  • Gosh Gosh
    Gosh Gosh 9 years ago +1

    Yeah, it's really great. End you see, that this man really has a soul, and his soul is speaking for you! In this great freestyle, that kicks ass and gets high.

  • MastaJ
    MastaJ 10 years ago +1

    Ain't heard a REAL freestyle like this in a looooong while. real rap!

  • ImSoElousiveTv
    ImSoElousiveTv 10 years ago +1

    Mega's reaction at 6:38 was my reaction throughout the whole thing. OFF DA TOP MADNESS!!

  • alex green
    alex green 10 years ago

    OH. MY. GOD. Best freestyle ive seen on here in a LONG TIME. Respect the vets!

  • Wes Morton
    Wes Morton 6 years ago +5

    A real freestyle. This should have the most views. Ugh.

  • mtndewlover24
    mtndewlover24 10 years ago +1

    usually these new guys that westwood puts on blow but this guy went IN!

  • broceratops1337
    broceratops1337 8 years ago +4

    lyrical genius.

  • psychobeefstick
    psychobeefstick 9 years ago +1

    this is gold . same with his sway FREESTYLE. eminem and YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER cannot touch him.FACT

  • King Dingaling
    King Dingaling 10 years ago

    FAB goes so hard! Use to bump his shit in High School all the time. Now I mob to this shit. North Bay show me love!!!

  • StonedAgeLivin
    StonedAgeLivin 10 years ago

    Betcha I Can Dance A Whole Song & Dont Spill It - That Old Mistah Fab Still Be Rockin Til This Day At House Parties!!!

  • KayEraMusiq
    KayEraMusiq 10 years ago

    One of the best freestylez!!!!

  • GuitarRage22
    GuitarRage22 10 years ago

    this is real freestyle. this is a good one i have seen in a long time

  • I_am_ The_father
    I_am_ The_father 10 years ago

    That's what I'm talkin bout!!!! Good shit Fab..

  • karl G
    karl G 10 years ago

    sick, killed it

  • tyronejonez
    tyronejonez 10 years ago

    Gotta watch this vid 1 more time haven't heard a good freestyle in a min.

  • Hunter Miller
    Hunter Miller 10 years ago


  • FlawdaBoy4
    FlawdaBoy4 10 years ago

    he smashed that session

  • Chase Martin
    Chase Martin 10 years ago

    Damn this fool went the hardest I ever seen on Westwood for real

  • IdenOfficial
    IdenOfficial 10 years ago

    never mind this guy is fucking amazing. he destroyed this shit. best freestyle I've seen in a very long time.