Steven Universe | The Truth of How and Why Pink Diamond Was Shattered | The Trial | Cartoon Network

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Steven goes on trial and we discover the truth of why Pink Diamond was shuttered.
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    Believe in Steven! Steven Universe is a half-human, half-Gem hero who's learning to save the world with the magical powers that come from his bellybutton. Steven may not be as powerful as the Crystal Gems. Or as smart. But that doesn't stop him from joining Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on their magical adventures - where Steven always finds a surprising way to save the day.
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Comments • 749

  • My Life Is Lame
    My Life Is Lame 9 hours ago

    yellow poofed the zircons cause she was offended when the blue zircon accused one of the diamonds of pinks shattering, she was hurt that they thought she would hurt someone she loved. idk since st 2:09 you can see her face looks hurtful

  • Lighting Lily
    Lighting Lily 13 hours ago

    2:01 God everyone has future vision now

  • Aiden Andrex Bonifacio
    Aiden Andrex Bonifacio 15 hours ago +1


  • Edgardo Lazarte
    Edgardo Lazarte 17 hours ago +1

    Meanwhile Spinel be waiting at the garden for Pink

  • Lewis Woolsey
    Lewis Woolsey 20 hours ago

    It is pearl duh

  • Elijah Anderson
    Elijah Anderson 22 hours ago

    ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT?!?

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond Day ago +1

    I love how blue diamond is such a coward and doesn’t even do anything but tell yellow to be nicer. Best diamond, am i right?

  • Gertrude Desir
    Gertrude Desir Day ago

    This reminds me of court for some reason ;w;

  • Maãlík
    Maãlík Day ago

    She was right though. A Diamond DID cover up this whole fiasco of a story. & that Diamond happened to be the one on trial.

  • bethany karlinsky

    the blue zircon was correct lol

  • boblack ross
    boblack ross Day ago

    I remember the days were we thought yellow shattered pink

  • Jake’s Adventures
    Jake’s Adventures 2 days ago


  • Milkchocobearbar
    Milkchocobearbar 2 days ago +2

    I just realized, couldnt steven have bubbled Lars (and maybe himself if it was possible) and send them straight back to the temple? Idk

  • psychoscorpio
    psychoscorpio 2 days ago +1

    Imagine how interesting it woulda been if Steven grabbed blue zircon before getting in the palanquin

  • psychoscorpio
    psychoscorpio 2 days ago

    A diamond must have shattered pink diamond, huh?

  • stefan sauvageon
    stefan sauvageon 3 days ago +2

    I just yelled loudly BRUH when she stated that they were guilty

  • Eternity Star
    Eternity Star 3 days ago

    The episode where we thought yellow killed pink

  • Dina Moore
    Dina Moore 3 days ago

    Did Lars just call the diamonds chicks ???

  • Bella Sexton
    Bella Sexton 3 days ago

    Those Pearls know something's going on because of the whole Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond reveal we also found out that our Pearl was subservient to Pink Diamond and she joined the rebellion to be with Rose and the other Pearls must have noticed that Pearl WASN'T at the palanquin when the "shattering" happened so they were thinking that Blue Zircon was right which leads to the whole Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz having full circle and there were so many hints to this that even early on the show people theorized this and it ended up being true.

  • Trevor King
    Trevor King 4 days ago +1

    His to much

  • WellHiThere
    WellHiThere 4 days ago

    I hope nothing bad happened to Zircon...

  • Regie_ thecomie
    Regie_ thecomie 4 days ago +1

    Gem version of Phenix Wright

  • Griff owo
    Griff owo 4 days ago

    Ace Attorney but it's Steven Universe

  • t a e s h o o k
    t a e s h o o k 4 days ago

    Zircon is Shane Dawson but a gem

  • BlueBlitz
    BlueBlitz 5 days ago

    Anyone here gets Ace Attorney vibes

  • Inky Drago!
    Inky Drago! 5 days ago +7

    Zircon: pearls would have cried " WAAAACth OOOut mah diamond!!!!"
    Pearls: **TRIGGERED**

  • 3DArts&Crafts
    3DArts&Crafts 5 days ago

    I wonder what reaction the Zircon was expecting.
    "Well.. you got me. I'll poof myself now."

  • Papa Snorki
    Papa Snorki 5 days ago

    It’s been a whole year since “A Single Pale Rose” came out, and it just took me a few days ago to think about this.
    What if all the bubbled Rose Quartz gems at the Human Zoo aren’t even real gems? It could be very possible as we have seen Pink on screen just make gem shards out of sand, heat, and pressure. What Blue Zircon said right here, backed by the fact that we saw no other pink silhouette besides Pink and our Rose during the retelling by Garnet in “Your Mother and Mine” made me question this.
    Rose was recognized as a threat for starting the rebellion before Pink was even shattered, but looking back at those flashbacks we were given, I saw many hues of purple, but no other hues of pink were there.
    It does sound kind of strange that Pink would go through all the trouble of making Rose Quartz look like a legitimate danger, but in the human zoo, all the bubbles thar hold the Rose Quartz gems are pink, meaning she could easily pull this off without many questions about it (Except for now, of course)

  • J Hall
    J Hall 5 days ago

    2:05: sounds like spinell could've done it 😐

  • ethan Jeff
    ethan Jeff 6 days ago

    # 2:05
    Pictures taken moments before disabled

  • Faze NinjaX
    Faze NinjaX 6 days ago

    It was puerl bro

  • Nathilie
    Nathilie 7 days ago

    But if rose quartzs sword is pink diamonds how did they think they where different gems u mean they are the same gems but.............AHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Harry the cat
      Harry the cat 6 days ago

      Rose's sword was created by Bizmuth and she did not have it before she was Rose quartz

  • Kirsten Curry
    Kirsten Curry 7 days ago

    1:18 yellow pearl and blue pearl definitely know something about PINK PEARL 💯... I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT

  • Obvious Parrot
    Obvious Parrot 8 days ago

    Giorno giovanna theme would be so fitting in 2:05

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire 8 days ago +35

    “Those giant crazy chicks aren’t going to be distracted forever!!!”

  • Foxy Dear
    Foxy Dear 9 days ago

    With how much Yellow clearly did care about Pink I can now understand why she was so angry.

  • God of the the Gamers

    Oscar award goes to the the loyar with a bit to much confidence.

    KEN ORGA 9 days ago

    1:16 Oh so thats why the pearls was shocked cuz white diamond controled pink diamonds pink pearl and white give pearl to pink diamond.. Hmmmmmmm😑

  • Jorge Cervantes Contreras

    GIANT crazy chics

  • Silver Chicken
    Silver Chicken 10 days ago

    y'know, I find it hard to believe that there were no rose quartz in pink diamonds army if in the episode "that will be all" it was specifically stated that the bubbled rose quartz in that room "were hers" and "she made them", whatever happened to that?

    • Silver Chicken
      Silver Chicken 7 days ago

      @James QuillenI was more referring to why they would say that pink diamond didn't have any rose quartz in her army when that clearly wasn't the case in the earlier episode

    • James Quillen
      James Quillen 7 days ago +1

      Once Rose became a "Threat", chances are Yellow had all of them accounted for and removed.

  • Eleya Al Sayed
    Eleya Al Sayed 10 days ago +1

    I like your vediose

  • Mr Bird000
    Mr Bird000 10 days ago

    When I first watched this I was blaming yellow diamond for shattering pink

  • m_.agicity
    m_.agicity 10 days ago +2

    Blue diamond is so cute in this with her gasp, lmao

  • Pac Roger Gaming
    Pac Roger Gaming 10 days ago +12

    0:03 if you cut out ‘s enemy it sounds like “Pink was rose quartz”

  • Xiao Cheng
    Xiao Cheng 10 days ago +1

    Found my lawyer🤘🏽

  • VideoWatcherOfJustice 1

    This was the part I was here for: 2:17

  • Maha Ahmed
    Maha Ahmed 12 days ago

    2:20 sisters fighting :’)

  • Strawberrita 18
    Strawberrita 18 12 days ago +1

    I love how you see white's ship tho

  • Aria Gacha
    Aria Gacha 12 days ago +7

    The real question is when Pink got shattered why didn't they noticed that her Pearl is gone

    • Алиса Кот
      Алиса Кот 5 days ago

      Ответ прост: никому нет дела до жемчуга

  • ziggysnipe's studio
    ziggysnipe's studio 13 days ago

    It's her pearl

  • Bandicam Guy
    Bandicam Guy 13 days ago

    Steven could use Blue Diamond's palanquin because Steven is a diamond?

  • Ny Rithy
    Ny Rithy 13 days ago

    0:41 dat face tho

  • Mr Fazbear
    Mr Fazbear 14 days ago

    White Was Watching

  • Mr Fazbear
    Mr Fazbear 14 days ago +1

    They Were Terrified Since Pink Didint Have Any Pearl Because Of

    *White Diamond.*

  • Jezz-annè gacha
    Jezz-annè gacha 14 days ago is pink diamond rose, then? Is rose the one who wascalled pink diamond? If so... she then created her name as "rose" on earth because she change her form but she is pink diamond?!!!! I need DEM ANSWERRSSSS

  • Moni Danh
    Moni Danh 15 days ago +1

    Zircon spilling tea 🍵👁👄👁

  • katie
    katie 15 days ago +1

    remember how everyone thought it was one of the diamonds who shattered her?

  • Marmusic
    Marmusic 15 days ago

    But wouldn't they have wondered where her pearl went afterwards

  • Slowpoke Sosa
    Slowpoke Sosa 15 days ago +3

    Seeing blue zircon getting crushed scared me hopefully shes okay no the green one though I didnt like that one

  • Youtuber honkai impact 3
    Youtuber honkai impact 3 15 days ago +1

    Like Blue Diamond said: YELLOW STOP IT!