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Meet Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro: Google’s Most Advanced Phones

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Meet and Pixel 7 Pro, smartphones built by Google and designed around you.
    Connect, keep going, understand the language, get the close up, and do magic. Explore both Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at the Google Store and decide which fits you: goo.gle/3fOMMa4
    [ 00:15 ] 🧠 Google Tensor G2 chip is custom-built with Google AI and brings new power, performance, and security to your phone¹
    [ 00:31 ] 📷 Next-Level 50MP Wide and 12MP Ultra Wide lenses for crisp photos at any distance and camera features like Cinematic Blur, Real Tone, and Magic Eraser²
    [ 01:22 ] 🔒 Titan M2 security chip and VPN by Google One that protects your personal information and online activity³
    [ 01:39 ] 🗣️ Clear Calling filters background noise so you can hear your caller clearly⁴
    [ 01:51 ] 🌍 Live Translate bridges the gap between languages to help you navigate the world with ease⁵
    [ 02:03 ] 🔋 Extreme Battery Saver lets you stay out longer without looking for an outlet with up to 72 hours of power⁶
    [ 02:11 ] 🏃 with Fitbit built-in lets you track Active Zone Minutes and see all your stats at a glance⁷
    [ 02:27 ] 🎶 Pro offer immersive premium sound with Active Noise Cancellation so your music sounds epic everywhere you go
    [ 02:34 ] 🔄 Multipoint Connectivity on Pixel Buds Pro allows you to switch audio automatically between compatible devices⁸
    [ 02:49 ] 🎉 Feature Drops bring new and improved updates so your phone keeps getting better every few months⁹
    ¹Compared to Pixel 6. Speed and power efficiency claims based on internal testing on pre-production devices.
    ²12MP Ultra Wide lens not available for all camera apps or modes.
    ³VPN by Google One coming soon. Restrictions apply. Some data is not transmitted through VPN. Not available in all countries. All other Google One membership benefits sold separately. This VPN offer does not impact price or benefits of Google One Premium plan. Use of VPN may increase data costs depending on your plan. See g.co/pixel/vpn for details.
    ⁴Coming soon. Not available on VOIP calls. Call quality depends on environment, carrier network conditions, and many other factors. Actual results may vary.
    ⁵Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See g.co/pixel/livetranslate for more information. Translation may not be instantaneous.
    ⁶Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data, standby, and use of limited other features that are default in Extreme Battery Saver mode (which disables various features including 5G connectivity). Battery testing conducted on a major carrier network. For both claims: Battery testing conducted in California in mid 2022 on pre-production hardware and software using default settings, except that, for the “up to 72 hours” claim only, Extreme Battery Saver mode was enabled. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower.
    ⁷Some features may require Fitbit account and mobile app.
    ⁸Fast Pair requires location enabled. Devices must have been previously paired.
    ⁹Your Pixel will generally receive Feature Drops during the applicable Android update and support periods for the phone. See g.co/pixel/updates for details. Availability of some Feature Drops may vary.
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Comments • 1 736

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez Month ago +24

    Google is stepping up the game hugely, the pixel’s designs are fantastic as an apple user I am considering buying pixel 7 pro , I love light thin designs and the pixel my fit my needs

    • Matthew Hartford
      Matthew Hartford 18 days ago +1

      Just bought a Google Pixel 7 PRO. Bro, it's UNBELIEVABLE! My full review is in the comments section. Enjoy 🤙🏼

    • keith doak
      keith doak 18 days ago +3

      Pixel phones are awesome I luv my pixel 6 PRO

    • Silvia Servin
      Silvia Servin 19 days ago +1

      @Made by Google CV

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +1

      Now’s the time, Miguel - #TeamPixel couldn’t be more ready for you!

    • Armando93
      Armando93 Month ago +2

      Very recognizeable as a Samsung user!
      Also love the phone is not overpriced.
      Good job Google!

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago +52

    I'm curious to see how the new phones hold up over the next 6 months or so. I want to upgrade, as I'm still rocking the pixel 2xl, but it seemed wise to wait and see what was next as the pixel 6 didn't seem to be quite up to snuff. The price of the pixel watch on the other hand is shocking to say the least. Especially given that I can only imagine the features missing if you don't pay for Fitbit+. Would love to see a budget version. Something more towards the $200-$250 range would be much more tempting. But that will also depend on how the pixel watch ends up being. All in all I'm definitely excited though. Cool seeing Google trying ever harder to deliver a full fledged ecosystem as companies like Apple and Samsung have done.

    • keith doak
      keith doak 21 day ago

      Way better phone more solid

      RED GHOST 28 days ago +1

      I've rocked the Google Pixel 2 this whole time but today just bought the Pixel 7, absolutely loved the 2 so I'm hoping the 7 is as good or even better

    • Abraham
      Abraham Month ago +4

      I'm still rocking Pixel 2xl as well after owning all the google phones before. I'm actually thinking of buying the Iphone 14 pro though mainly because of longevity of updates and accessibility in Norway.I tried the pixel 6 pro but I was not that impressed, I will try to test Pixel 7 pro before deciding of course.

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian Month ago +1

      @Made by Google you talking to me or Silver there?

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +4

      Hi again, just a quick follow-up. Do you still need assistance with your Pixel phone? If yes, send us a DM. We'll do our best to help. ^Jack

  • Nick Ackerman
    Nick Ackerman Month ago +52

    Great upgrades today filling out the ecosystem, improved zoom is a win 💪🏻 exciting new products 🔥 #TeamPixel

    • Redmi Note 9
      Redmi Note 9 Month ago

      @InternetDisplayofPower 😂

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +5

      Woohoo, Nick! Sounds like you'll have quite the setup in no time!

    • Pain
      Pain Month ago

      @InternetDisplayofPower 🔪🔪🚫🚫

    • Brian Hendershot
      Brian Hendershot Month ago +2

      @InternetDisplayofPower hehe

    • InternetDisplayofPower
      InternetDisplayofPower Month ago +34

      @Made by Google Your auto reply script has a bug

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    Using Pixel 6a from last two month upgraded from Pixel 3 and now pre booking is been done for 7 Pro, can't wait to get hand on this 🥳
    Keep Shining keep rocking Google 🤟🏻
    Love from India❣️

  • Mark T
    Mark T Month ago +46

    Just preordered the Pixel 7 currently have the 6 and had a 3XL and 2 before. Never had one single issue with any pixel phone I've owned so looking forward to the latest offering! Best buy had a great preorder deal with trade in and a $100 gift card I couldn't pass it up!

    • Frankiln Santos
      Frankiln Santos Month ago


    • Manish Jaiswal
      Manish Jaiswal Month ago

      Please help me to buy this phone 🙏🤞

    • JAL Maser
      JAL Maser Month ago

      All the best hope your preorder arrives no delay, was there any special.bundle special for preorder @t Best buy?

  • Vinayak Dixit
    Vinayak Dixit Month ago +3

    It's been almost 5 years to my Pixel 2. Even today it is holding up nice. Pixel phones age really well. I think it's right time to upgrade to Pixel 7 ♥️

  • Rose Clips
    Rose Clips Month ago +17

    I wish these products are available all over Asia.

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +57

    I'm really interested in getting the 7pro. I thought the pre order would have been more aggressive but I guess at the starting price it's good with my Samsung note 10+ trade-in.

    • StarWolf 00
      StarWolf 00 Month ago

      @Bunny the Google store. Best buy told me my pixel 6 was worth $200 bucks a few months ago. Haven't bothered with them since. I don't know if the chip shortage is making trade-ins worth more now, but I refuse to even entertain best buy.

    • Bunny
      Bunny Month ago

      @StarWolf 00 who's doing this promotion I assume Google? Best buy usually gives good ones too

    • StarWolf 00
      StarWolf 00 Month ago +1

      There's a potential to get around $7-800 off of the pixel 7, depending on which version you get. $440 trade in credit, $200 Google store credit, and ~$100 back from having Google one storage.

  • [Insert cool name here]

    See, Google, this is what happens when you don't give up on a product and keep making it better. This thing is shining. Definitely gonna be an awesome phone. Just like the 6 series.

  • Phi Pi Monares
    Phi Pi Monares Month ago

    Hi Google...
    Massive Pixel Fan here since 2016, can I pitch in some ideas for camera features? Maybe some ideas can help make the best camera in a smartphone much better especially in the video department... I love how you refine and updated most of your previous features to these latest phones instead of leaving it outdated and just a fad...

  • widini
    widini Month ago +873

    Call screening is the most underrated pixel feature. It never gets talked about but it blocks all robo calls.

  • beast infection
    beast infection Month ago +1

    I can't wait to find out what problems the pixel 7 pro will have this time! Pixel phones always have at least one major problem and this one won't be any different. Google should really stick to software, not hardware....

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez Month ago

    Really hoping for a foldable phone. I have the Galaxy Fold 3 but really REALLY miss my Pixel 4 XL. I miss the Pixel call features especially call screening. Please Google, make a foldable Pixel!

  • JD
    JD Month ago +4

    Things I care about they don't ever seem to mention: Have they improved the battery life? Pixel 6 Pro was the WORST of all flag ships by a large margin. Based on CPU architecture leaks I'm guessing they didn't, so hopefully they at least added faster charging like recent OnePlus phones.

  • Kapil
    Kapil Month ago

    I was going through camera centric phones last month. The pixel 6 series was lacking behind but now with Pixel 7 series, Pixel once again lives up to its name as the best camera centric phone.

    • Kapil
      Kapil Month ago

      @Fayinka Johnson True maybe it's the fan boy of pixel in me speaking.... I just hope pixel becomes as great as it was

    • Fayinka Johnson
      Fayinka Johnson Month ago +1

      How? Have you tested the new phone?

  • Jérôme Gerard
    Jérôme Gerard Month ago +3

    Both phones looks incredible with such great new and powerful functions. Could you tell me when it will be available to pre-order in Belgium? Thanks !

  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget Month ago +2

    Finally they're official! Can't wait to test the real life performance of Pixel 7 Pro's camera 😍 Still waiting for the Pixel Tab to complete the Google ecosystem

  • Edsayswhoa
    Edsayswhoa Month ago +2

    Wow it looks superb but I'm all in on the z fold 4 and it's a game changer. Pixel phones you don't get for the hardware but software and pixel 7 pro is not disappointing. Looks great if I had a second phone it would be the pixel 7 pro. Until Samsung Ultra 23 comes out or the z fold 5. Wow such a good time to be a android phone enthusiast so many options. ❤️

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    Just preordered the Pixel 7 currently have the 6 and had a 3XL and 2 before. Never had one single issue with any pixel phone I've owned so looking forward to the latest offering! Best buy had a great preorder deal with trade in and a $100 gift card I couldn't pass it up!

  • Pepe Marroquín
    Pepe Marroquín Month ago

    Llegó el momento de jubilar mi Pixel 3a. Esta vez iré por el 7 Pro porque finalmente dejaron atrás la ridiculez de la pantalla curva. Excelente por dejar los precios sin cambios; aunque a México llegan a sobreprecio por no venderlos de forma oficial. Sin duda Pixel es la opción.

  • Saiyem Iftekhar
    Saiyem Iftekhar Month ago

    I so badly wish Google followed iPhone's strategy in launching size variants for both Pixel 7 and 7 pro. Like a 6.0 inch and a 6.7 inch version of both 7 and 7 pro.
    I so badly want the telephoto lens but can't use a phone that's more than 6.4 inch and 200 gms in weight.

  • Xcxvdvgdcb
    Xcxvdvgdcb Month ago +1

    Great job Google, the phone looks futuristic with hint of luxury 👏🏼. Bravo 🎉

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +1

      You have a way with words, Josh! 🙌 We're glad you like what you see.

  • Lockheed Lee
    Lockheed Lee Month ago +1

    I wish the camera had a function where it would follow a subject, keeping it in frame and in focus when taking a video or photo. It'll be a game changer for creators because they wont have to worry if they are in frame.

    • Genaldo Holanda
      Genaldo Holanda 28 days ago

      @Lockheed Lee ótimo

    • Lockheed Lee
      Lockheed Lee Month ago

      @M H nah, pixel boasts about having the best camera phone. I'm surprised they haven't added that functionality. They would get a lot of content creators and influencers to jump on board

    • M H
      M H Month ago

      Sony Xperia 1 and 5 series had that. Maybe thinking about using one from sony?

    MANSHANT VIRK Month ago

    Nice to find that this time it is available in India😍👍🔥
    Excited about Pixel 7 pro 🤩

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    I remember how Sony Ericsson Cybershot phones use to take amazing macro shots 15 years ago and now it's a pro level feature in a $800 smartphone.

  • Ryan LP
    Ryan LP Month ago

    I remember how Sony Ericsson Cybershot phones use to take amazing macro shots 15 years ago and now it's a pro level feature in a $800 smartphone.

  • Alex Lamborghini
    Alex Lamborghini Month ago +1

    Can’t wait to see all the bugs that are going to be as new and innovative as the new Google pixel 7

  • Atit Shah
    Atit Shah Month ago

    I have purchased both Pro and watch. Curious to know why on earth Google hadn't thought about the battery life. Even the cheapest in the market runs for 2-3 days. This is mere 24 hrs.
    Another major issue is the support. Pixel buds suddenly behaving odd and support had ended responding to me. Last answer was "out of warranty". Seriously? So no fix?

  • gn2B
    gn2B Month ago +500

    The 48 mp on the telephoto will really help with the zoom, good job google another smasher of a phone!!

    • Virginia Quiroz
      Virginia Quiroz Month ago


    • StarWolf 00
      StarWolf 00 Month ago

      @Anurag Sharma yeah, I just love when iphone adds a "new" feature that's been on androids for years. It seems like some people don't care about phone features until apple adds it, then they declare iphones are better blah blah blah. Crash detection is old news.

    • Anurag Sharma
      Anurag Sharma Month ago

      @Lucifer Then don’t buy it. I have 14 pro whenever i take it in public some nerds ask me which phone is it and tell me it looks nice. People are liking it and sales are high. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

    • Anurag Sharma
      Anurag Sharma Month ago

      @ren i use higher nits when outside. It is seriously helpful. Apple refresh rate goes from 1-120hz not 10-120hz. Dynamic island is not just a pill, it is a way to interact with screen. Android comes with half baked features but iPhone completes those. IPhone still wins in battery life.

    • ren
      ren Month ago

      @Anurag Sharma - Dynamic Island isn't revolutionary at all, most flagship Androids had a hole punch camera for quite some time (it is revolutionary for an *iPhone* though)
      - Gaming phones such as ROG or Razer offer 120+ refresh rate (Pixel 7/6 Pro also features a 120hz screen with LTPO - same as ProMotion display)
      - "higher nits brightness" I'll admit, Apple wins here, but do you really need 2k nits every time you go outside? My old iPhone 7 Plus has 625 nits max and I can deal with that in the sunniest of the days
      With that said, I'll be upgrading from that to either Pixel 6, 6a, or 7 once it dies.

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Month ago +1

    One thing i like about this Google event how they organized it, they invited peoples to sit infront of presenters, presenter tries to joke a little on some situation, people's applaud which really makes the even more humane. Its feels more authentic and original unlike other events which more of feels like a promotion video.
    Good job Google and Team Pixel 🥳

  • loiny zen
    loiny zen Month ago

    I still have the Pixel 5 and the only reason I haven't upgraded is for the finger print scanner on the back of the phone. Otherwise all the features seem great!

  • Vinayak Dixit
    Vinayak Dixit Month ago

    Best thing about Pixel phones is that they go through a beautiful process of designing. They are crafted so well which gives out of the world feeling. Kudos to design team! 🙌

  • Sean Pearson
    Sean Pearson Month ago +2

    Was a big OnePlus fan until Oppo got their hands on it and ruined Oxygen OS so have been looking for a replacement. My contract was up for renewal this week so pre-ordered the 7 Pro today. This will be the first Pixel phone I'll have owned, looks good from what I've seen, fingers crossed it won't disappoint. 🤞🏻

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +1

      #TeamPixel just got bigger and better - welcome, Sean! Here’s an article in case you needed tips on how to make that switch over to Pixel easier for you: goo.gle/3rzG622

  • Tarun Sant
    Tarun Sant Month ago +95

    Eagerly waiting to switch from Pixel 6A to Pixel 7, would like to go to Pixel 7 Pro, but I personally like the smaller version.
    It would be great if all Pixel 7 Pro features and hardware is available in smaller footprint.

    • Battlefield Chaos
      Battlefield Chaos Month ago

      @TheCollector316 I bought the Pixel 7 Pro also. However I don't know if we will see a big difference in performance regarding more RAM. I should have gone with the 7 because I don't honestly play games on my current phone.

    • Brian Lazo
      Brian Lazo Month ago +2

      That's what I love about apple, both of the pro versions have the same features, I used to love big phones but not anymore

    • TheCollector316
      TheCollector316 Month ago

      I ordered a Pixel 7 Pro. It will be first Pixel phone and first device made by Google. I went with the Pro specifically because it had 50% more RAM. Otherwise, I like the small form factor of the regular Pixel more.

    • sonal bahl
      sonal bahl Month ago

      um Tarun... why would Google make 7 Pro features and hardware in cheaper phone? If you want those, spend more. Otherwise be happy with less.

    • Tarun Sant
      Tarun Sant Month ago

      @Brian Hendershot I'm not in hurry to buy the Pixel 7. I'm pretty happy with my Pixel 6A.

  • Atxel Cortes
    Atxel Cortes Month ago

    "Hey Google" hands down my favorite especially with the Pixel buds. Best hands free features

  • Gib einen Namen ein
    Gib einen Namen ein Month ago +1

    #TeamPixel since last October with Pixel 6 and I am really happy with it. Now I thought about getting Pixel Watch, but unfortunately it's so expensive...

  • Ryan Hicks
    Ryan Hicks Month ago +1

    Worth upgrading from the s20+? I'm having a hard time letting go of my SD card slot and google's hardware reputation in the past isn't too great.

  • bradkman
    bradkman Month ago +1

    I preordered mine yesterday. Can't wait for it to arrive! Thanks Google! 🙏

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago

      We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it - we have a feeling you’re gonna love it!

  • Partha Pratim Mandal
    Partha Pratim Mandal Month ago +2

    I am still using my Pixel 2 and I am super satisfied! Feel like upgrading to Pixel 7 but will have to analyse if I shall go for Pixel 7 or wait for 8.

    • Kevin Cosma
      Kevin Cosma Month ago +1

      The Pixel 2 was my first phone, and it was a great experience. The 4XL was my next phone, and it was by far my most favorite of the Google pixels.
      I would definitely stay away from the 6 Pro.
      By far the worst phone Google has ever made. We can only hope that the newest one will live up to what we've come to expect from Google.

  • Sunil Gharu
    Sunil Gharu Month ago +1

    This phone looks really good. I like the design and the 72 hour battery.

  • Tuan Minh Tran
    Tuan Minh Tran Month ago +1

    This Tensor G2 processor is really a "mixed version" of Snap 888 & Dimen 8100 with similar Arm V8 architecture (better 2 + 2 + 4 structure) and faster GPU.

  • Phil Kot
    Phil Kot Month ago

    just ordered the pixel 7 pro be the 2nd pixel and a great looking upgrade, i agree the call screening is a must have nowadays and the camera software in my opinion the best night sight is incredible can't wait till i pick it up.

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +1

      We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it - we have a feeling you’re gonna love it, Phil!

  • Rahul
    Rahul Month ago +6

    That video blur looks awesome I think Google will up the game just like older days of hdr photography

  • luke n.c
    luke n.c Month ago +1

    I'm so in love with Google pixels but unfortunately I'm not able to have one due that Google don't sell the pixels here in Brazil anymore 🥲

  • SelenaCiaraPerez
    SelenaCiaraPerez Month ago +4

    I still have the Pixel 5 and the only reason I haven't upgraded is for the finger print scanner on the back of the phone. Otherwise all the features seem great!

    • Inferno Skilz
      Inferno Skilz Month ago

      Same, had the Pixel 2XL and waited for the Pixel 5, probably will pass this phone but debating if the pixel watch is worth it since Fitbit would benefit me as someone who works out but that subscription will hurt 😅 & perhaps new pixel buds since i got the ones that came out a few years ago with the Pixel 5

  • Lakeland IV
    Lakeland IV Month ago +1

    The Google Pixel series always looks and feels great. Definitely getting an upgrade this Christmas.

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    The Google Pixel series always looks and feels great. Definitely getting an upgrade this Christmas.

  • Scronx
    Scronx Month ago

    The thing i love the most is the pricing in India. This thing destroys the competition at the price point

  • Bharat Vashistha
    Bharat Vashistha Month ago

    Sorry Google, I am not buying Pixel 7 as I have purchased Pixel 6A for less than $350 USD at a festival sale here in India last month. You always nailed it with an overall user experience. Lots of love from India.♥️

  • Brandon Case
    Brandon Case Month ago +1

    I have the Pixel 6. I don't really NEED to upgrade... but god do I want to. The Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel looks so good.. 🤤
    Loving the Pixel Collection though! Definitely will be buying the Watch soon, and might be upgrading the rest of my gear to be Pixel stuff :D

  • No Commentary Gameplay

    No fold no nothing. But I do love the motion blur video!
    Also the telezoom.
    Pixel always had good cameras

  • Camden Skinner
    Camden Skinner Month ago +1

    I’m an Apple user but this phone just makes me wanna convert back to Android 🔥🔥 I Love Google 💙

  • Arun Singh Dhaliwal
    Arun Singh Dhaliwal Month ago +1

    Hope they will be bugs free, lag free and produces less heat unlike pixel 6 & 6 pro

  • Utkarsh Nimje
    Utkarsh Nimje Month ago +1

    Pixel and tensor chip finally reaching a fine finished product 💪, took around 6 years. Was waiting for this stage ever since pixel's launch.

  • Azhar D
    Azhar D Month ago +4

    Can’t think Google ❤❤❤ enough for the India 🇮🇳 launch, so excited to grab one !

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    I really liked those new pixels! Unfortunately it is not offered in Brazil :(

  • Sriaansh Sahu
    Sriaansh Sahu Month ago

    Pixel 7 and 7 pro do seem to be great phones and that can be said for Pixel tablets too but Pixel Watch is very disappointing as it integrated itself with Fitbit to the extent that they have the same Fitbit premium plan. A person paying already paying so much money for this watch thinks that they can get the most personalized fitness indicators but when they come to know that they have to pay a premium for customised reports. Personally speaking, I'm disappointed, I'll probably shift to Apple.

  • Lost Pirat
    Lost Pirat Month ago

    Didn't buy the 6a and was waiting to import it, and here the pixel is in India already.... ✌🏻✌🏻
    Still remember that day when I waited 2 months for my first pixel....4a to launch in inda after global launch and then ordered it in another state and then got it couriered from there as it wasn't deliverable to my location..😌😌😌

  • Vet Tell
    Vet Tell Month ago

    I wish they introduce a new colour which takes the hazel polished aluminium and make it matte and for the sideframe and visor cam and the whole body in snow that'd look stunning

  • Djan Maury YouTube Channel

    Congratulations on the new and sensational products!! I regret that they are not sold in Brazil and Latin America and also that the Pixel 7 Pro and your tablet are not available in Lemon color !!

  • ismaeil shikder
    ismaeil shikder Month ago

    Looks really cool , will buy if no software bugs

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    Call screening is the most underrated pixel feature. It never gets talked about but it blocks all robo calls.

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    Call screening is the most underrated pixel feature. It never gets talked about but it blocks all robo calls.

  • O&A My way
    O&A My way Month ago

    1) First of all , thank you very much Google for listening to us n launching 7 series in India. Indians deserve this.
    N SORRY for some harsh words used for that demand.
    2) I'm happy but will be happier if you setup Your OWN Sales and Service centres, At least in Metro cities of India. LIKE Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru etc etc.
    That will boost the confidence of Potential Pixel buyers.
    3) Please provide chargers in the box.
    🙂 👍 👋🙏

  • humanfirst
    humanfirst Month ago

    This design is really good, this can just be evolved from here.

  • Carlos A Loya
    Carlos A Loya Month ago

    i've been an Android fan for years from the start.
    pre-ordered the G1, had the Nexus One (a total of 4 Nexus models), & had the original Pixel.
    now after seeing this event, I am convinced.
    I will be placing an order this very Saturday....for an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  • James Russo
    James Russo Month ago +10

    Love that they can crop in on both the Wide and TP sensors now! Big W

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    Looks really cool , will buy if no software bugs

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney Month ago

    As an iPhone pro user, I love googles camera tech and functionality. Bravo 👏

  • Abhishek Collis
    Abhishek Collis Month ago

    It's the best android phone out there. Best in class camera, reliability of stock android with top notch security. The only downside of the phone is the processor. Tensor G2 is not meant for gaming. The phone heats a lot and frame drops will ruin the gameplay. Was thinking to get pixel 6A but after playing Bgmi on my friends pixel 6a, bought samsung s20 fe packing in snapdragon 865.

  • Ryan Hernandez
    Ryan Hernandez Month ago

    After the mess my Pixel 6 has been with bugs I'm really not that excited about this release, to be honest. Coming from a long time Pixel user (started with the OG Pixel XL).

  • knightrider2k43
    knightrider2k43 Month ago +12

    Just pre ordered the pixel 7 pro 512gb and the belroy case in black
    Coming from an LG V40 this is going to be such an upgrade, one gripe I have is no headphone jack but that's the norm these days

    • Jeff Carlson
      Jeff Carlson Month ago

      I just ordered the Pixel 7 Pro myself and my current phone is an LG V60. Should be a considerable upgrade

  • Maximilian Seebacher
    Maximilian Seebacher Month ago +1

    Nice New Phone, I have the Google Pixel 6 Pro and I'm really happy with it, great camera, good battery. Both Pixel 6 and 7 good work Google

  • Hoang doan
    Hoang doan Month ago

    Hey ssundee I just want to say tnx for using your time making video's you make our day grow big and I'm glad we have someone like you so thank you I hope you and your family have a pleasant day

  • Antonio Manteca
    Antonio Manteca Month ago +3

    Going for the 7 instead of pro because of the smaller screen. Maybe I'll miss the zoom though.

  • Irregulator
    Irregulator Month ago +39

    Already pre-ordered my Pixel 7 Pro, but was really hoping for the watch to follow suit with the new countries. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a future announcement, or I'll have to wait for an online store to import it. UK certainly got a good pre-order deal there, whereas Norway didn't have any bonuses to pre-ordering. Been longing for a new Google smartphone since the Nexus S though, so I'm very excited!

    • Irregulator
      Irregulator Month ago

      @Av3ntur0zky Yeah, US got a $200 gift card, UK got Pixel Buds Pro/Pixel Watch depending on the phone model. Rest of the world didn't seem to get much of a pre-order bonus.

    • KDB
      KDB Month ago

      I have the buds pro for pre-order bonus really sad wish I would get the watch.. I'm based in the Netherlands

    • Av3ntur0zky
      Av3ntur0zky Month ago +1

      I pre ordered a 7 Pro as well and I got a $200 gift card with the purchase 👍

    • June Nadir
      June Nadir Month ago +1

      I'm going to hold out for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for possible deals.

    • nibustan
      nibustan Month ago +2

      Also disappointed that there is only deals in UK, France & Germany and the rest of EU got nothing. There'll probably be something in the future, but my 3XL is in bandages.

  • Raul Gomez
    Raul Gomez Month ago

    que hermosos telefonos, se venderan en Mexico??

  • Reno Chittasy
    Reno Chittasy Month ago +10

    Just preordered the 7Pro in Hazel. Trading my current 3XL in and got a great deal! That phone has been treating me really well and I hope this phone will as well and much more. And with the $200 store credit im also getting the watch in Hazel to match 🤩

  • haneef Shaikh .
    haneef Shaikh . Month ago

    Google has outdone itself! dying to get my hands on them.

  • Matthew Hartford
    Matthew Hartford 18 days ago

    I LOVE MY GOOGLE PIXEL 7 PRO! This is bar none the nicest phone I have ever used in my life.and it isn't even close. It's lightning fast. I transferred the 132 apps from my moto stylus 22 to my Google pixel 7 PRO in 6 minutes flat...yes...six minutes...132 apps...20 of which are games. It's spell checking is phenomenal..It's voice recognition is Stellar.. It's sound quality is amazing., and don't get me started on the best feature it has.... it's camera....I have jerked my phone intentionally while snapping a picture at the exact same time to intentionally try to get a completely blurry picture and it auto fixes itself. I have complete protection on it, and I wanted to test if it was waterproof. I plugged my sink n threw it in a sinkful of water and went grocery shopping. I came back a half hour later....phone is just fine....the video resolution is fantastic... it's security is top notch...if anyone complains about this phone.... they're absolutely biased. That is all.

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  17 days ago

      You're really putting it to the test, Matthew! We're so glad you've been enjoying it - it's great to have you on #TeamPixel 🙌

  • G3ORGE
    G3ORGE Month ago

    Nice phone, I like everyday usability features like audio message transcriptions but I feel like Google is using software tricks where hardware is what's required when it comes to cameras. Don't use all that AI, instead put in a bigger sensor. How about GN1? Or IMX989? Include a proper periscope camera for zoom. Call Zeiss and ask them to give you glass for lenses. Add manual controls. It's time for Pixels to have a "Pro" mode where we can set shutter speed, ISO and other parameters.

  • Dhruv 22
    Dhruv 22 Month ago +16

    "With Pixel, you're seen, heard and connected wherever you go". Nice job, Google.

    • Andiar Rohnds
      Andiar Rohnds Month ago +1

      yeah all phones do this. i dont wish to spoil your commentary but it also seems they are referring to the previous gen pixel 6 faulty antenna

    • Andrews Casual MTB
      Andrews Casual MTB Month ago +6

      Not even hiding it anymore. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Samescape
      Samescape Month ago +6

      Lmaoo that's scary af

  • Ho duy
    Ho duy Month ago

    YO! These videos are insanely useful. I also started to like Brim because of your vids. I won a game on Pearl today using your molly guidelines. This one plus the full Pearl guide. I had so many clutches using the ULT + molly combo. Thank you Brim God.

  • SuperJainik
    SuperJainik Month ago

    I'm waiting for pixel device in india for a long time, liked pixel 7 pro but out of my budget 🥺

  • AssassinMaster22
    AssassinMaster22 Month ago +1

    Just hope this phone is optimised and doesn't have bug issues like the 6 does since that's what kept the 6 and 6 pro back imo

    • Kevin Cosma
      Kevin Cosma Month ago

      Totally agree with you on the Pixel 6. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to throw that phone out the window of a 12-story building. By far the most glitchy phone I've ever owned.

  • SP
    SP Month ago

    Wish the Obsidian also had the golden Camera band, would have looked amazing.

  • My Roaring Bawk
    My Roaring Bawk Month ago +2

    I have a Pixel 4a. I love this little phone especially since it has a headphone jack and a fingerprint reader on the back. I do know the updates end next year in August. I love watching media and taking photos. I love the small form factor and that it has a flat screen, should I invest in the 7 or 7pro? With my trade in at the moment, they are offering me $300 trade in value, I bought it for $377.79 exactly. Plus the $100 store credit, I would end up paying $431.92 for the Pixel 7 with 256gb storage or $757.74 for Pixel 7 Pro with 256gb and a $200 store credit. There are obviously no reviews yet but, I was just curious if anyone had an opinion. Thank you!

    • Lord Boomer
      Lord Boomer Month ago +1

      I would definitely go for 7 with all that Trade in and store credit to spend.

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago +2

      The 7 is a decent bit smaller than the 7 Pro, so if you really want a smaller form factor (unfortunately neither are as small as the 4a and small phones seem to be disappearing entirely)), and you don't need that telephoto lens, I would say the 7.

  • DurschfallTV
    DurschfallTV Month ago

    Kinda undecided if i should buy a Pixel 7. I already have a Pixel 6 which i really love it's a really great phone i loaded with GrapheneOS for extra security. I don't know if a Pixel 7 is worth it over a Pixel 6. I am undicided if i will buy it. If i buy it i will preorder it within the next 7 days to get the free Pixel Buds pro. If by the Pixel 8 hits WearOS has a GrapheneOS alternative and i can put that onto the Pixel Watch i will buy a Pixel 8 with the watch. I always would have loved to buy a Smartwatch but worry about my Privacy and want to be in control by having a indipendant chain of trust. I really hope google continues to produce good hardware and starts to ship more awesome open firmware like it does with it's Pixel phones so people can make their Pixel devices their own. I hope you get even better at it.

  • R
    R Month ago +2

    I just hope the battery life is good. Android desperately needs to optimize the idle drain. Something that motorola fid with their 30 ultra device. Also that green colours with gold accents looks absolutely sensational.

    • J. T.
      J. T. Month ago +1

      That was fixed in July across all models.

    FARHAN Month ago

    I would choose the iPhone 14 Pro over any smartphone in todays date except for this. If it's as good as they're referring to in the video, it's going to give the iPhone a run for its money.

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco Month ago +185

    Looks so good! I've been in love with the series since the first one came out and every year, Pixel ends up being my favorite! I so badly need one.

    • Max Power
      Max Power Month ago

      @Made by Google yoo can I have a SENG internship?

    • Coco Loco
      Coco Loco Month ago

      @Made by Google Thankyou! Not officially since I never could get my hands on one, reasons you know but I'll have one someday! Can't wait to join.

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago +13

      We love having you on #TeamPixel!

  • THB
    THB 14 days ago

    I got one of these thinking it would be amazing. I am so surprised at how many software bugs they have, and bad software design in general. How is it possible? Doesn't google make Android? For example: don't you think one can ACTUALLY use battery share. Put a phone on top of it, and wont work, dont as why, it just turns off the share, it just sucks. one of many examples. If you have an iPhone, keep it!
    Also whoever came up with the visor design for the cameras, please fire them! (I thought it would be the only bad thing about the phone, wrong!).

  • Ahnaf Samin
    Ahnaf Samin Month ago +7

    Google is the closest to catching up to the apple way of providing seamless features

  • Itzayana 💋wearing panties today

    I'm still waiting for the Pixel Ultra! I just hope I don't get old waiting because I need a phone from Google with a pen.

  • Luksta
    Luksta Month ago

    Man if only pixel phones were available in my country i would buy one

  • Neel's World
    Neel's World Month ago +1

    The machine learning enhanced camera capabilities as described in the launch event was quite good.

  • Jensen Vercauteren
    Jensen Vercauteren Month ago

    Had a Nexus once, that thing was awesome.
    My next phone will be a Pixel. Google just makes the best phones.

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago

      We’ve got a phone with your name on it - can’t wait to welcome you to #TeamPixel!

  • Banker Lang
    Banker Lang Month ago

    The best phone!! I remember when the 2XL was the phone to beat then. Google 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Altair
    Altair Month ago

    Looks beautiful! Easily one of the best design phone in 2022! Preety pumped for this

    • Made by Google
      Made by Google  Month ago

      You won't be disappointed - it's even better in person! 🙌

  • James Ford
    James Ford Month ago +16

    Love my 6 pro but naturally want the 7 too... 😂....will probably wait till the 8... 😭

    • Patrick Olender
      Patrick Olender Month ago

      I've catched me one. Pre order deal includes Pixel Watch LTE for free and I can trade in my 6 Pro for 350€ in best case. This way phone costs me like 150€ haha. And as I was waiting for pixel watch anyway this offer was just too good.