CCTV footage shows North Korean soldier crossing MDL during pursuit of defector

  • Published on Nov 22, 2017
  • 유엔사 "북한군 JSA 군사분계선 넘어 총격…정전협정 위반
    Video footage showing what exactly happened when North Korean troops opened fire as one of their men tried to cross over to the South through the Joint Security Area was unveiled.
    UN command investigators say North Korea clearly violated the armistice agreement in the process twice during the pursuit.
    Kim Hyun-bin has the latest from the defense ministry
    The United Nations Command on Wednesday released a video showing a North Korean soldier defecting to the South through the Joint Security Area of Panmunjeom last Monday.
    The video shows the defector was using a jeep for his escape until it became stuck in a drainage ditch. As the defector got out of the jeep and started sprinting towards the Military Demarcation Line separating the two Koreas, four North Korean soldiers opened fire at him. Dozens of rounds were fired with several bullets hitting the defector.
    The footage also shows one North Korean soldier crossing the military demarcation line for a few seconds during the pursuit. Soon after crossing the MDL, the soldier returns to the north side of the border.
    The defector was wounded and fell unconscious on the southern side of the border. Three South Korean soldiers crawled towards him and dragged him to safety.
    The UNC Special Investigation Team said that the investigation results show that North Korea violated the UN Armistice Agreement twice during the pursuit.
    "The key findings of the special investigation team indicate that the KPA violated the Armistice Agreement by... one firing weapons across the MDL, two by actually crossing the MDL temporarily."
    The UNC notified North Korea of these violations at the JSA on Wednesday through the normal communications channel in Panmunjeom, and requested a meeting to discuss the results of the investigation and measures to prevent future violations.
    The UNC Special Investigation Team said on Wednesday the investigation team was made up of personnel from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the United States. Members from Sweden and Switzerland of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission also observed the process.
    Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.
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Comments • 96

  • Man limbu
    Man limbu Year ago

    This is what Freedom cost.

  • Andreas Christianto

    what if the north-korean-army who accidentally trespassing the DMZ keep chasing the defector who is wounded to defect and live freely together in south korea

  • s yottky
    s yottky Year ago

    the world misunderstood, the NK soldier crossing the line wanted to defect too. ..But on a second thought, his family was still in NK, didn't want them sent to labour camp for his defection. So he turned back.

  • pug the pug!!
    pug the pug!! Year ago

    that man will be going straight from the hospital to the hookers ;D

  • chance
    chance Year ago +1

    I was at DMZ. It was sheer bravery of the soldier to run into S Korea defying the most heavily guarded zone. Good luck to him.

  • Tse Cho
    Tse Cho Year ago

    is they all north Korea army was gay?

  • Inconspicious Fellow White Man

    Why are the border guards shooting him? They should instead escape with him

  • The Adventurous Guide to the Galaxy

    Thay guy is a G. From here on out.

    PAKY KENNELS Year ago

    if they violated then what? they are still what they are and kimj will always be kimj

  • Arturo P
    Arturo P Year ago

    I always see south koreans soldiers there, why none of them are there at that monent? Curious...

    • Arturo P
      Arturo P Year ago

      Eric Ling I thought it was the most guarded border in the world thats all, I would at least expect a guard nearby?

    • Eric Ling
      Eric Ling Year ago

      Dunno, I imagine they have more troops there when they have the tourists viewing the area, not sure that they actively guard that specific point regularly otherwise. I mean it is technically a hostile border so they'd probably try to keep the tension low most of the time there if they can.
      I mean can you imagine if they did have troops there that fired back at the dudes shooting him? It might be considered the restart of the war.

    • Arturo P
      Arturo P Year ago

      Eric Ling no footage of evacuation or anyone around, weird

    • Eric Ling
      Eric Ling Year ago

      They might have evacuated in case he was some sort of suicide bomber car since they saw it coming from a good distance away. Though I'm not sure why they didn't have a few sharpshooters that would have shot back at the guys that shot and ran over the border. Then again they don't really want to start a war in that way I guess. Though they might consider making it a part of the agreement in the future after this incident.

  • Rabin Lama
    Rabin Lama Year ago

    Have a happy life brother!!

  • andgate2000
    andgate2000 Year ago +1

    Welcome to the free world......well......where we get to choose our rich overlords anyway.

  • bryan bryan
    bryan bryan Year ago

    welcome to free country braveman.. :) anyway no update report for the north korean soldiers who assign to defend their jurisdiction.. im just thingking if their punish or kill them by their superior..


    Why s Korea dint shoot the n Korea soldier by crossing the border ? Are they afraid or what

    • James Edwards
      James Edwards Year ago +3

      ᏕN͟ᎾᎳ๏ᏞᎥ͟ᎾN because North Korea is an unstable and uneducated country. South Korea is the exact opposite. Firing at the other soldier would have been inhumane and could have started the way up again

  • Cicak 2
    Cicak 2 Year ago +1

    The NK soldier be like :
    "He's wounded! I got him!"
    *Sees demarcation line*
    "Fuck fuck fuck"

  • Maloy7800
    Maloy7800 Year ago

    Why is the "UN command" wearing a waist 56 uniform that says "US Army"? South Korea has no shame.

  • Alpha Killer
    Alpha Killer Year ago +3

    North Korean defector: Shit, the wheel fell off!
    North Korean soldiers: Woah, what luck!
    The rest of the world: Well, somethings/brands suck more than what's made in China.

    Kim Jong Un addressing the Nation: Haha, our secret intelligence actually sabotaged the jeep!
    North Koreans officials: We have a secret intelligence!?
    - Btw the North Koreans broke several laws...
    1) Shooting across the border
    2) Trespassing by crossing the border (for the soldiers, not the defector)
    Also, there was a north korean museum nearby filled with guards who went after the defector after they heard the call. And they chased him on foot, no one took a jeep! Oh, wait the defector took the only jeep 😂

    More updates: The defector survived. South Korean soldiers crawled to him and pulled him back into South Korea. He underwent treatments and the doctors found out that he had Hepatitis and nearly every parasite known to man in his body 😔

  • Catastraseed
    Catastraseed Year ago +5

    Death to North Korea

  • Waran Mohanathasan
    Waran Mohanathasan Year ago +1

    Dramatic pictures released as North Korea digs trenches ->

  • Kid Gaming Gaming

    The north Koreans may cause conflict after this video because of the stuff they violated

  • GamingFps
    GamingFps Year ago +4

    The bullets across the border and one soldier slightly stepped on the line..

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      ReyGamingFPS this is no game assholes. I defector shot 6 times while being,pursued across,the border. shits fired across border. violation of April 1953 cease fire agreement. not trivial and no,game serious. proof Trump sanctions working

  • Charlie Van Kampen
    Charlie Van Kampen Year ago +4

    Fuck all 5 cunts who disliked this video

  • Jim Stan
    Jim Stan Year ago +1

    Finally WW3😁

  • Samuel Mbengu
    Samuel Mbengu Year ago +13

    It's like I'm seeing a Berlin Wall-like scenario.

    • Samuel Mbengu
      Samuel Mbengu Year ago

      Paul Metzler Hey!! Shut the fuck up and watch your mouth you idiot. You have no history not even info of my background. How do you know I am 12? Of course I know history. You asked me the question as if I existed 67 years ago.

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

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    • Samuel Mbengu
      Samuel Mbengu Year ago

      Paul Metzler I'm not 67 years old.

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      Samuel Mbengu well yeah. where have you been the last 67 years this DMZ ONNTHE WITH OARALLEL HAS BEEN THERE.

  • Chintamani Helekar
    Chintamani Helekar Year ago +10

    here we see a soldier willing to risk his life just to have a chance to live in free world by crossing the border, And other soldier who is willing to cross the border just to kill the same man.

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy Year ago

      Chintamani Helekar One is doing his duty the other is a defector, we don't have to like it, but there you go.

    BAYAN KO Year ago

    *Thuglife soldier*

  • Bent Romnes
    Bent Romnes Year ago +55

    That brave, courageous man. I admire you. Welcome to the free world. Have a happy and speedy recovery.

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy Year ago

      Bent Romnes Some said that about Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, both Bush Sr and Jr, Bill Clinton and the current one Trump.
      I might agree with a few of those, still, if a US soldier in the past and the present would defect or abandon his/her post and oath, he/she is a traitor, a coward, a worm.
      Don't get me wrong, I'd encourage that soldier to defect, but I'd hold them in contempt if he/she actually does, still if it's in my governments advantage i'd do everything to get them to abandon their post, betray their people and country, but it would be hypocritical of me to act like i approve of their action.
      If one of my colleague's suddenly turnout to want to defect or abandoned his/her post, I'd shoot him/her in a split second without blinking an eye. (I really wouldn't care what reason they would have had or to whom they were defecting)

    • Bent Romnes
      Bent Romnes Year ago

      Kim is a traitor and a worm to his people.and his army of soldiers.

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy Year ago

      Bent Romnes Desperate is still my description as a whole for the man's flight. I'm no fan of the Kim Dynastie, in my humble opinion all 3 generations of that Hermit Kingdom's leaders are psychopathic megalomaniac's with a fondness of dividing out a draconian style of what passes for "justice" in North-Korea.
      But, a soldier who has sworn an oath to his country and people, one that stands between them and in this case their sworn enemies abandoning his post, deserting his people, country and more importantly colleagues is not described as brave, heroic or courageous.
      He's disgraced his uniform, his oath, making the man a coward and a traitor, i might not like the regime he's under or its leaders, infact i regards them as previously stated psychopathic and draconian in nature, but to abandon one's colleagues, people and country to defect to its enemies i personally loath a person like that, he's a worm.
      There are enough countries that would describe an American soldier defecting to its enemies as brave and courageous, infact it's happened, they too are cowards and a disgrace to their uniform, traitors to their people.
      Sure it's in our favour now in this case,....but it doesn't relieve him of these descriptions, to me, he's the lowest form of life.

    • Bent Romnes
      Bent Romnes Year ago

      Desperate yes but also courageous. I cant wait to hear him offer a little glimpse into the life of a soldier in NK

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy Year ago

      Bent Romnes Desperate you mean.

  • Lyle Landstrom
    Lyle Landstrom Year ago +30

    I'm glad he made it through.

    • Lyle Landstrom
      Lyle Landstrom Year ago

      I doubt it.

    • Demir Priboj
      Demir Priboj Year ago

      Is He going to be sended back.

    • PhoeniX
      PhoeniX Year ago

      yeah i hope he will life better but other people stuck in north korea :/

  • shitpostistan tv
    shitpostistan tv Year ago +10

    Trump should hired those NK soldiers to patrol our southern borders.

    • shitpostistan tv
      shitpostistan tv Year ago

      A friendly reminder to all: Shitpostistan is Best Stan.

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      shitpostistan tv ducking,idiot regard red diaper doper baby

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      Carlos Estrada of course we always got the 3s strategy, shoot shovel and,shut up

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      Carlos Estrada stupid statement no facts. for what shipping your illegal relatives out of this coy try. please leave your address so we can have,ice come,check your immigration status. also of need be rvike,your citizenship and deport your red diaper doped baby a as outta here

    • Jim Stan
      Jim Stan Year ago

      shitpostistan tv...pointless...they have tunnels. dumass

  • chris fromm
    chris fromm Year ago +2

    Yes, the Republic of Korea needs to redeploy Tactical nuclear weapons like one of the legislators asked for. DPRK is getting desperate.

  • Jean Guy
    Jean Guy Year ago +5

    he was a spy......

    • Joseph Leong
      Joseph Leong Year ago

      Paul Metzler Ok. I will let the internet users judge you. I have better things to do then rage on the net.

    • Joseph Leong
      Joseph Leong Year ago

      Paul Metzler I am not a youtuber. I dont care about subscribers. You dont get the point do you. Do guy who said "he was a spy" is andifferent person. I will just send your comments to the NSA ro be confirmed. See who you really are. Expect and email soon

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      Joseph Leong I also see that you yourself have 1 single person subscribing to you. WOW, I WONDER WHY, GO BACK TO YOUR. FANTASY VIDEO GAME WORLD KID. you have,1,subscriber to many.!

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      Joseph Leong judging by your subscriptions I see you making on your channel,or sight, all video games, it now comes, clear. You are an idiot living on dream land video games. I was correct. you are creating your own reality through in real video games.

    • Paul Metzler
      Paul Metzler Year ago

      John Wheeler 1 time chief of US cyber warfare. He also found and icreated, the Vietnam memorial in DC. He was found murdered, his body in Delaware landfill. He wasn't former NSA EITHER, and he never appeared on TV, CBS etc telling what he did. Why not because according to your ignorant ass, NSA DOESNT APPEAER IN PUBLIC TO SAY WHAT THEY DID. YOU ARE INVENTING YOUR OWN UNREALITY IDIOT.

  • Farago Norbert-Felix
    Farago Norbert-Felix Year ago +12

    filmed from: 37°57'23.3"N 126°40'27.7"E

    • jean tsai
      jean tsai Year ago

      chris fromm put it into google maps

    • Agent Smith
      Agent Smith Year ago

      uranus in analus?

    • Genso R
      Genso R Year ago

      I think meant to say anal

    • Milly Legume
      Milly Legume Year ago +2

      Dinu cv uranus

    • D C
      D C Year ago +2

      @Milly Legume
      Who's anus ?