• Published on Mar 12, 2017
  • Today we discuss 10 perfect destinations for first time travellers! So if you are planning your trip abroad and it's your first time travelling, this video may give you some inspiration for your first stop!
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Comments • 391

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 10 days ago

    Mate. No one speaks Welsh in wales anymore so no language barrier.

  • John B
    John B Month ago

    Great video! However, it did make me think about how unwilling native anglophones are to learn other languages, they just expect the rest of the world to learn English.

  • Fuel Fire
    Fuel Fire 2 months ago

    You know Shakespeare didn't write Shakespeare ??

  • Nefelibata
    Nefelibata 2 months ago

    don't trust your choices with that username.

  • Michelle Hobbs
    Michelle Hobbs 2 months ago

    Really great list! I think other places that are the big cities of glitz and glam - Dubai (yes I know there is a whole other side to the UOI outside of Dubai), Singapore and Hong Kong but yeah not too much culture shock compared to many places. Each successful rich global city with different vibes (HK is EASILY my fave of the three though). TAIWAN is also good though not a lot of English out in the countryside and less English compared to many of these places. Very warm people though and very developed!

  • Shauna Firth
    Shauna Firth 3 months ago

    I love what you say about North Wales 😂😂 nobody understands what we say 😂 love your videos

  • jay cee
    jay cee 4 months ago

    Philippines also is knows how to speak Spanish.....people from Zamboanga is a Spanish speakers.....

  • Syahrul Dm
    Syahrul Dm 5 months ago


  • Rachel Cunanan
    Rachel Cunanan 6 months ago

    Have you tried canyoneering activity in Cebu? Would love to do it again 😊.. Glad that Philippines is included in your list 😍💖

  • oi sho
    oi sho 9 months ago


  • Tarun Gujjar
    Tarun Gujjar 11 months ago +2

    I thought first ‘Time Travellers’ lol 😂

  • samuel kletz
    samuel kletz 11 months ago

    First time solo trip will be Scandinavia at the end of August 🇩🇰🇸🇪🇳🇴

  • Melody
    Melody 11 months ago

    My first trip was to India. I lost paper, rock, scissors after a bottle of vodka 😂 first solo trip was Argentina - Buenos Aires is FAB for first time solo so long as you don’t mind a language barrier! Aaaaand I am about to go to Malaysia. So excited! X

  • zhang heng
    zhang heng 11 months ago

    I highly recommend to visit China since you are an experienced traveller. China Mainland is the Central Far East, China adapted a little of each culture from other Asian countries. There are many changes going on everyday in China, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Most importantly, it’s very safe to travel in China. I’m sure you met many Chinese in your trips but you will see the “real Chinese” and experience differently.

  • BlunderCity
    BlunderCity Year ago

    The question is difficult to answer without knowing where a person come from. It's pretty obvious that for a Frenchman (like myself), and especially if you don't speak a foreign language, the most accessible places will be Wallonia/Brussels in Belgium or French speaking Switzerland. For Germans, it will be Austria. Language is a huge part of the accessibility factor.
    Also, some countries are incredibly diverse and will have very accessible parts in them and more difficult ones. For instance, in Indonesia, for inexperienced travelers, Bali and Lombok are perfect destinations in the developing world because there are a lot of tourists there. Sumatra and Borneo, less so. Hell, there are even some places in Indonesia that could be dangerous (such as Aceh).
    On the whole, I would have to agree with most countries on the list though Chile and Argentina are also pretty doable destinations, even for someone with no traveling experience and so are Morocco and Tunisia. But I think the perfect destination for first time travelers will nearly always be the country right next to where you live.


    I’m Malaysian, thank you for positive comments. But I would like to propose Indonenesia, as our sister country has a lot to offer

  • Kritika Tiwari
    Kritika Tiwari Year ago

    Now that you've been to India, and courtesy your vlog, I got to see many places in my own country for the first time; how would you recommend it to first time travellers? As for me, on my first solo travel, I want to explore my country first.. in all its length, width and depth!! It's so diverse, so culturally rich, and full of surprises.. so, before going out, I will take my time knowing India :)
    I've been following you from the past month, you are one high spirited traveller!

  • Erick Jauregui Ocampo

    you missed Latin America!!!! the biggest culture shock ever!!!! :D

  • Chika Chikago
    Chika Chikago Year ago

    Am from Nigeria but live in Dubai. I want to travel to UK for my vacation. Am chef cook here in Dubai please if u have any information please here facebook DJ Chika GO. M number +971503576897

  • modestmenace
    modestmenace Year ago +1

    Singapore is by far the easiest place for first timers. The country is confined to a single city but it has a real oriental feel and the official language of instruction is English. It has an excellent public transportation/Metro system which in my opinion is probably the easiest in the world to navigate. There are lot's of places to shop. It's quite expensive but you can buy snacks and drinks cheap enough if you find a supermarket and if your looking for cheaper options the mall in Johor Bahru Is just a quick trip across the border.

  • Destiny Angel
    Destiny Angel Year ago

    Thailand go go

  • Wanda Ernstberger

    I'd like to add Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • enrico contreras araneta

    cambodia & vietnam are full of scammers and not that easy for first time travellers to asia..unlike philippines has no language barrier..english everywhere

  • Eileen
    Eileen Year ago

    First time traveling adventure was to Chennai, India.

  • Rajib Barua
    Rajib Barua Year ago

    please tell me now where are you?

  • CAM Nightcore
    CAM Nightcore Year ago

    Team Cambodia❤🇰🇭

  • Osiris
    Osiris Year ago +2

    I live in USA and never traveled. *My fear is mostly communication cause I only know English.*
    • Don’t ever drink water in USA it’s contaminated with fluoride.

  • Anna La Viajera
    Anna La Viajera Year ago

    Thanks for including Philippines!

  • Alex Short
    Alex Short Year ago

    Dorset is pretty fucking cool

  • abhay pratap singh

    well go anywhere with Google translate :p ;)

  • chuaanj
    chuaanj Year ago

    Yes!!! Philippines!!!

  • Emerson Amadeu
    Emerson Amadeu Year ago

    Nice video

  • Adam Thornton
    Adam Thornton Year ago +1

    French speakers might like New Caledonia, though it is a very long way from France.

  • Levi379
    Levi379 Year ago

    Great video! However, what about Laos? I've got the feeling that Laos is often combined with Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, what do you think about that?

  • Yash Sisodia
    Yash Sisodia Year ago

    Hi, nice info. Have you ever visited India?

  • Ian Mayman
    Ian Mayman Year ago

    As someone local to Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon, I can definitely recommend it, especially in the summer.

  • rsty.c FTW
    rsty.c FTW Year ago +2

    All of these Southeast Asian Countries are still developing excpept Singapore. And for those people out there bashing SEA Countries (especially Philippines) Philippines is actually growing fast. Lmao i cant even say anything when a malaysian talk shit to Philippines cause Malaysia is still a Third World Country just like the other SEA Countries. And stop hating people cause hating wont help.

    • rsty.c FTW
      rsty.c FTW Year ago

      ChoiShino TV and Philippines is the 6th Rising Tiger of SEA 😉 omygad I though youre an adult but still you have an Immature brain mygad people lmao.

    • rsty.c FTW
      rsty.c FTW Year ago +1

      ChoiShino TV wait is your country perfect cause duh lmao. I wont argue with low minded people 😉. I dont want to land on your level 😌

    • rsty.c FTW
      rsty.c FTW Year ago +1

      why would you call someone working for another country a slave? like its a right thing, but its a no no. What are you 12 BC? And "FYI TOO" Philippines has the highest rate of Unemployement of SEA. Thats why many of Filipinos works abroad."FYI" we call them OFWS or known as "OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS" "FYI". This is why Filipinos are hardworkers but the government is still trying to split or "corruption" is still relevant in the Philippines. WHy choose Malaysia? "FYI" There are only less OFWS in Malaysia. Most of the FIlipinos are in "UAE". ;)

  • Tao of David
    Tao of David Year ago

    The only issue with Australia is the hostels, in my opinion they are 20 years behind the standards of the rest of the world. I was there in 2001 and again this year, I was so shocked they were so backwards!
    Love NZ! Buy a van in Auckland and sell it in Christchurch!

  • Faiz Mohd-Noor
    Faiz Mohd-Noor Year ago

    Warwickshire is amazing. I spent 4 years there studying and within that duration, I probably went to Warwick Castle more than 10 times!

  • Royal Scribe Comments

    Are storms, thunder lightning etc , all year round in Malaysia?

  • nap163020
    nap163020 Year ago

    Surprisingly when I went to Vietnam almost everyone I met did not speak English. However, the Vietnamese are so friendly and accommodating that it wasn't a problem.

  • The Shades End
    The Shades End Year ago

    India will b great place to come, from Kerala to Goa, Golden triangle and Himachal then Kashmir , visit, u won't b disappointed and even u can contact me I can b of help

  • Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave Year ago

    Canada 'the neighbour of the beast'.

  • Peter Vince
    Peter Vince Year ago

    Great vid. girl, never thought about this particular topic. My first trip (I'm an Aussie living in Perth) was to Singapore - still haven't been to Bali... A little expensive but so very safe and easy to get around. I took my sons when they were about 8 and 10 and we had a ball. Keep up the good work, love your content.

  • OLM
    OLM Year ago

    welcome to Taiwan

  • Sorrow 256
    Sorrow 256 2 years ago

    what about singapore

  • Young Entrepreneur
    Young Entrepreneur 2 years ago +1

    i came for time traveling Tips .

  • happy21
    happy21 2 years ago

    I'm 17 years old and I really want to travel the world!!! next year I will be 18 and I want to travel in September. Can you guys tell me a good place to travel in September and alone? (yes because any of my friends don't like to travel so I will travel all by myself... is that good?)

  • Gina Goes To
    Gina Goes To 2 years ago +2

    At first glance I thought this said "perfect destinations for time travelers"

  • Meredith Hackwith Edwards

    My 1st destination out of the U.S. was the Dominican Republic! We did not stay on a resort and there were many things that were a culture shock, but it was a great experience!

  • Dan Ignacio
    Dan Ignacio 2 years ago

    If you go to the Phils for the first time, if you need to stop over to Manila, I suggest dont book your hotel to old Manila instead book your hotel somewhere in Makati, Bonifacio Global City, or on new Manila bay area MOA area.Then go to Palawan, Cebu,Bohol Davao etc.Just avoid some areas in Mindanao like Sulu or Basilan.With present administration, its more safer to travel in the Phils.

  • Eric Torigrosa
    Eric Torigrosa 2 years ago

    thumb up for Philippines 😉

  • Alana Walker
    Alana Walker 2 years ago

    im kinda sad that you didn't mention Scotland when talking about places to visit in Great Britain, I'm trying not to be biased but Scotland offers some amazing views even some of the best in the world. If you haven't been its a great place to visit and will leave definitely not forgetting the views :)

  • Rick Groot
    Rick Groot 2 years ago

    I did Bali, Gilis, Nusa islands and Lombok for my first time. what an amaizing experience!❤ up next: Vietnam!

  • Ema Tee
    Ema Tee 2 years ago

    So many English travellers here in Australia

  • nikko nick
    nikko nick 2 years ago +5

    I am malaysian,first country that i visited was chiangmai,thailand...amazing place and i stay at mae sai and tachileak, Myanmar...then hong kong and bali indonesia..in term of transport i recommend hong kong..very easy to go around..u can even visit macau with just 1 hour from hk island..bali is beauty..mystery and relaxing...love it..by the way...for my opinion..u should visit borneo sabah and sarawak...they have beautiful island, mountain and forest..

  • Hastati ™
    Hastati ™ 2 years ago +3

    Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia, and vietnam number of tourist a year 15M. Philippines number tourist a year less than 3M a year and the most least exploited and explored country in asia

    • enrico contreras araneta
      enrico contreras araneta Year ago +1

      Sparty™ ..lol..vietnam only got 7 million..ph got 6.9 million..indonesia 10 million...thailand got 34 million the highest in asean...ph tourist arrivals keep on increasing every year in a very RAPID RATE..9 million expected 2 years fr now..GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT IDIOT TROLL.

  • InsanelyEpic
    InsanelyEpic 2 years ago

    you messed up your lipstick

  • Izzat Irfan
    Izzat Irfan 2 years ago +6

    i cant believe you list malaysia behing cambodia and vietnam..

  • fahIm M_
    fahIm M_ 2 years ago

    What is the reason your nickname is psycho traveller? Did you have a trauma before?

  • Annabel Uwaemenyi
    Annabel Uwaemenyi 2 years ago

    Many countries in Africa speak English, French, plus the traditional language of a specific tribe.
    Great continent to visit & full of tradition.

  • Menucha Colish
    Menucha Colish 2 years ago


  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri 2 years ago

    india as the first country would be very very tough , i am an indian i ve been to 20 countries

  • Living in the Moment
    Living in the Moment 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for loving the Philippines. 😘❤️

  • Prepperjon
    Prepperjon 2 years ago

    Great video as usual. If you don't have one could you make a video of how to plan a trip for those that don't have a clue please. From A to Z as in all the steps like how to get a passport, how to get a visa, what kind of visa to get. What flights and how to book it, what kinds f things you can not take with you to other countries. What things you shouldn't bother taking with you. What clothing to pack. You see where I'm going with this lol kind of travel for dummies lol.

  • Supafy
    Supafy 2 years ago +1

    For first time Asian tour... visit SINGAPORE! Fantastic introduction to everything Asian. A country so mixed, you'll get the vibe of most Asian cultures. Excellent infrastructure. Relatively safer than neighboring Asian cou tries. Most speak good English.. Enjoy.

  • Jenny Nicole
    Jenny Nicole 2 years ago +4

    Have you been to India? It was super cheap and one can also get by very easily with English.

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan 2 years ago

    I will travel internationally for the first time this summer I'm going to Iceland

  • Derran Lawston
    Derran Lawston 2 years ago


  • Gary Robinson
    Gary Robinson 2 years ago

    Taiwan is fantastic. You should be fine if you know a little mandarin.

  • Jimney fumo
    Jimney fumo 2 years ago

    first time traveler blogging? really.....? damn lady girl you need quite a few years befor you start preaching

  • Jereme S.
    Jereme S. 2 years ago +3

    Philippine is not recommended for first time traveller hahaha..., this video is on point... and its not for all kind of tourist.., if you want to relax,experience culture & party then indonesia, thailand, malaysia, vietnam, singapore and other asian country. But if you want adventure or a backpacker who love landscape, exotic beaches and want to try different modes of transportation, who love epic drone shots., then philippine is for you.., travelling around the philippines is the toughest thing in the world hahaha.,like what they always say " THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN THIS WORLD ARE THE TOUGHEST TO FIND." and always check the weather because,. typhoon in the phil. is different.,

  • asma jafari
    asma jafari 2 years ago

    nice videos, please come to morocco and can show you all the country. You are the most welcome

  • Stargazer
    Stargazer 2 years ago +6

    Do not come to malaysia. have fun in bangkok or enjoy your drink in bali. let malaysia stay as hidden gem.

    • Azmina Malik
      Azmina Malik Year ago +1

      I hope you always stay hidden gem

    • Stargazer
      Stargazer Year ago

      butthurt? next time dont call other race stupid if u dont want others call your race a pig. im sorry call u cina babi i dont mean it. i just responding to your racist insult. cheers

    • Stargazer
      Stargazer Year ago

      cina babi dah sampai dengan racist comment

    • Stargazer
      Stargazer 2 years ago +2

      orang macam kau ni layak mendapat tapak tangan kat dahi

    • Sara N.
      Sara N. 2 years ago +5

      where are you from? please respect other countries. I was just back from Malaysia and what you are saying is wrong. Malaysia is a country of peace and mutual respect. and this beautiful woman also liked malaysia. maybe you come from a country that does not know to respect other countries. we love Malaysia bro #justsaying

  • chee koo Ekin
    chee koo Ekin 2 years ago +2

    Are you still in Malaysia

  • Rebecca English
    Rebecca English 2 years ago

    could you make a video on how to book a plane flight for kids flying alone? please

  • rabih zein
    rabih zein 2 years ago +4

    I guess that is from your own personal experience. I would add UAE, Jordan & Lebanon. English is easily spoken everywhere, tourism is their major contribution to their economy, good infrastructure, different landscapes across the areas, and very "easy to accommodate" kinda culture. tho it could be a bit expensive.

    • Vin Man
      Vin Man 2 years ago +1

      I stayed in UAE on holiday for a little over a month and yes, the country is amazing! but not really recommended for budget backpackers since prices are quite expensive, like food and accommodations.

  • dantae666
    dantae666 2 years ago

    Jamica is also good for fist time travellers and latin america

    • Abdul Muin
      Abdul Muin 2 years ago +2

      dantae666 Hi, u might confuse us with Acheh in Indonesia, they do have sharia police over there. We dont have that here in Malaysia.

  • dantae666
    dantae666 2 years ago +1

    Malaysia also has sharia police tho. really puts me off

    • GildartzCrive
      GildartzCrive 2 years ago

      No they don't..Even local muslims dressed like a whore mostly..So dont worry

    • Herb Kirk
      Herb Kirk 2 years ago +5

      only for Muslims.. non-muslims wont be affected

  • AdamCopeland2
    AdamCopeland2 2 years ago

    Best destinations in Africa?

  • Muhd Mujaheed
    Muhd Mujaheed 2 years ago +19

    Welcome to Malaysia, Essence of Asia :-)

  • Q Cong
    Q Cong 2 years ago

    Singapore is also a nice destination to go..

  • weekend tribe
    weekend tribe 2 years ago +1

    Don't forget to visit Indonesia. You can spend like a week to explore more about culture, foods, etc...
    Just give me a hit when you guys go to Indonesia, I'd love to show you around... Please, it's not that I ask you for money, We love meeting new people from around the world!!!
    Greeting from Indonesia!

  • Jade Sierra
    Jade Sierra 2 years ago

    I love your videos!!! I'm going on my first solo trip this December to Europe and have some questions SOS

  • Ragnar Luna
    Ragnar Luna 2 years ago +7

    The Philippines!😊👌👍❤

  • Badly packed Kebab
    Badly packed Kebab 2 years ago +12

    the lake district will blow your mind if you go to the uk

  • Déjà vu Vibe
    Déjà vu Vibe 2 years ago

    How or where do I deleted from this chick video please!! Cheers

  • Gianna Giavelli
    Gianna Giavelli 2 years ago +1

    KL was great to see the towers but I got intimidated by the city at night and didnt do much. If I wasn't alone there I would have been braver to head out after dark.

    • Gianna Giavelli
      Gianna Giavelli 2 years ago +1

      Yah I have a good horse sense about it. It didn't feel right. and I'll wander bangkok at 4am all over the place. And in chinatown there were a lot of scary bangladeshi/pakistani and few chinese.

    • Nurul Hanani Ahmad Fuad
      Nurul Hanani Ahmad Fuad 2 years ago +2

      Gianna Giavelli im a malaysian, and i think you did a good choice. it is dangerous to go out at night alone, especially if you're a woman

    • no one
      no one 2 years ago +1

      wish you could go around more next time you in Malaysia :) Yes, better be careful when you're alone at night time

  • Gianna Giavelli
    Gianna Giavelli 2 years ago +4

    Where's NOT good? CHINA! Roughest place to be and no english. Same for Japan but at least japan is civilized but literally there can be no english speakers around in Japan. Scariest place to go? INDIA! and you will probablyg et sick there.

    • Somesh Redkar
      Somesh Redkar Year ago +1

      GiannaGiavelli. If you eat from a road side then there is a chance to get sick. But if you eat in good restaurant in India then it is not a problem.

    • Vin Man
      Vin Man 2 years ago

      I spent almost a month vacation in Japan. Staying 2 weeks in Tokyo and another 2 weeks in Osaka, and honestly I will not recommend it as a first time travel destination UNLESS you have at least a basic or elementary level understanding of spoken Nihongo. 90% of the locals do not speak english and I ended up looking for other tourists to ask for directions. Their subway and train system is so complex it was confusing, the train stations were HUGE, and worse you cant ask anybody because they dont understand english or even if they did, they were so busy, or in a hurry to get someplace and making an effort to help you would be a waste of time. I used google maps and waze to walk around and used an app to help me understand the train system. Taking cabs was EXPENSIVE! (which is not surprising at all since their taxis was a Prius) ..

    • Gianna Giavelli
      Gianna Giavelli 2 years ago

      Japan can have NO ENGLISH. Even taking a train can be tough, matching Kanji, station manager cant help you because he can't speak english, cab driver cant speak english. BUT I'm sure if you have a good map and take you time, plan your train travel, learn the names and kanji, it would be fine. Of course, if you get out of Tokyo and hit Kyoto it will be much less stressful and crazy. Osaka is the foodie capital and a big city but not so nuts as tokyo. tokyo is totally insane BUT they have many sections closed to cars so you can walk and shop but I think the places people go like harajuku still have a lot of traffic. the traffic in tokyo is dealable except the subways where its gross.

    • sandy kempen
      sandy kempen 2 years ago

      Gianna Giavelli would you recommend going to Japan as a first destination? because I want to go to Japan so bad

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza 2 years ago

    i want to go to india as its easy for me, i can go by bus from lahore. but india pakistan problem makes it difficult to get us visas and then there are problems too in india for pakistanis. specially these days. well i always wished that atleast indian punjab should make their own independent decision and make travelling for pakistanis easy at least from the wahga border side.

  • Neil Mutia
    Neil Mutia 2 years ago

    So basically every country? 😂

  • Kurts On This
    Kurts On This 2 years ago

    Best advice just go and travel light.

  • Kurts On This
    Kurts On This 2 years ago +1

    Nice advice. The best travel book and resource are "Rick Steve's' guide books . I've been using them for years , simple, and great.

  • Rachel N
    Rachel N 2 years ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video!

  • Cl0mar
    Cl0mar 2 years ago +1

    Great video, thank you for posting!

  • Mer veille
    Mer veille 2 years ago

    Well, the first time I ever travelled outside of Germany and Turkey would probably be England but that was a school trip.
    The first time I ever travelled on my own plus moved to a whole new place on my own was China. It was actually fine. I didn't have culture shock because I realized that it was very similar to the culture in Turkey :'D But I think for many people China can be a challenge

  • seraphiccandy21
    seraphiccandy21 2 years ago

    I travelled the East coast of America by myself on the grey hound bus and it worked out pretty well :P

    DDELFIERRO 2 years ago

    1st place I travelled without family was Hong Kong. It's familiar enough to not be completely shocking but gives you the option to go fairly exotic. My friend referred to it as "Asia For Dummies". I didn't find it particularly expensive either?

  • Francis batista
    Francis batista 2 years ago

    hi I'm planning to have a vacation in Auckland this august
    any body knows the cheapest hotel in Auckland

  • regor nagul
    regor nagul 2 years ago

    perfect for 1st time traveller would be in your neighbourhood...