What is Happening to One Punch Man?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
    Watch the Season 2 Trailer: ru-clip.com/video/NezvLw2gRAY/video.html
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Comments • 6 476

  • TheAngryEagle
    TheAngryEagle 16 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind but he’s a little of topic sometimes haha

  • Haku Yukiii
    Haku Yukiii 24 days ago

    Another flaw: MUMEN RIDER IS NOT IN THE F*CKIN OP!!!!!!

  • TheDigiSeviper
    TheDigiSeviper 25 days ago

    Sushio, Yoh Yoshinari, and Yoshitoshi ABe

  • Jdsman 31899
    Jdsman 31899 26 days ago

    In other words.. the continuity of One Piece reigns supreme over morons who just watch 12 episode anime and just give up..
    Too bad One Piece has 900+ episodes and 1000+ chapters.. sucks to suck OPM fanboys

  • Sheen Pierre
    Sheen Pierre 29 days ago

    And they rush the joke as well.

  • steve ng
    steve ng Month ago

    Second season was handled by a different company... downfall came along

  • Tom R
    Tom R Month ago

    Jesus christ, give it a rest. I watched the entirety of season two, and I thought it was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the sound design and animation style. I loved it. Slightly different art style? Get over it. It still looks amazing.

  • Maui’s Grandkid
    Maui’s Grandkid Month ago

    I'm convinced the show actually wasn't as bad in season two as this video perceived it as

  • 2003 Maurya
    2003 Maurya Month ago

    The moment I saw the first episode of the show, I knew that this show wont survive 20+ episodes.

    Lol, people are just not ready to accept this fact

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 2 months ago +1

    1-3 episode director and 1-5 animation director in one episode if you think there's nothing wrong right there than there's something wrong with you
    This is from one punch man official site btw
    I don't even want to talk about the mess in episode 20 the staff list in that episode is a disaster

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 2 months ago +1

    I can wait 2 more years
    The original director come back in 2019 and it will released in 2020

  • Deaszu hikari
    Deaszu hikari 2 months ago

    ya its true...the comic FarRRrr more better! every time could felt the thrilled each time i read it...but the animation felt off soooo many important moved off or skip..tthe hell plss fixed it...we all love one punch man...don't Ruined it!!!!

    THATNEGUS KING 2 months ago

    Literally the only thing I've seen in Season 2s defence is "The story is better"... Who cares when the animation is a strobe light slide show with static blurring visuals? Then they never flow into the new angles they just change perspective out of no where. So the action is hard asf to follow at times. They even skip showing us actual fights at times to save animation time I guess. This is an anime that made Saitama vs Geno's, Saitama vs Boros, Geno's Vs Deep Sea King, Geno's Vs Mosquito. EVERY SINGLE FIGHT from season one was some epic shit... This one.... Saitama punched a huge bug..... Wowwwwwwwww
    Edit: Also not tryna argue. It's my opinion. Don't like it keep scrolling.

  • Peaches 'N Cream
    Peaches 'N Cream 2 months ago

    Haters all y'all are hating

  • white Wanker
    white Wanker 2 months ago +1

    Piece of shit overrated series. Such a hot garbage

  • TDMuck
    TDMuck 2 months ago +1

    Not gonna lie. I saw the entire season and not gonna lie. The animation isnt AS bad as what the community says it does. But it is definitely lackluster. I do love it. But i was a little scared back before the first episode released. I was scared i wouldnt enjoy it. I did enjoy it. And i am happy i saw it. The only anime i ever watched subbed because i have been waiting for so long for season 2.

  • evan genockey
    evan genockey 2 months ago

    1-3 is shown in the trailer which isnt tha bad episode 9 10 11 are great

  • ignas 1011001
    ignas 1011001 2 months ago

    for me animation was not the problem , the big problem was how they started milking scene at moment i almost felt like watching dragon ball when in one episode characters stand in one place and just talk to each other , anime lost it tempo for some action you had to wait 2 episodes of face focus on 2 characters that was biggest let down for me anime progression dropped by 500% percent became stagnant

  • Mr Zon
    Mr Zon 2 months ago +1

    Actually one punch man s2 is better than the trailer,and we have good episodes in the end

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 2 months ago

    Fans : we want season 2!
    Producer: but the manga is not finish yet
    Fans : we want season 2
    Producer : fine we have the source material but the director shingo natsume is busy
    Fans : we want season 2
    Producer : ALRIGHT! FINE we're gonna hire different director
    Fans : WTF IS THIS?
    me: well what do you expect?
    Rushed anime always bad

  • Deadlockoriginalfilms2.0

    It still baffels the mind Nobody in the RU-clip anime comunity had the self reflection skills to realise whining about the extremely minor animation quality differences, in an adaptation of a manga that got widespread acclaim INSPITE of the fact the artist was terrible at drawing;
    Could make them look really really stupid and childish and superficial :o
    One punch man was an inspirational story of people looking past the faults in the authors style to appreciate the comedy and storytelling, and thus all the critics on youtube could pat themselves on the back feel good about this story of perseverance and success because they didn't personally have to take part in reading the shitty looking manga, only for those same people to freak the fuck out and not be able to suspend THEIR prejiduces in turn, when the comedy action cartoon didn't have theatrical quality animation
    mothers bacement always has dumb takes but its like... why was this person even watching one punch man to begin with? :o
    It's like if somebody spoke as though they were a hardcore Naruto fan that understood the core themes of the series, but got all mad and asked "whats all this gay shit about redemption and tragic backstories wheres all the murder just fuckin kill sauske bro" aack i dunno cx

  • Marko25Polo
    Marko25Polo 2 months ago

    Another youtube video shitting on something. Wish all you guys would just fuck off and get a real job. You know..contribute something to society other than videos complaining about things other people make. Heres an idea - why don't you go and make your own anime series? You seem to act like you know a lot about it. Let me know how that turns out.

  • Gabriel Mr.
    Gabriel Mr. 2 months ago

    season 2 is crap

  • Shining Reflection
    Shining Reflection 2 months ago

    He was right, the trailer gave a very clear impression of the quality of season 2, and he didn't watch it (or at least made videos about) .

  • will jasper
    will jasper 3 months ago

    but they are

  • Jibril Evans
    Jibril Evans 3 months ago

    Judging the season before the finishing touches is a little harsh. We all know that OPM is under a new development team and that should be troublesome especially when you are transitioning animator to copy an art style on a different scale then your previous work. Plus they were trying so hard to replicate the manga format but animation quality is not on par with the previous season, that much was a let down. Quality is essential and that much I can agree upon but remember this is not Madhouse that animated this season but rather smaller animation studio.

  • Richard Reese
    Richard Reese 3 months ago

    For those who are hating so bad on season 2 I personally enjoyed it it was faithful to the manga and season 3 that should lead up to the monsters Association is going to be amazing so just stop hating and joy what's to come.

    • litty committee
      litty committee 3 months ago

      @Richard Reese yeah but season 2 shouldve had better pacing i n introducing those characters i bearley know half of their origins. They do much diservice to Garou. They rush through why he hates heroes

    • Richard Reese
      Richard Reese 3 months ago

      @litty committee I understand what you're saying but season 2 was more predicated on showing you more Heroes that you didn't see in the first season or further flush out and explain more of the S rank A rank B rank heroes that's supposed to lead up to the monsters Association battle vest to come in season 3 so between Garo and the Martial Arts Tournament that saitama participated in that was the major highlights of this season

    • litty committee
      litty committee 3 months ago

      Being faithful to a manga doesnt make it good. Pacing, art, animation, or storytelling. Everything goes into that went adapting a manga. Anime is suppose to increase the experience not downgrade. You can compare scenes and see for yourself. It doesnt do it justice.

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 3 months ago

    The only lord and savior for season 3 is shingo natsume

  • Chemical Z
    Chemical Z 3 months ago +2

    Nothing, it’s still great the animation just changed

  • Newb using Gramps' phone

    Season 2 sucks a lot, but I feel like they are going for a big plan... Still, it is just too lame.

  • eye615 x
    eye615 x 3 months ago

    they kill one punch man for me i rather read the manga.........

  • eye615 x
    eye615 x 3 months ago

    finally someone that thinks and feel like me!!!!!!!!!! 100% agreed........

  • kev winchester
    kev winchester 3 months ago

    man shut the fuck up . and your review is pointless and untruth . . i almost forgot .. BITCH

  • Josh Nesbit
    Josh Nesbit 3 months ago

    I actually found the seasons animation to be well above Average, sure it wasn’t as good as s1 but it was still good

  • saitama ACE
    saitama ACE 3 months ago +1

    I watch one punch man since 2016. I really love saitama.

  • Noparking Zack
    Noparking Zack 3 months ago

    this is why the new studio is getting little by little below expectations for what this great anime manga based could be.
    I think a terrible thing is to eliminate scenes that are not even considered worthy to be censored.
    Please, why?

    • Noparking Zack
      Noparking Zack 3 months ago

      the link I set was blocked buuuuu. Just type on google one punch manga online chapter 85

  • some guy
    some guy 3 months ago

    I've been waiting for a new Tool album for 13 years!

  • ItsCrunkulous
    ItsCrunkulous 3 months ago

    Latest episode gave my hope for the season, if you haven't, give it a watch (episode 11 steps up the animation)

    • ItsCrunkulous
      ItsCrunkulous 3 months ago

      @litty committee the choreography stepped up. That's literally it. Till then we'll just have to wait

    • litty committee
      litty committee 3 months ago

      I did. I have no idea what you are looking at if you think this ep gave you "hope." I will get my hope when I see Natsume back in the director chair

  • CiGee Gaming
    CiGee Gaming 3 months ago

    Fuck you season 2 is good. You should have never doubted OPM

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 3 months ago

    Different director
    Different directions
    You got Steven Spielberg in the first season
    And Then you got Michael bay in the second season
    BOOM Instant effects

  • Fam Fako
    Fam Fako 3 months ago

    what about the sound? it really sucks

    • litty committee
      litty committee 3 months ago

      I know the sam pewww.. or bambusHHH! Sounds every FUCKING time!

  • genocide
    genocide 3 months ago +1

    i bet if the first season didnt have as good animation as it did then season 2 wouldnt get much hate....

    • litty committee
      litty committee 3 months ago

      No it still would considering there are better animes than whatever you can call season 2

  • genocide
    genocide 3 months ago +1

    lets be real here the animation isnt actually bad BUTTT but we as fans expect more from the new season because the old one was one of the best animmations in anime if not the best wait no but still if the season 1 wasnt made good quality thennnn noone would be complaining right?

  • Evil BanKai
    Evil BanKai 3 months ago

    i think always story comes first however the animation is also very important to convey the story as best as possible. its a very delicate conbination

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 3 months ago

    One punch man season 2 is alright at best it seems soooo lazy now.

  • Dia Sonenclar
    Dia Sonenclar 3 months ago

    It's certainly watchable but a massive disappointment and nowhere near season 1. It's bad enough that i feel like it will be remade in the future..one can hope.

  • WaveForceful
    WaveForceful 3 months ago

    Then you watch the second season and realize nothing changed with the animation.

    • WaveForceful
      WaveForceful 3 months ago

      @Hiccup Haddock Yeah I clearly haven't.

    • Hiccup Haddock
      Hiccup Haddock 3 months ago

      What? You clearly haven’t seen the second season, then.

  • Sayakuya Taiwan
    Sayakuya Taiwan 3 months ago +1

    I personally like OPM Season 2. I find it entertaining and I don’t care if the jump isn’t perfect or on character walks funny. I still enjoy it.

  • Jay
    Jay 4 months ago +10

    One punch man but the MC is like a side character

  • michaelkeha
    michaelkeha 4 months ago

    One punch man has run its course as a joke and premise.

  • Hagelslag
    Hagelslag 4 months ago +1

    The original combination was perfect. Don’t change the formula if it still works...

  • Bu Salah
    Bu Salah 4 months ago

    Season 2 just needs better facial animations and reactions and juet better more coherent fights thats it jc staff.

  • Bu Salah
    Bu Salah 4 months ago

    Gave this video a dislike before watching the sec9nd season and came back to remove that dislike because season 2 sucks ass now.

  • Cuauhtliztac Nicholas
    Cuauhtliztac Nicholas 4 months ago

    They’re trying there best guys it’s a lot to live up to I think we just need to give it time

  • williamm2358
    williamm2358 4 months ago

    I think with videos like this that over analyze things it just makes people want to hate it more. I loved season 1. So far, over 10 eps into season 2 I'm fine with it. Animation is off, but im into the story and humor. I wait anxiously every Tuesday for a new episode. Im excited and happy for this season and seriously if people truly have a problem now, don't watch it. It happens, I've seen good shows turn to crap and oh well. Get over it.

  • Pepega
    Pepega 4 months ago

    One punch man season 3 by ufotable XDD

  • ImaPancake
    ImaPancake 4 months ago +1

    Just watched season 2 episodes, honestly it’s still pretty great, even if the animations aren’t as great.

  • JustQuacc
    JustQuacc 4 months ago +1

    What is Happening to One Punch Man?

    its becoming better

  • killerthunder15
    killerthunder15 4 months ago

    honestly i think it still looks good, i mean i know people are just gonna call me blind and what not but the show its self is just to good to not watch and the difference is not that terrible for me.

  • eperpaper dist
    eperpaper dist 4 months ago +2

    I'd love to see how, at the end of season 2, the original studio takes back the animation and breaks the industry again, it's one of my dreams

    • Bu Salah
      Bu Salah 4 months ago

      Me too man me toooooooo